Saturday, December 17, 2016

Guilin Guangxi officials seized 14 million in cash and 6 counter burn 1

So far this year, Guilin city, Guangxi Province remain high pressure anti-corruption situation, adhere to rot the Chinese side, there are corrupt down, hit the "Tiger" snapshot "flies", continue to successfully win a fight against corruption, the city's overwhelming trend emerging in the fight against corruption.

As of now, the city had accepted and handled all kinds of letters and visits 3,913 (time), an increase of 145%; disposal clues 2,641, up 321%; case 2,553, rose 354%; case 2,189 pieces, rose 364%; punishment imposed party disciplines 2136, rose 352%. Among them, city-level Office-126, rose 223%, relating to county-level leading cadres of 90 people, an increase of 250% over the past five years combined, retrieve direct economic losses of 76.3848 million Yuan. Stern Tang Jianguo, Wang Shaorong, obstetrics and forest, and Pei-Yong, Chen Xiaorong, Qin Lingyun, Sun Yujie, Lei Zhigang, a number of serious violation of leading cadres, and take concrete actions to show commitment against corruption, make a qualified answer to the city's people.

"Zero tolerance" to punish corruption further enhanced not, know the atmosphere

The city discipline inspection and supervision organs investigated and dealt with cases involving more than 20 million Yuan, 3; investigate and deal with cases of more than 10 million Yuan and 6; deal with 18 of the more than 1 million Yuan. Among them, when coercive measures taken against personnel involved organizations, handling staff has more than 14 million yuan in cash was found in his home, Bank employees took 6 money counters when counting, burnt out 1 ... ...

This is a strong testament to the city's "Tiger" strong momentum data.

Last year, the city's discipline inspection and supervision organs to "zero tolerance" attitude to punish corruption, and focused on investigating cases of leading cadres violating. On discipline review focused on "three kinds of people", that is, convergence does not stop after the party's 18 largest cadres, cadres of clues, centered on and the masses feel strongly about, important posts now and may promote the use of leading cadres. So far this year, and county-level leading cadres of 90 people, an increase of 250%, and "leaders" post 47 people, deal with ranking leaders account for 58.7%. By Jamie punish corrupt elements, the defaulter be held accountable, and pay a price, "most" serve as a warning, to contain and deter, let into road stop, stop, have chances of corruption was daunting, convergence to quit.

In focusing on the "three kinds of people" at the same time, the city's discipline inspection and supervision organs investigated and dealt with Woan series "pull carrots out of the mud."

This year, the Municipal Commission for discipline inspection successfully, all middle-level leaders of the reservoir resettlement Bureau, broke through to invoice appropriate special funds for reservoir resettlement in private consumption, illegal granting subsidies, public money to buy gift cards and other issues series of cases, seizing the Secretary, Deputy Secretaries, Chief of finance discipline, such as payments of more than 1.3 million Yuan. Secretary expelled from the party and administrative dismissal, given a serious warning inside the party, Deputy Director. Deal with municipal water systems receive water conservancy project in Guangxi water conservancy Science Research Institute "collaboration" case, involving municipal water Conservancy Bureau and 9 County districts statewide, seven 12 people, involving 1.3748 million Yuan. Also investigated the city's gardening Bureau, the municipal real estate Bureau, the municipal aquatic animal husbandry Bureau, the municipal land and resources Bureau, the municipal development and reform system, procuratorial and judicial system series and xingan County regional corruption case, municipal garden Bureau series which I investigated 9 leaders, procuratorial and judicial system focused on investigating the 15-level cadres. Currently being investigated xingan County regional corruption case involving former Party Secretary at the county-level leading cadres, 14. Investigation of these series, reaching the "investigation of a disciplinary offence, the education unit, and a nest of corruption, so as to eliminate a culture" purposes. Bei Qing Reading Rainbow aircraft accident air

Temper justice with mercy insisted the blame for combination with protect cadres

"Heart of the rock finally settles. "A Junior ranking leaders in the city discipline Inspection Commission took the initiative to explain problems, disciplinary 810,000 yuan after the hand, sighed with relief. It is Guilin, Guilin city, issued the disciplinary inspection and supervision organs within active account of disciplinary problems after staff of the leniency notice, many disciplinary violation officers to city, County and Township, three-level discipline inspection and supervision organs active either problem, positive pay back a microcosm of the discipline.

