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Lingbao Henan province official unknown bordering Henan and Shanxi province

Lingbao, Henan province official: unknown bordering Henan and Shanxi province falling satellites falling debris

From lingbao, Henan Dahe • River client journalist Emergency Office was informed that the falling unknown junction of Henan and Shanxi province, the initial judge suspected rocket debris.

According to informed December 28 11:40, 110, lingbao in Henan province received a report: "zhuyangzhen junction with er Zhen Chen in Shaanxi, one unidentified objects fall, details unknown. "

Lingbao immediately arrange for Government of Zhu Yang Zhen, ren Wu BU, Public Security Bureau, fire brigade rushed to the scene to conduct searching for search and rescue. 12:55, according to police initial feedback: zhuyangzhen Tiger gully territory and territory of the luonan County, Shaanxi Province, respectively suspected two pieces of the wreckage. 15:52, on-site police feedback zhuyangzhen chahe discovered from crash debris is covered with "China Aerospace". Ren Wu BU, I contact with the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, judge falling debris as a satellite launch.

At present, there was no fire and no casualties. Lingbao city have arranged for police, Yang Zhen Zhu Government to protect the site, preventing people and staff from entering, wait for the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center staff further cleanup. (This article was originally entitled the lingbao official: Department of Henan and Shanxi province at the junction of unknown falling satellite launch of the falling debris) Wuhan company said price 7 million tender darkness

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Jilin Changchun get rid of Faw sneezing cold in Changchun single industry

Jilin Changchun: get rid of

Changchun City, Jilin province was China's "Detroit" Motor City was born more than "China". Oriental IC data

In recent years, has been called "eldest son of the Republic" faces old and new conversion of kinetic energy in the Northeast is not timely, institutional mechanism, such as structural problems, downside pressure, by 2016 after third-quarter growth in the country.

Since 2016, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council promulgated on the comprehensive revitalization of the old industrial bases in the northeast in a row several opinions, the Protocol to further promote the implementation of the new round of Northeast revitalization strategy on accelerating of economic stabilisation, to several important initiatives in the Northeast and northeast of the "Thirteen-Five" plan of three documents, gradually refining specific policies to revitalize the old industrial bases in Northeast China.

Changchun City, Jilin province was China's "Detroit" Motor City, the birth of the more "China first", such as China's first tram, such as China's first subway. But on "Faw", single rigid industrial structure became the bottleneck of Changchun economic restructuring. Plus is not port, foreign trade growth rate of economy has been weak.

In December, surging News (www.thepaper.CN) found when reporters came to the spring city of the Northland, Changchun economy is gradually get rid of "Faw sneezing, cold in Changchun," a single industry, strategic industry shaping, Changchun new area based on the business environment has also improved.

According to the responsible personnel, by 2016 in the third quarter, GDP grew 7.3%, Changchun, revenue grew by 6.9%. Above-scale industrial added value growth rate from 3% to 6.3% in the first half in the first quarter to 1 to November grew by 8.6%, growth in the 4 provincial cities in Northeast China (Harbin, Changchun, Shenyang, Dalian) ranked first, in the country's 15 sub-provincial cities in XI ' an, ranked second.

Bid farewell to the auto industry, "Tippin '" strategic industry clusters

2015 "two sessions" period, the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, State President, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, he tried for Jilin delegation stressed that revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China: development, can't sing "industrial Tippin ' single", "Duet", to do arithmetic operations: addition, demand--investment, innovation, subtraction-and eliminate backward production capacity, multiply-innovation-driven, Division – marketing degree. This problem is solved, the old industrial base to Phoenix, tenglonghuanniao.

Northeast of the city, Changchun is unique, as the traditional "Motor City", by "Faw" led in Changchun's automobile industry occupies an important position in the economy. Once upon a time, Changchun industrial growth will change with fluctuations in automobile industry, affected. "In previous Changchun ' Faw ' absolute dominance, it was ' Faw sneezes, Changchun cold ', now we want to see, not only by the ' Faw '. Can you stand on one foot? A tripod! "Surging staff journalists lamented.

Judging from the statistics, Changchun decided the city's economic situation is gradually move away from a single industry. At present, the automobile industry in Changchun industrial ratio had improved from 55.9% in 2005 to 77% per cent in 2015, "Faw" output from 65% to 40% per cent. 2016, 1 to October, excluding "Faw", Changchun completed industrial output of 488 billion, an increase of 7.6%, and is 4.9% the data from 1 August. "Faw" 1 to October output rose to 10.1%, from 1 to 12.1% callback by two percentage points in August. This rose could see a drop of Changchun economic engine is quietly changing.

A new kinetic energy from the emerging industries of strategic importance. According to the Changchun postal Office introduced, strategic emerging industries in Changchun industrial 8.5% up to 2015 from 2010 17.1%. 2016 1 to November, strategic industry completed output of 151 billion, an increase of 10.6%, an increase of two percentage points higher than that of the city's total industrial. Among the advanced equipment manufacturing and photoelectric information, bio-medicine, new materials, new energy vehicles and large data 6 big areas of growth are most prominent. "Cracking the crux of the problem lies in the industrial structure to build 6 new qianyiji industry, which is the focus of our next. "Changchun City, Bureau officials said.

Project is industrial line, the economy. No project, no economic development. From 1 November, invested more than 30 million yuan in Changchun industrial projects a total of 3,929, up 83.1%. Total industrial investment 232.27 billion yuan in fixed assets, an increase of 10.6%, higher than the national industrial investment 7.7%. Among them, the technology investment of 145.47 billion yuan, an increase of 11%. Technical innovation investment is crucial to the industry's shift from extensive to intensive.

Changchun currently focus development of project to three class mainly: first, industry chain project, that around traditional advantage industry as car, and track bus supporting of industry chain project, like Faw mass of Q factory project; second, industry cluster project, like parts cluster, and biological medicine cluster, and advanced equipment cluster, and big data industry cluster,; third, technology results into project, like "Jilin first," satellite, and no machine, and NC equipment, and basalt fiber, and polyurethane bearing,.

Difficulties of industrial structure transformation in how industrialization of scientific research industry. On this point, one of the key projects of the "Jilin first," satellite plays an exemplary role. "Jilin first," satellite successfully launched on October 7, 2015, is China's first self-developed "on-board integration" commercial satellite, is also China's first self-developed meters HD video satellite. Long optical satellite technology team behind it originated is known as "China's optical cradle" of the Changchun Institute of optics and fine mechanics and physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (the Changchun Institute of optics).

Surging long satellite-related staff news (www.thepaper.CN) said, "there are a total of 4 satellites in the sky, and by 2020 is expected to launch 60, 2030 is expected to reach 138 billion. US satellite photographs clear than Google, not only did United States Philadelphia Navy Yard parking of aircraft carrier, also has photographed United States secret area 51 base. "

In addition to the development of emerging industries, traditional industries can transition success is particularly important. Cars in Changchun Car Company Limited (referred to as long) of the "going out" strategy was more successful. Long is China's largest railway car research and development, manufacturing, maintenance and the export base, subway, train, China has "cradle," said. October 2014-Russia memorandum of understanding on both sides signed the Sino-Russian cooperation in high-speed rail, long as EMU equipment supply and the responsibility of local production units, EMU has been recommended to the Russian side for the technical programme, the project is actively promoting. In November 2014, long won the United States Boston 284 subway car, became China's only landing United States rail equipment market businesses.

Surging long staff news (www.thepaper.CN) on November 25, 2016, long and Australia consortium of companies Evolution Rail, Australia Department of public transportation signed Australia Victorian Government high-capacity subway cars (HCMT) project contract, the total contract amount to 2 billion Australian dollars (about 10.1 billion yuan). This is Australia, Victoria's largest-ever Metro orders. Inside the factory, surging long guest workers to journalists show their welding torch out of eight Chinese characters, "I for equipment support in China". They said it came from Prime Minister Li keqiang said at the study, "I equipped the platform of China, hope you support to the country. "

At the national development and Reform Commission recently issued the Northeast "Thirteen-Five" highlighted in the plan, "national strategic industry layout key to Northeast areas. "Among them, to build 6 types of strategic industry clusters in Jilin province, Changchun-tonghua-bio-medicine of Yanbian industrial clusters, Changchun-Jilin electronics manufacturing industry clusters, Jilin tonghua high performance fibre composites-industrial clusters, satellite remote sensing and its application in Changchun industrial clusters, Changchun, Changchun Car Company manufacturing industrial cluster car electronics industry cluster.

"The brand of traditional industries, pillar industries of high-end, new industry scale. "Changchun industrial-related charge in the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), said in an interview," new momentum from new industries, new items for the industry's growth comes from the ground. "

Improving the business environment, and Huawei, a wave of large data projects set up in Changchun area

Not long ago, the networks are spreading "investments but Shanhaiguan" argument. Due to the inertia of thinking, path dependency and other factors in the Northeast, in the area of business environment than coastal areas also have a gap.

On October 18, on the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China under the State Council to promote the Conference, Premier Li keqiang stressed that "first in Northeast China to reform itself from the start! Must be resolutely determined to improve the business environment, real social potential, release of Northeast inner motive force for development. "

Changchun now "Changchun zone" as a fulcrum, optimize business environment in the city.

On February 3, 2016, the Changchun zone formally approved the 17th national zones. Planned area of about 499 square kilometers. Includes North Lake development zone of Changchun, Changchun airport economic development zone, long economic development zone, Changchun high and four parts.

According to reports, the Changchun zone will focus on the development of advanced manufacturing and modern service industry, modern agriculture, the three leading industries.

