Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Wudu district in Longnan of Gansu province were found primary school tests large

According to local bar online leaks, 2016, wudu district of Longnan city, Gansu province elementary school graduation test examination of large area leakage problem. The afternoon of June 28, wudu District School Board staff response to the surging News (www.thepaper.CN), said the Bureau has been involved in the investigation, "the really leak problem, has yet to be investigated".

Public information, 2016, wudu district the examination for primary school tests, 7069, and on June 25, in the region of 36 test points (District 7) simultaneously, wudu District Education Bureau sent a patrol to the test points, test the whole process of inspection supervision.

News noted the surging, wudu District Education Bureau network circulated a report released on June 27, the wudu Bureau on Internet reactions I graduated from 2016 to test "release entitled" notes on case (hereinafter "the note"). Wudu District School Board staff confirmed to the news the surging, wudu district that the note by the Bureau of publications.

Description said, for users reflect situation, wudu district Bureau said, a is established specifically survey group, now up in-depth full district 36 a test points for survey forensics; II is obliges organization this test of related unit room personnel made deep check, seriously reflection, on this times monitoring exam link problem detailed Combs, formed deep detailed of written report; three is full district 36 a test points seriously carried out self-examination, for exam process and the all responsibility link made clear of description; four is serious held responsibility, on after survey forensics, Do fraud relating to personnel, serious accountability, will not tolerate involving violations of laws and regulations, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility to resolutely safeguard fair education. Yunnan family of seven in a year 4 people abducted

"The really leak problem, are still awaiting investigation. "Wudu District School Board staff, rose in the area in accordance with the" scribing in compulsory education schools admissions, corresponding entry "approach, according to the scoping, direct counterparts in school. Candidates there are no pressures, "quizzes" only as a reference on evaluation of teaching in primary schools, with students graduating from elementary school into junior high school No.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Zhejiang Lishui landslide accident survey results released 2 persons were punished

Hangzhou Xinhua News on June 24, Lishui city, Zhejiang Province announced the Survey Department on the afternoon of the liandu district James town in the East Village "11·13" large findings of geological disasters of landslide and the related units and personnel to deal with, in which 2 people suspected of crimes be held criminally responsible, 9 relevant responsible persons and 3 accountability for qualification of geological disaster prevention and control units are processed.

10:50 P.M. November 13, 2015, liandu district, Lishui city ya East Village landslide in the town, leaving 38 people dead, 1 injured. Zhejiang Provincial people's Government formed by the provincial Department of land and resources, the provincial work safety supervision Bureau, the provincial Department of supervision, the provincial public security Department, Lishui and investigation group comprising interested parties, invited the people's Procuratorate of Zhejiang Province sent personnel to participate in, and land and natural resources, transport, utilities and other experts involved in the investigation.

Investigation team, according to the relevant laws and regulations, technical specifications and standards, a comprehensive collection of analysis of landslide geological and meteorological data, access to relevant information, conduct field sampling and post-disaster investigation, investigation for related personnel, establishment of three-dimensional digital model of landslide, through repeated research and identified reasons for the damage, and put forward recommendations on the relevant units and who. Wenwan walnut clusters to tens of thousands of

Investigations found that the "11·13" landslide in terrain is high and steep, complex geological structure, weathering of rocks breaking and long-term rainfall formed by mega-disasters. Before the disaster, geological disaster risk management project is being implemented in the region, designated no-go areas and impact area, 98 people have been avoiding moving within the danger zone. But parties of landslide geological conditions imposed by the project complexity and the lack of awareness on disaster risk, have implemented cutting, anchorage, fail to effectively provide slope stability, safety monitoring and early warning is not in place, thereby failing to completely avoid the occurrence of geological hazards.

