Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Lingbao Henan province official unknown bordering Henan and Shanxi province

Lingbao, Henan province official: unknown bordering Henan and Shanxi province falling satellites falling debris

From lingbao, Henan Dahe • River client journalist Emergency Office was informed that the falling unknown junction of Henan and Shanxi province, the initial judge suspected rocket debris.

According to informed December 28 11:40, 110, lingbao in Henan province received a report: "zhuyangzhen junction with er Zhen Chen in Shaanxi, one unidentified objects fall, details unknown. "

Lingbao immediately arrange for Government of Zhu Yang Zhen, ren Wu BU, Public Security Bureau, fire brigade rushed to the scene to conduct searching for search and rescue. 12:55, according to police initial feedback: zhuyangzhen Tiger gully territory and territory of the luonan County, Shaanxi Province, respectively suspected two pieces of the wreckage. 15:52, on-site police feedback zhuyangzhen chahe discovered from crash debris is covered with "China Aerospace". Ren Wu BU, I contact with the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, judge falling debris as a satellite launch.

At present, there was no fire and no casualties. Lingbao city have arranged for police, Yang Zhen Zhu Government to protect the site, preventing people and staff from entering, wait for the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center staff further cleanup. (This article was originally entitled the lingbao official: Department of Henan and Shanxi province at the junction of unknown falling satellite launch of the falling debris) Wuhan company said price 7 million tender darkness