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Jiangsu Nantong front room of a man and a woman and two people were killed and

Nantong, people's daily online on April 30, the evening of 29th, town, Tongzhou, slack water emergency case, stained with blood, and a man and a woman was killed. According to nearby residents, fa├žade of the incident room in "accept discount" business. Specific cases to the police for investigation. Jinghong Yunnan hundreds of taxis stopped money

Reporters from the local police was informed that the 29th at 9 o'clock in the evening, police received ping Chao Zhen Yu CAI Lu Hao Jing Gong, Tongzhou district, two people were found dead next door in room alarm and urban levels, the police immediately set up a task force and capable police organization to carry out the investigation. After investigation, the deceased South Korea some 44 years for males, women Zhang, 49, were from Zhejiang, the specific cause of death is still under investigation.

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Lushan turn again leap into the political arena the Halo fades into a town

Lushan turn: again leap into the political arena, the Halo fades into a town

On April 17, 2016, the rainfall, Lushan in xiaotianchi spectacular waterfall cloud and sea landscape, cloud cascade billows, houses in the mountains looming, is spectacular. Oriental IC data

Instead of Lushan mountain is a mountain, rather than cities.

Its roads, vehicles, buildings, people ... ... In a special form, exist on the map of mountains and rivers in China.

April 2016, this "special" into orbit.

In the current month on the 27th Conference of the tourism industry development in Jiangxi province, Jiangxi provincial Governor Lu Xinshe said has been approved by the State Council in Lushan city, with the "City" the establishment of the system, will present new opportunities for tourism development in Lushan.

Like growing pains, Lushan has always been concerned, has also been "split". Its light is always focused, until this time, justified as a city.

Modern civilization

Lushan turn: again leap into the political arena, the Halo fades into a town

The mountain is at the end of April, still a chill on the Hill. Guling town, restaurants, hotels, a close family, looked more than tourists. Locals say that now is the off-season, wait until July or August, prices turned San、sibei also do not necessarily provide it.

Chang Chong River is a river of singing. Sound of happy people into the depths of the old Villa, going to savor, and suddenly the car flashed by, shrill horns relentlessly to break the silence.

Few probably called "mountain" area, Lushan of modern civilization.

There are two roads in the mountains, the starting point in Williams town and the town of Tong Yuan, respectively, you can choose to drive or take the bus, about 50 minutes to reach the top.

Starting from the town of Williams mountain road, also known as mountain road. Construction of this road starts in 1952, opened to traffic on August 1, 1953, 23.45 km in length, is the Lushan mountain road.

Road curves a lot, sick people will be a little discomfort. When a tour guide, he would like to tell you stories about Mao Zedong first time in June 1959 Lushan.

Mao Zedong was riding from North mountain road up the mountain. Turn a corner, he went to the window losing a match stick, reach the top 4 box of matches all thrown out. A box of matches, there are 100, 4 box is 400, so say this road 400 bends. However, he warned by a staff member, the way you had 4 cigarettes should be 396 bends.

Matches lost story is just anecdotal, authenticity could not be confirmed. Sure is, Lushan corners did Mao Zedong was impressed, so it will have the famous qilv of the Lushan mountain: "mountain flying along the great river, up the verdant 400 Rotary. "

400 turn out to "cloud fortress" guling town.

Here is a deserted village, 1116 m above sea level, named Niu ling. In 1895, United Kingdom missionary Li de Li obtained by illegal means in the region of more than 4,000 acres of land lease in perpetuity, and take a cool name for it--cooling (Kuling).

Beginning of the last century, as Westerners in China at that time of summer, guling advance rapid urbanization process.

Wu Zongci in his book wrote in the journal of the Lushan mountain, 6 (1917), guling has all kinds of buildings more than 560 employees, foreign residents on the Hill at 1746, labour work in the concession are 1126 people. By 1937, Hill residents reached 18421, foreigners 1276, totaled 19697.

According to Dai Changzao of Lushan guide prepared by the Chronicle, 14 (1925) guling presents to the world scene are "joined of buildings, towers from the streets freely, clean."

