Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Yunnan Yi Xiang discipline Inspection Commission Secretary went out whoring

Beijing, August 31, yunlong County of Yunnan province people's Government website, approved by the yunlong County, the County Government, yunlong County Commission for discipline inspection Xu Yinglong was Guan ping Xiang "double". The County discipline Inspection Commission confirmed that Xu Yinglong out during training, whoring, and by public security administrative detention for 10 days.

Recently, someone broke the yunlong Guan ping Xiang Commission for discipline inspection Xu Yinglong in Dali, Yunnan, several local officials in the County Organization to Tongji University in Shanghai, was caught during sex.

On August 29, yunlong County Commission approved, yunlong County Commission for discipline inspection on the yunlong Guan ping Xiang examination Commission for discipline inspection Xu Yinglong violation issue.

The investigation, Xu Yinglong out during training, breach of discipline, not reports, without leave, training leave, and whoring out, by public security administrative detention for 10 days. Xu Yinglong as a member party cadres, discipline inspection cadres in particular, its conditions of serious loss of party members to the detriment of cadres, causing adverse effects. According to the Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations and the relevant provisions of the regulations on the punishment of civil servants of administrative organs, yunlong County, the County Government approved August 31, 2016, Xu Yinglong expelled from expelled from the party and administrative disciplinary action. Death of a female cashier mediation in the knife

(This article was originally titled Yunnan town prostitutes during the Commission for discipline inspection in external training was "double")

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hengqin Zhuhai Macao hengqin convenient car access policy will fight for this

Hengqin, Zhuhai Macao hengqin convenient car access policy will fight for this year's landing

Hengqin bridge

On August 28, Zhuhai's hengqin new district Party Committee Assistant Deputy Secretary, Ye Zhen, Director of the Trade Office in "economic vitality • open development in Guangdong--Pan Pearl network media to visit the free trade zone" campaign Forum said, Macao, hengqin convenient car access policy will seek landed this year.

On the Guangdong-Macao Joint Conference, held in June of this year, Guangdong Province and Macao jointly signed 12 agreements, including the agreement on the hengqin Macau motor vehicles into and out of.

Agreement marks the Guangdong and Macao Governments on Macao's vehicles to facilitate access to the hengqin has reached a consensus. Hengqin agreement on motor vehicles in and out of Macao management principles, conditions, Guangdong and Macao have both management and responsibility and vehicle control principle, clear in and out of Macao in hengqin motor vehicles with reference to the existing cross-border bus, that is, Guangdong and Macao passenger car management management.

Ye Zhen at the Symposium introduced late last year, the Ministry of public security formally approved a single car in Macau to facilitate access to Heng Qin policy, according to Guangdong province to guide the development of hengqin single-brand cars in and out of interim measures for the administration of Macao, hengqin has developed the implementation details, and with Macao in preparation for the implementation of the specific unit operation and docking.

"In order to achieve the vehicle into the hengqin orderly and standardized management, we're traffic police, insurance, customs, and other units, carried out a series of favours butt Macau insurance service, traffic management rules of preparation. "

Also, Ye Zhen introduced, has in cross piano bridge bridgehead planning design good conducive to prevent Macau motor vehicle car left cross piano into Zhuhai other regional of intelligent of measures, on because not understand, and not know and may from cross piano bridge left cross piano of Macau mobile vehicles, will through video monitoring and intelligent of card mouth on it for reminded and warning, achieved on Macau motor vehicle car effective regulatory. Taiwan University City 1693 students this year

"Preparations have now entered the final stage, we look forward to this year, and hope this policy in the fall. "Ye Zhen said.

Also, cross Piano district CMC Director Niu Jing in this year February of once Conference Shang revealed, through cross piano pilot, next will exploration Macau single brand car entry policy cover Zhuhai city range feasibility, focus relies on Hong Kong beads o bridge on between Guangdong and Hong Kong o traffic system integration of radiation led role, common construction a "a drive more station" tourism project, efforts build "Hong Kong beads o international will district world tourism destination".