"By 2030, the area's comprehensive strength to achieve a new leap forward, open innovation and cooperation has yielded fruitful results, innovative modern industrial system improved, support significantly enhanced in the hinterland, foreign development and opening of new pattern formed, international Green wisdom complete the building of the new city. "This March 11, Changchun, national development and Reform Commission on issuing new General programme the objectives set out in the notification.

Innovative modern industry cannot develop without upstream support of science and technology, Changchun in this unique advantage. New agglomeration of Changchun, Jilin University, Changchun Institute of optical and mechanical Institute, applied chemistry, biology, geography and a number of universities and research institutes.

For example, the Changchun high-tech zone and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Branch long Northeast, Jilin University to build technology innovation Center from the talent supporting system, policy support system, the financial supporting system of sci-tech intermediate service and five aspects such as intellectual property services for businesses in the region to provide equity, bonds, listed, such as financing and property rights such as patent protection.

According to the Changchun zone surging staff news (www.thepaper.CN) introduced by 2020, the new district enterprises share of research and development spending as a share of operating revenue of 5% released a space number reached 10, new technology little giant Enterprise 30, hatch 60 listed companies, gathering high-tech enterprises reached 150, 5 years patent number 1500.

Improvements in the business environment is reflected in the project's ground speed. On April 29, 2016, Huawei cloud data center projects in Changchun Changchun gaoxin district started building from March 31 until April 29 to start the construction, just for a month.

On April 15, 2016, the Changchun with inspur group to promote cloud computing and data industries signed the strategic cooperation agreement, determine the wave data industry base in the Changchun economic and technological development zone. At present, the wave in China has been built in Jinan, Chongqing and Yunnan 3 cloud computing centers, Changchun is the 4th.

Improvement of the business environment is also reflected in the data on private investment. This year, the national civil fixed-asset investment growth, "cut type" drop, falling from 10% in 2015 to 2016 1 November 3.1%. But the Changchun to buck the 2016 1 – November Changchun civil fixed-asset investment grew by 23.7%.

Judging from the industry, dominant private industrial investment in fixed assets. From 1 November above-scale industrial production grew by 14.8%, higher than the city's average growth rate of 6.2%. From 1 November private industrial investment in fixed assets reached 204.76 billion, an increase of 39.8%, above the city's investment in fixed assets of 29.2%. Private investment in industrial fixed assets as a percentage of Changchun City of 90.4%.

"In recent years, Changchun City, Jilin province, highlighting the development of private economic demonstration zone of comprehensive coordinated reforms continue to promote private investment growth. Environment, atmosphere, carrier, Park, private investments will naturally come up. "Changchun postal Office an investigator to the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN) said.

From 1 October, the market volume reached 539,000, Changchun City, a net increase of 69,000; number of employees reached 2.11 million, a net increase of 120,000 people.

Changchun business environment, referred to the next stage of reform, public diplomacy Institute at Jilin University Professor Sun Xingjie surging on news (www.thepaper.CN), says overall tax cuts and reducing logistics costs still need to deepen the reform in two ways.

Covered Europe, long Hun-Europe train opened in succession: rely on inland port to develop export-oriented economy

After the industrial transformation and upgrading, product to be sold. In northeastern Jilin province is located in the Central, West and East Inner Mongolia North Korea, Russia, is more developed in terms of trade, subject to no sea, whether it is cars, rail transport is a feature of Changbai mountain in high-end manufacturing products such as agricultural products, "going out" is not an easy thing, traditionally most of the cargo were to rely on Dalian port, Tianjin Port, maritime ports.

The Northeast "Thirteen-Five" called for in the plan of the Northeast "active participation to promote ' along the way ' construction, accelerating international cooperation capacity and equipment manufacturing and optimizing the open layout, will build the Northeast region into a China open to the North of window and the hub of Northeast Asia regional cooperation. "

Located in Northeast Changchun, the cross axis of the regional economy by launching "covered in Europe", "Chang Hun-Europe" Europe international train, apply for a railway to the export-oriented economic measures such as the opening of the port is in transition.

"Full European" Central European international train starting point for Changchun, from the manzhouli port before exit through Russia's Siberia, Belarus, Brest, Poland Warsaw, the end reaches Germany Schwarzheide, about 9800 km one way runs for 14 days.

"Full European" train August 2015 East station opened in Changchun, XING long comprehensive free trade zone, then moved to Changchun Railway container station. On December 13, 2016, the national port administration office is booming in railway container station as a temporary port open to the public.

On December 16, Changchun is booming integrated comprehensive free trade zone Administrative Committee Director Yu Haijun surging on news (www.thepaper.CN), "said railway port is the nation's tenth successful comprehensive conservation grant open railway ports, equivalent to extends the function in the Interior of the port, here can handle customs formalities and transit to Manchuria, direct access to overseas. In manzhouli customs clearance needed two or three days before, from Changchun in Manchuria after customs clearance now only needed for a long time. Under the port's economy will be able to do it, next timber port, car ports, port of fruits are ready to report States, port of the imported meat has been approved. " China Shenzhen print 6 square hardcover small

In the "full European" container freight station of the train, a staff member to a surging News (www.thepaper.CN) introduction to via this train is not only Germany's sausage, beer, milk powder came to China, food, machinery parts of other European countries, Changchun automobile, railway vehicle parts can realize easy logistics and transport. "Fuyao glass has all the traditional sea operations were converted to rail transport to Europe. Have substantially reduced transportation costs and time. "

According to relevant data show that in 2016 "full European" train transport 1300 TEU is expected to import and export goods, the value of 60 million euros.

Yu Haijun describes it, "Chang Hun-Europe" (Ivy-hunchun-euro) international class is expected to be opened in the first half of next year, "this directly from hunchun through Russia, more convenient, specific issues are being and Russia negotiations. "

On December 16, Director of the Jilin provincial Department of Commerce conghongxia in the "customs inspection and free trade deal ground comprehensive conservation zone press conference", said by November 2016, Jilin province foreign trade achieved 111 billion yuan, an increase of 3.4%, higher than the National 4.6%, 8.1% higher than in Liaoning province, 21.3% higher than in Heilongjiang province, is the only positive growth of foreign trade in the three eastern provinces.

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Hefei trader stabbed 2 Administrator 1 dead 1 injured police investigating a

Hefei trader stabbed-2 Administrator 1 dead, 1 injured, police investigating a motive

December 21 at 9 o'clock in the morning, you Lu XI Cui garden vegetable market in Hefei and a conflict between vendors and market managers, vendors was armed with a knife stabbed two managers, one seriously, hospital died after, another person not life-threatening.

The morning of December 21, administrative district near the market in Hefei, Anhui knife stabbing incident a traders stabbed two marketing managers 1 dead, 1 injured. Surging news day (www.thepaper.CN) from the Hefei Public Security Bureau confirmed that the suspect was controlled by the police after the crime was committed, specific motive is still under investigation.

A witness at the scene told the surging news, 21st, at 9 o'clock, the Chief Lu Mao Yin Lu XI Cui Garden Gate of the Community market, one of the street vendors two market management staff with a knife stabbed, 1 person was killed 1 wounded rushed to the hospital. According to eyewitnesses, vendors had the attack occurred because of pitch problems and market managers dispute. However, this claim has not been confirmed by police.

Hefei municipal Bureau of workers surging news that green garden vegetable vendors stabbed police has been involved in the case of marketing managers, current motives, such as specific cases are under investigation. Central media talk driving safety special condition

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Guilin Guangxi officials seized 14 million in cash and 6 counter burn 1

So far this year, Guilin city, Guangxi Province remain high pressure anti-corruption situation, adhere to rot the Chinese side, there are corrupt down, hit the "Tiger" snapshot "flies", continue to successfully win a fight against corruption, the city's overwhelming trend emerging in the fight against corruption.

As of now, the city had accepted and handled all kinds of letters and visits 3,913 (time), an increase of 145%; disposal clues 2,641, up 321%; case 2,553, rose 354%; case 2,189 pieces, rose 364%; punishment imposed party disciplines 2136, rose 352%. Among them, city-level Office-126, rose 223%, relating to county-level leading cadres of 90 people, an increase of 250% over the past five years combined, retrieve direct economic losses of 76.3848 million Yuan. Stern Tang Jianguo, Wang Shaorong, obstetrics and forest, and Pei-Yong, Chen Xiaorong, Qin Lingyun, Sun Yujie, Lei Zhigang, a number of serious violation of leading cadres, and take concrete actions to show commitment against corruption, make a qualified answer to the city's people.

"Zero tolerance" to punish corruption further enhanced not, know the atmosphere

The city discipline inspection and supervision organs investigated and dealt with cases involving more than 20 million Yuan, 3; investigate and deal with cases of more than 10 million Yuan and 6; deal with 18 of the more than 1 million Yuan. Among them, when coercive measures taken against personnel involved organizations, handling staff has more than 14 million yuan in cash was found in his home, Bank employees took 6 money counters when counting, burnt out 1 ... ...

This is a strong testament to the city's "Tiger" strong momentum data.

Last year, the city's discipline inspection and supervision organs to "zero tolerance" attitude to punish corruption, and focused on investigating cases of leading cadres violating. On discipline review focused on "three kinds of people", that is, convergence does not stop after the party's 18 largest cadres, cadres of clues, centered on and the masses feel strongly about, important posts now and may promote the use of leading cadres. So far this year, and county-level leading cadres of 90 people, an increase of 250%, and "leaders" post 47 people, deal with ranking leaders account for 58.7%. By Jamie punish corrupt elements, the defaulter be held accountable, and pay a price, "most" serve as a warning, to contain and deter, let into road stop, stop, have chances of corruption was daunting, convergence to quit.