For survey in the found of geological disaster governance engineering exploration, and design, and construction, and supervision and management in the exists of problem, according to about legal regulations and discipline disciplines provides, about sector on 2 name suspected criminal personnel law held criminal, on 9 name about responsibility people and 3 home geological disaster control qualification units for responsibility held processing: on, Lishui city, liandu District Deputy Chang Ye Jianguang give commandments Mian talk, and ya Brook town Secretary of the Sun Haibo give party serious warning disposition; on ya Brook town Deputy Mayor Jiang Jianyun give party serious warning And administrative demotion; Deputy Director of liandu district Bureau of land and resources in Lishui administrative warning Tan Wei; for controlling engineering construction geological development, geological, Vice General Manager of Zhejiang Hua Kun Chen Heping, Zhou Furong punishment imposed reducing the level senior engineers; Kun geological development co of the parent unit to China geological group captain by Gong Xin of Zhejiang Province 11th administrative demerit ; Engineering investigation and design units of governance geological Brigade seventh branch of Institute of geological environment in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, senior engineer Wu Ruiqing reducing disciplinary actions on seventh brigade Chief Engineer of geology in Zhejiang Province Wang Chengliang administrative demerit. Of governance projects actual construction contractor Li shengsu and Zhu Yuelin, by judicial organs shall be investigated for criminal liability relating to this project in Jiangsu Province, the third geological Brigade personnel from relevant departments in Jiangsu Province seriously.

It is understood that the liandu district, Lishui city will accelerate East landslide disaster management and the affected public housing construction, eliminate the threat of geological disasters, protect people's lives and property safety.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Chongqing man lied about her son abducted hundreds of police deployed want to

"The kidnappers asked me to take hundreds of thousands of Yuan to change and in the Dragon town, a river trade. "" My son wore a wig, the kidnappers marched down the Hill ... ... "warning people to schools, new information provided by the police – the morning of June 14, Chongqing dazu area long water a man surnamed Zhou alarm to the police: 13 year old son, little star was missing, then said her son at home after being kidnapped. Thus, the school closed, the town Government to stop off, Dazu police put hundreds of police fully investigating ... ...

Police say missing son

Chongqing man lied about her son abducted hundreds of police deployed: want to let police, teacher tube boy

Weeks in administrative detention. This pictures are first Chongqing evening news eye diagram

The Chongqing evening news, June 21, the morning of June 14, Zhou who lives in big foot long water comes rushing to long Shui Police station alarm, said son, star was missing.

Zhou told police, little star June 13 at 4 o'clock in the afternoon didn't go home after school. The night of June 13 a family looking for the whereabouts, little star, but don't have any clue.

Police say and what their little star dress features visiting the area in and around the game room, Internet point, stations, hotels and other places to find and blood collection on Zhou, his DNA was extracted.

On June 14 at about 10 o'clock, Ministry of public security in the police about emergency publishing platform application publishing information, Zhou long water station duty phone, dialed, say they have found son, Star, hoping police withdrawing.

Kidnapped son says to the teacher

3:40 P.M. day, Zhou class Tang calls for the son. Tang recalled, Zhou was on the phone in a hurry, low tone, talking intermittently, "he says, little star was kidnapped in Cologne water an Internet café in the vicinity, said he would hang up the phone. "

Tang immediately went to the principal's Office, then received a call: "monitoring by looking at Internet cafes, I know that the kidnappers are local Luo Jia Xiang, a brave brother's drug users, asked me to take hundreds of thousands of Yuan to change and in the Dragon town, a river trade. "

Tang set the phone for hands-free, Office of the Chancellor and the rest school officials could hear really. Principals immediately longshui town safe operators, education departments to report and cancel all activities on the day and part of the teaching arrangements of the school. The local Government also ordered staff to stop after work to rest, overtime with the police search.

At the same time, the school also received a telephone call from the: "the kidnappers would place change from mountains to a glass factory. "Zhou said he saw the kidnappers had come down from the mountains, little star wearing a wig was taken.

Hundreds of police investigation and tracked the kidnappers

Chongqing man lied about her son abducted hundreds of police deployed: want to let police, teacher tube boy

Police found Zhou (monitor screenshot).

