Sunday, July 31, 2016

Man the streets even in Shenzhen 23 knife stabbed his wife was detained saying

Shenzhen evening news, July 31, marital trouble is a very common thing, but recently work in Ping Shan district after Zheng just out of the factory gates, just after a man armed with a knife stabbed her several knives, hurt her none, her husband of more than 10 years. What is the hatred between the couple, husband to his wife under the pain killer?

The morning of July 29, reporters came to the Pingshan Wang Ling science and technology surrounding community guard post near the scene, sentry boxes still remain on the ground at the entrance two large pool of coagulating blood, sources said, the injured woman surnamed Zheng, more than 30 years old, in a factory assembly line work.

Community door of monitoring displayed, July 24 noon 12 o'clock around, small Zheng just work out of factory door, suddenly rushed out a men will she down in to, and from behind taking a put knife to she a meal slammed poke, men even poke has she number knife Hou, next of charges Pavilion security Member came for had blocked, but the men also threat security member don't nosy, on security discourage ignored.

Man stabbed even after Zheng 23 knives, Zheng was lying in a pool of blood, police arrested the men then arrived, and then the man was handed over to the police station in Baoshan, injured 120 's Zheng was rushed to hospital for emergency treatment.

Reporter in Ping people hospital ICU ward within see has small Zheng, she of body poke has more than 20 more knife, liver was poke broken, currently illness still very serious, she to reporter confirmed has poke people who is she of husband, she told reporter, they couples because some thing in make divorce, incident day husband had sent micro-letter called she back, also threat to killed she family. Her wallet out after work that day, get your money back after you come out of the factory, when I just went to the police box there, her husband ran out before she was pushed to the ground, then directly to her with a knife. Wuhan women s severing former Deputy Governor

Stabbed her husband said, big deal to die, there is no life there is an afterlife. Was stabbed after she was cast, very frightened, then slowly lost consciousness, all the way to the hospital to be salvaged and feel a little better.

Ping District people hospital Hu doctor introduced, small Zheng sent into hospital Shi, injury compared serious, has blood sex shock, rhythm soon, wound main in sides of chest, has blood chest, back, abdominal, diaphragm muscle liver are has injury, hands double feet also has wound, Lung near bones broken has, liver rupture thanks to patch compared timely, after rescue life signs currently tends to stable, according to understand, currently suspects has was police station penalty arrested, case also in further survey among.

Guangdong public channels according to the DV field reports, at the time of the assailant, monitor screen, you can see motorcycles are not intercepted, and to everyone's wildest dreams is, after a police patrol car to the front, detour off the field.

Monitoring showed that police patrol car stopped after a while, but the men on Board did not stop.

Then police patrol car around to leave. According to an interview the day status the female guard on duty said she was not there on the day of the incident, but afterwards a colleague speaking, when her colleagues when intercepted, man has been to threaten it. Property is revealed by a staff member of the village, was driving patrol of public security is a private security company's guards. Interviews have been taken away by the police the day before asking.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Why the 13 year old boy killed three children in Guangxi Three siblings cry

"The 13-year old boy killed three children who absconded to Guangdong, Guangxi," about the latest progress.

@ Nan Guo morning post official micro-blog on July 26, the same day, Shen confessed when he was scolded by their parents to leave, away from where the victim saw three siblings at home to play, then to pick the fruit from the three siblings lying to the remote path, ask their parents put money where it is. Due to pressed used violence, three siblings crying made him panic, spur, then kill the heart. It is reported that the suspect Shen from the lack of family care, are more extreme violence.

According to the Word Press ( previously reported, the evening of July 18, Cheng Jian Zhen, cenxi in Guangxi Autonomous Region a three children missing, was 8 years old, Huang, Jane Hwang Chang, age 7 and 4 years old, Huang Mei. July 20 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, missing for more than 40 hours later, three siblings was found in the abandoned wells of about four hundred or five hundred meters far away from home, police confirmed that all were killed.

On July 26, the news from the surging of Wuzhou city, Guangxi Public Security Bureau confirmed that fled to a criminal suspect Chen yunfu city, Guangdong Province, Yunan area x (male, age 13) was captured by the police. Chinese civil servants participate in the Netherlands

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Part of the Shaanxi government responsibility as IOU sign and put it in the

"Almost every four or five o'clock in the afternoon, roar could be heard near the Speedway car. "Jing Gan DAO ban Wang Jing village, jingyang County, xianyang city, Shaanxi Province, villagers complained. The asphalt ground is villager Wei Mou 2013 from more than 10 local villagers contracted arable land and built racing 2014, just hundreds of metres from the Wang Jing village.

