Saturday, August 20, 2016

Former male table tennis player Zhuang Zedong gravestones were black cemetery

The Beijing Youth daily, August 20, on August 17, the late wife of former table tennis player Zhuang Zedong, China found in the cemetery tomb sweeping, Zhuang Zedong gravestones were sprayed with black paint, powder modified again for wife zuozuomudunzi.

Zhuang Zedong Phoenix mountain cemetery cemetery is located in the Changping District of Beijing, his tombstone at the bottom on the Shiji include "wife zuozuomudunzi an act of State", this is the issue of these golden words.

Beijing Youth Daily telephone contact Zhuang Zedong friends, this time visiting with zuozuomudunzi jisao Han to Beijing Youth daily reporter on August 17 in the day, zuozuomudunzi little brother zuozuomulong, zuozuomujin, Zhuang Zedong friend Ge Song who jisao Zhuang Zedong. When a pedestrian to the cemetery the cemetery, he found, Zhuang Zedong headstones being spraying black paint at the lower end, some inscriptions are overwritten.

Subsequently, the zuozuomudunzi borrowed gold dust, "loving wives" two words back in gold, other words commissioned cemetery related personnel to help back in gold. "She is not much of a description, sometimes painted out, others have to get knocked off paint out. "Entrusted family caregivers to help keep the cemetery, if you see similar situations to help gold. Han Jiang bei Qing newspaper reporters, I guess is because zuozuomudunzi identity triggered the incident, "see that went a little too far after, really no need, zuozuomudunzi has become the Chinese, she is ID, holding a Chinese passport. "

According to Han introduced because at home there is no way to participate in social security, inconvenience, zuozuomudunzi usually spend most of their time living in Japan. In addition to grave outside the Ching Ming Festival, zuozuomudunzi in "Zhuang Zedong Cup" international youth games will return to the country, and will go to the cemetery in Beijing as long as tomb sweeping, this is the first time I saw tombstones were jet black.

North Green newspaper reporter tried to contact zuozuomudunzi, zuozuomudunzi wanted to "calm and quiet" for politely declined interview requests.

Bei Qing telephone contact cemetery staff in Phoenix, staff of Yu Zhuang did not know the gravestones were sprayed black, grave personnel can at any time go to the cemetery's grave, no special restrictions.

It is understood that the Zhuang Zedong on October 13, 2013 ashes interred in the cemetery of Beijing Changping Phoenix. The plastic above the tombstone-shaped sculptures of Zhuang Zedong was playing table tennis, below the tombstone "Zhuang" name and the birth date of death, tombstone with an embedded symbol on the left side of table tennis balls. According to the Xinhua News Agency articles Tang shizeng went, zuozuomudunzi personally involved in tombstone statue, and the Taihang mountains as Zhuang Zedong chose a black granite tombstone. Campus credit cheat for female college students

Zhuang Zedong Chinese table tennis player, was born in 1940 in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, has won the 26th to 28 World table tennis championships men's Singles Champion, as well as the 28th World table tennis championships men's doubles title. In 1971, the "ping pong diplomacy", Zhuang Zedong served an important role back of his tombstone is inscribed with "here lie of ball to promote the people on Earth" text. In 2008, Zhuang Zedong was diagnosed with terminal cancer, on February 10, 2013 treatment died at the age of 73.

According to Han said: "Zhuang Zedong does not bury the ashes in eight months time, zuozuomudunzi as long as the people in Beijing, will be on the back of a backpack that nobody can touch, named Zhuang Zedong was there. "