Sunday, July 31, 2016

Man the streets even in Shenzhen 23 knife stabbed his wife was detained saying

Shenzhen evening news, July 31, marital trouble is a very common thing, but recently work in Ping Shan district after Zheng just out of the factory gates, just after a man armed with a knife stabbed her several knives, hurt her none, her husband of more than 10 years. What is the hatred between the couple, husband to his wife under the pain killer?

The morning of July 29, reporters came to the Pingshan Wang Ling science and technology surrounding community guard post near the scene, sentry boxes still remain on the ground at the entrance two large pool of coagulating blood, sources said, the injured woman surnamed Zheng, more than 30 years old, in a factory assembly line work.

Community door of monitoring displayed, July 24 noon 12 o'clock around, small Zheng just work out of factory door, suddenly rushed out a men will she down in to, and from behind taking a put knife to she a meal slammed poke, men even poke has she number knife Hou, next of charges Pavilion security Member came for had blocked, but the men also threat security member don't nosy, on security discourage ignored.

Man stabbed even after Zheng 23 knives, Zheng was lying in a pool of blood, police arrested the men then arrived, and then the man was handed over to the police station in Baoshan, injured 120 's Zheng was rushed to hospital for emergency treatment.

Reporter in Ping people hospital ICU ward within see has small Zheng, she of body poke has more than 20 more knife, liver was poke broken, currently illness still very serious, she to reporter confirmed has poke people who is she of husband, she told reporter, they couples because some thing in make divorce, incident day husband had sent micro-letter called she back, also threat to killed she family. Her wallet out after work that day, get your money back after you come out of the factory, when I just went to the police box there, her husband ran out before she was pushed to the ground, then directly to her with a knife. Wuhan women s severing former Deputy Governor

Stabbed her husband said, big deal to die, there is no life there is an afterlife. Was stabbed after she was cast, very frightened, then slowly lost consciousness, all the way to the hospital to be salvaged and feel a little better.

Ping District people hospital Hu doctor introduced, small Zheng sent into hospital Shi, injury compared serious, has blood sex shock, rhythm soon, wound main in sides of chest, has blood chest, back, abdominal, diaphragm muscle liver are has injury, hands double feet also has wound, Lung near bones broken has, liver rupture thanks to patch compared timely, after rescue life signs currently tends to stable, according to understand, currently suspects has was police station penalty arrested, case also in further survey among.

Guangdong public channels according to the DV field reports, at the time of the assailant, monitor screen, you can see motorcycles are not intercepted, and to everyone's wildest dreams is, after a police patrol car to the front, detour off the field.

Monitoring showed that police patrol car stopped after a while, but the men on Board did not stop.

Then police patrol car around to leave. According to an interview the day status the female guard on duty said she was not there on the day of the incident, but afterwards a colleague speaking, when her colleagues when intercepted, man has been to threaten it. Property is revealed by a staff member of the village, was driving patrol of public security is a private security company's guards. Interviews have been taken away by the police the day before asking.