"That was signed in February this year and Jing Gan, jingyang Street environmental responsibility. "Jingyang County Bureau of environmental protection Deputy Director took a responsibility. In the street also has a hand in February this year, Director Street and Wang Jing entered into the village of environmental responsibility. In addition, street and Wang Jing village signed a liability book Wang Jing village in 2016 goal responsibility is clear, "land rights, land management and urban and rural construction" a hundred-mark system goal is worth 3 points in the evaluation.

However, street Office Director and the jingyang County Bureau of environmental protection Deputy Director indicated that he did not know that Wang Jing village has illegally occupied arable land to build the racetrack, although two years have repeatedly reflected to the relevant departments of the local villagers.

Villagers many times, why did the authorities not informed? Since signing responsibility, how did cross the border? Superior Department and how evaluation and supervision?

"Early in the year, responsibility for territory, environmental responsibility, safety responsibility, responsibility for food safety, the annual goal responsibility, variety. "Local cadres said the responsibility for signing the shelf closet, prior guidance, management couldn't keep up, and responsibility has become" ious. "

Examples of this are not rare.

Bin is a coal-rich County, xianyang city, villagers in goaf of coal mine safety production and placement is annually one of top priority of County Government. "New year is called coal mining coal mine safety responsibility for signing a one-year, personally checking by the competent district leadership. "Mining sinkholes in empty areas, bin said Bai Yongjun, Head Office, the coal mine, team and individual responsibility to distribute, signed responsibility step by step.

Read these responsibility, the reporter found that counties and 7 coal mining enterprise signed the responsibility almost the same, but each coal mine with an annual output, production conditions, staff structure and the natural environment are different, such a vague responsibility can have much effect?

A West Fort on the Northwest of the county seat of Highland Village, starting from 2014 the villagers have found cracks in his house, thought to be Foundation issues, has finally realized that the House was built in the gob. Man steals in Sichuan Lu was drowned official

In May this year, bin organ efficiency construction assessment, the village where the town government are deducted 8 points, which points up one from the Bureau's assessment, two letters are related. One villagers yan River coal mine GOB cause geological disasters in the village has not been concluded, another is coal mine pollution and economic compensation.

Starting in July 2014 implementation of the withdrawal, bin, bin coal mining subsidence area of three-year action plan, plan 3-5 years, affected people in coal mining subsidence area of the County, taking monetary compensation, the building houses, reinforcement repair, relocation and other places.

"Prior to June 30, 2014, Government-funded resettlement of the villagers. Zhihou, placement of funds by the enterprises themselves. In order to place the West Village, the Government has 50 acres of new settlements, design work is finished. Worst-hit people live in the home and community, rest mass to be accommodated in prefabricated houses. "Bai Yongjun introduction.

Responsibility documents signed, check has passed, but villagers still worries: these trailers are built in the GoB, equally affected by subsidence, housing security protection?

Sign of responsibility, is to accountability to the people, strengthen initiative and responsibility, follow-up with the fall fine small work. Responsibility of tacit each other and feint, changed out of shape and unable to play any role, is nothing more than a waste of paper, how much money is for meeting the costs of cadre work, sacrifice some time, must be strongly remedy of rectification.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Old woman in Sichuan made eight word with 13 year old granddaughter consummation

Old woman in Sichuan made

Girl from a building site. Pictures from the Internet Beijing cultural relics Bureau said Princess of

"Guangan in Sichuan Huaying International Plaza, for instance a girl falls" event, staff of the Lands Department surnamed Tang in Huaying City Public Security Bureau told surging July 20 News (www.thepaper.CN), from a girl surnamed Wang because of poor health, her grandmother Tang who suffers serious reactionary superstition, "eight-word" Katie granddaughter for treatment. Katie said treatment need "consummation", at the consent of the Don King a sexual assault, the King a suicide then committed suicide by jumping. The two persons involved were arrested.

Multiple users July 12 micro-blog post, 12th, around 9 o'clock in the morning, guangan in Huaying City International Plaza, a woman fell down, for instance, picture show, woman and almost no blood and in disarray.