In focusing on the "three kinds of people" at the same time, the city's discipline inspection and supervision organs investigated and dealt with Woan series "pull carrots out of the mud."

This year, the Municipal Commission for discipline inspection successfully, all middle-level leaders of the reservoir resettlement Bureau, broke through to invoice appropriate special funds for reservoir resettlement in private consumption, illegal granting subsidies, public money to buy gift cards and other issues series of cases, seizing the Secretary, Deputy Secretaries, Chief of finance discipline, such as payments of more than 1.3 million Yuan. Secretary expelled from the party and administrative dismissal, given a serious warning inside the party, Deputy Director. Deal with municipal water systems receive water conservancy project in Guangxi water conservancy Science Research Institute "collaboration" case, involving municipal water Conservancy Bureau and 9 County districts statewide, seven 12 people, involving 1.3748 million Yuan. Also investigated the city's gardening Bureau, the municipal real estate Bureau, the municipal aquatic animal husbandry Bureau, the municipal land and resources Bureau, the municipal development and reform system, procuratorial and judicial system series and xingan County regional corruption case, municipal garden Bureau series which I investigated 9 leaders, procuratorial and judicial system focused on investigating the 15-level cadres. Currently being investigated xingan County regional corruption case involving former Party Secretary at the county-level leading cadres, 14. Investigation of these series, reaching the "investigation of a disciplinary offence, the education unit, and a nest of corruption, so as to eliminate a culture" purposes. Bei Qing Reading Rainbow aircraft accident air

Temper justice with mercy insisted the blame for combination with protect cadres

"Heart of the rock finally settles. "A Junior ranking leaders in the city discipline Inspection Commission took the initiative to explain problems, disciplinary 810,000 yuan after the hand, sighed with relief. It is Guilin, Guilin city, issued the disciplinary inspection and supervision organs within active account of disciplinary problems after staff of the leniency notice, many disciplinary violation officers to city, County and Township, three-level discipline inspection and supervision organs active either problem, positive pay back a microcosm of the discipline.

This year, the Guilin Municipal Commission for discipline inspection application supervision and discipline "four types", in line with pedagogical, saving policy guidelines, the party made a mistake but I can admit error and have a positive attitude towards gay discrimination to right a wrong, remedy, temper justice with mercy of party discipline into practice. On March 21, after the city sent notices to the city by the mainstream media, creating the high-pressure situation of corruption, a powerful deterrent. As of now, 1819 active party members and cadres in the city account problem, 66.8373 million Yuan and turned over to a disciplinary offence, achieved the normalization of day-to-day supervision and management of party members and cadres. Xingan County deputy ranking leaders take the initiative to the City Commission for discipline inspection account their questions honestly and actively withdraw from the proceeds of a disciplinary offence, the city discipline Inspection Commission decisively improving the discipline hearing, approval by the Municipal Commission for discipline inspection Standing Committee study and report to the municipal party Committee, punishment imposed its expulsion, according to section work, which reflect the seriousness of the disciplinary and reflect the Organization "temper justice with mercy and differentiated treatment" principle.

Meanwhile, the city's first introduced the practice in the region using supervision and discipline "four" guidelines, adhere to the "first form" included in the main list of responsibilities, leading interview warning signs and issues that reflect the city pipes leading cadres. This year, discipline inspection and supervision organs of the city using criticism and commands his way of talking, body treatment, disciplinary, disposal lead 2,641 conversation refer to 586 (times), light administrative punishment and the party organizations of 1876, adjusted for party discipline punishment and heavy duties of 396 people, realize the normalization of day-to-day supervision and management of party members and cadres. Adhere to strict management combined with love, 347 of party members and cadres are subject to disciplinary actions in recent years to return to talk education, for better performance, has been staging of officials ' use in a timely manner. Meanwhile, in the region took the lead in establishing fault rectification mechanism, in time for the 127 clarified the fact that party members and cadres, take a clear-cut stand to the cadre of daring to act, reform and innovation backed up.

Severely punish "micro-corruption" promote the full strictness extends to the grass-roots

Guanyang County, former Chairman of the Association of science and technology Deng Genyun illegal use of buses, are a serious warning inside the party; Ma di Township government former Senior Staff Member Huang Junqiang, Longsheng County poverty relocation project of appropriation of State easy problems, were expelled from expelled from the party and administrative disciplinary action, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility ... ...

Open the Guilin Municipal Commission for discipline inspection, supervision Bureau sponsored mirror network, click on the "monitoring exposure" program, a series of recent cases and prosecuted information jump into view.

It is reported that in January-November this year, the city's investigation violated the spirit prescribed by the Central eight issue 196, 281, which primary officials ' 22, called upon to inform the name 243, found in a discipline review violations of the Central eight moral issues thread 145. Focus municipal grain Bureau and NPC team in gongcheng public misconduct, such as tourism, Lipu County town of investigate Xiu ren junior high school, and 4 private schools "small coffer", illegal issuance of subsidies and other issues, 4 schools involving a total discipline 8.622 million Yuan, examination involved 22 people, accountability County leaders from the Education Bureau, 2. Last year, the city discipline inspection and supervision organs through strict reign, Central eight spirit is deeply rooted in our city party members and cadres in the heart, and consciousness.

Grass, around the "flies" is "Tiger". City's discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels attach great importance to the investigation occur at masses around the "four winds" and corruption in special work to be integrated into the overall importance of strictly administering the party. Involving the people's livelihood big bottom, big letters and visits in the field investigation, gather valuable clues to 1394, and first in the region to explore constructing work comprehensive evaluation system. During project work, filed a total of 1780, party Government dispose of 1525, collection and return violation payments of 61.0517 million Yuan.

Special work transferred to normal after treatment, I maintain the same intensity is not reduced, rhythm city, scale loose, sustained poverty reduction areas supervisory accountability for Zhi JI. First introduced the programme of work in the region, and set up a Communist Party Secretary, the Mayor is the head of the leading group, site meetings, focused interviews, thematic research, listing supervision, level control level, level catch levels, pressure transmitted to the responsible "nerve endings". Insist on "all its poverty alleviation projects check one by one, all the objects one by one for poverty alleviation field visits, all money flow by combing details" such as "three one" standard, focused visits to verify false impersonation, interception of dividing up, renovate, relocate relocation and other financial indiscipline 105. This year, the city's Office investigated and dealt with poverty alleviation and discipline 1258, dispose of 968 people, focus, poverty alleviation Office before and after two-term Director, municipal Bureau of water conservancy, agricultural machinery, aquatic animal husbandry Bureau, the reservoir resettlement Bureau leadership level as well as a number of leading cadres acquiring funds for poverty alleviation projects, a large number of acts against the interests of the masses. By carrying out special work to ongoing poverty alleviation areas supervisory accountability for Zhi JI in the city buzz and formed out of the prestige, let the broad masses of party members and cadres is a profound education and enable people to see, to experience, enjoy the comprehensive results of strictly administering the party.

(Formerly titled make a qualified answer to the city's people--the city keep the pressure trend of punishing corruption documentary)

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Shanxi Nan Zheng Yi factory 6 2 dead 4 injured workers carbon monoxide poisoning

Shanxi Nan Zheng Yi factory 6 2 dead, 4 injured workers carbon monoxide poisoning, the official police investigation

A carbon monoxide poisoning accident in nanzheng County of Hanzhong city, Begonia phosphating plant. Twitter @ Hanzhong Portal

Phosphating of nanzheng County of Hanzhong city, Shaanxi Province, Begonia plant carbon monoxide poisoning accidents. 13th Tang Jiang, Deputy Director of the Shaanxi nanzheng County of Hanzhong Outreach Office to surging News (www.thepaper.CN), confirmed that the accident resulted in 2 dead, 4 injured, but the specific cause of the accident was not clear, the case is still under investigation.

A surging Mr Feng told the news to the families of the deceased, Begonia, nanzheng phosphating plant, dead Zhang, 53, Hanshan, nanzheng Street dam village, in phosphate plant is responsible for production management, work is 14 years; deceased, aged 33, Liangshan Town, nanzheng village, in phosphate factory forklift for 2 years or so.

Shanxi Nan Zheng Yi factory 6 2 dead, 4 injured workers carbon monoxide poisoning, the official police investigation

A carbon monoxide poisoning accident in nanzheng County of Hanzhong city, Begonia phosphating plant. Twitter @ Hanzhong Portal

Mr FUNG said, on December 8, the Begonia phosphate plant in the plant on the ground around a 500-square-meter pit, processing manganese ore, coke and other open burning kerosene, blower fuel on site; 9th, 6 workers ' physical discomfort, Center district, Hanzhong was taken to hospital for treatment, was diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning, manufacturer representatives and families of the victims are negotiating compensation. Mr FUNG said, 6 dead and injured personnel are factory workers, the incident has not been officially clear.

12th, the surging political news contacts nanzheng Public Security Bureau branch has not been answered.

13th, surnamed Gu Hanzhong Begonia phosphate factory invoice room staff told press the surging, the current scene sealed off for reasons by the public security departments to check, they are not clear. Surging news then call Begonia phosphating plant head surnamed gu, he hung up the phone after a bad words burst, then no answer.

According to China daily, 13th, 120 first-aid staff rushed to the scene, to some people, such as first aid, but failed to save the life of Zhang and Yu MOU. Meanwhile, emergency workers found two other staff in the Office was in a comatose state, Cook also appeared in the dormitory of the factory limited action, symptoms of dizziness, limb weakness. Victim was taken to hospital where he was treated. Liangshan nanzheng Public Security Bureau then intervened in the investigation of the police station.