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Liaoning man bare chested in front of the police station to hang the police

"The man hanged himself naked in front of the police station," about the afternoon of August 23, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province Public Security Bureau publicity Office staff in response to the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) said the men drunk on the day concerned, mistaken for being beaten by the police, so as to make the excesses. At present, the men had been held in administrative detention.

NET video show, Tower Station South Gate of the police station in Jinzhou City Public Security Bureau, a man bare-chested, with a noose around his neck and hanged himself. In the process, man smoking a cigarette. One side, more than the man in a police uniform care.

23rd afternoon, Jinzhou Public Security Bureau publicity at staff to surging News said, by check, above video shooting Yu August 20, is located in Street South police station door; video in the to to "hanging" men day drunk, said had was police beat came to "Please claims", Hou by verification, and no police beat the men, "let the men see has Street South police station all police of photos, he also no refers to recognized people".

"Hanged" man what is identity? Such staff responded that the specific status is not clear, the men have been held in administrative detention. Reticulocyte Agency CEO network anchors a monthly

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Former male table tennis player Zhuang Zedong gravestones were black cemetery

The Beijing Youth daily, August 20, on August 17, the late wife of former table tennis player Zhuang Zedong, China found in the cemetery tomb sweeping, Zhuang Zedong gravestones were sprayed with black paint, powder modified again for wife zuozuomudunzi.

Zhuang Zedong Phoenix mountain cemetery cemetery is located in the Changping District of Beijing, his tombstone at the bottom on the Shiji include "wife zuozuomudunzi an act of State", this is the issue of these golden words.

Beijing Youth Daily telephone contact Zhuang Zedong friends, this time visiting with zuozuomudunzi jisao Han to Beijing Youth daily reporter on August 17 in the day, zuozuomudunzi little brother zuozuomulong, zuozuomujin, Zhuang Zedong friend Ge Song who jisao Zhuang Zedong. When a pedestrian to the cemetery the cemetery, he found, Zhuang Zedong headstones being spraying black paint at the lower end, some inscriptions are overwritten.

Subsequently, the zuozuomudunzi borrowed gold dust, "loving wives" two words back in gold, other words commissioned cemetery related personnel to help back in gold. "She is not much of a description, sometimes painted out, others have to get knocked off paint out. "Entrusted family caregivers to help keep the cemetery, if you see similar situations to help gold. Han Jiang bei Qing newspaper reporters, I guess is because zuozuomudunzi identity triggered the incident, "see that went a little too far after, really no need, zuozuomudunzi has become the Chinese, she is ID, holding a Chinese passport. "

According to Han introduced because at home there is no way to participate in social security, inconvenience, zuozuomudunzi usually spend most of their time living in Japan. In addition to grave outside the Ching Ming Festival, zuozuomudunzi in "Zhuang Zedong Cup" international youth games will return to the country, and will go to the cemetery in Beijing as long as tomb sweeping, this is the first time I saw tombstones were jet black.

North Green newspaper reporter tried to contact zuozuomudunzi, zuozuomudunzi wanted to "calm and quiet" for politely declined interview requests.

Bei Qing telephone contact cemetery staff in Phoenix, staff of Yu Zhuang did not know the gravestones were sprayed black, grave personnel can at any time go to the cemetery's grave, no special restrictions.

It is understood that the Zhuang Zedong on October 13, 2013 ashes interred in the cemetery of Beijing Changping Phoenix. The plastic above the tombstone-shaped sculptures of Zhuang Zedong was playing table tennis, below the tombstone "Zhuang" name and the birth date of death, tombstone with an embedded symbol on the left side of table tennis balls. According to the Xinhua News Agency articles Tang shizeng went, zuozuomudunzi personally involved in tombstone statue, and the Taihang mountains as Zhuang Zedong chose a black granite tombstone. Campus credit cheat for female college students

Zhuang Zedong Chinese table tennis player, was born in 1940 in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, has won the 26th to 28 World table tennis championships men's Singles Champion, as well as the 28th World table tennis championships men's doubles title. In 1971, the "ping pong diplomacy", Zhuang Zedong served an important role back of his tombstone is inscribed with "here lie of ball to promote the people on Earth" text. In 2008, Zhuang Zedong was diagnosed with terminal cancer, on February 10, 2013 treatment died at the age of 73.