Political work section above in Huaying City Public Security Bureau said, in order to ascertain the identities of the dead, July 13 in Huaying City Public Security Bureau issued circular. Informed shows that dead man between the ages of 12 and 16 years old, standing about 143cm, body lean, long hair, wearing a black and white horizontal striped short sleeve t-shirt (chest with "QP"), the next dressed in black jeans, casual shoes black white side (upper with "r").

Huaying City Public Security Bureau official Twitter "@ peace Huaying," informed the night of July 19 said on July 12, heroic women in the international community, building b, falls are identified from a woman surnamed Wang, 13, lived in Huaying city Yang he Zhen Guan Cheng Group 6.

Reported that Wang for parents who work for long periods, followed by a superstitious grandmother living with Don. Because Wang is in poor health, Tang with Wang Yang he Zhen found many times "eight-word" Katie in a superstitious way heal.

In mid-May, Katie said to cure this disease need "consummation". Consent of Tang XXX of agreed Hou, May 30, Tang xxx with granddaughter King a to Lee xxx home first for "of water" called King a drink Xia, Lee XXX and Tang xxx will King a with to Lee xxx home near of small mountain Shang, Tang xxx way stopped, Lee xxx continues to will King a with to a small Woods Hou, on King a implementation has sex invasion. When this happens, Wang felt anger, severe depression, and suicide, wanted to die to prove his innocence. From July 6 to 11th, Wang has left four suicide notes and 2 after recording the last words, the morning of July 12 committed suicide by jumping from the roof, building b, the international community, for instance.

Political section said above in Huaying City Public Security Bureau, July 13 at 23 o'clock the suspect LI and Tang arrested. At present, the two men under criminal detention by public security organs and the case is under further investigation.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Dozens of people stayed uncompleted sit unpaid and lived there for more than

Pick up the couch, pick up bed. Staying here for the dozens of people waiting to pay message, they are most afraid of is the dark, at night to play mobile phone become their unique form of entertainment. They lived in the uncompleted for more than 10 years, although the House is not decorated, as well as "sinkhole", is not security, but in order to get paid, they don't want to go.

Users post

Uncompleted door has a "sinkhole"

Dozens of people stayed uncompleted sit unpaid, and lived there for more than 10 years

Bust down the "sinkhole" is not safe.

Yunnan Kunming tuodonglu and there is a building called "Crystal 100" uncompleted, and white on the outer wall of a crack in that it does have quite a few years, a few shops on the first floor have been closed, only the extension East of soy sauce and a ceramics shop in the store is still open for business. This apartment building has 16 floors, 1 to 5 floors for commercial buildings.

Recently, owners of the uncompleted on the net, said access to the intersection of this building has a "sinkhole", it's not safe, there's no choice but to post in the forums for help.

Chuncheng evening news reporters found that the "sinkhole" is 10 meters long, four or five metres deep, "sinkhole" around the fence, but there is still a security risk. Man steals in Sichuan Lu was drowned the security

"Tuodonglu 59th Crystal building 100, because the site did not take protective safety facilities and safety warning label is not set, there is a big security risk, to prevent collapse accident occurred, immediately ordered construction stopped. "On May 24 this year, Wo Jia Zhuang communities in the Street outside the building by posting a bulletin, confirms Internet post reflects the fact is true.

The reporter

Uncompleted residential flats in the unpaid people

Dozens of people stayed uncompleted sit unpaid, and lived there for more than 10 years

This looks good building is really uncompleted.

"Sinkhole" of dirt piled up in the corner of the building, blocking the building for decades, "household" door, worried about us walking on the mud pile was slipping, Zhang from the uncompleted found in bricks, lay a pathway.

Reporters along the route, through the dark corridor, along the cement on the stairs, went into the ladies and the temporary homes of the villagers. Ladies and they lived at 3/f, the whole floor without partition, villagers live in here, find a corner, thanks to the walls with wood to build a temporary home, like a simple shack. Rope tied to a few posts and hung some clothes, kitchen exposed.

Villagers living here have no TV, no washing machine, no decent furniture, old Spring mattress was picked up, pick up couches, there is a big hole, kids can drill into it.