Zhou reports Content known to the school for the first time to the police. Police said Zhou mentioned locations are real, telling details of kidnapping the police feel bad.

Police immediately detected programs. Tang received a call: "have you called the police? The kidnappers asked me not to report, report to hurt my son. I know to solve. "

Dazu district police deployed hundreds of police to the town of long water ready. Civilian police to Luo Jia Xiang, drug addicts and nicknamed the brave people do a lot of screening ratio on the, but have not found eligible on suspects.

Subsequently, the police get in touch with Zhou. Zhou said: "the request withdrawn case was concerned that the kidnapper harm my son this morning. My wife and I are now in the Yulong town near Grand Bay, the other requirements meet here. I do not report, did not know what they want to do. "

Hang up the phone, dozens of plainclothes police in the blue Gulf of Mo Pai performs. At this point, Zhou and call the police: "request a change, Yulong town to meet Pan Dang. "The phone, Zhou also cry on the phone:" you don't care, I handle it myself. If my son is gone, what am I going to do? "

After police received a phone call and rushed the Pan Dang near the touch line. Because pot Dang closed, a mass influx of civilian police can easily be detected the kidnappers. Civilian police division multiplexing, move closer to the bottom of Dang from different directions.

Find kids away alarm father

Secret police were racing against time have been supervised, they wanted Zhou stands ready to provide further information. But police worry is that they cannot get in touch with Zhou, is not that mobile phone is hung up.

"His father said child has come home. "Miss call, police said. To make sure the little star safety, police speak to little star, Zhou refused, "being frightened, I don't want him to be scared. "

"Through the touch line, we found the little star and watching TV with my Grandma, Jolly, without any sign of kidnapping. "The police said. Little star admitted, not kidnapped.

9 o'clock that evening, the police took was out for a walk week.

Want police to teacher tube boy

Chongqing man lied about her son abducted hundreds of police deployed: want to let police, teacher tube boy

Children in this Internet cafes to play all night.

"I'm sorry! He never kidnapped. "Zhou admits fake police.

Why make up kidnapping? "Son does not listen, want people to come forward to help me to scare him. "Zhou says, my son is 13 years old and in grade school, grade point average, and nearly two months obsessed with online games. He again wanted to teach the little star away from the network, but it does not work.

The afternoon of June 13, stars after school to go to Internet cafes to play all night. At dawn the next day, a small star on his way home when his father met. Zhou said that to scare little star, and he said the police and teachers to educate the little star, little star or not. To lie to police and teachers, he unwittingly made up the kidnapping of little star thing. "I just wanted to make the school the police involved, take education of my children. "

Zhou explained that after the police intervention, Zhou knows lies exposed, asked police not to intervene. "Police have identified the kidnappers and rescued the children. "Zhou said he had to make up a lie after another.

Due to malicious false alarm, Zhou was 10 days of administrative detention by police according to law, is currently being implemented. Zhou worries the most is having experience in detention, the son still listen to his education.

Chongqing evening news reporter was informed that the police have little star in the black Internet case informed the trade and industry departments, law enforcement officials are investigating. Ghost money high imitation of RMB rampant illegal

Friday, June 17, 2016

5 middle school students play in the water drowning songpan County Sichuan province

5 middle school students play in the water drowning, songpan County, Sichuan province, are in graduate

Screenshot official micro-blog, songpan County, Sichuan

Beijing, Chengdu, June 17, 17th, reporters learned from the official micro-blog, songpan County, Sichuan province, at around 10 o'clock on the day, drowning accident occurred, songpan County, 5 recent graduates to the water test the end water drowning accident and died.

It is understood that the same day, songpan junior high school junior class two, 21 new graduates to meet chuan master sizhen, songpan County ranch near the village of play, about 10 o'clock, in which 5 people to the water's edge water drowning accident and died.

