Friday, August 12, 2016

Beijing Guangzhou Railway line outage The Beijing railway Bureau range power

At noon on August 12, one post said, the Beijing-Guangzhou line "line outages", hundreds of passengers were stranded at 40 degrees inside. Beijing railway Bureau on its official Twitter @ Beijing railway reported that jingguanggaotie Handan, Anyang to the East of station equipment failure occurs, some train delays for uplink and downlink, after about 2 hours to restore power.

G79 times (Beijing West → Shenzhen North) train Shang a name Zhang surname passenger told surging News (www.thepaper.CN), conductor said "catenary out has fault", train stopped in has Handan East station to Anyang East station between, this a interval paragraph power, caused interval within run of train are stopped shipped; fault occurred Hou, train stopped in halfway Shang, hot of car within temperatures displayed reached 40 degrees, hot and hypoxia, has passengers fainted, part old passengers appeared does not apply. Because it is a closed compartment, G79 conductor had to open all the doors and let the air in, but the temperature it is difficult to bring down.

12:46 August 12, @ Beijing railways reported on August 12, 11:47, jingguanggaotie East of Handan, Anyang to the East between equipment failures, resulting in part from top to bottom line trains were delayed. At present, the railway sector are being actively addressed, so inconvenient for passengers, railway authorities apologise.

About 2 hours later, @ Beijing informed the railway again, failure is governed by the power company, Handan city Xin Xiao lines across jingguanggaotie 220,000-volt power line off, between the Beijing-Guangzhou Rail East of Handan, Anyang to the East caused equipment failure, tried to repair, restore power supply 14:07 on August 12, order of train operation, is being restored. A kindergarten classroom in Chengdu formaldehyde

Communications shows that trip to Shijiazhuang city, with stops at stations nationwide high-speed trains with varying degrees of late, "is expected to arrive more than 30 minutes late train 36 times".