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Jilin Changchun get rid of Faw sneezing cold in Changchun single industry

Jilin Changchun: get rid of

Changchun City, Jilin province was China's "Detroit" Motor City was born more than "China". Oriental IC data

In recent years, has been called "eldest son of the Republic" faces old and new conversion of kinetic energy in the Northeast is not timely, institutional mechanism, such as structural problems, downside pressure, by 2016 after third-quarter growth in the country.

Since 2016, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council promulgated on the comprehensive revitalization of the old industrial bases in the northeast in a row several opinions, the Protocol to further promote the implementation of the new round of Northeast revitalization strategy on accelerating of economic stabilisation, to several important initiatives in the Northeast and northeast of the "Thirteen-Five" plan of three documents, gradually refining specific policies to revitalize the old industrial bases in Northeast China.

Changchun City, Jilin province was China's "Detroit" Motor City, the birth of the more "China first", such as China's first tram, such as China's first subway. But on "Faw", single rigid industrial structure became the bottleneck of Changchun economic restructuring. Plus is not port, foreign trade growth rate of economy has been weak.

In December, surging News (www.thepaper.CN) found when reporters came to the spring city of the Northland, Changchun economy is gradually get rid of "Faw sneezing, cold in Changchun," a single industry, strategic industry shaping, Changchun new area based on the business environment has also improved.

According to the responsible personnel, by 2016 in the third quarter, GDP grew 7.3%, Changchun, revenue grew by 6.9%. Above-scale industrial added value growth rate from 3% to 6.3% in the first half in the first quarter to 1 to November grew by 8.6%, growth in the 4 provincial cities in Northeast China (Harbin, Changchun, Shenyang, Dalian) ranked first, in the country's 15 sub-provincial cities in XI ' an, ranked second.

Bid farewell to the auto industry, "Tippin '" strategic industry clusters

2015 "two sessions" period, the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, State President, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, he tried for Jilin delegation stressed that revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China: development, can't sing "industrial Tippin ' single", "Duet", to do arithmetic operations: addition, demand--investment, innovation, subtraction-and eliminate backward production capacity, multiply-innovation-driven, Division – marketing degree. This problem is solved, the old industrial base to Phoenix, tenglonghuanniao.

Northeast of the city, Changchun is unique, as the traditional "Motor City", by "Faw" led in Changchun's automobile industry occupies an important position in the economy. Once upon a time, Changchun industrial growth will change with fluctuations in automobile industry, affected. "In previous Changchun ' Faw ' absolute dominance, it was ' Faw sneezes, Changchun cold ', now we want to see, not only by the ' Faw '. Can you stand on one foot? A tripod! "Surging staff journalists lamented.

Judging from the statistics, Changchun decided the city's economic situation is gradually move away from a single industry. At present, the automobile industry in Changchun industrial ratio had improved from 55.9% in 2005 to 77% per cent in 2015, "Faw" output from 65% to 40% per cent. 2016, 1 to October, excluding "Faw", Changchun completed industrial output of 488 billion, an increase of 7.6%, and is 4.9% the data from 1 August. "Faw" 1 to October output rose to 10.1%, from 1 to 12.1% callback by two percentage points in August. This rose could see a drop of Changchun economic engine is quietly changing.

A new kinetic energy from the emerging industries of strategic importance. According to the Changchun postal Office introduced, strategic emerging industries in Changchun industrial 8.5% up to 2015 from 2010 17.1%. 2016 1 to November, strategic industry completed output of 151 billion, an increase of 10.6%, an increase of two percentage points higher than that of the city's total industrial. Among the advanced equipment manufacturing and photoelectric information, bio-medicine, new materials, new energy vehicles and large data 6 big areas of growth are most prominent. "Cracking the crux of the problem lies in the industrial structure to build 6 new qianyiji industry, which is the focus of our next. "Changchun City, Bureau officials said.

Project is industrial line, the economy. No project, no economic development. From 1 November, invested more than 30 million yuan in Changchun industrial projects a total of 3,929, up 83.1%. Total industrial investment 232.27 billion yuan in fixed assets, an increase of 10.6%, higher than the national industrial investment 7.7%. Among them, the technology investment of 145.47 billion yuan, an increase of 11%. Technical innovation investment is crucial to the industry's shift from extensive to intensive.

Changchun currently focus development of project to three class mainly: first, industry chain project, that around traditional advantage industry as car, and track bus supporting of industry chain project, like Faw mass of Q factory project; second, industry cluster project, like parts cluster, and biological medicine cluster, and advanced equipment cluster, and big data industry cluster,; third, technology results into project, like "Jilin first," satellite, and no machine, and NC equipment, and basalt fiber, and polyurethane bearing,.