At present, the local Government has set up an emergency incident response team, ABA Prefecture in charge of Lieutenant Governors, songpan County, leading the State Department to guide treatment, and the other students ' safety education. Rehabilitation, the parents of the deceased comfort and cause investigation work is in order. Ching Ming holiday area is now scalpers chaos

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hunan Xinhua a teacher molesting a girl involved was arrested the edb hold it

Hunan Xinhua a teacher molesting a girl involved was arrested, the edb: hold it, Suo Wen denied

Users post a teacher suspected of molesting a girl in eight, Xinhua reported.

Recently, netizens posted in loudi city, Hunan province, Xinhua reported eight a teacher suspected of molesting the girl, attracted wide attention. June 15, Xinhua Bureau to a surging News (www.thepaper.CN) confirm this, the teacher concerned had been closed, the Elimination of class position and was 10th in administrative detention by public security organs.

NET request processing again on eight high school teachers molesting a young girl, Xinhua said, on May 26 at about 10 o'clock in the morning, eight teachers, Xinhua Yang on the grounds of exercise books, serve a certain female students into the school dormitory, to serve a certain forced cuddle Kiss, for rape. Instructions of desperate resistance, Yang did not succeed. After the incident, Yang in the evening police arrested by trees she grows, Public Security Bureau, Xinhua. Sichuan Ziyang of a mentally retarded man who

On June 12, the Bureau of public response, Xinhua said, according to the public security authorities, it May 26 at 10 o'clock in the morning, class 334 trees she grows to middle school teacher Yang Zihui to move workbooks from Feng shouting to the women's dormitory of female students in the class room 406, in the case of service did not agree with, Yang Zihui on instructions of hugs and kisses. According to the interrogation of the county public security organs of the party, throughout the process, Yang Zihui to serve without verbal threats and other lewd acts.

Loudi News reported, "as to whether the indecent assault, according to the survey, the public security organs is not conclusive. "The Bureau in charge of the leadership, Xinhua said Yang yimin, the girl and the teacher involved being regular, and referred to as" father ". On May 26, the teacher shouted to the room girls involved, in the case of girls did not object to holding the girls, and kiss the girls refused. "We absolutely do not allow teachers in such circumstances, as an educator, teacher, compliance with ethics. "

Education Bureau, Xinhua responded publicly, online reflect the eight teachers arrested for molesting a female student, Xinhua, a Bureau, Xinhua attaches after the incident, the discipline Inspection Commission groups, monitoring the room staff quickly involved in the investigation, with the public security organs deal with.

Education Bureau officials to the surging, Xinhua News, May 27 Xinhua County Public Security Bureau decided on 10th Yang Zihui detention. On May 27, the Executive meeting of the trees she grows to high school studies, decide to give Yang Zihui, cancel the posts of teacher in charge of the process for the closure. On June 1, the County Education Bureau decided to investigate the problems of Yang Zihui, according to Yang Zihui errors according to the regulations by JI procedures.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Begging within the old man deceived the bank remittance last minute staff cut

Begging within the old man deceived the bank remittance, last-minute staff cut off ATM machine

Due to press the confirm key to ATM machine was shut down, 10,000 dollars failed to remit, Bank staff helped the elderly make up for the losses.

According to the Hunan economic TV reported, two days ago, Yongzhou, Hunan province one surnamed Hu Dong ' an old man suffering Telecom fraud, ran to the Bank swindler remittance, Bank staff detected a variety of discouraging, but unrepentant old man kneeling asked Bank staff to let her transfer! In desperation, the Bank cut off ATM machine power supply.

11 o'clock in the morning, seven old man who entered the Bank while I study called, saying he needed to deposit the money out, looking very nervous, it attracted the attention of Bank staff.

At the end of the telephone, crook threatening if you do not transfer, the old man's family was in danger, and also asked not to talk to her bank. Careful Bank staff find a catch, continue to discourage the elderly for more than 20 consecutive minutes.