46 years old lady's ill-fated, 9 years ago, after the death of her ex-husband home in Zhenxiong County in zhaotong, who their families come to Kunming, met current husband song master site. Zhang said, song and instructors in more than 10 years ago in the uncompleted work is mainly responsible for wall plaster work, finished the work and not get paid. 7 years ago, they come here to beg for money, did not want to, then waiting for him to wait in the uncompleted. Husbands go out to work on weekdays, with her son and daughter-in-law to a street stall selling potatoes. Children are gradually grew up has, have left has she, far to Fujian and Henan working, only boss, and old five and old seven left in has she side, with live in this building rotten tail floor in, now she has is 3 a children of Grandma has, but "Crystal mining 100" business live part of 2 layer to 5 layer also is rough room, has been free with. In fact memories, just checked in a few years, they have been living on the 2 floor. Last year, they moved to 3. Although the building elevators have been installed, but 2 to 5 layers you can use, these floor entrances are blocked up. Cement staircase there is no fence, standing on the top floor one can see the bottom. Zhang is most worried about, 3 kids living here son, now 5 years old, the youngest one, seeing children grow more naughty children to secure the guarantee.

Ms a lives here is not the longest. Zhang said her current husband's two younger brothers also live here, brothers lived here the longest is more than 10 years of time. One brother can't stick to, he went to work in the provinces. But his family also had to stay here and wait for the results.

Zhang said, lived here most of the husband of the same village the villagers. In this building when not going bust, most of these villagers live here, her husband and two younger brothers House, begging for money in the hundreds of thousands of Yuan. More than 10 years, it beg for pay the villagers Inn. To come and go, move again, at one time, lived upstairs just 2 for 18 people. Some families children are too young, in order to take care of the children, and had to leave, move out. Some villagers, out of work during the day and come back in the evening.

Zhang said even moved some of the villagers, but dozens of people are still living here. In the song master of memory, built this building for more than 10 years ago, after the lockout, he had lived here, because the boss his unpaid wages, had to live here.

In an interview with reporters, watching "black" sofa, the Lady sorry to let a reporter, sat on his bed. Over the years, each home visiting her relatives, she never brought back "Kunming". Zhang said, uncompleted pass water, electricity is coming from elsewhere. Winter, burning coal briquettes, easy to cook at the same time, also "home" to warm.

Decision shows

Uncompleted residential flats has shut down 17

Dozens of people stayed uncompleted sit unpaid, and lived there for more than 10 years

OK during the day, in the evening dark.

These unpaid said background of this buildings complex, and now they don't know who beg for money, but no matter who is going to disk access, "or money, we won't go! "

5 judgment shows taped on the walls: on January 12, 1998, a construction company in Yunnan province signed a construction contract with a housing company in Yunnan province, because you cannot pay progress payment, resulting in project work stoppage cause economic losses, so the building will house company to court. On September 1, 1999, was forced to suspend construction, now 17 years old. Kunming intermediate people's Court judgment the parties terminate the construction contract and owed millions of Yuan works.

In addition, a copy of the notice, the construction company said the construction of the building belongs to them, they have to apply to the Court to implement.

Song master, who came here to post publicity and legal instruments, and advocating building belongs. Reporter called the construction company on the public phone number, but nobody answered. Reporters trying to find the House in company, know what is happening, but could not be found.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

People making mini version

On July 11, Cha Bo, Rizhao city, Shandong province, citizens Liu Jialiang wiped his hands create a mini version of World War II American "Willys Jeep" chariots. According to Liu Jialiang introduction, spare time, playing his favorite sport utility vehicle, is a fan, even the name of his company called "worm Electronics". Liu Mingzhao/vision China

People making mini version \

On July 11, Cha Bo, Rizhao city, Shandong province, citizens Liu Jialiang wiped his hands create a mini version of World War II American "Willys Jeep". According to Liu Jialiang introduction, spare time, playing his favorite sport utility vehicle, is a fan. Picture made by Liu Jialiang mini "Willys Jeep". Liu Mingzhao/vision China Woman crossed the fence was hit by a car fly died

People making mini version \

In early 2015, his company Meng Fanhua, short stature, usually travel by riding a motorcycle, was not safe. He wanted for Meng Fanhua built a car for travel tools. So he started making a what kind of vehicle to look good, and practical. Picture made by Liu Jialiang mini "Willys Jeep".

People making mini version \

Friends there, he saw a World War II US military "Willys Jeep" model, inspired his thinking, is to create a "Willys Jeep" chariots. Way down, he began to prepare his car with a steel plate and steel and other materials. Picture made by Liu Jialiang mini "Willys Jeep".

