Friday, January 29, 2016

Shandong man was hit by a van being crushed police intentional injury in question

Linyi city of Shandong linshu County traffic staff on January 29 to the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) said the network "linshu a teenage driver was drunk driving rolled several times" in the video, the driver injured in the escape process secondary rolling, suspicion of intentional injury, have been transferred to Interpol.

Time near one-minute surveillance video showed a silver grey van was speeding and hit a parked white car, and coming from the opposite direction knocked down by a bicycle man car people. Van driver does not get out to see, but the rear adjust the direction of the front, straight man and bike collision. Wheels to lose after the collision, the van stays for a few seconds, then add enough horsepower directly run over the people and bicycles towing, and eventually rolled past on the bicycle man fled the scene. During the van continued rolling after the frenzy of the people, a man and a woman to the white car had been hit, opened the door and picked up a little girl in the car, running to the next shop. Girl committed suicide after stealing a supermarket

Shandong man was hit by a van being crushed police: intentional injury in question was transferred to Interpol

By crushing men was sent to linshu County people's Hospital for emergency treatment, surging ambulance staff told the news the man with multiple fractures, is temporarily out of danger.

Combed more than witness netizens post surging News learned that on January 26, located in linshu County, "bar street" hit the rink more than 10 years old. Driver intentionally rolling again after he tried to escape, was intercepted by the crowd after, then was taken away by police.

The 29th linshu County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade staff said, after investigation, the driver charges is not selected after the rescue, but fled the scene, and secondary rolling away with the boys, arrested for mayhem, linshu County case has been transferred to the Public Security Bureau Police Brigade. Or drunk driving is drunk driving for the driver, it has not responded.

Monday, January 25, 2016

A man worth millions from drug were found to contain the old 11 years ago Rob

11 years ago, 23, of lujiang, poor boy Gao 2000 jointly with another robbery, peers have been in prison, he was lucky to escape with the loot obtained 300 yuan and gradually made his fortune, worth tens of millions. But GAO did not expect is that 11 years after he was unable to escape police pursuits.

"Robbery" 3 held him 300 yuan

Gao was born in 1982, who has divorced parents, at the age of 17 from lujiang to swing in Hefei, but has not found work, and hanging in the community. In 2005, the GAO and friend Liu, Yu Mou came to WA accommodation at a hotel on the road, and happens to encounter a rival Liu Jiang during a.

Liu Gao and Yu, Jiang a beaten up and snatched the 2000 Yuan. Then take a taxi to the pedestrian street splurge, then each of the 300 yuan each to leave.

After the incident, Jiang an alarm, police quickly arrested Liu and Yu, but Liu Yu and Gao are not cooked, known by his nickname, even the real name is not known, the police has failed to master the high status, so Liu and Yu were sentenced to 7 years for robbery, and Gao have been at large.

"Arrested" just out of jail and was recaptured by police

Late last year, the police found in Combs work, in March of that year, a man was arrested for receiving other drugs was put into the White Lake Ranch, and the man at his friend's nickname happens to be just a few years ago Liu provides that, "was later identified to determine he is suspected of robbing high that year. "

On January 20 this year, high a sentence out of prison, dozens of friends in the day drove luxury cars came to the prison to meet him at the door. But what they didn't expect was, as high a get out of jail ready to accept when friends meet, and was waiting for a long time the police captured.

Years of hard has become a multimillionaire

GAO account says he took minutes to 300 yuan of money suddenly feels this is not the way, and there was a mind to live a good life. High after some 300 yuan to buy a tricycle, give each night market stalls send beer, digging to the first bucket of gold started moving services, real estate and other industries. State administration of work safety supervision

Ended before she was caught, Gao has bought more than 10 commercial center in mengcheng road more than window dressing room, worth tens of millions. Rich, Gao and some one gets infected with a drug habit, and was receiving other drugs were arrested and eventually revealed the robbery of the year. GAO has now been detained pending further investigation and treatment.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Hong Hong pirated products went on sale around many companies for annual meeting

2016 CCTV released the monkey mascot can-Oriental IC diagram

Beijing morning news the day before yesterday, 2016 CCTV released the monkey mascot kangkang. Yesterday, appeared on the market mascot can-pirate toys and souvenirs. Beijing morning post yesterday found that these pirated souvenirs online selling, some into the wholesale market as the sales of goods. In this regard, the official hotline calls to CCTV, said there is no sale kangkang dolls and souvenirs. If pirated products in the community, to which you can report. Five star hotel in shangluo city of Shaanxi bust

Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter visited a number of small commodity wholesale market, although there don't see kangkang's image in the market, but there are taped to the counter to sell plush toys can-pictures. Reporters saw from time to time people came to inquire kangkang's dolls for sale. Providence wholesale markets a toy store, the store said it will have to wait one or two days before arrival. "Kankan is hot now, many users spoof, but there are a lot of people want to buy. "The owner said, he had ordered from the Internet, and soon in stock to sell. "Kang Kang's peripheral products include plush toys, key chains, masks, and white shirts with short sleeves. Price between 20 to 200 Yuan, and not very expensive. "The owner said, some netizens have to make a reservation. "Many companies annual prizes, buy dozens of. "

Reporter online "Kankan toys" keywords appear in tens of thousands of results, price of 10 Yuan to hundreds of Yuan. Individual stores even have hundreds of sales records. "We do is one of the best versions, based on the buyer's request, custom doll clothes and decoration. "The shopkeeper said, because kangkang was hyped on the network, launched their plush toys also has various forms. "Lovely, also a parody. Now parody sold better. "

In this regard, Beijing kangpu Law Office Director Wu Lihong said, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the patent law, "design after the grant of the patent right, no entity or individual may, without the authorization of the patentee, shall not exploit the patent, that is, for production or business purposes manufacture, sales and imports its design patent product. "Sales of pirated the can peripheral products, marketers have belonged to infringement.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ningde Fujian province after the mothers engaged in drug trafficking 1 child

Ningde, Fujian province after the mothers engaged in drug trafficking, 1 child left alone starving to eat paper

Southeast Web on January 20, "we feel guilty about the children. "When police questioned when the drug after the young mother Liu, Liu said such words. Because busy with drug trafficking, she will have only a year old kids stayed at home, often to eat, sometimes hungry children can't eat paper ... ... Drug-related harm is not shallow. Reporters recently learned from the Fujian Ningde jiaocheng Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Brigade on January 3 to 6th, jiaocheng criminal investigation Brigade "clearing" operation codenamed, captured more than more than 10, including Liu are active in the city's entertainment and drug trafficking gang members. According to the police, these are not young people involved, mostly after the young man, the minimum age of 18, their relationship, or husband, or brother, or friend. Anhui Suzhou requires recipients paid leadership

Live entertainment, drug gangs were "afternoon"

Ningde, Fujian province after the mothers engaged in drug trafficking, 1 child left alone starving to eat paper

"Police, don't move!" January 3 at 3 o'clock in the morning, when the police catch broke the morning quiet time, jiaocheng Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Brigade squadrons of plainclothes police also blew the city public security organs for a period of one month of "pursuit of detection initiatives" Horn. After two days of squat, plainclothes police on the same day the squadron began early this morning, code-named "cleared" the unity of action, from January 3 to 6th at the urban streets, alleys, rental establishments, a well-organized capture operation one after another.

Ningde, Fujian province after the mothers engaged in drug trafficking, 1 child left alone starving to eat paper

According to the introduction, as of January 6, Jiao Cheng Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Brigade plainclothes police swoop out of the Squadron based in Ningde city to the major places of entertainment in the smaller drug gangs. Gradually captured has suspected trafficking drug of crime suspects Xu a, and chenmouting, and Ye Mouxing, and Liu a according to, people, captured suspected host others smoking drug of Lee a Springs, captured suspected illegal holds guns of Shi Moufang, seized smoking drug of Lin Mouzhao, dozens of people, collection ice HIV, drug more than 40 more than grams, shot nail gun modified caused of gunpowder gun a put, Chopper five put, and electric stick, and dumped stick, modus operandi tool.

After the mother drugs, 1 year old child to eat paper

Ningde, Fujian province after the mothers engaged in drug trafficking, 1 child left alone starving to eat paper

"Drugs not only harm and harm the next generation. "Police investigators Zhang Xi yan told reporters that at the time of interrogation and drug trafficking suspect Liu, she said a heart-wrenching details.

This year was more than 20 years old after the mother of Liu is a young, busy with drug, usually don't have time and energy to take care of its only a year old child. To this end, the child often lead a hungry life, sometimes a person hungry not at home, eating paper.