13th, nanzheng County propaganda Office Deputy Director Tang Jiang told the surging outsourcing news confirm that carbon monoxide poisoning accident has killed 6 people, 2 people were killed and 4 were wounded. Tang Jiang said the circumstances and causes of nanzheng County in Liangshan station is still under investigation. School graduates returned to Hubei business manufacture

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hebei teachers with students drinking drinking girls lying School said they

Users December 8 Tweet said, xingtang County, Shijiazhuang city, Hebei third schools physical education teacher took students out drinking, female students have been carried back. The ideological and political Security Division told staff the afternoon surge News (www.thepaper.CN), teachers completed the training plans to miss school when back to school meal to go out for dinner, only drink 1 teachers and 13 other students not to drink. At present, the teachers were held six months performance, annul the assessment mode first qualification. Chongqing women doctors by taking poison after

Hebei teachers with students drinking drinking girls lying? School said they did not drink, and fine teachers

Users @ Shijiazhuang, xingtang County, a third middle school physical education teacher took the students class time to go out drinking, of which female students have been drinking too much, carry back.

Claimed to be a student of the school friends @ lovely sewer surging told news, xingtang for closed three schools, the incident occurred on the evening of December 7, the school's high school (6) class class is the class of physical education teacher Li, camping back at school, with students eating out. Boys and girls have to drink while eating, drinking and light-headed, girls are being brought home.

Xingtang three ideological security staff told the surge in news, this complete cross-country training for teachers with students plan, return missed school meal when eating out, class teacher was the only one drinking, students do not drink.

The staff said, teachers with students in a nearby hotel dining Li, not to inform the school. A pedestrian spent 260 Yuan ordered 6 dishes, 1 bottle of white wine, drinking half a bottle of teacher Li, students not drinking and dining expenses borne by teacher Li. "Girls have been carried back to school", he said, only one male students because of leg cramps were carried back to school.

The staff member said, currently the school teacher Li has been sentenced to "buckle half year performance canceled within a year of evaluation evaluation mode entitled" punishment.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Heating pipes burst in downtown Qingdao the road like a sauna burns 6 passers by

The morning of November 8, Qingdao City downtown area inundated with water, roads take up a lot of steam, some netizens joked "outdoor sauna". Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from the Qingdao City Administration confirmed that the event of leakage of municipal heating pipes burst, killing 6 people varying degrees of Burns, the current repair work is still in progress.

Qingdao local witness netizens published video shows, a lot of cars on the road slow passage, water has no tires half, emerged on the surface large quantities of steam. A witness at the scene told the word news, Hong Kong middle road the morning of 8th of the incident near the Pacific Department store, belonging to the bustling downtown area of Qingdao. "To see so many hot water and steam, a thought which baths the water back out, like a sauna. "Witnesses described, because of stagnant water and the hot, slow traffic and backlog, a number of passersby were burnt.

8th, Qingdao City informed the authority through the official micro-blog, November 8 about 9 o'clock in the morning, is located in the Crowne Plaza Hotel Hong Kong Middle Road, SHINAN district, Qingdao etsong opposite, Pacific Department store next to the pavement, East of Qingdao power source thermal heating pipeline company (trial run) leakage. Guangzhou a baby girl was hospitalized with severe

Heating pipes burst in downtown Qingdao, the road like a sauna, burns 6 passers-by

Reported that leaks during 6 passing foot Burns, were immediately taken to hospital, including 1 minor without serious injury left the hospital, 5 other people diagnosed with 2 degree burns, energy group has been sent to hospital for care, and contact 1 persons voluntarily left the hospital. After the incident, energy group to the scene to tissue repair, including closing the valve, remove stagnant water, road sweepers, expected completion of repair by 8th, at 20 o'clock.

Friday, November 4, 2016

730 burst after the accident Samsung announced in the United States recalled

Recall the Galaxy Note 7 phone on environmental issues to deal with, Samsung starts mass recall of "blast" the washing machine.

United States the morning of November 4, United States consumer product safety Commission (CPSC) in the United States announced in the morning TV news shows, will recall 2.8 million with Samsung-uncover the brand washing machines. Until then, uncover the brand washing machines has given rise to 730 of "blast" accident, in which 9 people were injured.

730 burst after the accident, Samsung announced in the United States recalled 2.8 million washing machines

In the United States damaged Samsung washing machine.

Receiving United States Broadcasting Company (ABC) television on good morning United States program in an interview, United States consumer product safety Commission Chairman Elliot Kaye said: "the terrible problem we now face is that these completely bombed off the lid of the washing machine. And there have been lots of accidents reported. "

730 burst after the accident, Samsung announced in the United States recalled 2.8 million washing machines

In the United States damaged Samsung washing machine.

Kaye added that, the washing machine lid "not fully fixed because of design flaws, leading washing machine lid flew out."

United States consumer product safety Commission recall information official website shows that the recall products affect Samsung 34 models sold during March 2011 to November 2016-uncover the washing machine.

730 burst after the accident, Samsung announced in the United States recalled 2.8 million washing machines

The United States recalled the affected Samsung washing machine model list

Samsung washing machine of the "explosion" is different from the cell phone battery explosion, not by sparks caused by thermal-explosion, more accurately say that when swinging at high speed automatic disintegration of parts caused by shaking, but the words used in foreign media reports are generally explosion, meaning the explosion.

This recall is not the first time Samsung washing machine products. A Samsung official statements released last year showed that as early as 2013, the company "security issue" in Australia recall 6 models-uncover the washing machine. But the reason for this different, mainly "lid melted because of the heat", "top burning and causing internal damage."

730 burst after the accident, Samsung announced in the United States recalled 2.8 million washing machines

Australia recall Samsung washing machine.

On September 28, the United States consumer product safety Commission has issued a warning, received several Samsung uncover washing machine "explosion" report from March 2011 to April 2016 production of washing machines, but there was no specific models.

At that time, Samsung said on its official website, the washing machine is limited to part of the affected manufactured before April 18, 2016-uncover the washing machine, front cover drum washing machines are not affected. Samsung did not disclose the specific washing machine model affected, only provides a link for users to enter the purchased product serial number, check to see if your purchased product affected.

United States cable news network (CNN) reported that in August this year, in the washing machine has exploded more than United States users to Samsung filed a federal class-action lawsuit. According to court documents, a Texas woman who affected, impact is too great when the washing machine exploded, scattering parts broke through a wall in her garage. A Georgia woman who had similar experiences claim that washing machine explosion sounds "like bombs being detonated."

CNN report also mentioned that the class-action lawsuit against Samsung also contains many similar reports. Reports also mentioned that Samsung after the explosion occurred "soon Act attempted to collect and destroy all evidence of defective machines."

As of press time ago, Samsung does not sell to the Chinese market the brand washing machine responded to the same questions. Coal prices rise too fast the State development

Monday, October 31, 2016

KTV in Kunming customer playing who hit cellphone rings clash 5 people were

KTV in Kunming customer playing

Man injured in the conflict.

The night of October 28, Guandu district, Kunming city in Yunnan province in a KTV conflict occurred, 5 persons were stabbed killed 2 people. 31st, Guandu district, Kunming Guandu station staff told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), suspect has been controlled by police, the circumstances of the case is under investigation.

News from a witness involved in the Party confirmed that the surging, at Guandu shengshi KTV rooms outside the music scene, a bald man with a knife stabbed 5 birthday party guests, two of the injured died, bald man by KTV security control on the spot. After the incident, the KTV the spirit music business. At present, this claim has not yet been confirmed by the police. Drunk freshman girls in Hunan Province died after

KTV in Kunming customer playing

The scene

Another according to spring city evening reported, 28th 11 o'clock in the evening more, one woman in KTV held birthday party, invited friends participate in; play in the agreed "who phone first ring on first hit phone", more people phone ring Hou was hit, until birthday banquet actress phone ring Hou was hit, everyone Huff, then participate in party of friends in rooms outside occurred conflict, 1 people holding knife will addition 5 people poke injury which 2 people death.

Guandu station staff told the surging above news, expert testimony is currently injured persons, birthday party heroine, was taken in for questioning by police after the incident, suspected men were the police take enforcement measures, specific cases are under investigation.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Van Chase 1 dead 4 injured in motorcycle crash passers by Lianjiang Guangdong

On October 27, a "van many casualties caused by crazy motorcycle and hit bystanders in pursuit" video raised concerns. Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from Lianjiang, Guangdong Province Public Security Bureau confirmed that the events leading up to 3 people on motorcycles and 1 passers-by were injured, 1 pedestrian deaths, police are trying to arrest suspects on the van.

Surveillance video shows, October 26, 6:40, Zhanjiang Lianjiang Avenue pursued a white van in front of a motorcycle (with 3 people), van Windows at two long knives out; people cut down on his motorcycle trying to Dodge Van, lost control and crashed into the sidewalk side; van direction to the left and then hit the front two passers-by.

Lianjiang local netizens post said accidents caused a number of casualties. Van why chasing the motorcycle, said Department personnel earlier conflicts. However, this claim has not been confirmed by police. Hubei Wuhan intended downtown one blasting demolition

27th Lianjiang City Public Security Bureau informed by an official signal: on October 26, 110 in Lianjiang City Public Security Bureau received a report of Lianjiang road traffic accident occurred, killing 1 person killed, 4 wounded. October 26 6:46 A.M., Bell a driving motorcycle took Shaw a, and Luo a in after Lianjiang Avenue in the Shi was a car van Chase cut, course was the van forced pour in to to Bell a, 3 people injured, then the van continuous hit pour respectively riding human tricycle and bike of Xu a, and Wu a, led Xu a death, and Wu a injured, then the van fled site. After the incident, the Board immediately from the criminal investigation, traffic police and police deployed elite police formed task force investigation, suspects are now to pursue them.

