Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Vice Mayor suspended from playing after 4 months Zhanjiang former Deputy Secretary

Vice Mayor suspended from playing after 4 months, Zhanjiang, former Deputy Secretary of the political and Legislative Affairs Committee Pang Kang steady comeback by exposure

According to the Guangzhou daily Ocean Network on December 28, reporters learned from the related departments in Zhanjiang, in August this year hit interdiction of Liang Zhipeng, Deputy Mayor of Zhanjiang in Zhanjiang city, Communist Party Deputy Secretary, stabilisation, Zhanjiang City Office Director Pang Kang of stability, has been easy for officers to any member of the economic development zone of Zhanjiang (division level). Dialog chemical fertilizers and pesticides herbicide

After the news spread, this incident has once again caught the public attention.

August 18 at 9 o'clock in the evening, in Zhanjiang Sports Centre on the second floor conference room of the games Preparation Committee of Zhanjiang, games Preparatory Committee of Zhanjiang, convene a meeting of 18 departments to discuss recognition of places and individuals places. The night of 9:30, due to differences on recognition of places, not participating in Zhanjiang city Communist Party Vice Secretary, stable, stability maintenance Office Director Pang Kang suddenly appeared the venue, lifting about half a pound of plastic table card, ruthlessly hit Zhanjiang city Vice Mayor Liang Zhipeng chest, then grabbed the mineral water to the desktop again and crush Liang Zhipeng.

In Zhanjiang City Commission for discipline inspection directors of Zhong Hong, seeing the front of dissuasion, also beat was injured.

After the events reported by the media, has aroused strong repercussions in society. On August 21, the Zhanjiang city to the Zhanjiang municipal Committee of the Communist Party and municipal authorities announced stabilisation cadre, suspended Pang Kang steady as Zhanjiang municipal Committee of the Communist Party Deputy Secretary and Director of stabilisation of municipal party Committee Office positions, to be identified for handling.

On December 28, the Guangzhou daily from Zhanjiang-related Department, Pang Kang steady suspected of smashing Liang Zhipeng, Deputy Mayor, has been formally reported to the economic development zone of Zhanjiang, Member of the Party Committee of development zone Committee (positive level) post. Previously this Chen Hongzu, then transferred to xuwen County deputy magistrate. (As of press time, the place, Unit website information bar has yet to update personnel information made the leadership--Editor's note)

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Shandong pingyi collapse involved Chairman of mining company jumped well drowned

Linyi public network news, 27th, at 9 o'clock, accident rescue headquarters convened a second briefing, Deputy Director of the rescue headquarters, the Mayor of linyi city, Zhang Shuping emergency command center and the State administration of work safety supervision, Deputy Director, command and rescue technology group leader Gao Guangwei informed rescue situations.

Shandong pingyi collapse involved, Chairman of mining company jumped well drowned, was combined with aid

On December 25, the accident scene photographs. Xinhua News Agency

Zhang Shuping reported that rescue has entered its third day, 17 people are still lost. Is currently the most important task is to save lives. Utmost care without delay. To today 7:30, life channel one of of lifesaving hole has playing to scheduled regional, are prepared to well Xia was trapped personnel conveying lighting, and communications, and food, material; roadway rescue power in strengthening, rescue progress in speed up, yesterday night armed police and fire soldiers also input has well Xia rescue, today morning and increased has gold group of rescue team, rescue number has reached more than 700 more people; accident survey of early prepared work has expand. In addition, also reported drowned yurong Ma Congbo, Chairman of trading company 2:30 the situation. By the public security organs ' initial investigation concluded that Ma Congbo when rescue in the underground, take the underground, people not prepared to jump into the first person drowned. Jiangsu jintan police deny 6 migrant workers over

National Ann prison general emergency command center Deputy Director, and rescue command technology group leader Gao Guangwei introduced, four article "life channel" of building in the, two article underground channel of dig into encountered roadway serious collapsed, soil stone take fell constantly, repair roadway looking for personnel very difficult; to which 14 name was trapped personnel of 4th, well shaft filling real and concrete large dropped, almost completely blocked bottom channel, through cage into of possibilities is low. Command have mobilized 4 rigs, one hole diameter up to 720 mm, once you get in touch with people trapped, you can punch trapped promoted directly to the ground.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Vanke issued a public response the treasure of lost confidence the Chaoshan

On December 23, vanke group official silence has been a sudden voice, said vanke and Po to contact has been lost in the process of persuading Po "change China vanke's culture and management style" that confidence. Bull market back Trump analysts say echocardiography

Vanke issued a public response: the treasure of lost confidence, the Chaoshan business of goodwill

The following response full text:

We welcome all investors to buy shares of vanke. But why not welcome the treasure? Not welcome it vanke shares to buy, but it buys companies, controlled companies are not welcome. Not welcome, not because you don't like it, or just can't get over it, but it's culture, management style incompatible with vanke. We are not saying that vanke's culture, management style is superior to it, but because, vanke is vanke brand culture, management style, credit based, vanke's culture was changing, vanke will no longer be vanke, vanke losing its most precious thing.

But if treasure can control China vanke, vanke, we had no confidence to persuade it not to change the culture and management style. In the course of our engagement have gradually lost their confidence. Bao after the first sign, we have repeatedly expressed to it, want to treasure its licence intention clearly expressed our view to vanke's cultural continuity, which is the basis of confidence-building on both sides. Before the consensus, we want them to stay overweight vanke stock, save more time for both sides to increase mutual understanding and trust. Views but we did not receive any real attention or effective response. We do not see dialogue in good faith, only to see the step by step approach the terms for surrender.

We are still willing to dialogue. We still hope that the Po can seriously consider the rush to change diplomatic culture and management style risk, even if only from their own interests. We are both the heart of a business, if you lose because of infighting, not that we want to see results. Vanke, we defend is cultural, according to Bao, Chaoshan business insurance capital, we do not have any hostility does not want the outside world to misunderstand.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Shenzhen lost landslides down to 85 the number of people rescued 7 trapped

Shenzhen lost landslides down to 85 the number of people rescued 7 trapped

December 21 at 7 o'clock in the evening, @ voice of news, from Guangdong Province, Guangming landslide site news of the rescue headquarters, as of today (21st) at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, then number of missing down to 85 people, and rescued trapped 7, hospital to treat the injured 16 people, vital signs are stable, living arrangement 600 people, safe evacuation of 900 people. Checkpoint was attacked in Inner Mongolia Mungan

Xinhua on December 21 at 17 o'clock in the afternoon from Guangming district, Shenzhen landslide site learned that armed police traffic troops involved in the rescue have been repeatedly detected signs of life, are stepping up relief work has now progressed to the final stage of discovery.

Armed police traffic troops Commander Fu Ling said in a recent interview with Xinhua at the rescue site, the rescue team was responsible for the third channel, December 20 48 sets of equipment shall be brought into the rescue scene, has passed the radar detector, snake eyes probe detection, search and rescue dogs detected signs of life in two points, is now buried by mud logging Group workshop addresses SAR operations. The address has been probing shows signs of life, preliminary estimate may be on the House floor that is at the bottom. As houses belonging to the steel structure cannot be too vigorously tap to prevent secondary damage. Rescue work had been digging near the floor.

Armed police traffic troops Chief Engineer Zhang Jinmei says in the scene, which is in the course of the force for the rescue, "the most difficult one", because the affected area of the special majority, earth-moving machinery-special, together with the buried personnel location unknown, current main work is search and rescue, "within 72 hours of search and rescue as the main goal. "

Thursday, December 17, 2015

To protect reputation terminated the Dalai Lama talk about reincarnation China

"Editor's note"

China Tibet online December 16, an interview with Taiwan media published the Dalai Lama talk about "terminate the reincarnation system" article, the Dalai Lama said termination of reincarnation is to leave a good name. For the zongyang Tongling has been doing for the

Points out that in Tibetan Buddhism, the living Buddha reincarnation system and determine the methods are very strict. A real Buddha, first pass. Living Buddha succession and finds that must conform to a complete religious rituals and historical conventions, to be recognized by believers. Is reincarnation, not by the Dalai clique in charge. And all acts of violence, "good name" nor could anyone ever talked about.

Following is the full text:

Recently, the Dalai Lama accept Taiwan interview with CNET News, return to terminate the reincarnation system.

He said that system of the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama for more than 600 years, if we can end in such a so welcome the Dalai Lama here, is very good. 15th the Gelug sect to do as well as him, that his reputation as the 14 Dalai Lama, will also be affected.

These words, there are two "premise trap." First, the heritage of the centuries of Dalai Lama's reincarnation system, the current Dalai Lama himself said would do? Second, the Dalai Lama had a reputation like he did as good as they say?

For the reincarnation issue, the Dalai Lama gave a lot of answers. Reincarnated as woman reborn as bees, not reincarnation, and so on.

But the truth is, in Tibetan Buddhism, the living Buddha reincarnation system and determine the methods are very strict. A real Buddha, first pass. Living Buddha succession and finds that must conform to a complete religious rituals and historical conventions, to be recognized by believers. Meanwhile, you also need to be approved by the Government, in order to be called a true Buddha. 2007 issued by the State Bureau of religious affairs of the management of reincarnation of living Buddhas of Tibetan Buddhism, identification provides the legal basis for the living Buddha. That is, the reincarnation of the last word in the middle.

As for the Dalai Lama's claim of good reputation, not to make people beg to differ.

