Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hebei teachers with students drinking drinking girls lying School said they

Users December 8 Tweet said, xingtang County, Shijiazhuang city, Hebei third schools physical education teacher took students out drinking, female students have been carried back. The ideological and political Security Division told staff the afternoon surge News (www.thepaper.CN), teachers completed the training plans to miss school when back to school meal to go out for dinner, only drink 1 teachers and 13 other students not to drink. At present, the teachers were held six months performance, annul the assessment mode first qualification. Chongqing women doctors by taking poison after

Hebei teachers with students drinking drinking girls lying? School said they did not drink, and fine teachers

Users @ Shijiazhuang, xingtang County, a third middle school physical education teacher took the students class time to go out drinking, of which female students have been drinking too much, carry back.

Claimed to be a student of the school friends @ lovely sewer surging told news, xingtang for closed three schools, the incident occurred on the evening of December 7, the school's high school (6) class class is the class of physical education teacher Li, camping back at school, with students eating out. Boys and girls have to drink while eating, drinking and light-headed, girls are being brought home.

Xingtang three ideological security staff told the surge in news, this complete cross-country training for teachers with students plan, return missed school meal when eating out, class teacher was the only one drinking, students do not drink.

The staff said, teachers with students in a nearby hotel dining Li, not to inform the school. A pedestrian spent 260 Yuan ordered 6 dishes, 1 bottle of white wine, drinking half a bottle of teacher Li, students not drinking and dining expenses borne by teacher Li. "Girls have been carried back to school", he said, only one male students because of leg cramps were carried back to school.

The staff member said, currently the school teacher Li has been sentenced to "buckle half year performance canceled within a year of evaluation evaluation mode entitled" punishment.