Sunday, October 23, 2016

Beijing old station qinghuayuan railway station will be closed the station will

Beijing old station qinghuayuan railway station will be closed: the station will be retained as a permanent memorial

Beijing, October 15, 2016, many people choose qinghuayuan railway station came deep in the lane over the weekend, saying goodbye to this reputation has century-old train station. Dongfang IC

CCTV News: tunnel under construction in Beijing and Zhang Gaotie to build Qinghua Park, century-old station qinghuayuan railway station outage, news many people made a special trip to get to take pictures.

It is understood that the station was built in 1910, still retains some historical style. Reporters at the old station, many members of the public and nearby neighbors came to a photo, or even buy a ticket as a souvenir. Beijing has been bitten by a tiger female voice

This reporter has learned, some ten days later, the station was suspended. By then, the railway tracks of the old station will be removed, but the station will not be removed, will be preserved, a permanent memorial. In addition to qinghuayuan railway station, reporters learned, as Zhang Gaotie the starting point of the Beijing North railway station, in line with the construction, was also suspended after November 1 train ticket for sale. Beijing railway authorities said the affected station to adjust the date will be announced to the public in advance to facilitate the public to adjust bus routes. (Formerly titled Beijing: century-old station qinghuayuan railway station will be closed)