Just a few days ago, the Dalai Lama also expressed sympathy for the world public outrage over terrorism IS caused. Director of the ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee of the CPPCC Mr Zhu pointed out that Dalai's political career has never given up violence. Shang century 50 generation and external forces collusion, in Tibet make armed rebellion; in rebellion failed Hou fled abroad Organization training "hid alone" activities of forces, disrupt China border, also in Nepal, and Bhutan, country burn killed looting, and Subversion local government, caused local people great indignation; 2008, planning and incitement has "3·14" event, caused 18 name innocent masses was burn died or cut died, injured masses up 382 people.

Is reincarnation, not by the Dalai clique in charge. With these acts of violence, "good name" nor could anyone ever talked about.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Police in Dali was hit and killed while on duty the driver escaped was caught

On December 14, Dali, Dali City Public Security Bureau traffic police official Twitter @ city traffic police has notified the police of duty was hit and killed by vehicles in the event the driver escape by car after 2 hours, even car people seized by public security organs.

@ City inform the police in case of Dali said in a December 13, 2015, 17:30, Dali Prefecture Public Security Bureau traffic police command center instructions, Dali, Dali City Public Security Bureau traffic Police Brigade deployed police force in nanjian County, roads, road-building the second bridge, the diversion channel sections such as work; 20:30, traffic traffic wardens Xu Anhui in the second bridge in Dali city diversion point directing traffic during Dali city, is along the Western ring road left towards downtown from West to East moving clouds hit LYY677 vehicles, led to Xu Anhui collapsed, rescue invalid died on 22:08 in Dali Prefecture people's Hospital.

Police in Dali was hit and killed while on duty, the driver escaped was caught after 2 hours

@ Dali city traffic police Twitter screenshots

After the accident, LYY677 vehicle to escape. Full investigation by the public security organs, 23:10, vehicles and suspects were seized. At present, the case is under further investigation. Safety investigations in Hubei Mall elevator:

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Heilongjiang Daqing retrograde two kilometers of a car police officer and injured

Heilongjiang Daqing retrograde two kilometers of a car police officer and injured two bystanders after escaping

Officers were on his hood. Sichuan Teachers College was pulled to the factory

Web on December 10 in Northeast China, Heilongjiang Daqing on December 9, a white car in the downtown area will be retrograde in the hood of a police officer two kilometres, hit two pedestrians after escaping. Police found the vehicle, are hunting for the driver.

Reporters from Daqing City, authorities confirmed, December 9, at Daqing oilfields General Hospital auxiliary century Avenue North Gate road, a police officer was run over by a car on his hood scoot. During the vehicle and two at the zebra crossing pedestrians knocked down. After the incident, the vehicle fled the scene and was rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment.

At present, the local police found the suspected vehicle was pursuing the car driver.

Heilongjiang Daqing retrograde two kilometers of a car police officer and injured two bystanders after escaping

Red circle for the police officer, blue circle was knocked down two pedestrians.

Heilongjiang Daqing retrograde two kilometers of a car police officer and injured two bystanders after escaping

Two pedestrians cannot afford it.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

XI Group again met with leaders of some African countries

On December 5, President XI Jinping collective once again meets with leaders of 17 African countries in Johannesburg. Yao Dawei Xinhua photo Lanzhou dug up suspected fossils actually animal

XI Group again met with leaders of some African countries

On December 5, President XI Jinping collective once again meets with leaders of 17 African countries in Johannesburg. Yao Dawei Xinhua photo

XI Group again met with leaders of some African countries

On December 5, President XI Jinping collective once again meets with leaders of 17 African countries in Johannesburg. Yao Dawei Xinhua photo

Saturday, November 28, 2015

United Kingdom Great Dane big is timid and afraid of small dogs

On November 27, 2015 United Kingdom aoerdebo, great Dane Presley (Presley) was over 6 feet (1.83 meters) and weigh up to 85.7 kg, are timid by nature, huge even for plastic bags, dogs being afraid. IC

United Kingdom Great Dane big is timid and afraid of small dogs

On November 27, 2015 United Kingdom aoerdebo, great Dane Presley (Presley) was over 6 feet (1.83 meters) and weigh up to 85.7 kg, are timid by nature, huge even for plastic bags, dogs being afraid.

United Kingdom Great Dane big is timid and afraid of small dogs

Because the timid, so keep Presley's master Xien·balei (Sian Barratt), when his master got ready for bed, Presley and even crying with fear.

United Kingdom Great Dane big is timid and afraid of small dogs

It has a "comfort blanket", usually just lay, once feared would hide it under the mat at home often holding blankets around, in case a sudden scare. Is a dog, but I don't like to go out again. Out the door to which the eye is very "dangerous" thing. Guangdong cracked the biggest counterfeiting case

United Kingdom Great Dane big is timid and afraid of small dogs

It will even be smaller than younger dogs to frighten.

United Kingdom Great Dane big is timid and afraid of small dogs

Sian said so timid, perhaps because, from the delivery of goods to keep most of them are so psychologically it means she has been feeling baby, Sian was to protect his mother. Sian's husband said "well, it is a spoiled chicken."

United Kingdom Great Dane big is timid and afraid of small dogs

Great Dane Presley about 1.83 metres in length, are timid by nature.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Securities clearing interest swaps financing leverage of up to 5 times involved

Channels for brokerages to provide investors with a maximum of 5 times leverage is blocked!

Securities and Futures Commission to the brokerage issued a notice recently asking brokers not through over-the-counter derivatives business to customer funds are melting, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges trading listed stocks and stock new sanban.

The industry, issued by the Securities and Futures Commission a total of five bans, largely focused on equity financing the interest swaps will only sell yesterday, not buying, involving about hundreds of billions Yuan.

Regulators ' five prohibitions include: no new such business; business not fully settle, shall not be renewed; for contract customers credit has not been fully used, you may not use the remaining credit lines to buy stock; may use credit lines to buy stock to sell the stock recovery; not buying by replacing the standard form.

Equity financing business official said several brokerages, regulators may have three purposes: one is to rectify such OTC derivatives business; the second is cleaning up such highly leveraged operations; third, leveraged within the field supervision. early 30 year cycle of ed rate hike have been

Brokerage who declined to be named said, equity financing business as a broker of OTC business, has the obvious non-standard features, so the business is currently unlikely to finance field specifications, and leverage significantly higher financing.

According to the latest data released by the securities industry association, October OTC equity derivatives securities company released an initial notional principal 108.278 billion which return swaps added 22.25 billion yuan, compared to about 21%, the options business by 86.029 billion yuan, compared to about 79%. At the end of October, pending an initial notional principal of 279.21 billion yuan, about 12% on a monthly basis, in which the initial notional principal of swaps outstanding 121.729 billion yuan, compared to about 44% and options on behalf of the business pending the initial principal amount of 157.481 billion yuan, compared to about 56%.

The trade, the CSRC cleaning is intended primarily for 121.729 billion worth of equity swaps. As the scale of the money in stock market abnormal fluctuation of the former field of external funding is much smaller, only fraction of current financing within the field, so the cleanup will be very limited impact on the market.

By its very nature, interest swaps are also securities provide investors with leveraged refers customers to submit certain deposit, securities through accounts, instead of stock investors agreed limit, floating profit and deficit resulting from investors, the interest of investors need to pay the agreed amount, interest rate agreed jointly by the investors and brokers.

Due to the business of non-standardized OTC business, so the Conventions vary between brokers and investors. In General, the deposit 20%~50% per cent, the interest rate is about 8% investor ~3000 million threshold for net assets of 20 million Yuan. Deposit cash, may also be government bonds, corporate bonds or stocks. Cash conversion rate of 100%, conversion rate 90%~95% bonds, corporate bonds for 70%~80%, stock conversion rate is 20%~60%.

Trade, equity swaps business leverage of up to 5 times, usually between two or three times, leverage ratio far above the floor financing 1 time. Promote slow cow, in the regulators emphasized the inverse cycle adjustment lever of the moment, sooner or later, this type of business is prohibited.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Russo Turkish war planes to clean the fire a share out of the independent market

Turkey shoot down Russia planes incident, once again encountered turbulence in global stock markets, a share out of the independent market, the three major indexes also rose.

On November 25, a-share markets opened mixed, after the Shanghai composite index opened slightly lower in early trading sideways, together in the military industry, non-ferrous metal plate under the uplifted, Prev once spiked in the afternoon near 1%. Small subjects have responded, finance taking advantage of the rise of the Internet, leading gem shot up more than 3%, reached a new high since July this year.

Up close, the Shanghai composite index at 3647.93, or 0.88%; gem 2897.57 points, at 2.89%.

Deal more obvious than the previous day between the two cities to enlarge, on total turnover of 1.02 trillion, of which Shanghai 380.8 billion in Shenzhen 639.1 billion. Up close, the two cities were 138 stock trading, which gem a total of 39 shares trading.

Military unit shot up explosive

On that day, the biggest factor influencing surface from the Russo-Turkish war planes. Disc is widely expected in the industry, strained due to the geopolitical situation will directly stimulate short-term military, gold rose. The same day, shares soaring aerospace plate opening 3.64% confirmed this judgement.

Guotai Junan securities, believes that in the current environment of a shares, market structure, the market continues to find new hot spot is undoubtedly Turkey shoot down Russia planes, will become military stocks of a catalyst. Haitong securities agreed that, based on experience in major wars and conflicts in recent decades, in the short term although a certain impact on the capital market, but good military plates, military sector generally short-term rapid rise.

However, after the high of the day away, military units as a whole gains fall days and defense jumped in early trading and remained closed.

Apart from the military unit, and financial stocks, the bulk of the Internet trading is also another big attraction. Convex horse horses, Ou Puzhi NET, gold card stock, flush, Jeffrey silver and 14 only stock trading. In addition, the two cities ghost shares a comeback, has two consecutive trading days trading.