People making mini version \

In addition to tires, front and rear axles is made outside of the car, engine is a horizontal gas 125 engine and other small parts are hand-built. This car with a rare form of horizontal machine with reverse box, the perfect match of a four-wheeled vehicles, a total of 4 stalls, can achieve forward, backward, sirens, lights and other basic functions of the car, speeds of up to 40 kilometers, took two months to complete. Picture made by Liu Jialiang mini "Willys Jeep".

People making mini version \

This mini version of the World War II US military "Willys Jeep" 2.1 metres long, 0.8 metres wide and 1 m high. Once built, while driving on the road, but employees Meng Fanhua not used vehicles driving gear, plus taking into account safety factors, not let employees drive Meng Fanhua, currently lying idle. Picture made by Liu Jialiang mini "Willys Jeep".

People making mini version \

Picture made by Liu Jialiang mini "Willys Jeep".

Friday, July 8, 2016

Xinhua News Agency investigations a buy Web site gambling related marketing

Hangzhou Xinhua News on July 8, one will be able to participate in the draw of Apple mobile phones mobile phone recharge cards, 100,000 Yuan or even car ... ... A recent Indiana purchased, one cloud, and so many Web sites attract the participation of a large number of Internet users, staged a "Lottery orgy".

However reflect hundreds of participants to the journalists, they lost hundreds of thousands of millions of Yuan on these platforms, cast doubts on the platform is equivalent to an online casino, I hope the relevant authorities scrutiny.

Mired in "a buy" unable to extricate themselves, lost 3 million Yuan

On July 6, Gong Xingliang netizens and some "one bought" friends come to Beijing, in front of the building for NetEase, they play the "raise the guise of doing something with gambling" banner.

"We do not expect money back, just wanted this site to be able to close, because it harmed a lot of people. "Gong Xingliang said.

Said Gong Xingliang, exposed to NetEase since last May's "one Indiana", and other similar platforms, such as a purchase, and this year lost more than 3 million Yuan. "Now my little business is closed, also takes a lot of money, credit cards have been exhausted. "

Journalist to join a "victim" micro-groups, over more than 100 across the country for "a buy" friends told reporters that they were losing money, tens of thousands of millions of, some people divorce, loan sharks, and some even have thoughts of suicide.

What is "a buy", why is there so much damage? Experienced journalists. Open a "a buy" Web site, first thing I see is "iPhone6s, the only difference is this 1 a Rob" such a tempting advertisement. Yuntaishan scenic area falling rock kills tourist

To participate in the draw, simple steps, first to recharge, "a buy" a joy to buy beans, give joy bean to snap up commodities. Such as a price tag of 6480 joy beans iPhone6s, participants can at least spend a happy beans get a lottery number, however you are prompted into beans, the more joy, higher probability of winning, such as spend 3000 happy beans, would have nearly half of all the odds. Sold as 6,480 lottery draw code after the computer then randomly a number becomes a winner. In addition, the platform also computers, large mobile phone recharge cards and even a BMW.

Gong Xingliang, a lot of people told reporters that has lured in this way, they are almost addictive, stuck inside unable to extricate themselves. "Like in a casino, is very exciting. Everybody to get a high winning rate is a lot of money, you can always lose-win less. Buy larger in order to recoup, deeper than deep. "

Reporters saw a 1000 phone card sold in less than 10 seconds and immediately lottery, which sold almost at the next round of Awards began. On just one platform, prepaid card has 1000 Yuan Lottery more than 110,000 times.

"Unlike most lottery is a lottery a few days later to get a cooling off period here makes the impulse to buy, buy buy buy a mobile. "One friend said, because his one night to buy prepaid card lost 180,000 yuan.

"A buy" Web site on the Internet is popular, attract millions of Internet users to participate. Baidu to enter "a buy" there are a lot of similar sites, such as a purchase, one draw, one digging up treasure, and so on, at least more than 20, while the APP is impossible. In one cloud on online sites, showed accumulation of participants has more than 9 billion.

Transparency has been challenged, experts advise "a buy" suspected of gambling

A lot of "a buy" friends play questioned, this pattern is not an ordinary shop, but a disguised form of lotteries and gambling, "he is not limiting the number of your money, but to tempt you to spend more money. Like the 100,000-dollar mobile phone recharge cards, simply cannot be used for own consumption, but to let you cash out. "

In addition, playing with friends, site lottery is instant lottery, not transparent, nor be notarized, they question whether the sites internal manipulation, "anyway, we have to make money. "One friend said.