See old man will press the transfer button, Bank employees decisively cut off power supply of this ATM machine and making alarm calls. Eventually old man finally understood his suffering Telecom fraud. Due to press the confirm key to ATM machine was shut down, 10,000 dollars failed to remit, Bank staff helped the elderly make up for the losses. Veterinary professional beauty college students

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Men 4 men Fujian 22 released applications for more than 30 million State

Men 4 men, Fujian 22 released applications for more than 30 million State compensation

On February 4, 2016, Putian, Fujian, a little after 6 o'clock in the evening, Xu Yusen's mother arrived at the HANJIANG prison pickup, after seeing his son excitedly hugged his son not to put. Visual information in China

Recently, Xu Jinlong men jailed for 22 years, Fujian men presented to the Fujian High Court including liberty Awards, damages and various appeals costs, totaling 9.896 million worth of applications for State compensation. With his co-defendants and 3 "former" were also recently put forward the application for State compensation, 4 people have applied for State compensation in the total amount of more than 30 million Yuan.

"Our materials have been received by the Court, and now we are waiting for a court case notifications. "Xu Jinlong surging on news (www.thepaper.CN) said.

Turbulent news has reported, in January 1994, the Putian City were killed Zhong men Zhen Yue Fan Cunyi elderly people living at home before, robbing money, same Lian XING Cun Zhen Xu Jinlong, Cai Jinsen, Xu Yusen, Zhang Mei to 4 young people identified as suspects by the police. A woman journalist who died due to domestic violence

In June 1995, the Putian intermediate court made the first-instance judgment imposed Cai Jinsen death sentence on charges of robbery, Xu Jinlong, the three men to death. They will appeal the decision appealed, in April 1999, the final maintenance of Cai Jinsen, Fujian high court reprieve sentence and commuted Xu Jinlong, Xu Yusen, Zhang Meilai into a suspended death sentence.

Xu Jinlong was only made 4 out of confessions of guilt, the remaining 3 confession after people involved in the prosecution say there is no time of crime, and where clear day of the murder.

Fujian High Court after the judgment of the Court of final appeal, Xu Jinlong, Xu Yusen, Zhang Meilai and his family continue the appeals. In 2007, the Fujian High Court rejected their appeals, two years later, also ruled that no case retrial.

In 2013, the prosecutors reviewed the case in Fujian province, and in February 2014 retrial prosecution recommendations made, that the facts are not clear and the evidence is insufficient. August of the same year, performed well in prison get mitigating Cai Jinsen prisoners out of jail several times after complaints had been filed, he decided together with Xu Jinlong, such as 3 complaints.

In December 2015, the Fujian High Court decided to retry the case. February 2016, the Fujian High Court retrial, after that ruling found that Xu Jinlong, 4 people to be victims of burglary and murder of facts are not clear, the lack of evidence cannot be found four people guilty, should be corrected in accordance with law, declared the 4 of them not guilty.

Innocence after 4 months, they are presented to the Fujian High Court application for State compensation. Xu Jinlong said, both in written pleadings or at trial, he would adhere to the statement of innocence and, finally, was sentenced to death, commuted death sentence, spent 22 years in prison. "Loss of time is priceless. "

In the application for State compensation, Xu Jinlong wrote: "in June 1995, I was sentenced to death, commuted death penalty with a reprieve of second instance until April 1999. Each day in the five years I was in fear and despair through every major holiday, will be desperate to guess that next execution it is her own. "

Xu Jinlong said that according to their own situation, he submitted to the Fujian High Court compensation for restriction of personal freedom more than 1.936 million Yuan, moral damage compensation of 2 million Yuan and the loss arising from complaints of 5.96 million Yuan, amounted to more than 9.896 million Yuan, Cai Jinsen, Zhang Meilai, Xu Yusen triple also put forward more than 7 million, more than 7 million and more than 9.8 million worth of applications for State compensation.

Xu Jinlong also requested to hold when investigators accountable. "I am not guilty by confession. Investigation error serious violations of my rights, my health has caused irreparable damage. "

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Liaoning driver network exposure when police checked the car into the grass

Liaoning Jinzhou, Yixian net exposure for a driver to escape died after police find car into the grass, Jinzhou police on June 7 to the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) that the law enforcement police did not catch up with the driver, without any physical contact. Police are investigating the cause of death to the driver.