It is worth mentioning that in early trading remained "cable car" staged for the brokerages, banks and other heavyweight stocks reverse attack forces helped push stocks higher, straight line pulling in bank stocks, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank rehabilitation after share prices hit another record high.

Insiders pointed out that, from heavy weights on the day, there is still no reunification sentiment, shares still lacks long on courage, short-term lingering still in shock.

Line pressure continues to see-saw

The contagion of global capital markets, Asia-Pacific stocks fell on the day, as shares closed, the Hang Seng index fell 0.09%; the Nikkei 225 index fell 0.39%; Korea composite index fell 0.34%; Taiwan weighted index fell 0.17%. Acquisition United States visit the profound connotation

After a see-saw for a long time, the Shanghai composite index still being 3,600 points and around 3,630 year line to seek support.

Empty the fierce fight, when a winner?

On that day, in 2016 strategy meeting at guotai Junan securities, Chief Strategist Joe never think the 2016 year market will be at the core of 3,200 to 4,500 points range, or appear undervalued blue chips the market next spring.

Soochow securities believes that in the current rally has entered later. Market characteristics, similar to the a-share market after the October 2014, taking history as a mirror and judge this began on August 26 rally may have entered the rising later. Market starts new round a large level mainly incentives by the State-owned enterprise reform and Shenzhen Tong.

In the short run, given the IPO this week continues the old Programme superimposed Fed rate hike in December is expected to strengthen capital level fluctuations are expected to increase. From asset rotation, falling interest rates lower in a row + high quality asset panic + blue-chip stock valuations low dividend yields higher for long-term financing, blue-chip stocks bonds investment properties to determine its value at this stage already has a higher configuration.

Monday, November 23, 2015

A black car escaping driver drunk driving traffic police in Shanghai one arm

The morning of November 14, men's King met Shanghai xuhui district traffic police set up checked posts of a driving test, when police found drunk on duty and asked to get off the check, Wang not only closed doors refused to get off suddenly driving force to escape. Standing beside the car after police were dragging it 1 km was able to break free. In recent days, police tracked tracking, rushed to Shandong linyi Wang arrest. After the case, Wang said 2013 years Shanghai, black has been engaged in operating business. Suspect Wang on suspicion of obstructing, was detained.

On November 14, at 1 o'clock, Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment in three squadrons in the xuhui district, xuhui Longchuan link inner ring road on-ramp, set up checked posts check drunk driving. Police stopped by the Miao Yumin a provincial licence after the small white bus and found the driver has a strong taste, Alcohol Tester analysis shows the driver drunk, and asked the driver to get off for further inspection.

At this point, the driver Wang not only closed doors refused to get off suddenly driving force to escape. Miao Yumin off guard was towed outside the small white bus. However, Wang did not take account of hanging outside the car police, continue driving along the road, crazy escape from East to West. After two blocks, about a kilometre, Miao Yumin was able to break free, but only minor injuries, suspect vehicle speeding away from the scene. Eryuan County honor roll 3 reading 1 book Department

"He was nervous, I just stopped his car, tests show that the drinking and driving, I asked him to get off with further checks, he refused. And then I asked him to show his driver's license, while colleagues reinforce, as I reached out the window when you get a driver's license, he slammed on the accelerator, accelerated to escape. "Miao Yumin said in tow, he almost put an arm over the whole body, along the way he kept King with a warning, and asked him to stop greater safety in case of accidents. However, Wang won't listen at all, continues to accelerate, "he let me let go, jump down." After two blocks later, there was some traffic in front, Wang was slowed when Miao Yumin was able to break free.

After the incident, xuhui police access to surveillance video, visit the know, fled the scene of the night Wang does not return after its stay in Pudong, but fled back to overnight driving back home in Shandong province. In recent days, police tracked track, more than 500 km to Wang caught in linyi, Shandong. After the case, 39 years old, Wang said the 2013 to Shanghai, has been operating in Shanghai black taxis. Suspect Wang on suspicion of obstructing, were detained.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Proof of open open proved to be once our effort now does not do

For reforms to streamline work processes, civil affairs, public security and community sector unit stopped a lot of complicated proof, saved a lot of trouble for the people. But many residents complain that some insurance companies, banks, institutions such as a notary public in the Act still require people to provide proof. To prove that it continues to be, but that does not bring opened, in some places there were "once our errands, and now can't do" phenomenon.

Open show, many open

Not long ago, Wuchang district, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, community residents in Chai Dong Chen ran a red light, electric cars were held. Police asked to write checks to bring back the electric car, Chen wrote checks after being told to take Community-check the seal on the evidence.

Community Grid administrator in Chai Dong Xie Chongdong is full of injustice: "the residents ran a red light, and not a community make a mistake, what community seal? "And now call for streamlined workflow, communities had been closed a lot of unnecessary proof, so it is not open. In order to simplify the procedures of a party closed proved, do you still need to prove the other party, Chen was stuck in the Middle didn't temper, had interceded with two errands, on both sides, "once our errands, and now simply not do. "

Community park opened a lot proved that police stations and departments of civil affairs departments of these used to be required to issue proof also streamlined the proof kind. Yang Yuan Lu Jiali, Director of the police station in Wuhan City: "we have classified used to issue 34 shows, only 16 of them within our areas of responsibility. "

The end of August this year, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued a further specification (none) certificate of marriage registration related works notice requirements in addition to Taiwan and is listed in the list set out in this notice is attached outside the State notarial matters will continue to be certified and issued by civil affairs departments are no longer around to any Department or individual (non-) certificate of registration of marriage.

Wuchang district, Wuhan City Civil Affairs Bureau, the Registrar sunny Xiong said, since the norms of civil affairs notice of certificate of marriage registration issued, they slashed open marriage (single) that work. "But many people still are used by some offices requested to open the show that we had to notify them of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the patience to do the relevant interpretation. "But eventually forced a day, avoid issuing at least ten or twenty, thirty or forty copies of marriage (single) certified.

To prove that, many also want to

"Let people into the community now open certified units, insurance companies, banks, notary, brokerage companies and other departments issued the most, to prove that large. "Xie Chongdong said proof, some of which are already in these sectors should bear the responsibility, but they don't perform, investigation, verification of pressure relevant matters to the community or any other sector.

"We have streamlined a lot to prove, but many agencies to evade their own responsibility within the scope of responsibility, make people go the long way. "Lu Jiali say most often is that the certificate issued by the insurance company at the time of claim requested her to stealing and robbing, scratch proof, only in accordance with the regulations of the police station issued a report shows that at that time did not report their cases will not be issued. Insurance company underwriting, it should assume the responsibility of investigating and verifying evidence, liability should not be blindly excuse to police station. Lu Jiali introduced as kinship certificate, living proof, should not be issued by the public security organs. Kinship and other information clearly on account of this, but some departments to mass again proves that this is a typical "certification does not recognize people".

Dr Park police station in Wuhan City's 15 community, the resident population of 80,000. "On average, every to prove about 30 admissions season recruitment season is open to prove the peak day to have fifty or sixty. "Park Police Zhou Chengming Yang told reporters that number roughly flat, no significant decline. "In order to maximize the convenience of working people, resolve conflicts, and some ' exotic proof ' we still had to drive. "

Solution "certificate problem", required multiple departments

Lu Jiali told reporters, while streamlining business processes has become a consensus of the community, but only one or a few departments streamline the proof doesn't work, other departments to follow suit or to prove it.

Xie Chongdong recommendations dealing with people at the grassroots level for a long time, if all departments as soon as possible to a network share information, a unit of what needs to be proved, through internal information out of the network in another unit will know, can make people less costly mistakes.

In addition, issuing some of the proof, Public Security Department also faces some real embarrassment. "No criminal proof, some minors have a criminal record. These people are looking for work, employers require this certificate, we provided the employer likely did not recruit him; not found in formal employment, crime he probably went back to the old ways, and it is a vicious circle. "Zhou Chengming said.

Qin Qianhong, a professor at Wuhan University law school believes that some proved to be objectively reasonable, but most would not be necessary, further reform is needed to phase out. Admittedly, some prove to be followed so far in the past, some departments in the rigid "rules". The other hand, some departments and units without service consciousness and human harassment is an example of the trouble. Ice adjudication Beijing first try from the briefing

In addition, Qin Qianhong believes that occurs at this stage all kinds of proof, concerned with the social transformation. Current stream flow, information flow, speed, in the face of these new changes, management system and social governance have lagged in the past, and do not match social needs.

"The administration by the past Administration transformed to management and services, many not necessary prove reflects its ' his mark ' inertia. "Said Qin Qianhong, at the level of thinking, from accessible point and help the functioning of the executive authorities, through information sharing between departments check the information you need, instead of unnecessary proof.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Global total number of international students in the United States up to 975

Photo: vision China Comment TPP Shanghai free trade area what can I do

China is still the leading exporter of beauty students.

United States International Education Association has released the 2015 education data shows across the United States, 2014-2015-total number of international students in the United States up to 975,000 people worldwide, including Chinese students of 304,000 people, percentage ranked first.

US Department of State Bureau of educational and Cultural Affairs with the United States Institute of international education (IIE) 16th joint survey of 2015 open doors report on international educational exchange, according to the 2014-2015 school year, in the United States reached a record number of international students enrolled in colleges and universities of 975,000 people. Among them, the total number of 31.2% students in mainland China, ranked second in India number 171,000 more people.

The 2015 open doors report on international educational exchange, United States universities, and the number of international students grew by 35-year high, in the 2014/15 school year, an increase of 10%, reached 974926, a record. This strong growth confirms that United States is still the top destination for higher education.