Surging 27th Lianjiang City Public Security Bureau staff told news at present suspect is arrested. Why the van driver and conductor cut motorcycle Chase? "Both a conflict" if it was true that? The staff said the exact motive was being investigated, the progress the police would inform in a timely manner.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Beijing old station qinghuayuan railway station will be closed the station will

Beijing old station qinghuayuan railway station will be closed: the station will be retained as a permanent memorial

Beijing, October 15, 2016, many people choose qinghuayuan railway station came deep in the lane over the weekend, saying goodbye to this reputation has century-old train station. Dongfang IC

CCTV News: tunnel under construction in Beijing and Zhang Gaotie to build Qinghua Park, century-old station qinghuayuan railway station outage, news many people made a special trip to get to take pictures.

It is understood that the station was built in 1910, still retains some historical style. Reporters at the old station, many members of the public and nearby neighbors came to a photo, or even buy a ticket as a souvenir. Beijing has been bitten by a tiger female voice

This reporter has learned, some ten days later, the station was suspended. By then, the railway tracks of the old station will be removed, but the station will not be removed, will be preserved, a permanent memorial. In addition to qinghuayuan railway station, reporters learned, as Zhang Gaotie the starting point of the Beijing North railway station, in line with the construction, was also suspended after November 1 train ticket for sale. Beijing railway authorities said the affected station to adjust the date will be announced to the public in advance to facilitate the public to adjust bus routes. (Formerly titled Beijing: century-old station qinghuayuan railway station will be closed)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hunan Qiyang set out 12 schoolchildren passenger car accidentally rolled over

Hunan Yongzhou users surging on October 19 news (www.thepaper.CN) broke the news that, Qiyang County, Yongzhou city bus rollover of loading more than more than 10 pupils, pupils crying into one. Qiyang County party Committee propaganda Department official the night of 19th in response to surging News said rollover incident occurred on October 18, at 7 o'clock in the morning, when there are 12 minors, passenger car by reversing roll, no casualties.

Surging news gets video from whistle-blowers show a license plate for Xiang M29748 white bus rolled over in a pond, a few metres away on the road nearly ten children cry. Side on the car with three men, a man dressed in camouflage fatigues, a man dressed in police uniform, one person and a grey jacket. Three rescue of passengers in the car. Lying on the side overturned a number of students ' school bags. 66 seconds worth of video, student cries throughout the entire process.

Introduce these whistle-blowers, rollover accident the morning of 18th, is located in the town of Qiyang Pu Tong de Tang Cun Pu town on the way to civilization, the vehicle was carrying more than 10 pupils. After the incident, the local traffic police and town officials rushed to the scene and rescue, casualties are unknown. Tourists in Heilongjiang province in Viet Nam

Qiyang County propaganda Department official told press the surging, the time of the incident, carrying 17 passengers, including 12 minors, net long an Cun, lots of vehicles to the spread of civilization by reversing accidentally rolled over the side of the road when shallow ponds, no casualties. After the incident, police, disposal of town government and other relevant departments rushed to the scene, the scene of the accident on 18th at 11 o'clock in the morning all the disposal is completed.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Clear as much paternity leave was reluctant to paternity by Hugh landing

Clear as much paternity leave was reluctant to paternity by Hugh

Pictures from the network.

Study finds, accompanying significant influence of husbands to participate in maternal health status and family status. Paternity leave implemented, contribute to strengthening the family stability and harmony, so as to lay the foundations for the harmonious development of society as a whole.

Employers should be in accordance with the provisions of the local family planning regulations make specific arrangements to leave system, workers in the event of a holiday "shrink" or unable to leave, we must first communicate with the units, communication is not valid you can reflect to the local family planning departments or labor departments. Most importantly, family planning departments should communicate with the Department of labor, towards the implementation of paternity leave included labor security supervision.

With the introduction of new planning regulations of Guangdong Province, currently at least 29 provinces in local in the new family planning regulation clarifies the duration of paternity. Among them, the short paternity leave of 7 days, the longest is 1 month old.

However, the reporter found that the legislation clear benefits, seems to be in an awkward position. Just like living in Beijing, Yan He, paternity has always been her husband not to units inside a "pimple". Result in "knots" of reason is still difficult digestion, husband Guo Kai-justification-"doesn't mean that I" "exactly the critical moment, not paid at that time, which is today."

Exactly what is wrong? arguments like this, perhaps in many families going on.

For a place in the workplace, male paternity leave, also face holiday "shrink" or rejection situation.

Clear as much paternity leave was reluctant to paternity by Hugh

Industry experts believe that paternity leave has a positive role to promote family harmony, local legislation an express provision is also based on this objective. How to get paternity leave from local legal documents "coming out" has become a real problem.

Hugh was over

30 Yan He lived in Beijing, three have House and car, need not worry about food and clothing life was carefree, marital harmony, but has been by my side when her husband did not produce any hard feelings.

"The old saying goes, women having children is to live the trip ' hell ', even if the present medical technology developed, remains dangerous. But on that day, he was working overtime, and almost the whole month to see people, cause I almost depressed. "Speak of the past two years ago, Yan He is still full of grievances.

Two years ago, Guo Kai securities representative in a quasi public company. In the production a week before Yan He, Guo Kai company also entered the final declarations of sprints. "Before production, I have endured several overnight check material. On that day, just in time for us to go to the Commission, the persons are waiting, am I not? " Says the wife's complaint, Guo Kai often feel some "importune".

Why is paternity leave in the late, Guo kai's argument is that "follow-up work I miss."

"I was angry, not unit not to break, but he did not mention. "Yan He argued.

So the couple "back-and-forth", the end result is often intercedes. Such a situation, is not uncommon in the reporter's visit. Air pollution in Henan province interviewed 50

Doing media work, Zhou said, the usual work pace and statutes almost every quality Department in a timely manner the progress of tasks. "We need a project collaboration we finish, I work to which step will affect the next link on my colleague's work indirectly affects the income of themselves and their colleagues. "Mr Zhou, shift can take a few days off and colleagues, butt, but want to take 15 days of paternity leave, in the case of a radish one hole just to" look fake sigh. "

Feng Liu, engaged in financial business in Beijing, and in June this year, the wife in the production process, declined to to the attention of paternity. Because the old man and his wife taking care of children is enough for home, home alone would be useless. Facing reporters, he expressed: "paternity, is bad for business, bad country, their own bad word shouldn't take their children, these were the men into the water. "

"They think, first because, in their eyes, the men did not have in the family and the child's mother equivalent according to obligations. Lactation and postnatal rest for their child's diapers, laundry, cooking, the mother of a man to father free home help, no free time, mother, a person should do. Even if the child's grandparents for help, also contribute to a more rational than the father of the child--because you're making money, so you can not with the kids, don't direct physical effort for the children, and the former is more important. "As the wife of Liu Feng, Qiu Li currently at home and be a full-time mother felt helpless.

However, the reporters did not expect is that Liu Feng's idea is not alone.

"I think the man's paternity, 5 days is enough, should not be too long. "In a parenting Exchange QQ Group, reporters saw a father's expression, and has all kinds of praise in the following thread:

"Men should go to fight, rather than with children";

"If paternity is longer, practice may result in 25 to 35 years old male and female unemployment increased. Present situation of society is not to disregard the economic losses and focus on social welfare and spiritual level ";

"A lot of people go to work outside the home, salary will be with you before not to social security, not a provident fund, can do not pay do not pay anything, maximizing cash. Some people may not feel the benefits enjoyed, isn't it? but, in a world where the poor, more cash will flow faster and more directly to protect the lives, at least children have studied ";


China Women's University gender and social development associate professor Li Jie, who had conducted a questionnaire survey, survey was residing in Beijing for more than six months and over the last five years, women have the birth experience. In 812 valid questionnaires were collected, respondents husband actually involved in post-natal care is not a high proportion of which husband to participate in care the proportion of maternal 17.4%, less involved in child care at night, was 13.2%.

Why paternity leave

"Paternity", as the name suggests, refers to her husband during his wife based on his wife and newborn care and enjoy a period of holiday. Because her husband made for the holidays is in his wife's maternity leave during childbirth, "paternity" lay in the establishment of paternity leave system based on birth or his wife on the basis of the fact that, with attachment feature, so called "paternity leave".

"The intention of the paternity leave system is his wife during childbirth, her husband to give his wife and newborn care and comfort at the same time, able to enjoy regular wages and benefits. Caused his wife to work and family life the dual burden reduction the under pressure release, resulting from her husband and the family's wages and fringe benefits related to the worries and are both parents of the newborn intimacy, ultimately welfare features of this system. "Business in Beijing to engage in labor relations lawyer Zheng Yikai said to reporters.

In this regard, Li Jie from the more professional as a sociology expert explains the importance of paternity:

"The analysis shows that, in the wake of other external factors, husband participation significantly affects the status of maternal health and family relationships. In addition, in terms of demographic characteristics of individuals, age is a significant factor, the older, less postpartum recovery in terms of socio-economic status, maternal employment does not have a significant effect on their physical and psychological recovery and family relations; ' confinement ' way: the family has marked gender preferences will be significant, negative impact on the relationship. "Li Jie said.

According to the study, Li Jie, who notes that the scientific and rational discourse and personal emotional gratification become important women postpartum recovery demands, such as more women want to "modern science" of confinement, they are willing to pay for professional services and products, mothers caring for their more intimate.

