Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Heating pipes burst in downtown Qingdao the road like a sauna burns 6 passers by

The morning of November 8, Qingdao City downtown area inundated with water, roads take up a lot of steam, some netizens joked "outdoor sauna". Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from the Qingdao City Administration confirmed that the event of leakage of municipal heating pipes burst, killing 6 people varying degrees of Burns, the current repair work is still in progress.

Qingdao local witness netizens published video shows, a lot of cars on the road slow passage, water has no tires half, emerged on the surface large quantities of steam. A witness at the scene told the word news, Hong Kong middle road the morning of 8th of the incident near the Pacific Department store, belonging to the bustling downtown area of Qingdao. "To see so many hot water and steam, a thought which baths the water back out, like a sauna. "Witnesses described, because of stagnant water and the hot, slow traffic and backlog, a number of passersby were burnt.

8th, Qingdao City informed the authority through the official micro-blog, November 8 about 9 o'clock in the morning, is located in the Crowne Plaza Hotel Hong Kong Middle Road, SHINAN district, Qingdao etsong opposite, Pacific Department store next to the pavement, East of Qingdao power source thermal heating pipeline company (trial run) leakage. Guangzhou a baby girl was hospitalized with severe

Heating pipes burst in downtown Qingdao, the road like a sauna, burns 6 passers-by

Reported that leaks during 6 passing foot Burns, were immediately taken to hospital, including 1 minor without serious injury left the hospital, 5 other people diagnosed with 2 degree burns, energy group has been sent to hospital for care, and contact 1 persons voluntarily left the hospital. After the incident, energy group to the scene to tissue repair, including closing the valve, remove stagnant water, road sweepers, expected completion of repair by 8th, at 20 o'clock.

Friday, November 4, 2016

730 burst after the accident Samsung announced in the United States recalled

Recall the Galaxy Note 7 phone on environmental issues to deal with, Samsung starts mass recall of "blast" the washing machine.

United States the morning of November 4, United States consumer product safety Commission (CPSC) in the United States announced in the morning TV news shows, will recall 2.8 million with Samsung-uncover the brand washing machines. Until then, uncover the brand washing machines has given rise to 730 of "blast" accident, in which 9 people were injured.

730 burst after the accident, Samsung announced in the United States recalled 2.8 million washing machines

In the United States damaged Samsung washing machine.

Receiving United States Broadcasting Company (ABC) television on good morning United States program in an interview, United States consumer product safety Commission Chairman Elliot Kaye said: "the terrible problem we now face is that these completely bombed off the lid of the washing machine. And there have been lots of accidents reported. "

730 burst after the accident, Samsung announced in the United States recalled 2.8 million washing machines

In the United States damaged Samsung washing machine.

Kaye added that, the washing machine lid "not fully fixed because of design flaws, leading washing machine lid flew out."

United States consumer product safety Commission recall information official website shows that the recall products affect Samsung 34 models sold during March 2011 to November 2016-uncover the washing machine.

730 burst after the accident, Samsung announced in the United States recalled 2.8 million washing machines

The United States recalled the affected Samsung washing machine model list

Samsung washing machine of the "explosion" is different from the cell phone battery explosion, not by sparks caused by thermal-explosion, more accurately say that when swinging at high speed automatic disintegration of parts caused by shaking, but the words used in foreign media reports are generally explosion, meaning the explosion.

This recall is not the first time Samsung washing machine products. A Samsung official statements released last year showed that as early as 2013, the company "security issue" in Australia recall 6 models-uncover the washing machine. But the reason for this different, mainly "lid melted because of the heat", "top burning and causing internal damage."

730 burst after the accident, Samsung announced in the United States recalled 2.8 million washing machines

Australia recall Samsung washing machine.

On September 28, the United States consumer product safety Commission has issued a warning, received several Samsung uncover washing machine "explosion" report from March 2011 to April 2016 production of washing machines, but there was no specific models.

At that time, Samsung said on its official website, the washing machine is limited to part of the affected manufactured before April 18, 2016-uncover the washing machine, front cover drum washing machines are not affected. Samsung did not disclose the specific washing machine model affected, only provides a link for users to enter the purchased product serial number, check to see if your purchased product affected.

United States cable news network (CNN) reported that in August this year, in the washing machine has exploded more than United States users to Samsung filed a federal class-action lawsuit. According to court documents, a Texas woman who affected, impact is too great when the washing machine exploded, scattering parts broke through a wall in her garage. A Georgia woman who had similar experiences claim that washing machine explosion sounds "like bombs being detonated."

CNN report also mentioned that the class-action lawsuit against Samsung also contains many similar reports. Reports also mentioned that Samsung after the explosion occurred "soon Act attempted to collect and destroy all evidence of defective machines."

As of press time ago, Samsung does not sell to the Chinese market the brand washing machine responded to the same questions. Coal prices rise too fast the State development