Among them, the United States 31.2% for international students from China, India to 132888 people, followed. China and India in the United States nearly 45% per cent of the total number of international students in higher education. Student enrollment list ranking third is Korea, 63710 per cent, compared to last year, the number fell slightly.

2015 open doors report on international educational exchange also showed that number of County students over the previous year to 10.8%, was a year of growth in the past 8 years minimum. China us growth in student numbers over the past 8 years 5 years above 20%, which sharply increases United States educators are amazed.

Number of Chinese students pursuing an undergraduate degree in the United States, surpassing the number of students studying for a graduate degree. The 2015 open doors report on international educational exchange, 2014/15, Chinese undergraduates in the United States a total of 124,552, up 12.7% from a year earlier. Chinese students than the sum of all the six countries, studying abroad was evident. In the United States number of Chinese graduate students at 120331, up 4% over the previous year.

According to China daily November 17 reported, for in recent years low age study of trend, United States China Embassy News culture at Minister title Counsellor lisha·Haile said, past, China to beauty study of main groups is graduate, main is because graduate project of scholarship more rich; and now with living of improve, increasingly more of China family can burden high of study costs, select more early to will children sent to United States reading.

2015 national education data shows that 44% students choose science majors in the United States, including engineering and business and management professional hottest, 20%.

United States student and exchange visitor information system (SEVP) published in April this year according to the latest international student data, County students pursuing STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) majors and 38%, which means that more than more than 125,000 students pursuing STEM majors.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Henan sophomore boys in the school race ran across the end shock coma

Henan sophomore boys in the school race, ran across the end shock coma

College of Economics and management in 2015 fall sports meeting of Henan agricultural University. Twitter @ Henan agricultural University School of Economics and the press corps

Wang Youming, Henan agricultural University College students participate in the school's 3000 meter run projects when he ran round the end of shock on the spot, so far unconscious. Staff of the propaganda Department of party Committee of Henan agricultural University on November 18, surging told News (www.thepaper.CN), Wang Youming is still in hospital for emergency treatment Institute has informed the students according to their conditions of entry before the game, currently the school's ongoing effort to support treatment, and called on outside charity give money to the student.

Wang Youming surging's father, Wang told the news, Wang Youming, Henan agricultural University College of Economics and management of agricultural and Forestry Economics and management class 2014 (2) class, children are not aware of any prior heart disease of the respiratory system class, has always been in good health.

On November 8, the Institute "Economics and Management College the fall of 2015 track meet" Wang Youming enlisted in the 3000-meter long-distance races. Runs after the finish line, Wang Youming shock on the spot.

Zhengzhou Yi and the certificate issued by the hospital emergency department diagnosis of show: "movement with sudden fell after 30 minutes. Patients after running 30 minutes ago suddenly appear and call not, doctors check patients with respiratory arrest, immediate CPR, cardiac and respiratory rehabilitation after about ten minutes, and consists of '120' access the hospital. "

Henan sophomore boys in the school race, ran across the end shock coma

Wang told the word news, school authorities after the accident sent more than 20,000 yuan, 10,000 of whom are school medical expenses paid, another million Yuan was raised by students for charity, but treatment has more than 50,000 yuan, their family, schools should be responsible for this matter.

Zhengzhou Yi hospital physician said in a local television interview, Wang Youming symptoms occur during movement, breathing and heartbeat stop suddenly, belongs to death.

Hospital EEG report issued on November 12 showed Wang Youming as "exceptions". "The Hospital told us that some sense may be brain dead. "Wang says, families are anxious son could come as soon as possible. The afternoon of November 17, Wang Youming has been transferred to the intensive care unit Neurology in general wards in hospitals, but has not regained consciousness.

Henan sophomore boys in the school race, ran across the end shock coma

Surging news seen from the Henan agricultural University School of management website, November 9, the College was published, entitled the success of hosting the 2015 fall sports meeting in our hospital report, which "November 8 games in the students and Faculty of careful organization, prepared in longzi Lake campus field House was held under. After a tight race, the joint efforts of teachers and students of the College, all games ended, the games organized and disciplined, orderly. " Mention Wang Youming reported after the game about the shock.

Propaganda Department of party Committee of Henan agricultural University staff told the surging above news, school fundraising has been actively organizing students, now administered by the Institute are contacts with outside charities, hoping more help Wang Ming. Flight attendant uncivil ridicule flights first

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dialogue in Lanzhou violent handsome traffic policeman police cannot be broken

Dialogue in Lanzhou

Wang Zhiyu of civilian police in the law enforcement field. This picture from the network

"Illegal owners of abusive police, young police refer to owners of four law enforcement education 35 seconds" video, Lanzhou city, Gansu province, the Public Security Bureau traffic police peace Brigade Operations Squadron 27 police Wang Zhiyu become hot, he was heralded by the users "and violently handsome traffic policeman", "xueba police" ... ...

Wang Zhiyu 2011 graduated from Yunnan police officer Academy, this is his third year in the peace Police Brigade.

The morning of November 18, Wang Zhiyu surging in his rare spare time to accept News (www.thepaper.CN) interviews with network video enforcement process review, also answered to the questions of user concern.

Dialogue in Lanzhou

Gansu Lanzhou municipal Public Security Bureau traffic police peace Brigade Operations Squadron 27 police Wang Zhiyu.

Talk: after owners illegally, was sued by traffic police beat

Surging News: in addition to this video outside of the network, and also what happened?

Wang Zhiyu: November 15, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, owners face a parking, we take pictures of his evidence, placed was informed and left the scene. To the main road and found a blue Jac van suddenly in our police car lights on behind the Horn. I realised it was just stickers that car. Because the road to the car lot, we ignored, but he's been chasing us, driving police cars driving side-by-side next to us a couple of times. Later opening to peace road, there is a market, more people are vehicle traffic and access, Yan continued to chase and we will be more dangerous, when I decided to stop.

Surging News: after parking it?

Wang Zhiyu: we parked the car, face a direct jump in his car, opened our car doors put me down, when the police rush in the back, got off him, I turned on the recorder for law enforcement. At this time, pigments and some began shouting, pushing the police, and we were abused. I got up and asked him, "you go on scolding to try", he began to push me, and knock my Cap.

During this period, his vehicle through the gate at a roadside hotel, I asked him to give up the road, but he said "no". When I told him that if he never left the punishment more severe,

When he started around inciting people to pick, I said I want to allow people to pick. When people are persuaded yan to leave. Before leaving, swearing he was still with his wife in the car.

Surging News: when he left?

Wang Zhiyu: we had no idea that he's not leaving, but ran in our team, "Wicked", find our leaders say we beat them. Leaders immediately called back to our team. In front of everyone, I will take content out of the recorder, he didn't say. Later, he said he would apologize. I said yes, apologize where you call in there and then we went back to peace West Road, is a scene in the video.

Talk about penalties: only condoned abusive police obstructing

Surging News: network video who was shooting?

Wang Zhiyu: I don't know, because my right hand held recorder communicate with owners, two police officers standing beside me, watching the video angle is taken from behind us, who is shot is not clear.

Surging News: video you found references in regulations, usually law enforcement are doing it?

Wang Zhiyu: laws and regulations on the road, a driver asked me, I would make it clear that if drivers are reluctant to ask or don't want to listen to, that's fine. Sometimes drivers to look for me, I would like tell know do allow owners to complain.

Surging News: skilled reference how do laws and regulations?

Wang Zhiyu: now more online reports of conflicts between the police, police can often see that kind of behavior is inappropriate, so I often watch us work-related laws and regulations, and continuously learn, citing flaws in the process, will be corrected.

Surging News: you said in the video, no accountability for his mistake, was not held on that day that all illegal behavior?

Wang Zhiyu: for him not to pursue, his insults are law enforcement police and obstruction of official duties in this regard. Vehicle violation, when we think he has realized his mistake and somehow that fits on the people around us to a Franco-Prussian class, in front of everyone for the police apologized. In this case, we made to his illegal punishment was a verbal warning and admonition when he was issued a warning notice of unlawful processing, only a warning, scoring and penalty will not be imposed, which is in line with the relevant penalties.

Talk about the police: "police are human, police have dignity"

Surging News: why would like to stress on behalf of police in the video "out"?

Wang Zhiyu: we may not know, when owners of our two police scolded Strip, police are human, police have dignity, if everyone does not respect the police, who would like to help us police work? I see netizens pointed out, I said "abuse is abuse of police traffic police" this sentence is not appropriate, but we have to think about it, the owners swearing is not only called the police themselves, but calling all those who do the work.

Not the police, not to do our work, our jurisdiction covers nearly more than 30 square km, without the help of two members of the police, such a large area of light alone is simply not.

There is also a detailed, when after the owners face an end in the team sites, offered to look at my documents. But he said after reading the sentence "you are officially not police", this shows he is not respect for our police staff working, so I decided to let him apologize to the police.

Surging News: works in a similar encounter in the owner do?

Wang Zhiyu: generally they ignore, leave has been processed, called let them call it. Yan's particularity lies in his car and we pulled, and personal attacks against us, plus more crowds of onlookers, China's police chief could not be this kind of person to play bad.

Surging News: usually between colleagues will ridicule such situations? Drivers mistakenly sent 56 tons of barley in Shandong

Wang Zhiyu: we discussed this issue, both for a reason. First of all from our own police work pressure, the police lack, sometimes will bring personal emotions in your life to work, and the impatience of the people, too lazy to explain, resulting in finger-pointing. Also, while some police work years longer, patience on how many would be affected.

From a people perspective, is the people's legal awareness and quality needs to be improved. For example, many drivers where parking is not allowed is very clear, but they're still holding luck parking. Relatively large risks of free parking, suddenly an unexpected condition occurs, but the road was blocked, delayed, particularly fire and life channel.