Reporters also found on these sites about 20% of the goods are priced much higher than the market value, such as 1000 's of mobile phone recharge cards, to 1200 to Lottery, also means that prepaid card price is 1200 RMB 1000 Yuan, the site gained huge profits.

Zhejiang Teng chi Xia Jiapin said law firm partner, from nature, one money you might have a chance or probability, such acts belonging to the civil behavior of aleatory contract. Organizations subject to such acts in our country, is needed on the administrative examination and approval, without the approval and often engaged in such acts for illegal operations, such as lottery ticket sales. If organizations in practical operation, the operators, through deceptive means to control the rate of winning and winning, you may also be arrested for fraud.

Zhejiang University Law School Center for Internet criminal law Director Gao Yandong said, "a buy" and the difference between regular gambling, General gambling direct gambling, gambling goods and property, thus suspected of gambling and aleatory. "If is cheap type (businesses not for ' a Yuan purchased ' and from commodity Shang additional profit) of ' a Yuan purchased ', can put it considered a new sales mode, on it for guide specification and service Yu market; and if is premium type (as market 3000 Yuan of phone eventually sold have 5000 Yuan) of ' a Yuan purchased ', businesses using consumers of speculation psychological Gets additional interests, disrupt has fair trade order, if businesses tapped, and additional profit reached 5000 Yuan, on may constitute gambling crime. "

Outbreak of the new regulation cannot be "blind"

For the legality of the platform, NetEase public relations department does not have to reply, but said: "the platform is absolutely fair, drawing the final results according to NetEase do not control third-party data to ensure that no one can interfere with the results. Transparency of information, the user can always view each product's participation, participation, their participation in the list and access to product information and other records. "

Many netizens, such "a buy" at the beginning people hold a "chance" mentality of entertainment, sometimes surprising, but slowly the platform to lure Internet users to become a professional "people" is addictive.

Gao Yandong, for innovative marketing mode that society should encourage, innovation must not break the law but the bottom line, disturbed the normal market order.

Professional Committee of China Federation of commercial media, released in May reported that many online shopping platform under the name of e-business innovation, creation of so-called "one Indiana" or "bought" disguised form of gambling, such as platform, called on the relevant departments to investigate as soon as possible.

Reporters noted that the Internet Lottery due to lack of norms was widely criticized, has stopped selling for over a year. And the current resurgence of some sites, re-sale of tickets on the sly or in "a buy" way of walking. Experts say, for the new situations and new, relevant departments should timely monitoring and supervision for Internet users to create clean Internet environment.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Lai photos are in public primary school students according to Yulin Shanxi said

Lai photos are in public primary school students according to Yulin, Shanxi, said: omissions

Yulin, Shaanxi published in the current issue of Lai in the list have a small student graduation.

China business daily news on July 5, the morning of July 4, Shaanxi Yulin City Intermediate Court announced a new edition of the list of Lai, a Lai photo particularly interesting, this picture to black and white photos, seems to be a primary school student's graduation. That night, the Yulin City Intermediate Court responded that there are omissions.

The morning of July 4, Yulin City Intermediate Court in the letter, released to the public a set of information of Lai for breaking, including execution, breach of personal information such as photos, a photo student has fueled special interest: breach of trust executed Shi Yinyu artificially, you can see from the information, born in 1981, 35 years old. Some netizens questioned, such exposure can do the trick, court practices suspected of harboring the Lai, questionable practices.

In this regard, Yulin, hospital officials told the Chinese newspaper reporters in the morning of July 4, the Academy released a list of the credibility in the sixth instalment was executed in Yulin City (four), lose the trust of the people in the list of pictures of Shi Yinyu (student photo) from the household registration system, this photo is his early pictures. Due to its second generation ID card information cannot be checked and other photo, t-Shi Yinyu is used only in the household registration system can be found in this picture. Kunming Community funding difficult the verge

After the release of photos, some netizens commented, the exposure is difficult to achieve the purpose exposure pictures of their student through this photo to identify Shi Yinyu now is really difficult, "it's hard to reach the goal of our exposure, that is indeed our omissions, our friends understand! We will, through various means according to law, improve the work and avoid the occurrence of similar situations. "The official said.