Thursday, October 27, 2016

Van Chase 1 dead 4 injured in motorcycle crash passers by Lianjiang Guangdong

On October 27, a "van many casualties caused by crazy motorcycle and hit bystanders in pursuit" video raised concerns. Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from Lianjiang, Guangdong Province Public Security Bureau confirmed that the events leading up to 3 people on motorcycles and 1 passers-by were injured, 1 pedestrian deaths, police are trying to arrest suspects on the van.

Surveillance video shows, October 26, 6:40, Zhanjiang Lianjiang Avenue pursued a white van in front of a motorcycle (with 3 people), van Windows at two long knives out; people cut down on his motorcycle trying to Dodge Van, lost control and crashed into the sidewalk side; van direction to the left and then hit the front two passers-by.

Lianjiang local netizens post said accidents caused a number of casualties. Van why chasing the motorcycle, said Department personnel earlier conflicts. However, this claim has not been confirmed by police. Hubei Wuhan intended downtown one blasting demolition

27th Lianjiang City Public Security Bureau informed by an official signal: on October 26, 110 in Lianjiang City Public Security Bureau received a report of Lianjiang road traffic accident occurred, killing 1 person killed, 4 wounded. October 26 6:46 A.M., Bell a driving motorcycle took Shaw a, and Luo a in after Lianjiang Avenue in the Shi was a car van Chase cut, course was the van forced pour in to to Bell a, 3 people injured, then the van continuous hit pour respectively riding human tricycle and bike of Xu a, and Wu a, led Xu a death, and Wu a injured, then the van fled site. After the incident, the Board immediately from the criminal investigation, traffic police and police deployed elite police formed task force investigation, suspects are now to pursue them.

Surging 27th Lianjiang City Public Security Bureau staff told news at present suspect is arrested. Why the van driver and conductor cut motorcycle Chase? "Both a conflict" if it was true that? The staff said the exact motive was being investigated, the progress the police would inform in a timely manner.