Talk about law enforcement: people have in mind a steelyard

Surging News: Netizen says Yen too honest will obey your "education".

Wang Zhiyu: do we have a law, I believe that people are a steelyard. As police prepared to do, the other is not a problem, we are not afraid of being shot, welcoming people photo shoot.

Surging News: school is really xueba it?

Wang Zhiyu: back when it's OK, it's not that bad, but well, now mainly working with many, so skilled.

Surging News: for the majority of users asking you for your personal, married?

Wang Zhiyu: haha, not married, but I have a girlfriend, we're feeling pretty good.

Surging News: now the "fire" when life what's changed?

Wang Zhiyu: now the phones were ringing off, I rested for two days, are afraid to go out, ready to spend time with family. Home, fear that the exposure is too high, not too good.

Dialogue in Lanzhou

Peace police brigade police in Wang Zhiyu.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Media G20 summits Abe shook hands in English greeted XI

Media: G20 summits Abe shook hands in English greeted XI

XI Jinping, shook hands with Abe profile picture photo: network

Taiwan "Central News Agency" on November 16, Japanese media reports said Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to 15th in Turkey held a group of 20 (G20) leaders ' Summit dinner, to approach China XI Jinping greeted and shook hands with two people, but did not talk.

Kyodo News Agency Quotes Japan Government reported that Abe's 15th in Turkey during the G20 leaders Summit in Antalya, and XI and Korea President Park Geun-Hye short term exposure and exchange greetings.

Reports that Abe during the meeting with Park Geun-Hye, to sit together, referring to achieve leaders Japan and South Korea in Seoul, said, "the (South Korean) to express heartfelt thanks to the hospitality, held talks after Japan domestic atmosphere has greatly improved. "Her response," this very nice to hear. "

In addition, the report mentioned, Abe also with XI Jinping, shook hands and exchanged greetings, this was not and he plans to formal talks with Park Geun-Hye. How many people in China have financial dinner

Japan News Network reported that Abe is at a dinner party with United States President Barack Obama spoke, he approached, then active in English "Hello" (Hello) Hello, the two then shook hands, but did not talk.

Reports said Abe has actively sought at the G20 leaders Summit later this week in Manila, the Philippines, and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference (APEC) annual meeting, XI Jinping and hold bilateral talks.

However, reports quoted sources saying that, Japan repeatedly through the South China Sea issue in the near future to contain China, China previously Japan's Nansha Islands sovereignty request "on right of say whatsoever", held in G20 and APEC venues, there is no "learned safety" plan.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

This year has 12 total 45 Tiger Lok

This year has 12 total 45

Army political work Conference last year, XI Jinping, Chairman of the Central Military Commission stressed that do a good job on style and fight against corruption.

According to China's network news, the military authorities announced on November 13 recent cadres at and above the Corps level to investigate significant cases of information.

Published on November 13, said military discipline of former Vice Political Commissar of the second artillery Engineering University Wu Ruizhong suspected serious disciplinary problems to initiate an investigation, recently has been suspected of crime and clues to transfer military prosecution according to law.

In addition, the Deputy Commander of the Police Department of traffic control original Qu Mutian on suspicion of serious offenses, were armed police force Disciplinary Committee investigation, before armed police Commission for discipline inspection has been suspected of crime and transfer of military prosecution investigation clues.

So far this year, military authorities have released 12 major cases and case information, a total of 45 Tiger the Corps level fell.

According to statistics, the "Tiger" distribution covers the General staff, the General Logistics Department, seven military regions, the Navy, air force, second artillery corps, military schools, as well as armed police.

If the regions and provincial military commands are counted, Lok 6 Tigers of Guangzhou military region, which contains 3 Hubei provincial military Lok Tiger, the highest proportion. Only by regions and levels, Lanzhou military region 4 Army Tiger Lok, than most.

Armed police traffic headquarters is the military anti-corruption in the hardest-hit areas, including Lok Ma police traffic Department Commander Liu Zhanqi, armed police traffic command Political Commissar Wang Xin, armed police traffic control original Miao Guirong, Chief Engineer of the Ministry, and the 13th has just released the police traffic Department, former Deputy Commander of Lok Ma Qu Mutian, currently the unit has 4 military leaders fell.

Waters 45 "Tiger" list:

The Central Military Commission:

Former Vice Chairman of Central Military Commission Guo boxiong

Former Vice Chairman of Central Military Commission Xu caihou

The General Logistics Department:

The General Logistics Department Vice Minister Liu Zheng

Vice Chief of the General Logistics Department Headquarters Fu Linguo

General staff:

General staff management to ensure the Vice Minister Liu hongjie

Lanzhou military region:

Deputy Political Commissar of the Lanzhou military area command Norinaga secrets

Joint Logistics Department of the Lanzhou military region Minister Zhang Wansong

Joint Logistics Department of the former political Commissar of Lanzhou military region Deng Ruihua

Joint Logistics Department of the Lanzhou military region Minister zhanguo bridge

Guangzhou military area command:

Political Commissar of the Guangzhou military region air force the original Wang Yu

Joint Logistics Department of the Guangzhou military region, former Vice Minister Chen Jianfeng

The Guangzhou military region Air Force Logistics Department Wang Sheng, Minister for

Hubei provincial military former Vice Commander zhanjun (Guangzhou military region)

Hubei provincial military former Commander yuanshijun (Guangzhou military region)

Hubei provincial military former Vice Commander lanweijie (Guangzhou military region)

The Beijing military region:

Joint Logistics Department Minister of Beijing military region Dong Mingxiang

Deputy Director of the Beijing military region political Department of air force Chen Hongyan

Shanxi military region commander Fang Wenping original (Beijing military region)

Director of the political Department of the military region, Shanxi province, original Huang Xianjun (Beijing military region)

The Jinan military region:

Former Vice Chief of staff of the Jinan military area command Zhang Qibin

The Shenyang military region:

Joint Logistics Department of the Shenyang military region Minister Wang Aiguo

Heilongjiang military region Deputy Commander Zhang Daixin

Heilongjiang military command were former Commander of Kou Tie

The Chengdu military region:

Chengdu military region Deputy Commander Yang Jinshan

Department of Chengdu military area command joint service Minister Zhu Heping

Sichuan military region Political Commissar of the original Ye Wanyong, arrested for serious offenses (Chengdu military region)

Tibet military region Deputy Political Commissar Wei Jin was arrested for serious offenses (Chengdu military region)

Nanjing military region:

Zhejiang military region former Commander Fu Yi

Deputy Director of the political Department of the Nanjing military region Zhou Minggui

Deputy Political Commissar of the Zhejiang military region Guo Zhenggang


Deputy Chief of staff of the North China Sea fleet of the Navy of Geoscience

Air force:

Political Commissar of the Guangzhou military region air force the original Wang Yu

The Guangzhou military region Air Force Logistics Department Wang Sheng, Minister for

Deputy Director of the Beijing military region political Department of air force Chen Hongyan

The second artillery corps:

Political Commissar of the second artillery force Deputy Zhang Dong water

Deputy Commissar of the second artillery force Yu Daqing

96,301 Deputy Force long Chen Qiang

Former Vice Political Commissar of the second artillery Engineering University Wu Ruizhong


Armed police traffic Department Chief Engineer of the original Miao Gui

Armed police traffic command Political Commissar Wang Xin XI s visit highlights should not be missed

Armed police traffic Department former Commander Liu Zhanqi

Deputy Commander of the Police Department of traffic control original Qu Mutian

Military academies:

Vice President of the Nanjing Institute of politics Dai Weimin

Nanjing Academy of political science department director Ma Xiangdong

School of air defense forces command Political Commissar Wang Minggui

Deputy Political Commissar of the PLA information Engineering University Gao Xiaoyan

Deputy Director of the political Department of the National Defense University Duan Tianjie

AMS research guidance department Minister yellow star

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Women at the age of 17 as a single mother self made millionaire

Recently, the United Kingdom, 33, Kate Stewart, high profile on the Internet showing his luxurious lifestyle, she bought a diamond worth 2.42 million RMB, and claimed that this diamond is very cheap. In fact, her life is full of ups and downs, she became a single mother at the age of 17, and self-made millionaire. China Youth Network Liaoning farmers killed by bus awarded two sacks

Women at the age of 17 as a single mother, self-made millionaire

Recently, the United Kingdom, 33, Kate Stewart, high profile on the Internet showing his luxurious lifestyle, she bought a diamond worth 2.42 million RMB, and claimed that this diamond is very cheap. In fact, her life is full of ups and downs, she became a single mother at the age of 17, and self-made millionaire. China Youth Network

Women at the age of 17 as a single mother, self-made millionaire

Kate Stewart from Liverpool at the age of 17, unwanted pregnancy, a lot of people thought she would leave school, then life becomes gloomy. Kate Stewart of fate so bold as to say "no", she began working for his daughter. Life was hard, but she has not resigned, she finished his degree in business management at the University.

Women at the age of 17 as a single mother, self-made millionaire

Kate opened a company after graduation, from leather shop to beauty salons, Kate gradually built his own business empire. 10 years ago, 20-something she has earned the first 1 million lives. Emotionally, Kate also found my home, she is married to Graham and his twin sons in September 2014.

Women at the age of 17 as a single mother, self-made millionaire

Kate said the secret of success, she did not like to waste time on useless things. She won't go away for the weekend to have fun or to the bar, she is not willing to waste their time to pack and iron clothes. "Time management is very important, I a second is planned. "Kate says.