All these changes impact on social values, in extreme conditions can also lead to couples, and her mother-in-law, in-law relationships of conflict.

"In this context, have traditionally been excluded from ' confinement ' process of neonatal father's role will be crucial. On one hand, the involvement of her husband, mainly for night care for newborn babies, not only helped his wife postnatal rest and recovery, experience helped her husband wife fertility difficulties, alleviate their children's hard work, so as to promote marital and parent-child relationship established good groundwork for the future. "Li Jie said, on the other hand, husband's participation also helps to avoid context of social transformation, culture and ideas as a result of the extended family of the complex relationship between stress and conflict, consolidate the stability and harmony of the nuclear family, so as to lay the foundations for the harmonious development of society as a whole.

How not to break protection

While many places in the new family planning regulation clarifies the duration of paternity, but implementation of this provision has not been good, except for some men are reluctant to paternity, there are units do not take questions.

Journalists in the survey found that some enterprises tend to "work," and refused to give workers paid paternity leave, or even individual companies will be "received files" for refusing to let workers take paternity leave.

Express why it is difficult to "ground"?

"There are many reasons. On one hand, this is a problem of concept. For a long time, rest, light, heavy, light leisure and corporate, light is a deep-rooted notions such as self-cognition. In our traditional culture, diligent restraint have been praised for, seek leave in a way that seems to have become the pursuit of comfortable and materialistic. Under this, as employees and subordinates often worry that offering vacation will become a leader in the eyes of the people per se. This makes otherwise normal vacation but speak of sensitive topics. "Zheng Yikai said to the reporter, on the other hand, there are still regulations not perfect protection issue. Provides vacation why enforcement? how activist and legal liability issues, most of the region's family planning regulations do not expressly provided for.

In response, China Vice President SU Hainan said employers should be in accordance with the provisions of the local family planning regulations make specific arrangements to leave system, workers at the time of signing the contract it is best to clear leave rights. In the event of a holiday "shrink" or unable to leave, workers must first communicate with the units, communication is not valid you can reflect to the local family planning departments or labor departments. Most importantly, family planning departments should communicate with the Labor Department, seeking labor security supervision and leave the implementation into the content.

In addition, Shaanxi Province Planning Commission Director of family development for family planning multi-million dollar said in a media interview, if some units refusing to implement the new regulations, staff to the County departments of human resources and social security made.

According to the new Shaanxi Province on population and family planning regulations, men care leave for 15 days; compliance with this article, not implemented under marriage leave, maternity benefits, human resources and social security departments at and above the county level shall be ordered to correct, fined a maximum of between 5000 and 1000 Yuan.

However, in the face of such "guarantees", respondents raised doubts to reporters-"I went to the reflecting issues, can stay in this unit do? if you continue working, what paternity rest".

There are people with respect, as a result, paternity leave provisions may be reduced to advocacy of provisions difficult to break is not surprising.

"To carry out paternity leave, must be punitive provisions supporting security, both added in the corresponding provisions of the regulations on labor security supervision should also be reflected in the provincial family planning regulations. As a result, paternity leave will be hard, really benefits, so that every family can benefit equally. "The zhongnan University Professor Qiao Xinsheng said.

Source: legal daily

Original title: clear paternity leave period introduced new regulations on family planning as much attention

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A middle school teacher in Shanxi province AA dinner drinking was found controversial

A few days ago, tunliu County, Shanxi Changzhi Commission for discipline inspection issued a "on the part of the South Campus in tunliu informed teachers dinner drinking problems" raised public attention.

Reported that on Friday, September 9, 2016, South Campus in tunliu Senior Director Duan Xudong, Sun bin and 22 name grade teacher at school after the holidays, to dawn in tunliu County Business Gold crabapple restaurant dinners and drinks, during which it costs 1390 Yuan, AA pay. The weekday noon time happens in the vast majority of Government, have a negative impact in the community. Research by the County Commission for discipline inspection Standing Committee decision ordered Duan Xudong, Sun bin at a faculty meeting public review to participate in collective interviews the other 22 class, and informed on the matter in the County.

Local media, the live morning news app public "morning news the Yangtze River Management" October 10 quoted the notification text. After the report was republished, quickly spurred concern.

On the "teachers ' holiday dinner whether alcohol should be discipline investigation", become the focus of user talk.

For example, some netizens questioned: "did not say after the school holidays? School, teachers AA eating and drinking are not? Other work on you? "

Netizens also said: "really caused serious adverse effects as described in the article yet? Is a common dinner or a waste? Is the discipline Committee did go to extremes? Cause of the vast majority of work time, not allowing people to AA dinner, consumed more than 1000 (Yuan)? "

Meanwhile, also the Netizen said: "criticism is drinking, working days no matter no class should not be drinking, after all, teachers are behind bars. "

On October 11, and news on this matter please call tunliu County Commission for discipline inspection as well as the surging Changzhi city discipline Inspection Commission.

Tunliu County Commission for discipline Inspection Office a staff member responded: "first of all because they are (in September) 9th dinners, 9th, we have no holidays, belong to the working day. Their school holidays, but our bodies are not on holiday. The second aspect is, they were drinking alcohol at noon, on our side are provided weekdays at noon all the institutions prohibit drinking, teachers belonging to the institution staff. "

In addition, the staff also stressed: "holiday is a student holiday, while the teacher belongs to the staff of the institutions, should not have a holiday. "

Changzhi city discipline Inspection Commission's Office staff "would have a direct contact (tunliu) County Commission for discipline inspection," "each discipline Inspection Commission hearing room, specific provisions must be based on. "

"From a macro point of view, is that the Central eight regulations, party discipline Punishment Ordinance which, this (report) is not issued by the Municipal Commission for discipline inspection, we will be able to tell you what the basis is. "The staff member said.

Surging News note to, the informed in the stressed has central eight items provides: in seriously implementation Central eight items provides spirit hard correcting "four wind" problem of high pressure situation Xia, still has very minority members cadres discipline consciousness, and rules consciousness weak, in system and rules Shang playing "smart", and playing "walking", and play "hide and seek", description I County of style construction still go.

Previously, Shanxi province discipline Inspection Commission, Changzhi city discipline Inspection Commission had informed the investigating several similar noon dinner drinking a case of national staff. Hunan yiyang Ma Yong former Party Secretary was

On May 4, 2015, the supervision Council website quotes lucheng, Changzhi city discipline Inspection Commission said recently, lucheng town government minority staff on the shop noon meal drink, serious violation of work discipline. When this happens, the City Commission for discipline inspection initiative, participation in the dinner of the day drinking are serious responsibility and be given the appropriate party discipline and administrative discipline punishment.

On February 4, 2016, the supervision Bureau of Shanxi province informed the site 6 to eight counts of moral problems. On December 20, 2014, tuncheng District Committee Standing Committee, Minister Wang Gongcheng County, linyi mainly at leading cadres study and discuss the implementation of activities during the thematic workshops, accept invitations to dinner at noon and illegal alcohol, was late for the meeting, which has a negative impact. Yuncheng City Commission for discipline inspection Standing Committee meetings to King decided to give a serious warning within the party.

Tunliu incident in a specific holiday, the surging news contacted the school. At the time of the former, in tunliu phone has been in a "system busy" status.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Xian railway Bureau of a train driver on the way heart attack fight back pain

On October 7, the Xian railway Bureau locomotive depot in Ankang train driver Wang Le K817 value by Beijing to Chengdu train, running to the Daba mountain heart attack, he had pain, 72 minutes, the train safely docked at the station, ensure the safety of travelers during the national day travel. Kunming police overnight arrested 103 MLM officers

5:10, Wang Le train K817 by Beijing for Chengdu in the West are running in the xiangfan-Chongqing railway line in Daba mountain, he suddenly felt pain in his heart burst by pulling, face pale, full head emerged sweating, his handle with one hand, one hand rubbing the left chest.

"Master, what's wrong with you? "Deputy driver Liu June asked nervously. "My heart hurts, you look in front. "Wangle opened the side window of the driver's cab, with a cool breeze's own, and stood scratching his head with his hands, strong spirits insisted that the car forward drive.

"Guandu station, I K817 the drivers, now his heart very uncomfortable, feeling his eyes blackened, general weakness, scheduling, please tell me, can you o stop here. "6:08, K817 and finally climbed the Daba mountain, Wang Le chest pain attack frequency and faster. Watch in front of wanyuan, Sichuan is the station, he decided to again hold request temporary parking in front.

6:22, Wang Le weselves, K817 dock solidly in wanyuan station, watching the passengers behind unharmed, he was relaxed, curled up on the seat, and couldn't help but Snort it up.

"Come on, quickly plug in the oxygen tubes! "Several of the 120 first-aid staff and station staff Wang Le carefully carried to the ambulance to the hospital. Yesterday morning, he Ning, President of the trade unions to see also in wanyuan, Sichuan for treatment of Wang Le said: "K817 once again changed drivers and locomotive are safe, you can rest assured of recovering it. "

(Formerly titled the train drivers fighting back pain 72 minutes of a heart attack on the way)

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Yunnan Yi Xiang discipline Inspection Commission Secretary went out whoring

Beijing, August 31, yunlong County of Yunnan province people's Government website, approved by the yunlong County, the County Government, yunlong County Commission for discipline inspection Xu Yinglong was Guan ping Xiang "double". The County discipline Inspection Commission confirmed that Xu Yinglong out during training, whoring, and by public security administrative detention for 10 days.

Recently, someone broke the yunlong Guan ping Xiang Commission for discipline inspection Xu Yinglong in Dali, Yunnan, several local officials in the County Organization to Tongji University in Shanghai, was caught during sex.

