Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Why the 13 year old boy killed three children in Guangxi Three siblings cry

"The 13-year old boy killed three children who absconded to Guangdong, Guangxi," about the latest progress.

@ Nan Guo morning post official micro-blog on July 26, the same day, Shen confessed when he was scolded by their parents to leave, away from where the victim saw three siblings at home to play, then to pick the fruit from the three siblings lying to the remote path, ask their parents put money where it is. Due to pressed used violence, three siblings crying made him panic, spur, then kill the heart. It is reported that the suspect Shen from the lack of family care, are more extreme violence.

According to the Word Press ( previously reported, the evening of July 18, Cheng Jian Zhen, cenxi in Guangxi Autonomous Region a three children missing, was 8 years old, Huang, Jane Hwang Chang, age 7 and 4 years old, Huang Mei. July 20 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, missing for more than 40 hours later, three siblings was found in the abandoned wells of about four hundred or five hundred meters far away from home, police confirmed that all were killed.

On July 26, the news from the surging of Wuzhou city, Guangxi Public Security Bureau confirmed that fled to a criminal suspect Chen yunfu city, Guangdong Province, Yunan area x (male, age 13) was captured by the police. Chinese civil servants participate in the Netherlands