Liaoning driver network exposure when police checked the car into the grass died, the police said without physical contact

Twitter users "@ Lili 14881" June 6 evening post said, whose father Li Moudong on May 27 at 7:40 P.M. after she finished her work home when traffic police "stop", his father's "Chase" by no way after running into the woods next to the road.

"Ran into the Woods did not come out, and my dad died when I came. "Friends" @ Lili 14881 "said that he found her father's mouth, nose, is full of soil, covered with scars. Normally healthy, said his father did not take medicine.

"Why the police stopped vehicles by the parties? Parties why run? How the dead scar formation? At present, there is no autopsy? "Problems such as surging news direct message" @ Lili 14881 "at the time have not been restored.

Yi County Public Security Bureau said in a surging news staff on June 7, police have responded publicly to the above incident, again said. A secondary school canteen year in Nanning for

News from the surging Internet police in Jinzhou Baidu "jz" Yi released information about the deaths of cattle owners restore the truth of God, cow owners non-normal deaths after the incident, Yi, Yi County Public Security Bureau attached great importance to, collect the surrounding the incident (Jinzhou, Yixian Cunard heating Ltd) surveillance video, restoring the whole thing occurred. Video display, about 19:50 P.M. on May 27, 2016, tricycles appear on surveillance video of the incident, Cunard thermal co wall, car owners to avoid police checks, suddenly stop in the Middle, abandoned the vehicle and into the grass (family known as the Grove), after 20 seconds, uniformed police arrived, three rounds away. The entire process, enforcement of the traffic police have not pursued a sacred cow (Note: tricycle) owners, the two sides and there is no physical contact.

When the communication of information, the police with surveillance video of the incident. And called for netizens not rumor, not rumor, believe that the law, believe the evidence.

Long 1 minute 57 seconds when police released surveillance video shows, a tricycle to the fence, ran into the street after the tricycle driver to get off the grass. 3 wear white hats, men wearing police-style uniforms arrived at after looking around, one pick-up Trike left and another two people walking away. In the video, enter the tricycle driver was not reproduced in the grass, dressed in a police uniform officer does not catch up.

On June 5, "police in Jinzhou" in response to users questioned said that sacred cow owners are currently being conducted the autopsy, autopsy results came out, the cause of death for the first time to the public.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Black bear cub in less than 6 months into the downtown district of Changchun

Black bear cub in less than 6 months into the downtown district of Changchun, multi-sectoral spending 4 hours to capture

Wansheng Central District three pipes lie on a small black bear downstairs, the owners after the alarm, fire protection, public security departments and the last staff back to the little black bear zoological garden. New culture network

The night of June 3 11:30, Changchun City East Grand street and Wansheng Central community away from the Department of Jilin road, continuous fire trucks, patrol cars and Government vehicles. People in the car were in a hurry and enter the compound, because the community has "bear" ... ...

Think dogs and cats is bear

Found that residents of this black bear cub named Zhang Jian, he lives in the district, building 6, 3/f. That night, he discovered by accident sustained a dark figure, "I thought it was a cat, look like, later thought could be the dog, but the dog will not climb the wall. "Zhang Jian from his drill out the window to see what?

"I would have thought was a bear claws are long and pointed face, chest hair and a white, Crescent-shaped. "Zhang Jian recalls, he was startled, Cubs also fear not, turn around and huddled in a corner.

Lover of Zhang Jian said the Cubs who approached, also issued the low roar of whistling in his throat.

Police officers are not really a bear

"I made a circle of friends, there are pictures and videos. "Zhang Jian said he called friends, but friends or not. Later, he chose to call the police, "no, I am afraid there are malicious people trying to eat the bear? "Zhang Jian said, because it was in the black bear found in the downtown area, he also made people laugh.