Statistics of the book, when the chapel at the guling 4, cinema 1, Library 4 1, hospitals, school tennis courts 2, 18, bath 2, meeting 2, hotel 9, book 5, photo shop 5 1, Bank 2, and a newspaper, another store number.

Now guling remains open and modern commercial as much as urban commercial center in the mountain.

There are 13,000 residents, hundreds of restaurants, hotels and shops. More than 600 more than European and American styles of the old Villa, apart from a few cultural relics are protected, also is utilized as places of business.

At night, hiding in the Woods House light up, bar, KTV, foot massage shop signs and clubs nearby.

In 2014 and 2015, in guling town located at in bookstores on both DiCOS fast-food chain brands and KFC have opened. DiCOS in some attractions set up the station, next to the Shenandoah Caverns attractions, stands a DiCOS retail stations.

First may in guling trance, Lushan see?

Many old villas, like a condensed history of China. Peaks, waterfalls, clouds and poems left by the ancients, it seems is the true colors of a mountain.

This Scholar Hu Shi did have. Nearly a century ago, he wrote his travels of the Lushan, Lushan has three historic places represent the three major trends: Hui-Yuan dong Lin, representative of China "of Buddhism" and Buddhism "in China" the trend of white deer cave, on behalf of the Chinese modern trend of 700 years of song; Gu ling, on behalf of the Western cultural invasion of China trend.

Political arena

Lushan turn: again leap into the political arena, the Halo fades into a town

The Skyrail rainforest cableway of Mount Lushan scenic area. Oriental IC data

Enjoy the views of Lushan, is not a difficult task.

View area has two lines, tour bus like city bus bringing people to each attraction. Called a sightseeing tour, was on the bus, get off, walk a little way.

Vehicles cannot reach, ropeway, ropeway, and ramp interface.

At present, the jurisdiction of the Lushan mountain scenic area has three tramway or cable car. Qing Lian SI, they are Sandie tramway, from Po in front to the great waterfalls of ropeways, Jian XING long cableway, connected power station dam and Shek Mun.

Fairy cave scenic spot, a visiting the datianchi area trails have been closed. The other end, connects Lake area and Lushan in Jiujiang city, eight of the ropeway is being built. The Jiangxi daily reported earlier, the cable length of 2864 m, after the completion of Mount Lushan in 7 minutes.

In addition, the xingzi County, Shannan Prefecture have two cable, respectively, is to show the area to show the cableway connecting Tai Village area and hanfankou Taiyi ropeway. Which has shut down four or five years, a familiar from the cable operators, due to the mountain village of Tai-scenic construction couldn't keep up, the passengers fall cable business to make ends meet, can only be shut down.

Live in guling's older Lushan on these "new" is not cold.

Instead, they think too many vehicles such as noisy, KFC "fast food" tune with the Lushan, ropeway wire ropes and iron destroy the natural scenery.

Old people like a thing of the past. Previously closed, Lushan on only himself or a sedan. Along the hero on the Lotus cave, came almost two hours.

Chiang Kai-shek's Hill is also a sedan, bearers are usually from Zhejiang province. He first came to Lushan is the winter of 1926, with then-wife Chen Jie, designed in the United Kingdom founded by missionary John xianyan hotel. Every summer, the Lushan on he would live for some time, the people around are replaced by Soong Mei-ling.

Since then, onto the political stage in Lushan. Yang Zhenyu mentions in his book memories of Lushan, Lushan on Chiang Kai-shek, 77, 773 days were spent in the mountains, hosted more than 20 times in important meetings.

Also during this period, the national Government civil and military officials gathered in Lushan, became the capital of the second political centre of Nanjing, also known as the "summer capital".

"Summer" position is unusual.

Lushan mountain in the archives the archives produced by records, the earliest the Lushan administration was established in 1926 under Jiujiang city, Jiangxi provincial government began in 1930 straight pipe.

According to Wang Guoquan, Wang Bingru, mediated by the Lushan "summer" Chronicle shows, in November 1935, guling recovery station of the national Government. Xiong Shihui of the then-Chairman of the Jiangxi provincial Government reported to the Executive Yuan, said Jiangxi devote, please apply Central receiving.

