Friday, October 7, 2016

Xian railway Bureau of a train driver on the way heart attack fight back pain

On October 7, the Xian railway Bureau locomotive depot in Ankang train driver Wang Le K817 value by Beijing to Chengdu train, running to the Daba mountain heart attack, he had pain, 72 minutes, the train safely docked at the station, ensure the safety of travelers during the national day travel. Kunming police overnight arrested 103 MLM officers

5:10, Wang Le train K817 by Beijing for Chengdu in the West are running in the xiangfan-Chongqing railway line in Daba mountain, he suddenly felt pain in his heart burst by pulling, face pale, full head emerged sweating, his handle with one hand, one hand rubbing the left chest.

"Master, what's wrong with you? "Deputy driver Liu June asked nervously. "My heart hurts, you look in front. "Wangle opened the side window of the driver's cab, with a cool breeze's own, and stood scratching his head with his hands, strong spirits insisted that the car forward drive.

"Guandu station, I K817 the drivers, now his heart very uncomfortable, feeling his eyes blackened, general weakness, scheduling, please tell me, can you o stop here. "6:08, K817 and finally climbed the Daba mountain, Wang Le chest pain attack frequency and faster. Watch in front of wanyuan, Sichuan is the station, he decided to again hold request temporary parking in front.

6:22, Wang Le weselves, K817 dock solidly in wanyuan station, watching the passengers behind unharmed, he was relaxed, curled up on the seat, and couldn't help but Snort it up.

"Come on, quickly plug in the oxygen tubes! "Several of the 120 first-aid staff and station staff Wang Le carefully carried to the ambulance to the hospital. Yesterday morning, he Ning, President of the trade unions to see also in wanyuan, Sichuan for treatment of Wang Le said: "K817 once again changed drivers and locomotive are safe, you can rest assured of recovering it. "

(Formerly titled the train drivers fighting back pain 72 minutes of a heart attack on the way)