On August 29, yunlong County Commission approved, yunlong County Commission for discipline inspection on the yunlong Guan ping Xiang examination Commission for discipline inspection Xu Yinglong violation issue.

The investigation, Xu Yinglong out during training, breach of discipline, not reports, without leave, training leave, and whoring out, by public security administrative detention for 10 days. Xu Yinglong as a member party cadres, discipline inspection cadres in particular, its conditions of serious loss of party members to the detriment of cadres, causing adverse effects. According to the Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations and the relevant provisions of the regulations on the punishment of civil servants of administrative organs, yunlong County, the County Government approved August 31, 2016, Xu Yinglong expelled from expelled from the party and administrative disciplinary action. Death of a female cashier mediation in the knife

(This article was originally titled Yunnan town prostitutes during the Commission for discipline inspection in external training was "double")

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hengqin Zhuhai Macao hengqin convenient car access policy will fight for this

Hengqin, Zhuhai Macao hengqin convenient car access policy will fight for this year's landing

Hengqin bridge

On August 28, Zhuhai's hengqin new district Party Committee Assistant Deputy Secretary, Ye Zhen, Director of the Trade Office in "economic vitality • open development in Guangdong--Pan Pearl network media to visit the free trade zone" campaign Forum said, Macao, hengqin convenient car access policy will seek landed this year.

On the Guangdong-Macao Joint Conference, held in June of this year, Guangdong Province and Macao jointly signed 12 agreements, including the agreement on the hengqin Macau motor vehicles into and out of.

Agreement marks the Guangdong and Macao Governments on Macao's vehicles to facilitate access to the hengqin has reached a consensus. Hengqin agreement on motor vehicles in and out of Macao management principles, conditions, Guangdong and Macao have both management and responsibility and vehicle control principle, clear in and out of Macao in hengqin motor vehicles with reference to the existing cross-border bus, that is, Guangdong and Macao passenger car management management.

Ye Zhen at the Symposium introduced late last year, the Ministry of public security formally approved a single car in Macau to facilitate access to Heng Qin policy, according to Guangdong province to guide the development of hengqin single-brand cars in and out of interim measures for the administration of Macao, hengqin has developed the implementation details, and with Macao in preparation for the implementation of the specific unit operation and docking.

"In order to achieve the vehicle into the hengqin orderly and standardized management, we're traffic police, insurance, customs, and other units, carried out a series of favours butt Macau insurance service, traffic management rules of preparation. "

Also, Ye Zhen introduced, has in cross piano bridge bridgehead planning design good conducive to prevent Macau motor vehicle car left cross piano into Zhuhai other regional of intelligent of measures, on because not understand, and not know and may from cross piano bridge left cross piano of Macau mobile vehicles, will through video monitoring and intelligent of card mouth on it for reminded and warning, achieved on Macau motor vehicle car effective regulatory. Taiwan University City 1693 students this year

"Preparations have now entered the final stage, we look forward to this year, and hope this policy in the fall. "Ye Zhen said.

Also, cross Piano district CMC Director Niu Jing in this year February of once Conference Shang revealed, through cross piano pilot, next will exploration Macau single brand car entry policy cover Zhuhai city range feasibility, focus relies on Hong Kong beads o bridge on between Guangdong and Hong Kong o traffic system integration of radiation led role, common construction a "a drive more station" tourism project, efforts build "Hong Kong beads o international will district world tourism destination".

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Liaoning man bare chested in front of the police station to hang the police

"The man hanged himself naked in front of the police station," about the afternoon of August 23, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province Public Security Bureau publicity Office staff in response to the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) said the men drunk on the day concerned, mistaken for being beaten by the police, so as to make the excesses. At present, the men had been held in administrative detention.

NET video show, Tower Station South Gate of the police station in Jinzhou City Public Security Bureau, a man bare-chested, with a noose around his neck and hanged himself. In the process, man smoking a cigarette. One side, more than the man in a police uniform care.

23rd afternoon, Jinzhou Public Security Bureau publicity at staff to surging News said, by check, above video shooting Yu August 20, is located in Street South police station door; video in the to to "hanging" men day drunk, said had was police beat came to "Please claims", Hou by verification, and no police beat the men, "let the men see has Street South police station all police of photos, he also no refers to recognized people".

"Hanged" man what is identity? Such staff responded that the specific status is not clear, the men have been held in administrative detention. Reticulocyte Agency CEO network anchors a monthly

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Former male table tennis player Zhuang Zedong gravestones were black cemetery

The Beijing Youth daily, August 20, on August 17, the late wife of former table tennis player Zhuang Zedong, China found in the cemetery tomb sweeping, Zhuang Zedong gravestones were sprayed with black paint, powder modified again for wife zuozuomudunzi.

Zhuang Zedong Phoenix mountain cemetery cemetery is located in the Changping District of Beijing, his tombstone at the bottom on the Shiji include "wife zuozuomudunzi an act of State", this is the issue of these golden words.

Beijing Youth Daily telephone contact Zhuang Zedong friends, this time visiting with zuozuomudunzi jisao Han to Beijing Youth daily reporter on August 17 in the day, zuozuomudunzi little brother zuozuomulong, zuozuomujin, Zhuang Zedong friend Ge Song who jisao Zhuang Zedong. When a pedestrian to the cemetery the cemetery, he found, Zhuang Zedong headstones being spraying black paint at the lower end, some inscriptions are overwritten.

Subsequently, the zuozuomudunzi borrowed gold dust, "loving wives" two words back in gold, other words commissioned cemetery related personnel to help back in gold. "She is not much of a description, sometimes painted out, others have to get knocked off paint out. "Entrusted family caregivers to help keep the cemetery, if you see similar situations to help gold. Han Jiang bei Qing newspaper reporters, I guess is because zuozuomudunzi identity triggered the incident, "see that went a little too far after, really no need, zuozuomudunzi has become the Chinese, she is ID, holding a Chinese passport. "

According to Han introduced because at home there is no way to participate in social security, inconvenience, zuozuomudunzi usually spend most of their time living in Japan. In addition to grave outside the Ching Ming Festival, zuozuomudunzi in "Zhuang Zedong Cup" international youth games will return to the country, and will go to the cemetery in Beijing as long as tomb sweeping, this is the first time I saw tombstones were jet black.

North Green newspaper reporter tried to contact zuozuomudunzi, zuozuomudunzi wanted to "calm and quiet" for politely declined interview requests.

Bei Qing telephone contact cemetery staff in Phoenix, staff of Yu Zhuang did not know the gravestones were sprayed black, grave personnel can at any time go to the cemetery's grave, no special restrictions.

It is understood that the Zhuang Zedong on October 13, 2013 ashes interred in the cemetery of Beijing Changping Phoenix. The plastic above the tombstone-shaped sculptures of Zhuang Zedong was playing table tennis, below the tombstone "Zhuang" name and the birth date of death, tombstone with an embedded symbol on the left side of table tennis balls. According to the Xinhua News Agency articles Tang shizeng went, zuozuomudunzi personally involved in tombstone statue, and the Taihang mountains as Zhuang Zedong chose a black granite tombstone. Campus credit cheat for female college students

Zhuang Zedong Chinese table tennis player, was born in 1940 in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, has won the 26th to 28 World table tennis championships men's Singles Champion, as well as the 28th World table tennis championships men's doubles title. In 1971, the "ping pong diplomacy", Zhuang Zedong served an important role back of his tombstone is inscribed with "here lie of ball to promote the people on Earth" text. In 2008, Zhuang Zedong was diagnosed with terminal cancer, on February 10, 2013 treatment died at the age of 73.

According to Han said: "Zhuang Zedong does not bury the ashes in eight months time, zuozuomudunzi as long as the people in Beijing, will be on the back of a backpack that nobody can touch, named Zhuang Zedong was there. "

Friday, August 12, 2016

Beijing Guangzhou Railway line outage The Beijing railway Bureau range power

At noon on August 12, one post said, the Beijing-Guangzhou line "line outages", hundreds of passengers were stranded at 40 degrees inside. Beijing railway Bureau on its official Twitter @ Beijing railway reported that jingguanggaotie Handan, Anyang to the East of station equipment failure occurs, some train delays for uplink and downlink, after about 2 hours to restore power.

G79 times (Beijing West → Shenzhen North) train Shang a name Zhang surname passenger told surging News (www.thepaper.CN), conductor said "catenary out has fault", train stopped in has Handan East station to Anyang East station between, this a interval paragraph power, caused interval within run of train are stopped shipped; fault occurred Hou, train stopped in halfway Shang, hot of car within temperatures displayed reached 40 degrees, hot and hypoxia, has passengers fainted, part old passengers appeared does not apply. Because it is a closed compartment, G79 conductor had to open all the doors and let the air in, but the temperature it is difficult to bring down.

12:46 August 12, @ Beijing railways reported on August 12, 11:47, jingguanggaotie East of Handan, Anyang to the East between equipment failures, resulting in part from top to bottom line trains were delayed. At present, the railway sector are being actively addressed, so inconvenient for passengers, railway authorities apologise.

About 2 hours later, @ Beijing informed the railway again, failure is governed by the power company, Handan city Xin Xiao lines across jingguanggaotie 220,000-volt power line off, between the Beijing-Guangzhou Rail East of Handan, Anyang to the East caused equipment failure, tried to repair, restore power supply 14:07 on August 12, order of train operation, is being restored. A kindergarten classroom in Chengdu formaldehyde

Communications shows that trip to Shijiazhuang city, with stops at stations nationwide high-speed trains with varying degrees of late, "is expected to arrive more than 30 minutes late train 36 times".