Women at the age of 17 as a single mother, self-made millionaire

Meanwhile, Kate that image is crucial, she tends to deal or no deal on the dress, not so generous with those worldly possessions is her "armor" was distinguished by her business to keep their aura and status.

Women at the age of 17 as a single mother, self-made millionaire

Kate and his son.

Women at the age of 17 as a single mother, self-made millionaire

Kate and his son.

Women at the age of 17 as a single mother, self-made millionaire

Kate and his son.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lu Xiwen Deputy Secretary of Beijing Municipal Committee investigation into

Lu Xiwen, Deputy Secretary of Beijing Municipal Committee investigation into alleged serious disciplinary offence on the Organization

Lu Xiwen, Deputy Secretary of Beijing Municipal Committee. Photo: network

Beijing Tiger! According to the Central Commission for discipline inspection Ministry of supervision's Web site, Beijing Municipal Party Committee Vice Secretary Lu Xiwen arrested for serious offenses, currently under investigation.

Lu Xiwen is the 18 Central Committee.

Capital window Lu Xiwen resume released earlier showed that Lu Xiwen, female, of Han nationality, born in July 1955, Ningbo, Zhejiang, in August 1982 to join the party, to work in April 1974, graduate (weaving of textile Engineering Department of the Beijing Institute of industrial branch). Currently 18 Central Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, municipal President of the party school, Director of the Beijing administrative college.

Lu Xiwen was on the outskirts of the queue. University graduated work Hou, had any Beijing industrial College Branch Youth League Deputy Secretary, Beijing City Commission Department cadres at, and municipal industry cadres at Deputy at level cadres, municipal organization Department cadres a at Deputy at level organization member, economic cadres at Deputy Director, economic cadres II at Deputy Director, and Director, economic cadres everywhere long,, Xicheng District Board Deputy Secretary, and Chang, and district Secretary, municipal Standing Committee, and Organization Department Minister.

Lu Xiwen currently can be found on the network's last public appearance was on November 1. The same day, th partial provinces and cities in social development was held in Beijing, Lu Xiwen, Deputy Secretary of Beijing Municipal Committee attended and spoke. But from media reports, which found that Lu Xiwen recently to participate in public events, including the main senior to join with Beijing.

Interface news notes that as of this morning, the official website of the Beijing municipal party school reports on Lu Xiwen was still in the leading list is not updated. But as the Beijing Municipal Government Portal, reported information about Lu Xiwen of capital window website is currently unable to open.

Lu Xiwen resumes: Nobel Prize winner TU waist is bad does not promise

Lu Xiwen, female, of Han nationality, born in July 1955, Ningbo, Zhejiang, in August 1982 to join the party, to work in April 1974, graduate (weaving of textile Engineering Department of the Beijing Institute of industrial branch).

1999-2003 Deputy Secretary of Xicheng District, Beijing, district

2003-2003, Xicheng District Committee Secretary, Mayor

2003-2006, Xicheng District, Board Secretary

2006-2006 Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of Xicheng District Committee

2006-2007.5 Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee

2007.5-2012.7 Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, the municipal party Committee Organization Department

2012.7-2013.4 Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, the municipal party Committee Organization Department, Member of the 11th session of Committee of Beijing

2013.4-2013.7 Deputy Secretary of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, the municipal party Committee Organization Department, Member of the 11th session of Committee of Beijing

2013.7-Deputy Secretary of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, the municipal party Committee Organization Department, members of the 11th session of Committee of Beijing, Beijing party school principal, Director of the Beijing administrative college

April 2014, the Beijing Association Chairman of the Board

The 18 Central Committee.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Deep restructuring through free trade area strategy implementation grasp the

The morning of November 9, Central hosted by XI Jinping, deepening reform of the 18th meeting of the leading group, and delivered an important speech. Consideration on speeding up the implementation of the free trade area strategy was adopted several opinions and the opinions on promoting innovation and development of processing trade documents and programmes.

On speeding up the implementation of the free trade area strategy, the Central deep restructuring of the Conference:

--To insisted makes market in resources configuration in the up decisive role and better play Government role, insisted and Manpower consider and integrated using domestic international two market, and two species resources, insisted and advance build "area way" and national foreign strategy close convergence, insisted grasp open Active and maintenance national security, gradually build up based around, and radiation "area way", and oriented global of high standards FTA network.

--To grasp good expanded open and deepening reform, and full participation and focus breakthrough, and science assessment and control risk, major relationship, focus in improve goods trade open level, and expanded services opening, and relaxed investment access, and advance rules negotiations, and improve trade convenience of level, and advance regulation cooperation, and strengthening economic technology cooperation, aspects deepening reform, perfect system mechanism, sound policy system, construction high FTA.

Researcher at the development research center of the State Council Xu Hongqiang told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), "along the way" is a major initiative, specific implementation needs a lot of work, such as the joint construction of overseas economic and trade cooperation between China and along the zone or free trade zone, "through which trade and investment cooperation, along the infrastructure, you can reduce the cost of trade, an important role for the implementation of initiatives in the area. "

"Hold open Active and to maintain national security"

President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Asia-Pacific and global strategy Li Xiangyang, surging on news analysis, hold open initiative and safeguarding national security are "along the way" strategy needs unity the most prominent and the most important content.

Li said, "area way" strategy is by China led of a unilateral, and full open, this unprecedented of opening, while also to national security brings has challenge and risk, to West open, may faced "three unit forces" (religious extreme forces, and national split forces, and violence terrorist forces) of risk; national security involved Government level, and diplomatic level, and social stable, many of security problem. Handling well the relationship between the pair is the opening premise, attention to one aspect, ignoring on the other hand, is going to cause a lot of problems. When quantitative investment meets crash program

Accelerating the construction of free trade zone administration is pushing a strategy.

In September 2013, China's first free trade zone-independent open-Shanghai free trade area was established. In the foreign trade zone construction, due out November 2013, the CPC Central Committee on several major issues of comprehensive reform has clearly decided to put forward, accelerate the construction of free trade zone, "adhere to the rules of the world trade system, adhere to bilateral, multilateral, regional, subregional cooperation, expand point with the interests of all countries and regions, based on around to speed up free trade zone strategy. "

China pushing for more negotiations on free trade agreements, including regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP), upgrade the China-ASEAN free trade agreement FTA and China, where the first two negotiations for a free trade agreement is expected to be completed by the end of this year, which will significantly enhance the level of trade in the Asia-Pacific region, and openness.

Li believes that China's FTA network construction, need step by step, slowly advancing, according to the situation of countries, select suitable for diversified regional cooperation mechanisms. For example, temporarily unable to build a free trade area in South Asia, you can build in the China-Burma-India Economic Corridor; Russia can't build free trade zone, first select the Sino-Mongolian economic corridors, such as the subregional cooperation.

"Landlocked border regions to undertake industrial gradient shift"

On promote processing trade innovation development, November 9 held of deep restructuring Conference pointed out that, to active adapted economic development new normal, to innovation drive and expanded open for power, insisted consolidation traditional advantage, speed up foster competition new advantage, keep processing trade policy continuity and stability, play Enterprise subject role, strengthening industry chain Division, upgrade processing trade in global value chain in the of status, promote coastal areas optimization transformation, support inland along side area undertake industry gradient transfer, ordered carried out international capacity cooperation, Deepening the reform of institutional mechanisms for the processing trade, establish and improve the management system in conformity with an open economy, gradually variable inflow or outflow for eugenic, promoted trade to trade power shift.

Processing trade include the processing with imported materials and materials processing. Can tax a number of processing trade, which was welcomed by the foreign trade enterprises by its large. But in recent years, with China's rising labor costs and the continued appreciation of the Yuan, China's processing trade, particularly in computer and electronic products, textiles and garments, such as processing trade "traditional strengths", showing signs of shifting to the Southeast region, which also dragged down the foreign trade data directly.

China international trade learned Sino-US Europe Research Center Director he weiwen in previously accept in the new social interview Shi said, according to customs data calculation, January-July, computer, and electronic communications, products export "General Ledger" reduced about 3.8 billion dollars, textiles and clothing export compared reduced 7.176 billion dollars, "altogether compared reduced probably 10.9 billion dollars, and earlier export total reduced 10.288 billion dollars, visible export reduced of main is this two big class. It is distinctively the transfer of processing trade, and not one-month short-term phenomenon, we have to have new growth. "

"This also proves ' 2025' made in China, and the urgency of the industrial upgrading. "He weiwen said.

Deep restructuring of the November 9 meeting noted that optimization of coastal zone in transition, landlocked border regions undertaking industrial transfer, in order to carry out international cooperation capacity.

Chinese Academy of international trade and economic cooperation, Deputy Director of the Department of foreign trade strategy of Jin Baisong surging on news analysis, processing trade compared to the coastal areas, easy operation, can turn to a higher level of trade, processing trade industry and coastal areas of Central and Western regions to undertake original, of course, in some areas also needs to improve the investment and provide a good policy environment.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Release news Singapore to China Thirteen Five transformation and development

On November 6, the visit to Singapore amid President XI Jinping of the Chinese in Singapore the Straits Times published a signed article, noted that China is actively leading the new normal of economic development, to formulate the "Thirteen-Five" plan, to deepen reform, expand opening up, implement innovation-driven development strategy, adjust and optimize the economic structure. Singapore is developing "research, innovation and enterprise," five-year plan to implement a new round of economic development.

That afternoon, Chamberlain Minister capacity at the airport to meet his Singapore Heng Swee Keat, Minister of finance, had recently said that Singapore economy will create value in the future, rather than always adds value to drive, he led the Economic Committee in the future how will Singapore transformed itself into an economy that creates value and discuss.