"Who can believe that the community will bear? Connecting police interrogated me several times, let me confirm that really is a bear? "Zhang Jian said that he played 110 first, and then dial the fire call, police officers are very puzzled.

Changchun Yatai squadron of firefighting detachment leader Yang Qiao than says, "really didn't bear, arrived on the scene at only confirm that really is a bear. "

Bear butt hanging outside the building for two or three hours

With the sector came to rescue of people increasingly more, small bear cub panicked, along sustained Taiwan of cement wall a slipped trot, quickly to turned had cement wall, and wall outside is is away from ground has three layer floor high of East Sheng Street, "small bear cub of ass hanging in outside, two a forelimb, with claws hook live wall Shang, hanging with has two or three hours. "Yang Qiao over said rescuers who are afraid of taking any action, fear the bear desperate to release the claws fall off.

One witness said Cubs until they are caught, untouched places, just left turn right turn and look. Since then, the firefighters ' actions, two soldiers in slow down take out equipment, ready to catch directly. "Animals rescue Squadron is the first time, fearing it feral, hurt, do not know its habits. Most important is that fire is not against these animals equipped with professional capture tool, very tricky, so take the way to minimize risk, guarantee bear cannot be injured. "Squadron instructor Pan Liming said.

Capture the Cubs early this morning with a dip NET

"A number of departments arrived on the scene, emergency, fire, and police and Forestry Department. "The residential property manager Chang Yihang said.

Confrontation in Cubs and rescue personnel after 4 hours, at 4 o'clock in the morning, Changchun animal and plant park staff to the scene, according to Wang junfeng, Director of the Park feeding said: "do not know the size of the bear, outfit, including a tranquilizer gun, found a bear cub, figure is small, you can control, so use dip nets capture the bear. "

Wang junfeng said, when little bear who hides, hanging in the corner, it was dark, bad sight, one of the keepers bear hanging position with dip nets to try bear frightened, ran slow. Across from a staff member, bear and scared and ran back with a broom, the result into the dip NET, which successfully captured. "Seen from the figure, the bear was born in January, less than half a year old, had long teeth can hurt. Back to the park were quarantined, haven't made detailed checks, appearances and was not injured. "

Bear or settled in the Zoological and botanical gardens

Black bear cub in less than 6 months into the downtown district of Changchun, multi-sectoral spending 4 hours to capture

Quarantine the little bear in the Zoological field not to eat or drink, lying at the top of the wire. New culture network

11 o'clock noon, Zoological and botanical gardens, the captured bear cub was sent to the "quarantine". Park kept Captain Zhao said: "imported into the Park's animal quarantine at the quarantine, no exceptions can be put into the Park homes, this little bear has a variety of black bear, chest v-white-haired is one of its characteristics. "

In an isolated cage, Cubs climbing the barbed wire at the top of, the breeder said: "to the new environment, it does not meet the, and terrified, I grab an Apple or carrot, don't eat it. "

Wang junfeng said, if nothing else, Cubs will be in the Zoological and Botanical Gardens home.


Individuals have the bear is an offence

Catch the Cubs quickly spread, everyone is wondering how this bear ran to the community? Doubts raised in residential property owners, but from the police to bear was captured, the owner has not appeared, bears owner also knows an offence.

Jilin Ji Xiang lawyer Haibo Liu, said black bears belong to national key protected animals, No. 341 of the Penal Code provides that the illegal purchase, transportation and sale of rare animals under special State protection, to 5 years ' imprisonment or criminal detention and fines.

At present, the police are investigating the source of black bear.


About black bears Occupational fraud bought expired goods claims

Total of 7 subspecies of Asian black bear. Length of 150 cm ~170 cm, weight about 150 kilograms. Jet-black hair and long, white Chin, chest has a "v"-shaped white spot. Inhabits mountain forests, mainly active during the day, good climb, swim, walked upright. The black bears hibernating habits of the North, to mid-3 ~ April hole activity. Mating in the summer, each tire 1~3. Located in the eastern part of Eurasia, Taiwan, and Japan and other forest areas.