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Clear as much paternity leave was reluctant to paternity by Hugh landing

Clear as much paternity leave was reluctant to paternity by Hugh

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Study finds, accompanying significant influence of husbands to participate in maternal health status and family status. Paternity leave implemented, contribute to strengthening the family stability and harmony, so as to lay the foundations for the harmonious development of society as a whole.

Employers should be in accordance with the provisions of the local family planning regulations make specific arrangements to leave system, workers in the event of a holiday "shrink" or unable to leave, we must first communicate with the units, communication is not valid you can reflect to the local family planning departments or labor departments. Most importantly, family planning departments should communicate with the Department of labor, towards the implementation of paternity leave included labor security supervision.

With the introduction of new planning regulations of Guangdong Province, currently at least 29 provinces in local in the new family planning regulation clarifies the duration of paternity. Among them, the short paternity leave of 7 days, the longest is 1 month old.

However, the reporter found that the legislation clear benefits, seems to be in an awkward position. Just like living in Beijing, Yan He, paternity has always been her husband not to units inside a "pimple". Result in "knots" of reason is still difficult digestion, husband Guo Kai-justification-"doesn't mean that I" "exactly the critical moment, not paid at that time, which is today."

Exactly what is wrong? arguments like this, perhaps in many families going on.

For a place in the workplace, male paternity leave, also face holiday "shrink" or rejection situation.

Clear as much paternity leave was reluctant to paternity by Hugh

Industry experts believe that paternity leave has a positive role to promote family harmony, local legislation an express provision is also based on this objective. How to get paternity leave from local legal documents "coming out" has become a real problem.

Hugh was over

30 Yan He lived in Beijing, three have House and car, need not worry about food and clothing life was carefree, marital harmony, but has been by my side when her husband did not produce any hard feelings.

"The old saying goes, women having children is to live the trip ' hell ', even if the present medical technology developed, remains dangerous. But on that day, he was working overtime, and almost the whole month to see people, cause I almost depressed. "Speak of the past two years ago, Yan He is still full of grievances.

Two years ago, Guo Kai securities representative in a quasi public company. In the production a week before Yan He, Guo Kai company also entered the final declarations of sprints. "Before production, I have endured several overnight check material. On that day, just in time for us to go to the Commission, the persons are waiting, am I not? " Says the wife's complaint, Guo Kai often feel some "importune".

Why is paternity leave in the late, Guo kai's argument is that "follow-up work I miss."

"I was angry, not unit not to break, but he did not mention. "Yan He argued.

So the couple "back-and-forth", the end result is often intercedes. Such a situation, is not uncommon in the reporter's visit. Air pollution in Henan province interviewed 50

Doing media work, Zhou said, the usual work pace and statutes almost every quality Department in a timely manner the progress of tasks. "We need a project collaboration we finish, I work to which step will affect the next link on my colleague's work indirectly affects the income of themselves and their colleagues. "Mr Zhou, shift can take a few days off and colleagues, butt, but want to take 15 days of paternity leave, in the case of a radish one hole just to" look fake sigh. "

Feng Liu, engaged in financial business in Beijing, and in June this year, the wife in the production process, declined to to the attention of paternity. Because the old man and his wife taking care of children is enough for home, home alone would be useless. Facing reporters, he expressed: "paternity, is bad for business, bad country, their own bad word shouldn't take their children, these were the men into the water. "

"They think, first because, in their eyes, the men did not have in the family and the child's mother equivalent according to obligations. Lactation and postnatal rest for their child's diapers, laundry, cooking, the mother of a man to father free home help, no free time, mother, a person should do. Even if the child's grandparents for help, also contribute to a more rational than the father of the child--because you're making money, so you can not with the kids, don't direct physical effort for the children, and the former is more important. "As the wife of Liu Feng, Qiu Li currently at home and be a full-time mother felt helpless.

However, the reporters did not expect is that Liu Feng's idea is not alone.

"I think the man's paternity, 5 days is enough, should not be too long. "In a parenting Exchange QQ Group, reporters saw a father's expression, and has all kinds of praise in the following thread:

"Men should go to fight, rather than with children";

"If paternity is longer, practice may result in 25 to 35 years old male and female unemployment increased. Present situation of society is not to disregard the economic losses and focus on social welfare and spiritual level ";

"A lot of people go to work outside the home, salary will be with you before not to social security, not a provident fund, can do not pay do not pay anything, maximizing cash. Some people may not feel the benefits enjoyed, isn't it? but, in a world where the poor, more cash will flow faster and more directly to protect the lives, at least children have studied ";


China Women's University gender and social development associate professor Li Jie, who had conducted a questionnaire survey, survey was residing in Beijing for more than six months and over the last five years, women have the birth experience. In 812 valid questionnaires were collected, respondents husband actually involved in post-natal care is not a high proportion of which husband to participate in care the proportion of maternal 17.4%, less involved in child care at night, was 13.2%.