Difficulties of industrial structure transformation in how industrialization of scientific research industry. On this point, one of the key projects of the "Jilin first," satellite plays an exemplary role. "Jilin first," satellite successfully launched on October 7, 2015, is China's first self-developed "on-board integration" commercial satellite, is also China's first self-developed meters HD video satellite. Long optical satellite technology team behind it originated is known as "China's optical cradle" of the Changchun Institute of optics and fine mechanics and physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (the Changchun Institute of optics).

Surging long satellite-related staff news (www.thepaper.CN) said, "there are a total of 4 satellites in the sky, and by 2020 is expected to launch 60, 2030 is expected to reach 138 billion. US satellite photographs clear than Google, not only did United States Philadelphia Navy Yard parking of aircraft carrier, also has photographed United States secret area 51 base. "

In addition to the development of emerging industries, traditional industries can transition success is particularly important. Cars in Changchun Car Company Limited (referred to as long) of the "going out" strategy was more successful. Long is China's largest railway car research and development, manufacturing, maintenance and the export base, subway, train, China has "cradle," said. October 2014-Russia memorandum of understanding on both sides signed the Sino-Russian cooperation in high-speed rail, long as EMU equipment supply and the responsibility of local production units, EMU has been recommended to the Russian side for the technical programme, the project is actively promoting. In November 2014, long won the United States Boston 284 subway car, became China's only landing United States rail equipment market businesses.

Surging long staff news (www.thepaper.CN) on November 25, 2016, long and Australia consortium of companies Evolution Rail, Australia Department of public transportation signed Australia Victorian Government high-capacity subway cars (HCMT) project contract, the total contract amount to 2 billion Australian dollars (about 10.1 billion yuan). This is Australia, Victoria's largest-ever Metro orders. Inside the factory, surging long guest workers to journalists show their welding torch out of eight Chinese characters, "I for equipment support in China". They said it came from Prime Minister Li keqiang said at the study, "I equipped the platform of China, hope you support to the country. "

At the national development and Reform Commission recently issued the Northeast "Thirteen-Five" highlighted in the plan, "national strategic industry layout key to Northeast areas. "Among them, to build 6 types of strategic industry clusters in Jilin province, Changchun-tonghua-bio-medicine of Yanbian industrial clusters, Changchun-Jilin electronics manufacturing industry clusters, Jilin tonghua high performance fibre composites-industrial clusters, satellite remote sensing and its application in Changchun industrial clusters, Changchun, Changchun Car Company manufacturing industrial cluster car electronics industry cluster.

"The brand of traditional industries, pillar industries of high-end, new industry scale. "Changchun industrial-related charge in the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), said in an interview," new momentum from new industries, new items for the industry's growth comes from the ground. "

Improving the business environment, and Huawei, a wave of large data projects set up in Changchun area

Not long ago, the networks are spreading "investments but Shanhaiguan" argument. Due to the inertia of thinking, path dependency and other factors in the Northeast, in the area of business environment than coastal areas also have a gap.

On October 18, on the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China under the State Council to promote the Conference, Premier Li keqiang stressed that "first in Northeast China to reform itself from the start! Must be resolutely determined to improve the business environment, real social potential, release of Northeast inner motive force for development. "

Changchun now "Changchun zone" as a fulcrum, optimize business environment in the city.

On February 3, 2016, the Changchun zone formally approved the 17th national zones. Planned area of about 499 square kilometers. Includes North Lake development zone of Changchun, Changchun airport economic development zone, long economic development zone, Changchun high and four parts.

According to reports, the Changchun zone will focus on the development of advanced manufacturing and modern service industry, modern agriculture, the three leading industries.

"By 2030, the area's comprehensive strength to achieve a new leap forward, open innovation and cooperation has yielded fruitful results, innovative modern industrial system improved, support significantly enhanced in the hinterland, foreign development and opening of new pattern formed, international Green wisdom complete the building of the new city. "This March 11, Changchun, national development and Reform Commission on issuing new General programme the objectives set out in the notification.

Innovative modern industry cannot develop without upstream support of science and technology, Changchun in this unique advantage. New agglomeration of Changchun, Jilin University, Changchun Institute of optical and mechanical Institute, applied chemistry, biology, geography and a number of universities and research institutes.

For example, the Changchun high-tech zone and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Branch long Northeast, Jilin University to build technology innovation Center from the talent supporting system, policy support system, the financial supporting system of sci-tech intermediate service and five aspects such as intellectual property services for businesses in the region to provide equity, bonds, listed, such as financing and property rights such as patent protection.

According to the Changchun zone surging staff news (www.thepaper.CN) introduced by 2020, the new district enterprises share of research and development spending as a share of operating revenue of 5% released a space number reached 10, new technology little giant Enterprise 30, hatch 60 listed companies, gathering high-tech enterprises reached 150, 5 years patent number 1500.

Improvements in the business environment is reflected in the project's ground speed. On April 29, 2016, Huawei cloud data center projects in Changchun Changchun gaoxin district started building from March 31 until April 29 to start the construction, just for a month.