China has just issued by the CPC Central Committee for formulating the national economy and social development referred to in the recommendations of the 13th five-year plan to achieve "Thirteen-Five" development goals, thorny problems hindering development, thick development advantages, must foster innovation, coordination, development of green, open, shared ideas.

Shenzhen University Singapore surging Lv Yuanli, Director, Research Center News (www.thepaper.CN), in the "green, open innovation, coordination, and sharing" on this 5 Singapore has some practice lessons.


"Singapore's future economic Committee headed by Heng Swee Keat, Minister of finance, his concept is Singapore value added from the past, future value creation. "Surging Lv Yuanli told news.

Heng Swee Keat said in a speech earlier this month, Singapore companies in the global competition, to face the challenges posed by tougher competition. To stay ahead, Singapore must ponder how to create value, as well as the economy shifted from value-added economy creates value.

"We have made the rest of the world did not create, or at least not many things. To do so, we must be within the company, the industry and the economy, the ability to establish a deep and contact, and creating new products and cost-effective and innovative ways to bring a better proposal.

"They talked more value-added, such as Lee Hsien Loong said Singapore can add value to the world's countries. Now Heng Swee Keat value creation, value added and value what's the difference? Be expanded on the basis of the value added is in the original stuff, creating value is equal to something is not, must figure out new things to it. This new means he has no, or it may be outside or something. "Lv Yuanli surging on news that.

Lv Yuanli says Singapore Prime Minister's successor has more than one candidate, Heng Swee Keat may be top of the list. "He is a Bachelor of science in economics from the University of Cambridge, and master of public administration at Harvard University, turned out to be Lee's principal private Secretary. Capacity is very strong. "

In early October this year, Heng Swee Keat was appointed to lead Singapore Economic Committee in the future, completed by December next year on Singapore's medium-term economic growth strategy planning. Ling brother-in-law dismissal of Vice Mayor Wang


"Singapore development of exquisite balance, balance is one of the basic concepts is also in line with China's philosophy, namely, balance of yin and Yang. Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong talked about examples of yin and Yang and Taiji, their competitiveness is positive, cohesion is cloudy. They pay attention to do all that we can share the positive balance is the balance of good cake and cake. "Lv Yuanli surging on news.

At the end of last month's Singapore meeting of the South Asia Institute at the National University, Heng Swee Keat talked about redistribution and growth mutual coordination and balance.

"When you have a equal distribution, growth policies will be awarded the greater support, but the redistribution to be ideal, they need adequate resources, it requires economic growth. Therefore, the growth will have an equal distribution, and equitable distribution of growth, the two complement each other rather than mutually exclusive. "Heng Swee Keat said.

"People are the most precious of resources, far more than the land. Investment in people must be put in the first place ... ... And purpose of economic development is the people. Economic development is about the millions of people out of poverty, health and life improvement, and through education and employment opportunities, develop their potential and live fulfilling lives. "Heng Swee Keat said.

Lv Yuanli said Singapore about coordination and balance reflected not only in the economic sphere. "All aspects, such as inclusive and decisive Government and political balance, balance of global competitiveness and local connectivity, fast forward and hold on to the idea of balancing, and realize the value of social balance and achieve personal aspirations. "Said Lv Yuanli, coupled with early, they raised a total of 5 balance.

"After the election in 2011, because people's opinions is larger, they move a little bit to signs of populist, but they also found not too populist, stressed the need to hold the balance. "Lv Yuanli said.


"Lee has been to create clean and Green Singapore regarded him with Singapore dreaming of such a high goal, Singapore's success, it must be clean and green. And all policy, Lee Kuan Yew that the policy has the lowest cost, most efficient, and there are no side effects. "Lv Yuanli said.

Singapore is not the polluting businesses? Lv Yuanli said such enterprises is relatively small. "In the early 60 's, when in order to attract foreign investment, they have more hastily done, in order to solve the employment problem at that time, some dogs will eat dirty puddings, but not much, nor any serious problems, still retained some bottom line stuff. So no pollution around the city a lot of their enterprises. "

Talking about Singapore's green development experience, often linked to their island devoted to junk. "The island is very good, where garbage, now ecological civilization demonstration plot. "Lv Yuanli said.

Located in Singapore about 8 kilometers south of the island of "rubbish embedded field", connected by semakau and Tin Beijing, two small islands surrounding the sea. From the Singapore main island by boat, about 20 minutes.

Once visited the island, Xinhua News Agency reporter wrote, "thought the foul smoke day here, cluster flies fly, but surprisingly is that air is fresh on the island. Since just after the rain, air mixed with the scent of flowers and trees. In addition to terminal handling workshop in a litter and elsewhere see trash, didn't smell any odor. "

A report in the new scientist says biodiversity is a tourist attraction on the island twice, with many rare plants growing on the island also attracted a large number of rare animals, also attract large numbers of tourists to sightseeing.

According to the paper, can be recycled garbage disposal company will make full use of everything, can't take advantage of the ashes, Singapore 90% more rubbish was burnt to ashes. The recycling of waste incineration plant to take measures so that waste incineration emissions of carbon and other pollutants into the air is considerably less, thus ensuring the freshness of the air on the island.


"Singapore is a very open economy. Moment by separation from Malaysia, we were cut out, cut off links with hinterlands city, doomed by and established extensive contacts around the world to their survival and development. Are connected with the world, will we be able to take a global growth in prosperity after the second world war. "In his book, Lee Kuan Yew Lee Kuan Yew wrote in the book the whole world.

"Open development, they have been outstanding. Because they are a small country, no hinterland. Meant to Malaysia as its hinterland, Malaysia after they were thrown out, but for the whole world as its hinterland, as the hinterland of Europe. People see multinationals as a neo-colonial exploitation, they welcome the multinational corporations ' exploitation '. This they have done relatively well. "Lv Yuanli surging on news.

Ninth senior researcher at the finance Research Institute of Renmin University in March this year, the Luo Siyi network wrote in the observer mentioned that Singapore is "open economy"--a classic case for the success of Singapore's total trade far exceed its gross domestic product. This is in line with China's "opening up" policy.

Lv Yuanli, said Deng Xiaoping's 1978 visit to Singapore Shi, the Singapore open was impressed. Deng Xiao-ping in Singapore saw a small island did not have the resources, relying on the introduction of foreign capital, management and technology, and create a better life for the people.

Lee Kuan yew was also Deng Xiaoping said that China can do better than Singapore better.


Lv Yuanli surging news that, in terms of shared development, Singapore is more prominent in recent years. "Lee Kuan Yew, the main changes from the democratic socialism of the past into a more economically liberal, it is capitalism. Emphasizes the value for each, and telling the hard truth, economic development faster, but the people at the bottom may be wronged, people complain more. "

"After Lee came to power, especially in the last 5 years, especially after the 2011 election, their whole economy is left. Previous Lung Ying-tai in the Singapore report also talked about this issue and stressed taking more from the past, and now more emphasis on poverty relief. "Lv Yuanli surging on news.

"For example, bonuses – in addition to salaries of government leaders, and bonuses. Past GDP bonus is only one completely according to the GDP. GDP growth, and they have a bonus. But now called national bonus bonus points 4. First is the Singapore people, real multi-digit revenue growth, to a certain standard, they will get the bonus one-fourth; the second is the Singapore that 20% people with the lowest income, their real income grows to a certain level, will get £ one-fourth; third, unemployment within a certain proportion, they can get the bonus one-fourth; IV is the GDP. "Lv Yuanli cited an example.

"In addition, they revert to democratic socialism. Two days ago, the people's Action Party also reiterated that the purpose of their party is a Democratic Socialist. That emphasize equality and sharing in these areas. But they also emphasize that we should not move from one extreme to the other extreme, not ideology. So, for a Democratic Socialist, they just point. Overall approach is to balance on. "Lv Yuanli added.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

People s daily up implementation of the comprehensive two child policy schedule

People's daily: up implementation of the

Photo: Cfp

18 plenary session of the just-concluded party "comprehensive two-child" policy, and instantly ignite public opinion, "you do not" meet has become a greeting.

With the national economic and social development by leaps and bounds, especially the material and cultural living standards greatly improved, since entering the new century, China's population situation is undergoing great change. The most prominent was the: people's fertility desires a general decline in sex ratio imbalances, modern concepts of family planning, as well as the long-term stabilization of low fertility. Based on this, the 18 session start "single two-child" policy, took a positive step in our population policy. The "comprehensive two-child" policy put forward, is a response to changes in the demographic situation of further strategic initiatives.

We are in Sichuan, Henan, Liaoning and other field research found that urban fertility concept "profound changes" are consistent, fertility in rural areas are also being quietly changed. On one hand, such as the "boy or girl as well", "daughters are descendants of" "may not be the best of luck", such as concept increasingly popular in the countryside on the other, many rural families, even if growth two-child policy, will voluntarily give up growth, individual places there is even "born two sons cry" phenomenon. In General, most people had already started in reproductive behavior "self project", and generally is going through "my plan" to "I'm going to plan," fertility and cultural transformation.

Therefore, in order to ensure "comprehensive two-child" the effective implementation of policies, supporting policies associated with it might become the next steps the focus of Governments at all levels. Priority is to accelerate the development of implementation of the "comprehensive two-child" policy timetable. At present, the "comprehensive two-child" policy roadmap has been fixed, which previously not eligible for birth families is the biggest boon. Next, around should tightly around "full two child" policy of implementation landing fell fine developed good schedule, active concern senior women of demands, do has wishes birth women of policy publicity, and psychological counselling and technical advice, work, let those has birth wishes of senior women smooth to put two child health down, as to for more meet conditions of family taste to "full two child" policy of sweetness created conditions.