This year, the Guilin Municipal Commission for discipline inspection application supervision and discipline "four types", in line with pedagogical, saving policy guidelines, the party made a mistake but I can admit error and have a positive attitude towards gay discrimination to right a wrong, remedy, temper justice with mercy of party discipline into practice. On March 21, after the city sent notices to the city by the mainstream media, creating the high-pressure situation of corruption, a powerful deterrent. As of now, 1819 active party members and cadres in the city account problem, 66.8373 million Yuan and turned over to a disciplinary offence, achieved the normalization of day-to-day supervision and management of party members and cadres. Xingan County deputy ranking leaders take the initiative to the City Commission for discipline inspection account their questions honestly and actively withdraw from the proceeds of a disciplinary offence, the city discipline Inspection Commission decisively improving the discipline hearing, approval by the Municipal Commission for discipline inspection Standing Committee study and report to the municipal party Committee, punishment imposed its expulsion, according to section work, which reflect the seriousness of the disciplinary and reflect the Organization "temper justice with mercy and differentiated treatment" principle.

Meanwhile, the city's first introduced the practice in the region using supervision and discipline "four" guidelines, adhere to the "first form" included in the main list of responsibilities, leading interview warning signs and issues that reflect the city pipes leading cadres. This year, discipline inspection and supervision organs of the city using criticism and commands his way of talking, body treatment, disciplinary, disposal lead 2,641 conversation refer to 586 (times), light administrative punishment and the party organizations of 1876, adjusted for party discipline punishment and heavy duties of 396 people, realize the normalization of day-to-day supervision and management of party members and cadres. Adhere to strict management combined with love, 347 of party members and cadres are subject to disciplinary actions in recent years to return to talk education, for better performance, has been staging of officials ' use in a timely manner. Meanwhile, in the region took the lead in establishing fault rectification mechanism, in time for the 127 clarified the fact that party members and cadres, take a clear-cut stand to the cadre of daring to act, reform and innovation backed up.

Severely punish "micro-corruption" promote the full strictness extends to the grass-roots

Guanyang County, former Chairman of the Association of science and technology Deng Genyun illegal use of buses, are a serious warning inside the party; Ma di Township government former Senior Staff Member Huang Junqiang, Longsheng County poverty relocation project of appropriation of State easy problems, were expelled from expelled from the party and administrative disciplinary action, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility ... ...

Open the Guilin Municipal Commission for discipline inspection, supervision Bureau sponsored mirror network, click on the "monitoring exposure" program, a series of recent cases and prosecuted information jump into view.

It is reported that in January-November this year, the city's investigation violated the spirit prescribed by the Central eight issue 196, 281, which primary officials ' 22, called upon to inform the name 243, found in a discipline review violations of the Central eight moral issues thread 145. Focus municipal grain Bureau and NPC team in gongcheng public misconduct, such as tourism, Lipu County town of investigate Xiu ren junior high school, and 4 private schools "small coffer", illegal issuance of subsidies and other issues, 4 schools involving a total discipline 8.622 million Yuan, examination involved 22 people, accountability County leaders from the Education Bureau, 2. Last year, the city discipline inspection and supervision organs through strict reign, Central eight spirit is deeply rooted in our city party members and cadres in the heart, and consciousness.

Grass, around the "flies" is "Tiger". City's discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels attach great importance to the investigation occur at masses around the "four winds" and corruption in special work to be integrated into the overall importance of strictly administering the party. Involving the people's livelihood big bottom, big letters and visits in the field investigation, gather valuable clues to 1394, and first in the region to explore constructing work comprehensive evaluation system. During project work, filed a total of 1780, party Government dispose of 1525, collection and return violation payments of 61.0517 million Yuan.

Special work transferred to normal after treatment, I maintain the same intensity is not reduced, rhythm city, scale loose, sustained poverty reduction areas supervisory accountability for Zhi JI. First introduced the programme of work in the region, and set up a Communist Party Secretary, the Mayor is the head of the leading group, site meetings, focused interviews, thematic research, listing supervision, level control level, level catch levels, pressure transmitted to the responsible "nerve endings". Insist on "all its poverty alleviation projects check one by one, all the objects one by one for poverty alleviation field visits, all money flow by combing details" such as "three one" standard, focused visits to verify false impersonation, interception of dividing up, renovate, relocate relocation and other financial indiscipline 105. This year, the city's Office investigated and dealt with poverty alleviation and discipline 1258, dispose of 968 people, focus, poverty alleviation Office before and after two-term Director, municipal Bureau of water conservancy, agricultural machinery, aquatic animal husbandry Bureau, the reservoir resettlement Bureau leadership level as well as a number of leading cadres acquiring funds for poverty alleviation projects, a large number of acts against the interests of the masses. By carrying out special work to ongoing poverty alleviation areas supervisory accountability for Zhi JI in the city buzz and formed out of the prestige, let the broad masses of party members and cadres is a profound education and enable people to see, to experience, enjoy the comprehensive results of strictly administering the party.

(Formerly titled make a qualified answer to the city's people--the city keep the pressure trend of punishing corruption documentary)