On April 15, 2016, the Changchun with inspur group to promote cloud computing and data industries signed the strategic cooperation agreement, determine the wave data industry base in the Changchun economic and technological development zone. At present, the wave in China has been built in Jinan, Chongqing and Yunnan 3 cloud computing centers, Changchun is the 4th.

Improvement of the business environment is also reflected in the data on private investment. This year, the national civil fixed-asset investment growth, "cut type" drop, falling from 10% in 2015 to 2016 1 November 3.1%. But the Changchun to buck the 2016 1 – November Changchun civil fixed-asset investment grew by 23.7%.

Judging from the industry, dominant private industrial investment in fixed assets. From 1 November above-scale industrial production grew by 14.8%, higher than the city's average growth rate of 6.2%. From 1 November private industrial investment in fixed assets reached 204.76 billion, an increase of 39.8%, above the city's investment in fixed assets of 29.2%. Private investment in industrial fixed assets as a percentage of Changchun City of 90.4%.

"In recent years, Changchun City, Jilin province, highlighting the development of private economic demonstration zone of comprehensive coordinated reforms continue to promote private investment growth. Environment, atmosphere, carrier, Park, private investments will naturally come up. "Changchun postal Office an investigator to the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN) said.

From 1 October, the market volume reached 539,000, Changchun City, a net increase of 69,000; number of employees reached 2.11 million, a net increase of 120,000 people.

Changchun business environment, referred to the next stage of reform, public diplomacy Institute at Jilin University Professor Sun Xingjie surging on news (www.thepaper.CN), says overall tax cuts and reducing logistics costs still need to deepen the reform in two ways.

Covered Europe, long Hun-Europe train opened in succession: rely on inland port to develop export-oriented economy

After the industrial transformation and upgrading, product to be sold. In northeastern Jilin province is located in the Central, West and East Inner Mongolia North Korea, Russia, is more developed in terms of trade, subject to no sea, whether it is cars, rail transport is a feature of Changbai mountain in high-end manufacturing products such as agricultural products, "going out" is not an easy thing, traditionally most of the cargo were to rely on Dalian port, Tianjin Port, maritime ports.

The Northeast "Thirteen-Five" called for in the plan of the Northeast "active participation to promote ' along the way ' construction, accelerating international cooperation capacity and equipment manufacturing and optimizing the open layout, will build the Northeast region into a China open to the North of window and the hub of Northeast Asia regional cooperation. "

Located in Northeast Changchun, the cross axis of the regional economy by launching "covered in Europe", "Chang Hun-Europe" Europe international train, apply for a railway to the export-oriented economic measures such as the opening of the port is in transition.

"Full European" Central European international train starting point for Changchun, from the manzhouli port before exit through Russia's Siberia, Belarus, Brest, Poland Warsaw, the end reaches Germany Schwarzheide, about 9800 km one way runs for 14 days.

"Full European" train August 2015 East station opened in Changchun, XING long comprehensive free trade zone, then moved to Changchun Railway container station. On December 13, 2016, the national port administration office is booming in railway container station as a temporary port open to the public.

On December 16, Changchun is booming integrated comprehensive free trade zone Administrative Committee Director Yu Haijun surging on news (www.thepaper.CN), "said railway port is the nation's tenth successful comprehensive conservation grant open railway ports, equivalent to extends the function in the Interior of the port, here can handle customs formalities and transit to Manchuria, direct access to overseas. In manzhouli customs clearance needed two or three days before, from Changchun in Manchuria after customs clearance now only needed for a long time. Under the port's economy will be able to do it, next timber port, car ports, port of fruits are ready to report States, port of the imported meat has been approved. " China Shenzhen print 6 square hardcover small

In the "full European" container freight station of the train, a staff member to a surging News (www.thepaper.CN) introduction to via this train is not only Germany's sausage, beer, milk powder came to China, food, machinery parts of other European countries, Changchun automobile, railway vehicle parts can realize easy logistics and transport. "Fuyao glass has all the traditional sea operations were converted to rail transport to Europe. Have substantially reduced transportation costs and time. "

According to relevant data show that in 2016 "full European" train transport 1300 TEU is expected to import and export goods, the value of 60 million euros.

Yu Haijun describes it, "Chang Hun-Europe" (Ivy-hunchun-euro) international class is expected to be opened in the first half of next year, "this directly from hunchun through Russia, more convenient, specific issues are being and Russia negotiations. "

On December 16, Director of the Jilin provincial Department of Commerce conghongxia in the "customs inspection and free trade deal ground comprehensive conservation zone press conference", said by November 2016, Jilin province foreign trade achieved 111 billion yuan, an increase of 3.4%, higher than the National 4.6%, 8.1% higher than in Liaoning province, 21.3% higher than in Heilongjiang province, is the only positive growth of foreign trade in the three eastern provinces.