Zhang Xi yan told reporters that to refuse drug offers, in addition to regulate their own behavior in daily life, friends must also be careful. According to Zhang Xi rock introduced, are not large in the capture of the suspect's age, almost no legitimate occupation, maximum, but around age 25, the youngest of minors. These people are unknown to each other, but belong to the same circle of friends, their relationship, or husband, or brother, or friend.

According to reports, up to now, including criminal suspects Liu, absorption of drug offenders has been in jiaocheng police detention, the case is under further investigation.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Old rage against the kicking girl says it is light and eventually stepped in

Recently, for a period of 3 minutes and 16 seconds worth of video stirred up controversy in Internet users. In the video, an old woman accosted and kicked by a girl, while someone is discouraged, but the old man and wouldn't budge. In this regard, some netizens believed the old man's brutal, is not conducive to children; others argue that video too short does not describe any specific cause. Education experts said that "in the process of education, parents should learn to respect the fundamental rights of children and the child's personality."

"Old man kicked the girl child" video online

Old rage against the kicking girl says

Old man whipped a girl crying, then kicked the girl child.

The video circulated after the 14th micro and micro-blogging services.

Video at first, an old man whipped a girl crying, then kicked the girl child. Photographer tries to dissuade them, the old man said girls want to buy, then said: "it is light, which is light. "

"Now which still have to spank their children? "Photographers trying to persuade. "Not crazy. "The old man does not listen to our advice, and rage against the girl child:" you buy, you buy ... ... You get off me to it? "And then kicked the girls again. In the video, crying girls could not hear say, but could be judged from her call for women, batterers for the relatives of the girl.

In the video, photographer and other witnesses were trying to discouraged, but security guards to intervene, this old man is left with a girl.

Witnesses: security stop the old man stop kicking child

15th afternoon, Netizen posted saying, things happen in their downstairs, kicking the little girl in the video is the child of "Grandma", not the netizens said "Grandma". And 15th in the afternoon, the old lady has been building "shooting people".

According to the information referred to in this user when replying to comments, North Green newspaper reporter found in an office building on the East third ring road, Chaoyang District. Head of a company near the scene witnessed the process.

"Things happen when at noon on 13th," the witness said, his company was under renovation, he saw the incident in the process of moving things. "Heard the woman kept on scolding a child, and did not hear anything, but the baby cried very hard. "Witnesses said the first thought the old lady just scolded the child a few words, but later found the old lady still kicking kids. "Someone called security to come over at this point, security opened the old lady. "During the visit, one on duty-guard to the North Green reporter confirmed that their" fat "one of my colleagues stopped the woman.

Witnesses said the security guards after the Suppression of the old lady, "not long after, she led the crying little girl upstairs. "According to witnesses, this Office has two educational institutions, the little girl should be in one of the classes of educational institutions.

Expert: parents should learn to respect children

Chu Chaohui, a researcher at Chinese Academy of Education Sciences Research Institute, said whatever the reason, older people should not be used in a video called way communicating with children.

Experts said that "from the psychological point of view, may be children in understanding interpersonal relationships formed between myth, that a person is the relationship between opposites. "In addition, the experts pointed out that the wrong way will have a negative impact on children's growth. "May be to give child's interpersonal barriers, making them unable to learn to communicate with people, and the right way to negotiate, consciously allowing the child to feel that beat and scold can solve problems and achieve their goals. " Shaanxi women micro letter group meeting was bitten

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Zhejiang pair generation couples sleep on a double bed but often in the letter

Zhejiang pair generation couples sleep on a double bed, but often in the letter said good night

Micro letter tells a young man on the subway. Zhang Xinyan surge information Landslides buried 22 plant in Shenzhen about 900

Make ten hundred phone calls, is nothing like having dinner with parents; group chat and then cooked, is nothing like seeing a handshake or a hug ... ... Recently, media reports there is a phenomenon called "modern AC". Sums up the "modern AC" a great performance--"friends we love rarely meet in real life." This phenomenon, do you have it?

Every micro-lots of people like to find difficult is to eat them

Born in 1986, Miss King a white collar at a Internet company. Nearly 30 years, did not object, much tighter to her family. Miss Kim said daily, single apartment 2.1 social circle is too narrow. Let alone find a male date, dinner by candlelight, in reality it's hard to find a dinner everyone, "in Ningbo, with few friends, everyone hurried home from work colleagues, nor how many intersections. Most of the time, was at home eating take-out dinner, side brush with your circle of friends. "

And in real life, "solitude" than Miss Golden Circle of friends is very much alive. She spends a lot of time in the two letters, on my way to work, time for dinner, before bed, toilet was busy brushes app, beauty by taking chicken soup for the soul, life.