Monday, August 8, 2016

Xundian Yunnan lightning 2 dead 19 injured initial investigations digging up

Xinhua reported on external @ exclusive official micro-blog, August 8, about 14:40, xundian County, Yunnan province, Liu Shao Xiang Yokogawa black stone village (place) in a lightning strike causing casualties, left 2 dead, 1 seriously injured and 18 persons slightly injured. Capsize accident 14 people remain missing in Sichuan

Following a preliminary investigation, they were invited by a villager helped dig potatoes during a lightning. The injured there is no life danger.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hebei hengshui Yi man who killed his wife family disputes escaped three days

On August 2, the Hebei provincial public security Department official micro-blog @ the Hebei public security spokesman issued a reward Notice July 30, zaoqiang County, Hebei hengshui city major criminal cases, suspects Qi Yanzhao suspected major crime, crime on the run. On August 4, zaoqiang County Public Security Bureau surnamed Zhao, Director of the political Department told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), Qi Yanzhao criminal suspects caught by the police in Wuyi County, hengshui city, have been detained. Intracranial hemorrhage in Chongqing 9 year old

Friends said Qi Yanchao daughter-in-law zaoqiang people, young couple has been living in zaoqiang, Qi Yanchao drank on the day, after a quarrel with wife wife strangled.

On August 4, surging zaoqiang County Public Security Bureau surnamed Zhao, Director of the political Department told news, July 30, after a family dispute Qi Yanzhao and daughter-in-law, his daughter-in-law killed. For network it was drinking with his wife after a quarrel, surnamed Zhao, Director denies. Qi Yanzhao was currently under criminal detention, the case is heard and relevant details to be further verified.

On August 4, in Wuyi County Government's website, China Wuyi Wuyi published highlights show, August 3, at 8 o'clock in the morning, Wuyi County hengshui City Public Security Bureau Deputy Director Yang Songpo have a clue: 7.30 significant suspects in criminal cases, zaoqiang Wuyi Qi a hiding in a construction site, police quickly dispatched of the police making an arrest, success will eventually suspect caught.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Man the streets even in Shenzhen 23 knife stabbed his wife was detained saying

Shenzhen evening news, July 31, marital trouble is a very common thing, but recently work in Ping Shan district after Zheng just out of the factory gates, just after a man armed with a knife stabbed her several knives, hurt her none, her husband of more than 10 years. What is the hatred between the couple, husband to his wife under the pain killer?

The morning of July 29, reporters came to the Pingshan Wang Ling science and technology surrounding community guard post near the scene, sentry boxes still remain on the ground at the entrance two large pool of coagulating blood, sources said, the injured woman surnamed Zheng, more than 30 years old, in a factory assembly line work.

Community door of monitoring displayed, July 24 noon 12 o'clock around, small Zheng just work out of factory door, suddenly rushed out a men will she down in to, and from behind taking a put knife to she a meal slammed poke, men even poke has she number knife Hou, next of charges Pavilion security Member came for had blocked, but the men also threat security member don't nosy, on security discourage ignored.

Man stabbed even after Zheng 23 knives, Zheng was lying in a pool of blood, police arrested the men then arrived, and then the man was handed over to the police station in Baoshan, injured 120 's Zheng was rushed to hospital for emergency treatment.

Reporter in Ping people hospital ICU ward within see has small Zheng, she of body poke has more than 20 more knife, liver was poke broken, currently illness still very serious, she to reporter confirmed has poke people who is she of husband, she told reporter, they couples because some thing in make divorce, incident day husband had sent micro-letter called she back, also threat to killed she family. Her wallet out after work that day, get your money back after you come out of the factory, when I just went to the police box there, her husband ran out before she was pushed to the ground, then directly to her with a knife. Wuhan women s severing former Deputy Governor

Stabbed her husband said, big deal to die, there is no life there is an afterlife. Was stabbed after she was cast, very frightened, then slowly lost consciousness, all the way to the hospital to be salvaged and feel a little better.

Ping District people hospital Hu doctor introduced, small Zheng sent into hospital Shi, injury compared serious, has blood sex shock, rhythm soon, wound main in sides of chest, has blood chest, back, abdominal, diaphragm muscle liver are has injury, hands double feet also has wound, Lung near bones broken has, liver rupture thanks to patch compared timely, after rescue life signs currently tends to stable, according to understand, currently suspects has was police station penalty arrested, case also in further survey among.

Guangdong public channels according to the DV field reports, at the time of the assailant, monitor screen, you can see motorcycles are not intercepted, and to everyone's wildest dreams is, after a police patrol car to the front, detour off the field.

Monitoring showed that police patrol car stopped after a while, but the men on Board did not stop.

Then police patrol car around to leave. According to an interview the day status the female guard on duty said she was not there on the day of the incident, but afterwards a colleague speaking, when her colleagues when intercepted, man has been to threaten it. Property is revealed by a staff member of the village, was driving patrol of public security is a private security company's guards. Interviews have been taken away by the police the day before asking.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Why the 13 year old boy killed three children in Guangxi Three siblings cry

"The 13-year old boy killed three children who absconded to Guangdong, Guangxi," about the latest progress.

@ Nan Guo morning post official micro-blog on July 26, the same day, Shen confessed when he was scolded by their parents to leave, away from where the victim saw three siblings at home to play, then to pick the fruit from the three siblings lying to the remote path, ask their parents put money where it is. Due to pressed used violence, three siblings crying made him panic, spur, then kill the heart. It is reported that the suspect Shen from the lack of family care, are more extreme violence.

According to the Word Press ( previously reported, the evening of July 18, Cheng Jian Zhen, cenxi in Guangxi Autonomous Region a three children missing, was 8 years old, Huang, Jane Hwang Chang, age 7 and 4 years old, Huang Mei. July 20 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, missing for more than 40 hours later, three siblings was found in the abandoned wells of about four hundred or five hundred meters far away from home, police confirmed that all were killed.

On July 26, the news from the surging of Wuzhou city, Guangxi Public Security Bureau confirmed that fled to a criminal suspect Chen yunfu city, Guangdong Province, Yunan area x (male, age 13) was captured by the police. Chinese civil servants participate in the Netherlands

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Part of the Shaanxi government responsibility as IOU sign and put it in the

"Almost every four or five o'clock in the afternoon, roar could be heard near the Speedway car. "Jing Gan DAO ban Wang Jing village, jingyang County, xianyang city, Shaanxi Province, villagers complained. The asphalt ground is villager Wei Mou 2013 from more than 10 local villagers contracted arable land and built racing 2014, just hundreds of metres from the Wang Jing village.

"That was signed in February this year and Jing Gan, jingyang Street environmental responsibility. "Jingyang County Bureau of environmental protection Deputy Director took a responsibility. In the street also has a hand in February this year, Director Street and Wang Jing entered into the village of environmental responsibility. In addition, street and Wang Jing village signed a liability book Wang Jing village in 2016 goal responsibility is clear, "land rights, land management and urban and rural construction" a hundred-mark system goal is worth 3 points in the evaluation.

However, street Office Director and the jingyang County Bureau of environmental protection Deputy Director indicated that he did not know that Wang Jing village has illegally occupied arable land to build the racetrack, although two years have repeatedly reflected to the relevant departments of the local villagers.

Villagers many times, why did the authorities not informed? Since signing responsibility, how did cross the border? Superior Department and how evaluation and supervision?

"Early in the year, responsibility for territory, environmental responsibility, safety responsibility, responsibility for food safety, the annual goal responsibility, variety. "Local cadres said the responsibility for signing the shelf closet, prior guidance, management couldn't keep up, and responsibility has become" ious. "

Examples of this are not rare.

Bin is a coal-rich County, xianyang city, villagers in goaf of coal mine safety production and placement is annually one of top priority of County Government. "New year is called coal mining coal mine safety responsibility for signing a one-year, personally checking by the competent district leadership. "Mining sinkholes in empty areas, bin said Bai Yongjun, Head Office, the coal mine, team and individual responsibility to distribute, signed responsibility step by step.

Read these responsibility, the reporter found that counties and 7 coal mining enterprise signed the responsibility almost the same, but each coal mine with an annual output, production conditions, staff structure and the natural environment are different, such a vague responsibility can have much effect?

A West Fort on the Northwest of the county seat of Highland Village, starting from 2014 the villagers have found cracks in his house, thought to be Foundation issues, has finally realized that the House was built in the gob. Man steals in Sichuan Lu was drowned official

In May this year, bin organ efficiency construction assessment, the village where the town government are deducted 8 points, which points up one from the Bureau's assessment, two letters are related. One villagers yan River coal mine GOB cause geological disasters in the village has not been concluded, another is coal mine pollution and economic compensation.

Starting in July 2014 implementation of the withdrawal, bin, bin coal mining subsidence area of three-year action plan, plan 3-5 years, affected people in coal mining subsidence area of the County, taking monetary compensation, the building houses, reinforcement repair, relocation and other places.

"Prior to June 30, 2014, Government-funded resettlement of the villagers. Zhihou, placement of funds by the enterprises themselves. In order to place the West Village, the Government has 50 acres of new settlements, design work is finished. Worst-hit people live in the home and community, rest mass to be accommodated in prefabricated houses. "Bai Yongjun introduction.

Responsibility documents signed, check has passed, but villagers still worries: these trailers are built in the GoB, equally affected by subsidence, housing security protection?

Sign of responsibility, is to accountability to the people, strengthen initiative and responsibility, follow-up with the fall fine small work. Responsibility of tacit each other and feint, changed out of shape and unable to play any role, is nothing more than a waste of paper, how much money is for meeting the costs of cadre work, sacrifice some time, must be strongly remedy of rectification.