Monday, October 31, 2016

KTV in Kunming customer playing who hit cellphone rings clash 5 people were

KTV in Kunming customer playing

Man injured in the conflict.

The night of October 28, Guandu district, Kunming city in Yunnan province in a KTV conflict occurred, 5 persons were stabbed killed 2 people. 31st, Guandu district, Kunming Guandu station staff told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), suspect has been controlled by police, the circumstances of the case is under investigation.

News from a witness involved in the Party confirmed that the surging, at Guandu shengshi KTV rooms outside the music scene, a bald man with a knife stabbed 5 birthday party guests, two of the injured died, bald man by KTV security control on the spot. After the incident, the KTV the spirit music business. At present, this claim has not yet been confirmed by the police. Drunk freshman girls in Hunan Province died after

KTV in Kunming customer playing

The scene

Another according to spring city evening reported, 28th 11 o'clock in the evening more, one woman in KTV held birthday party, invited friends participate in; play in the agreed "who phone first ring on first hit phone", more people phone ring Hou was hit, until birthday banquet actress phone ring Hou was hit, everyone Huff, then participate in party of friends in rooms outside occurred conflict, 1 people holding knife will addition 5 people poke injury which 2 people death.

Guandu station staff told the surging above news, expert testimony is currently injured persons, birthday party heroine, was taken in for questioning by police after the incident, suspected men were the police take enforcement measures, specific cases are under investigation.