The recent popularity of micro-statistics show that Jin Xiaojie 2015 average 11 micro-letters, pictures generally have separate articles. Almost every app at least dozens of people praise.

"Like used to chat with people on the Internet. Online self turn chicken broth, send the spoils of shopping, tourism, and carefree. PS the photos, looking very white Phu, like a lot of people. In reality, little friends. "Miss Kim said.

And his wife slept in the same bed often at night to mail her a letter

Mr Xue was a friend of journalists. He and his wife are generation, very affectionate. 10 years ago when the long-distance network is not convenient, and met two people often take the train across half of China. Now, Mr Kingsley SIT, two people's feelings are still very good: "my wife sleep on a double bed, but often at night to mail her a letter. "

Since the beginning of 2014 for the iPhone, Mr Xue and his wife had a habit of playing mobile phone before going to bed. After you turn off the lights at night, and two people in bed back to cell phones. "Riff, public, then brush your circle of friends, brushed micro-blog. Often all updates are finished. The last one is my wife, such as good night, sweet dreams, with a couple of Mito, which is her habit. I will comment below, good night, sweet dreams. "Of course, sometimes his wife will leave a message.

Why is this happening? "Get used to it, but also lazy, easy to send a good night emoticon. "Mr Xue," it's a very small and very sad thing ", when new year's day, and his wife agreed to quit before going to bed to play with the mobile habits. However, up to now haven't changed.

Elders participate in home birthday feast for busy taking pictures using the letter praises

The story takes place at a press conference, I. Family elders when new year's day birthday celebration. Open before the elders took everyone to put the phone in a basket.

Last dinner, apart from their elders don't play phones, almost everyone on cell phones. While waiting for the food, serving dishes are reproduced after your circle of friends, when you eat regularly. Especially when you blow out the candles, and everyone is busy, busy little sent the letter. A few moments later, friends are "Grandma 79" "Grandma returns" and busy reply friends blessings, even working with micro-point of praise of friends sit at the dinner.

The result, elders is very angry and the consequences will be serious.

New year's day birthday celebration, no cell phones. At first, also somewhat not used. However, for two hours, everyone laughing, chatting to drink a toast, feel more refreshed than last. While Uncle regrets: "it will be like eating at a table, not a circle of friends for dinner. "

Psychologist: online, I want you to see me

"Why do so many people tend to indulge and communicate on the network, but neglect real life communication. In psychology, said that an important reason is that online me, I want you to see me, I wanted to be inside of me. "Ningbo and the word Yu Rongrong, Director of the counseling center.

Yu Rongrong said that almost everyone, consciously or unconsciously on the Web to shape a "new me", a "want to let others see it." For example, a very impatient person, going online to create a "human light like chrysanthemum, secular right" disposition, for example, an ordinary-looking girls, tend to like pretty pictures.

Yu Rongrong said, some people created by obsessing over their online image, will spend a lot of time and effort to manage the maintenance of this image, and people to interact like this image, "even, because of this the image contrast of image and reality, a cracked; because the evaluation, circles and on the Internet in reality gap, and more escape from real communication. "

A message "I love you" than it does in reality is much more labor-saving

"There is a reason, and labor. As examples of the husband, and in tiny letters say good night to his wife, just type in a word or expression. If he were to say in real life, in turns, you might want to put his wife in his arms, to mobilize the look, tone, to the eye. Why not send a face saving. "Yu Rongrong said the Exchange is actually need energy thing.

She has, for example, message on the Internet saying "I'm in love with you", said to the people, who are easily. In real life, say so, both to stimulate the auditory, Visual, and physical expression is to feel.

Also, network communication is instantaneous, and wanted to respond again to respond. In real exchange, but to respond in a timely manner, those with energy. "For a long time, some people will tend to use labor-saving exchange of real communication instead of consuming more energy. This is also a reason. "

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Audeze Sine first ever portable plate diaphragm headphones

  Flat diaphragm headphones have a rising trend in recent years, such as the United States launched many of them manufacturers Audeze products and wide acclaim. This year's CES Conference, it introduced new Sine of concern.

