Saturday, July 23, 2016

Part of the Shaanxi government responsibility as IOU sign and put it in the

"Almost every four or five o'clock in the afternoon, roar could be heard near the Speedway car. "Jing Gan DAO ban Wang Jing village, jingyang County, xianyang city, Shaanxi Province, villagers complained. The asphalt ground is villager Wei Mou 2013 from more than 10 local villagers contracted arable land and built racing 2014, just hundreds of metres from the Wang Jing village.

"That was signed in February this year and Jing Gan, jingyang Street environmental responsibility. "Jingyang County Bureau of environmental protection Deputy Director took a responsibility. In the street also has a hand in February this year, Director Street and Wang Jing entered into the village of environmental responsibility. In addition, street and Wang Jing village signed a liability book Wang Jing village in 2016 goal responsibility is clear, "land rights, land management and urban and rural construction" a hundred-mark system goal is worth 3 points in the evaluation.

However, street Office Director and the jingyang County Bureau of environmental protection Deputy Director indicated that he did not know that Wang Jing village has illegally occupied arable land to build the racetrack, although two years have repeatedly reflected to the relevant departments of the local villagers.

Villagers many times, why did the authorities not informed? Since signing responsibility, how did cross the border? Superior Department and how evaluation and supervision?

"Early in the year, responsibility for territory, environmental responsibility, safety responsibility, responsibility for food safety, the annual goal responsibility, variety. "Local cadres said the responsibility for signing the shelf closet, prior guidance, management couldn't keep up, and responsibility has become" ious. "

Examples of this are not rare.

Bin is a coal-rich County, xianyang city, villagers in goaf of coal mine safety production and placement is annually one of top priority of County Government. "New year is called coal mining coal mine safety responsibility for signing a one-year, personally checking by the competent district leadership. "Mining sinkholes in empty areas, bin said Bai Yongjun, Head Office, the coal mine, team and individual responsibility to distribute, signed responsibility step by step.

Read these responsibility, the reporter found that counties and 7 coal mining enterprise signed the responsibility almost the same, but each coal mine with an annual output, production conditions, staff structure and the natural environment are different, such a vague responsibility can have much effect?

A West Fort on the Northwest of the county seat of Highland Village, starting from 2014 the villagers have found cracks in his house, thought to be Foundation issues, has finally realized that the House was built in the gob. Man steals in Sichuan Lu was drowned official

In May this year, bin organ efficiency construction assessment, the village where the town government are deducted 8 points, which points up one from the Bureau's assessment, two letters are related. One villagers yan River coal mine GOB cause geological disasters in the village has not been concluded, another is coal mine pollution and economic compensation.

Starting in July 2014 implementation of the withdrawal, bin, bin coal mining subsidence area of three-year action plan, plan 3-5 years, affected people in coal mining subsidence area of the County, taking monetary compensation, the building houses, reinforcement repair, relocation and other places.

"Prior to June 30, 2014, Government-funded resettlement of the villagers. Zhihou, placement of funds by the enterprises themselves. In order to place the West Village, the Government has 50 acres of new settlements, design work is finished. Worst-hit people live in the home and community, rest mass to be accommodated in prefabricated houses. "Bai Yongjun introduction.

Responsibility documents signed, check has passed, but villagers still worries: these trailers are built in the GoB, equally affected by subsidence, housing security protection?

Sign of responsibility, is to accountability to the people, strengthen initiative and responsibility, follow-up with the fall fine small work. Responsibility of tacit each other and feint, changed out of shape and unable to play any role, is nothing more than a waste of paper, how much money is for meeting the costs of cadre work, sacrifice some time, must be strongly remedy of rectification.