Why paternity leave

"Paternity", as the name suggests, refers to her husband during his wife based on his wife and newborn care and enjoy a period of holiday. Because her husband made for the holidays is in his wife's maternity leave during childbirth, "paternity" lay in the establishment of paternity leave system based on birth or his wife on the basis of the fact that, with attachment feature, so called "paternity leave".

"The intention of the paternity leave system is his wife during childbirth, her husband to give his wife and newborn care and comfort at the same time, able to enjoy regular wages and benefits. Caused his wife to work and family life the dual burden reduction the under pressure release, resulting from her husband and the family's wages and fringe benefits related to the worries and are both parents of the newborn intimacy, ultimately welfare features of this system. "Business in Beijing to engage in labor relations lawyer Zheng Yikai said to reporters.

In this regard, Li Jie from the more professional as a sociology expert explains the importance of paternity:

"The analysis shows that, in the wake of other external factors, husband participation significantly affects the status of maternal health and family relationships. In addition, in terms of demographic characteristics of individuals, age is a significant factor, the older, less postpartum recovery in terms of socio-economic status, maternal employment does not have a significant effect on their physical and psychological recovery and family relations; ' confinement ' way: the family has marked gender preferences will be significant, negative impact on the relationship. "Li Jie said.

According to the study, Li Jie, who notes that the scientific and rational discourse and personal emotional gratification become important women postpartum recovery demands, such as more women want to "modern science" of confinement, they are willing to pay for professional services and products, mothers caring for their more intimate.

All these changes impact on social values, in extreme conditions can also lead to couples, and her mother-in-law, in-law relationships of conflict.

"In this context, have traditionally been excluded from ' confinement ' process of neonatal father's role will be crucial. On one hand, the involvement of her husband, mainly for night care for newborn babies, not only helped his wife postnatal rest and recovery, experience helped her husband wife fertility difficulties, alleviate their children's hard work, so as to promote marital and parent-child relationship established good groundwork for the future. "Li Jie said, on the other hand, husband's participation also helps to avoid context of social transformation, culture and ideas as a result of the extended family of the complex relationship between stress and conflict, consolidate the stability and harmony of the nuclear family, so as to lay the foundations for the harmonious development of society as a whole.

How not to break protection

While many places in the new family planning regulation clarifies the duration of paternity, but implementation of this provision has not been good, except for some men are reluctant to paternity, there are units do not take questions.

Journalists in the survey found that some enterprises tend to "work," and refused to give workers paid paternity leave, or even individual companies will be "received files" for refusing to let workers take paternity leave.

Express why it is difficult to "ground"?

"There are many reasons. On one hand, this is a problem of concept. For a long time, rest, light, heavy, light leisure and corporate, light is a deep-rooted notions such as self-cognition. In our traditional culture, diligent restraint have been praised for, seek leave in a way that seems to have become the pursuit of comfortable and materialistic. Under this, as employees and subordinates often worry that offering vacation will become a leader in the eyes of the people per se. This makes otherwise normal vacation but speak of sensitive topics. "Zheng Yikai said to the reporter, on the other hand, there are still regulations not perfect protection issue. Provides vacation why enforcement? how activist and legal liability issues, most of the region's family planning regulations do not expressly provided for.

In response, China Vice President SU Hainan said employers should be in accordance with the provisions of the local family planning regulations make specific arrangements to leave system, workers at the time of signing the contract it is best to clear leave rights. In the event of a holiday "shrink" or unable to leave, workers must first communicate with the units, communication is not valid you can reflect to the local family planning departments or labor departments. Most importantly, family planning departments should communicate with the Labor Department, seeking labor security supervision and leave the implementation into the content.

In addition, Shaanxi Province Planning Commission Director of family development for family planning multi-million dollar said in a media interview, if some units refusing to implement the new regulations, staff to the County departments of human resources and social security made.

According to the new Shaanxi Province on population and family planning regulations, men care leave for 15 days; compliance with this article, not implemented under marriage leave, maternity benefits, human resources and social security departments at and above the county level shall be ordered to correct, fined a maximum of between 5000 and 1000 Yuan.

However, in the face of such "guarantees", respondents raised doubts to reporters-"I went to the reflecting issues, can stay in this unit do? if you continue working, what paternity rest".

There are people with respect, as a result, paternity leave provisions may be reduced to advocacy of provisions difficult to break is not surprising.

"To carry out paternity leave, must be punitive provisions supporting security, both added in the corresponding provisions of the regulations on labor security supervision should also be reflected in the provincial family planning regulations. As a result, paternity leave will be hard, really benefits, so that every family can benefit equally. "The zhongnan University Professor Qiao Xinsheng said.

Source: legal daily

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