Audeze Sine: first ever portable plate diaphragm headphones

  Sine is known to be "the world's first portable plate diaphragm headphones." Flat headset product, whether it is LCD-3 or EL-8, are large in size. Sine is still package design by ear, but it's small lot sizes.

  As the name suggests, the flat diaphragm inside the headset is similar to flat structures. It has the advantages of diaphragm light, dynamic and transient are good, the disadvantage is that headphones are usually larger. Because of this, Sine, in light of the breakthrough in surprise.

Audeze Sine: first ever portable plate diaphragm headphones

  Audeze said brings low-distortion Sine, and sound like a good sense. Funny thing is it uses Apple's Lightning line, can bypass the DAC of the iPhone, using a headset its DAC to promote music. Hello Kitty case Hello Kitty iPhone 6 Case

  Audeze Sine priced at $ 499, it will be shipped in February of this year.

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Hello Kitty case

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs North Korea nuclear test China knew nothing

Ministry of Foreign Affairs website on January 6, Hua Chunying, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a regular press conference the same day. First, Hua Chunying, a Foreign Ministry statement read: today, the DPRK ignored universal opposition of the international community, once again to conduct nuclear tests, Chinese Government expresses its resolute opposition.

Achieve the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, nuclear nonproliferation, safeguarding peace and stability in Northeast Asia, it is China's firm position. We strongly urge the DPRK to honor its commitment to denuclearization commitments, and stop taking any action that would aggravate the situation.

Maintaining peace and stability in the peninsula and in Northeast Asia conform to the common interests of all parties. China will firmly promote the denuclearization of the peninsula, insist on solving the Korean peninsula nuclear issue through the six-party talks framework.

In addition, the authorities wide nets news that Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi 2016 new year reception in the Foreign Ministry stressed that China firmly upholding the international nuclear non-proliferation regime, today (January 6) North Korea despite international opposition, to conduct another nuclear test, the Chinese Government has adopted a Foreign Ministry statement indicated that our solemn position.

For the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regular press conference part of the record of the following:

Q: first of all, to inform the Chinese side before the DPRK nuclear test? Secondly, whether China was considering sanctions against North Korea? China built 8000 people standing peacekeeping

A: on your first question, this time North Korea's nuclear test, China knew nothing in advance.

With regard to the second issue, the Chinese side will continue to fulfill its due international obligations, with the efforts of the international community to achieve denuclearization on the Korean peninsula.

Q: availability in the border rivers region and the monitoring of radioactivity in the air? If so, will be published? Measures taken by the Chinese?

A: the Chinese Government attaches great importance to protecting the personal safety of Chinese citizens. Chinese authorities are under scrutiny about the test impact on China, and to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of Chinese citizens.

As far as I know, actively monitor the data of the Ministry of environmental protection, China will fully carry out radiological emergency monitoring in the border areas, and strengthen the analysis of radiological environmental monitoring data analysis and information. Current atmospheric automatic monitoring stations monitoring data show that the Department of environmental protection, the gamma radiation dose rate monitoring results in the local end of the range, now is normal.

Q: China has been working to halt North Korea's nuclear test. China in addition to objecting to its nuclear testing again, what specific measures will be taken?

Answer: the Chinese position on the North Korean nuclear issue is clear and firm. Achieve the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, nuclear nonproliferation, safeguarding peace and stability in Northeast Asia, it is China's firm position. Maintaining peace and stability in the peninsula and in Northeast Asia conform to the common interests of all parties. China will firmly promote the denuclearization of the peninsula, insist on solving the Korean peninsula nuclear issue through the six-party talks framework.

Q: in addition to the stated position of the Chinese side, and whether there is any concrete action?

A: China whether it is verbal, policies, and actions, have been active efforts to contribute to achieving the goal of denuclearization of the peninsula. Achieve the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, maintain peace and stability in Northeast Asia conform to the common interests of all parties, and required all parties concerned to make concerted efforts. Current developments proved that the early resumption of the six-party talks, the Korean peninsula nuclear issue into the framework of the six-party talks to resolve the importance, urgency and necessity. China is willing to make joint efforts with all parties concerned, firmly committed to the goal of denuclearization of the peninsula, insist on solving the Korean peninsula nuclear issue through the six-party talks framework.

Q: can confirm that North Korea's test is a hydrogen bomb or a bomb?

Answer: we have taken note of the announcement of the nuclear test to the North Koreans declared China experts are stepping up their study. China's position is very clear, that is, we are firmly opposed to another nuclear test by North Korea. We urge the DPRK to honor its commitment to denuclearization promises, stop any deterioration of the situation.