Secondly, we should actively improve the family helping family planning policies. On one hand, increase the intensity of work, based on the loss of material and psychological needs of single family, lost families more care alone, effectively solve the loss of single family to worry about. The other hand, continue to uphold and improve the family planning benefit-oriented mechanism, have responded positively to the family planning policy of one-child parents, cash-related treatment in employment, health care, pension and relief aid to give preferential treatment to one-child families.

Finally, it should be trying to improve the birth of second child public service supply. Start changes to relevant laws and regulations and policy in a timely manner, information and interpretation of the work, effectively "comprehensive two-child" policy's legal difficulties and challenges. A comprehensive summary of "two children alone" policy in the implementation of good practices and good experience and strive to resolve eligible families want to have not hesitated to health issues. Play an active leading role of the Government, vigorously introduce social forces, focus on strengthening maternal and child health, reproductive health, women's employment, maternity insurance, nursery managed aspects of the supply of public services to bring eligible families to think health, hygiene, health, ensure "comprehensive two-child" born under, well, could afford.

Source: people's daily CCTV made looting maps involving 18 provinces

Original title: "comprehensive two-child" cannot stop at

Last updated: 11/05 11:58

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Zhou Benshun terminate the NPC Deputy qualification last week has been filed

Zhou Benshun terminate the NPC Deputy qualification last week has been filed for investigation

Photo: vision China

According to Xinhua-view news, the afternoon of November 4 vote of the NPC report on the representation of individual representatives. 12 session of the national people's Congress is elected by Hebei province, former Secretary of CPC Hebei provincial Committee, the provincial people's Congress, former Director Zhou Benshun, due to severe violations, suspected of a crime, in accordance with the relevant provisions on behalf of, termination of its representation.

On July 24, 2015, the Central Commission for discipline inspection supervision Web site message, Secretary of the Hebei provincial Committee, the provincial people's Congress Standing Committee Zhou Benshun alleged serious violation, currently under investigation.

Subsequently, the supervision of the Central Commission for discipline inspection on October 16, said the Web site, original Hebei provincial Committee, Secretary of the former head of the NPC Standing Committee Zhou Benshun serious disciplinary violations were expelled from the party and public officials. Zhou Benshun became Communist Party first since 18 Lok's current Secretary.

The Supreme People's Procuratorate on October 29 at the official Twitter announced that a few days ago, reviewed, the Supreme People's Procuratorate decided according to law of the Hebei provincial Committee of original, Secretary of the former head of the NPC Standing Committee Zhou Benshun on suspicion of bribery investigation and coercive measures. Investigation is in progress.

Zhou Benshun resumes: 

Zhou Benshun, male, of Han nationality, born in February 1953, xupu, Hunan people party in September 1971, to work in December 1975, constitutional and administrative law at Wuhan University law school graduate, postgraduate degree, law degree, doctoral degree in management, Economist. Hebei provincial party Secretary, Director of the provincial people's Congress.

1972.04--1975.12 Changchun Geological Institute Geophysical study

Geological school teachers in 1975.12--1982.10, Hunan province, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Secretary of the Communist Youth League,

1982.10--1984.12, Hunan province, China geology and mineral resources Bureau Deputy cadres

Researcher at the Hunan provincial party Committee policy research office under section 1984.12--1992.07, the Deputy-level researcher, Deputy Director, Director

(Of which: 1991.09--1992.01 in young and middle-aged cadres of Hunan Provincial Committee party school training courses)

1992.07--1994.04 researcher at the Hunan provincial party Committee policy research Office Deputy departmental level

1994.04--1994.10 Director of the Hunan Provincial Committee policy research Office

1994.10--1995.08 in Shaoyang, Hunan province, Deputy Secretary of the municipal party Committee

1995.08--2000.11 in Shaoyang, Hunan province Party Secretary

(1993.09--1996.01 school of management engineering, Hunan University, received a master of Science degree from)

2000.11--2001.11 Director of the Hunan provincial Department of public security

2001.11--2003.11, Hunan provincial party Committee, legal Committee and Director of the provincial public security Department

(1999.09--2003.06 school of business administration major in management science and engineering, Hunan University, PhD in management)

2003.11--2008.03 Deputy Secretary General of the Central Commission of politics and law, Member of the Central Committee for comprehensive management of public security (2004.01), the central coordination team members in Xinjiang (2004.03)

(Of which: 2005.11--2006.11 in constitutional and administrative law, law school of Wuhan University professional study and received a doctor of laws degree from; 2006.03--2006.07 at the party School of the central provincial and ministerial cadres who want to learn)

2008.03--2010.05, Member of the central political science and Law Committee Secretary-General, Deputy Director of the Central Commission for comprehensive management of public security, the central coordination team members in Xinjiang (2008.07), Member of the Central leading group for maintaining stability (2008.06)

2010.05--2011.08, Member of the central political science and Law Committee Secretary-General, Deputy Director of the Central Commission for comprehensive management of public security, the central work group member and Director of the Office for the coordination, members of the Central leading group for maintaining stability

2011.08--2013.03, Member of the central political science and Law Committee Secretary-General, Member of the Central Committee for comprehensive management of social management, central panel member and Director of the Office for the coordination of work in Xinjiang, members of the Central leading group for maintaining stability

2013.03--2014.01 Secretary of the Hebei provincial Committee, the provincial Secretary of the leading party group of the Standing Committee Chen Zuo er talk about the plight of Hong Kong

2014.01--2014.03 Secretary of the Hebei provincial Committee, the provincial people's Congress Standing Committee, the party

2014.03--2015.10 Secretary of the Hebei provincial Committee, the provincial people's Congress Standing Committee

July 2015 investigation into alleged serious violation on the organization.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Guilin a printed poster name reported in the supermarket food drug called 3

Guilin, a printed poster name reported in the supermarket food drug, called 3 case

Guilin of huarong supermarket flyer real name appears on reports. For men loved one recover vindicated notice a

On November 2, the net exposure of huarong supermarket in Guilin City poster advertised a real-name reporting letter, 7 employees of the supermarket sign, reported food and drug supervision Bureau of Guilin, 3 investigators, in handling a case of its request property, caught the attention of many members of the public and users. Guilin city food and Drug Administration responded by saying that investigation team has been set up to investigate the matter.

NET: supermarket posters issued reports

From November 1, the number of huarong supermarket in Guilin on the flyer, appeared a letter of report to the employee's real name. Posters printed 20,000 copies distributed to huarong supermarket over more than 120 stores for people to receive. Users also report into pictures on the poster on the Internet. The afternoon of November 2, Nan Guo Morning Post reporter went to Guilin huarong supermarket company interviews.

Mo said, head of the company's original business, on May 12 this year at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, a Chief food and drug supervision Bureau in Guilin Huang, law enforcement officers and all came to the company with business surveys, said some corporate zhengyang shops reported selling a foreign brand condoms are the three products. Company responsible for merchandise sales, Wang, with Huang and others investigation on the matter.

Staff: two law enforcement officials took more than 1300 Yuan property

Wang said a staff member, in the period from May to July, Huang x, 3 law enforcement personnel have to ten or twenty times the company, called to assist in the investigation and to provide the relevant documents, the company is also to cooperate with the investigation and provided a relevant certificate materials. Law enforcement officials said all of a sudden have to fill one of the material, then I say investigation and treatment education, mainly to appease complaints from guests, said guest wrote a 6 page report material. On June 12, 3 people such as Huang went to the company's business, see sample 2 packs on the shelf date, saying that is a good thing, ask there is no extra packs of 1, said they had 3 people. Wang said no, this is the company buying back the sample, nothing more. Later, after law enforcement officers carry the box carrying a group of items to leave. Lee of the company responsible for the processing operations, in order to facilitate collection, 500 law enforcement officers were also sent a voucher, the voucher redeemed merchandise. Then this one time, 3 when law enforcement officers also took away a number of items. Incomplete statistics by the company, 3 law enforcement officers take away property worth a total of more than 1300 two Yuan.

Huarong supermarket company, Guilin city, a police official said the company believes sales of condoms there is no question, but when reporting to the Bureau of food and drug inspection detachment of Guilin city, consider that there are problems, also recommended in the case of confiscated money reached 1.55 million Yuan, also called him the leadership of the food and drug supervision departments to discuss will be reduced and confiscated money to more than 200,000 yuan, and asked him to agree with.

On October 22, the food and drug supervision Bureau of Guilin city written decision of administrative penalty, decided to foreclosure totals more than 226,000 yuan. On October 23, the company confiscated money, but refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty, ready to apply for administrative reconsideration or sue in court.

As early as August 18, 7 employees who witnessed the law enforcement personnel to take property, that in the course of their investigations, law enforcement request property is illegal, reported jointly wrote the letter and handed a copy to the food and drug supervision Bureau of Guilin city. But the report does not result, the company will report letter on supermarket flyers in the November 1, said if the report is inconclusive, and will continue to go down.

Official: is investigating this matter

On November 2, Guilin, Director of the food and drug administration monitoring unit introduced a, also received a report and investigate, but 7 people and ginger and a legal representative do not come forward to assist in the investigation, nor does it provide any substantive evidence. 3 law enforcement personnel, including Huang investigation, 3 denied asking for per capita property and sign off on the investigation. Because of huarong supermarket company in Guilin city they do not match, so the first investigation cannot proceed. On November 2, the Internet post, and huarong supermarket posters appear to report the letter, Bureau investigators monitored room on November 2 to huarong supermarket company in Guilin city for further investigation. In addition, the legal adviser of this Council are collaborating with huarong supermarket company, Guilin city, contact the legal counsel, the matter will be disposed of according to law.