According to Han said: "Zhuang Zedong does not bury the ashes in eight months time, zuozuomudunzi as long as the people in Beijing, will be on the back of a backpack that nobody can touch, named Zhuang Zedong was there. "

Friday, August 12, 2016

Beijing Guangzhou Railway line outage The Beijing railway Bureau range power

At noon on August 12, one post said, the Beijing-Guangzhou line "line outages", hundreds of passengers were stranded at 40 degrees inside. Beijing railway Bureau on its official Twitter @ Beijing railway reported that jingguanggaotie Handan, Anyang to the East of station equipment failure occurs, some train delays for uplink and downlink, after about 2 hours to restore power.

G79 times (Beijing West → Shenzhen North) train Shang a name Zhang surname passenger told surging News (www.thepaper.CN), conductor said "catenary out has fault", train stopped in has Handan East station to Anyang East station between, this a interval paragraph power, caused interval within run of train are stopped shipped; fault occurred Hou, train stopped in halfway Shang, hot of car within temperatures displayed reached 40 degrees, hot and hypoxia, has passengers fainted, part old passengers appeared does not apply. Because it is a closed compartment, G79 conductor had to open all the doors and let the air in, but the temperature it is difficult to bring down.

12:46 August 12, @ Beijing railways reported on August 12, 11:47, jingguanggaotie East of Handan, Anyang to the East between equipment failures, resulting in part from top to bottom line trains were delayed. At present, the railway sector are being actively addressed, so inconvenient for passengers, railway authorities apologise.

About 2 hours later, @ Beijing informed the railway again, failure is governed by the power company, Handan city Xin Xiao lines across jingguanggaotie 220,000-volt power line off, between the Beijing-Guangzhou Rail East of Handan, Anyang to the East caused equipment failure, tried to repair, restore power supply 14:07 on August 12, order of train operation, is being restored. A kindergarten classroom in Chengdu formaldehyde

Communications shows that trip to Shijiazhuang city, with stops at stations nationwide high-speed trains with varying degrees of late, "is expected to arrive more than 30 minutes late train 36 times".

Monday, August 8, 2016

Xundian Yunnan lightning 2 dead 19 injured initial investigations digging up

Xinhua reported on external @ exclusive official micro-blog, August 8, about 14:40, xundian County, Yunnan province, Liu Shao Xiang Yokogawa black stone village (place) in a lightning strike causing casualties, left 2 dead, 1 seriously injured and 18 persons slightly injured. Capsize accident 14 people remain missing in Sichuan

Following a preliminary investigation, they were invited by a villager helped dig potatoes during a lightning. The injured there is no life danger.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hebei hengshui Yi man who killed his wife family disputes escaped three days

On August 2, the Hebei provincial public security Department official micro-blog @ the Hebei public security spokesman issued a reward Notice July 30, zaoqiang County, Hebei hengshui city major criminal cases, suspects Qi Yanzhao suspected major crime, crime on the run. On August 4, zaoqiang County Public Security Bureau surnamed Zhao, Director of the political Department told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), Qi Yanzhao criminal suspects caught by the police in Wuyi County, hengshui city, have been detained. Intracranial hemorrhage in Chongqing 9 year old

Friends said Qi Yanchao daughter-in-law zaoqiang people, young couple has been living in zaoqiang, Qi Yanchao drank on the day, after a quarrel with wife wife strangled.

On August 4, surging zaoqiang County Public Security Bureau surnamed Zhao, Director of the political Department told news, July 30, after a family dispute Qi Yanzhao and daughter-in-law, his daughter-in-law killed. For network it was drinking with his wife after a quarrel, surnamed Zhao, Director denies. Qi Yanzhao was currently under criminal detention, the case is heard and relevant details to be further verified.

On August 4, in Wuyi County Government's website, China Wuyi Wuyi published highlights show, August 3, at 8 o'clock in the morning, Wuyi County hengshui City Public Security Bureau Deputy Director Yang Songpo have a clue: 7.30 significant suspects in criminal cases, zaoqiang Wuyi Qi a hiding in a construction site, police quickly dispatched of the police making an arrest, success will eventually suspect caught.