Q: after North Korea's nuclear test, six-party talks prospects?

A: turns out, the six-party talks is the only practical and effective solutions. China will continue to firmly promote the realization of the goal of denuclearization of the peninsula, insist on solving the Korean peninsula nuclear issue through the six-party talks framework, we are willing to continue to work together with all parties to make constructive efforts to this end.

Q: does China summoned the North Korean Ambassador to China made representations?

A: China has made solemn representations to the DPRK.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Why Heilongjiang 6 4 magnitude earthquake felt Expert deep earthquakes no need

2nd at noon, micro-circle of friends is "Kou earthquake" crowding the screen instantly.

According to China's seismological network determination, 12:22 at Linkou, Mudanjiang city, Heilongjiang province (44.8 degrees north latitude and 129.9 degrees East longitude), a 6.4-magnitude earthquake, a depth of 580-kilometer. About 14 or so, Linkou from official sources said no tremors were felt on the ground, no report of casualties.

A high level earthquake, why no tremor was felt on the ground? The earthquake there will be aftershocks? Will destroy ... ... In response to these issues of concern, science and technology daily journalist connection expert explains.

Why Heilongjiang 6.4 magnitude earthquake felt? Expert: deep earthquakes, no need to panic

Linkou County councilor Lin Weiwei, Vice Minister of the propaganda Department, told reporters: "the Linkou County and every town had no obvious tremor was felt in the jurisdiction of the other, small towns have not received reports of casualties. "Hailin is also adjacent to the Linkou no felt reports.

"The earthquake was a deep-focus earthquakes, have very weak on energy to the surface, instruments can be observed, but the impression is very small, almost do not feel. Even after a small earthquake aftershocks, nor does it affect the ground, no need to panic. "Li Shan, Deputy Director of the Institute of engineering mechanics, China Seismological Bureau had explained that" the Linkou area happens to be the confluence area of the Pacific plate and the Eurasian plate, is the deep earthquake-prone areas. Deep earthquakes generally do not cause major disasters. "

Linkou this earthquake is located in the East area of Heilongjiang province, is located in the junction of zhangguangcai mountains, laoye Ling and wandashan pulse, belonging, Mudanjiang city, Heilongjiang province.

Within living memory, the Northeast is less frequented by the earthquake safety, Linkou, the 6.4-magnitude quake, many netizens expressed surprise.

"People feel less earthquake in Northeast China, is less because of shallow earthquakes. In fact, in Heilongjiang province, Linkou Wangqing, Jilin province near the deep-focus earthquakes many times, most of 600duoqianmi, Linkou, over the earthquake. "Jiang Haikun, Director of China earthquake networks Center forecast said.

"Deep-focus earthquakes occurred in the plates and deep ditch, occurred in China's northeast and southwest of the border strip. Subject areas within the city are rare deep-focus earthquakes in China, is within 70-kilometer of shallow inland earthquakes. Mechanism of deep and shallow earthquakes usually are not the same, deep source earthquake aftershocks are unlikely. "Jiang Haikun for fear aftershocks make up a" psychological boost ". Chongqing an 8 year old girl ill die donating

People usually think, above level 5 earthquake was awful, the 6.4-magnitude earthquake in which the intact, what is the connection between earthquake magnitude and destructiveness?

To clear this problem, Jiang Haikun introduced three concepts: "earthquake refers to the earthquake a measure of the energy released. Linkou is earthquake magnitude 6.4 earthquake magnitude. Earthquake refers to the earthquake damage to the ground level, closest to the epicenter near greater intensity, whereas smaller intensity. Focal depths were used to determine the point. Longitude, latitude, depth three values establish the coordinates of an earthquake. "

"The magnitude of an earthquake is only one, but there can be a lot of intensity. Shallow-focus earthquake intensity against the Division of the extent of the damage on the ground. Shallow earthquake Epicentral intensity the highest epicentre far less intensity. In earthquake relief, often based on the size of the earthquake and to take different relief measures. The entire earthquake surface no tremor was felt no destruction is no delimitation of corresponding intensity. "Li Shanyou said.

Li Shanyou introduction, the earthquake's epicenter in Linkou on the territory, according to the China Seismological Bureau, the earthquake to determine rules, was officially named the "Heilongjiang Linkou, a 6.4-magnitude earthquake January 2, 2016."