Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A middle school teacher in Shanxi province AA dinner drinking was found controversial

A few days ago, tunliu County, Shanxi Changzhi Commission for discipline inspection issued a "on the part of the South Campus in tunliu informed teachers dinner drinking problems" raised public attention.

Reported that on Friday, September 9, 2016, South Campus in tunliu Senior Director Duan Xudong, Sun bin and 22 name grade teacher at school after the holidays, to dawn in tunliu County Business Gold crabapple restaurant dinners and drinks, during which it costs 1390 Yuan, AA pay. The weekday noon time happens in the vast majority of Government, have a negative impact in the community. Research by the County Commission for discipline inspection Standing Committee decision ordered Duan Xudong, Sun bin at a faculty meeting public review to participate in collective interviews the other 22 class, and informed on the matter in the County.

Local media, the live morning news app public "morning news the Yangtze River Management" October 10 quoted the notification text. After the report was republished, quickly spurred concern.

On the "teachers ' holiday dinner whether alcohol should be discipline investigation", become the focus of user talk.

For example, some netizens questioned: "did not say after the school holidays? School, teachers AA eating and drinking are not? Other work on you? "

Netizens also said: "really caused serious adverse effects as described in the article yet? Is a common dinner or a waste? Is the discipline Committee did go to extremes? Cause of the vast majority of work time, not allowing people to AA dinner, consumed more than 1000 (Yuan)? "

Meanwhile, also the Netizen said: "criticism is drinking, working days no matter no class should not be drinking, after all, teachers are behind bars. "

On October 11, and news on this matter please call tunliu County Commission for discipline inspection as well as the surging Changzhi city discipline Inspection Commission.

Tunliu County Commission for discipline Inspection Office a staff member responded: "first of all because they are (in September) 9th dinners, 9th, we have no holidays, belong to the working day. Their school holidays, but our bodies are not on holiday. The second aspect is, they were drinking alcohol at noon, on our side are provided weekdays at noon all the institutions prohibit drinking, teachers belonging to the institution staff. "

In addition, the staff also stressed: "holiday is a student holiday, while the teacher belongs to the staff of the institutions, should not have a holiday. "

Changzhi city discipline Inspection Commission's Office staff "would have a direct contact (tunliu) County Commission for discipline inspection," "each discipline Inspection Commission hearing room, specific provisions must be based on. "

"From a macro point of view, is that the Central eight regulations, party discipline Punishment Ordinance which, this (report) is not issued by the Municipal Commission for discipline inspection, we will be able to tell you what the basis is. "The staff member said.

Surging News note to, the informed in the stressed has central eight items provides: in seriously implementation Central eight items provides spirit hard correcting "four wind" problem of high pressure situation Xia, still has very minority members cadres discipline consciousness, and rules consciousness weak, in system and rules Shang playing "smart", and playing "walking", and play "hide and seek", description I County of style construction still go.

Previously, Shanxi province discipline Inspection Commission, Changzhi city discipline Inspection Commission had informed the investigating several similar noon dinner drinking a case of national staff. Hunan yiyang Ma Yong former Party Secretary was

On May 4, 2015, the supervision Council website quotes lucheng, Changzhi city discipline Inspection Commission said recently, lucheng town government minority staff on the shop noon meal drink, serious violation of work discipline. When this happens, the City Commission for discipline inspection initiative, participation in the dinner of the day drinking are serious responsibility and be given the appropriate party discipline and administrative discipline punishment.

On February 4, 2016, the supervision Bureau of Shanxi province informed the site 6 to eight counts of moral problems. On December 20, 2014, tuncheng District Committee Standing Committee, Minister Wang Gongcheng County, linyi mainly at leading cadres study and discuss the implementation of activities during the thematic workshops, accept invitations to dinner at noon and illegal alcohol, was late for the meeting, which has a negative impact. Yuncheng City Commission for discipline inspection Standing Committee meetings to King decided to give a serious warning within the party.

Tunliu incident in a specific holiday, the surging news contacted the school. At the time of the former, in tunliu phone has been in a "system busy" status.