After the meeting of the Executive Yuan, and Jiangxi province, Lushan mountain, the Board has managed funds by central subsidy, provisional subsidy of 100,000 yuan per year, talents or by the central organ Shang diao.

Yin Yinyuan in his study mentioned in the article the secret Central Daily News edition of Lushan, in 1937, also operates the Lushan Edition of the JoongAng daily and the other two on the paper version of the city of Beijing and Chongqing.

But Chiang Kai-shek did not in that turbulent era had the last laugh.

In June 1959, 10 years after the liberation of Lushan, Mao entered the residence of Chiang Kai-shek and Soong Mei-ling in guling meilu Villa.

"Chiang Kai-shek, I'm coming. "As soon as he entered the Garden Gate with strong Hunan accent shouting voice reveals a high-spirited.

According to statistics from literature scholar Qian Bocheng Combs, after the founding of the Mao Zedong had three Central Conference under the auspices of Lushan.

On July 2, 1959 to August 1 and August 2 to 16th for the first time, an expanded political Bureau of the Central Committee, then opening session of eight plenary session to discuss the "great leap forward", the people's communes and other issues. Second was on August 23, 1961 to September 16, the central work Conference to discuss issues such as industry, food, finance, education, implementation of economic character. On August 23, 1970 to September 6 for the third time, opened the second plenum of the ninth to discuss amending the Constitution, national economic planning, strengthen combat readiness and other issues.

Special identities

Lushan turn: again leap into the political arena, the Halo fades into a town

Romance on Lushan Mountain cinema entrance. China Visual information

Because of that hint of "political overtones", continuity of the special status of Lushan.

Since liberation, Lushan mountain in Jiangxi provincial government directly most of the time on the administrative system. The 50 's of the last century, it was in the jurisdiction of the Administrative Board in South, but soon returned to Jiangxi provincial government, for being level.

The "cultural revolution" period, the authority into a revolutionary Committee of Lushan mountain in Lushan, down to the County and section. In 1977, the Lushan administration restored, still owned by Jiangxi province.

In 1980, the Lushan Administration changed its name to Lushan district people's Government under Jiujiang city. Just over 4 years, the State Council approved the establishment of Mount Lushan scenic area administration (General external hereinafter referred to as "Lushan administration"), the return of Lushan mountain in the province.

This particular old Lushan people proud.

Yin Yinyuan remember 88 years old, a child has a school, he and several classmates to see Chiang Kai-shek and Soong Mei-ling in the Union Church (now the Romance on Lushan Mountain cinema is located) walk. Reminds them of the teacher's reminder, stand on the side of the two bows.

Song meiling enjoys, and nanny took candy from a sedan chair. She put candy to the children, also touched on the head. Chiang Kai-shek was looking, smiling.

Had Cao Tianyong retired from the Lushan hotel, staff around former premier Zhou Enlai.

He said Premier Zhou was amiable, no shelves, when wanting pictures with everyone. His most memorable was the September 1970 in September, after Mao in Lushan meeting of the second plenum of the ninth General Assembly staff and waiters.

"In the open space in front of the tunnel, time is 2:14 P.M.. "Cao Tianyong said, as was the staff of the Prime Minister, standing position is near the leaders, when his mind is almost empty," just remember Chairman Mao is very tall, waving at everyone, never spoke. "

In 1980, just faded a little bit political Lushan, because a film called Romance on Lushan mountain soared in popularity once again.

It's a shot in Lushan love movie, the classic "new China's first screen Kiss" makes it popular.

Lushan in many people's minds, when Chung came up all of a sudden a lot of people on the mountain. Just started doing tours of guling a bed is hard to find, tourists can only rest in temporary stadiums, schools, and even the cinema.

Worth mentioning is that the Romance on Lushan mountain also over a 30-year television and tourism representative samples.

Originally transformed from Union Chapel Lam Ling Dong Valley cinema has since changed its name to Romance on Lushan Mountain cinema. Since 1980, it only shows the Romance on Lushan mountain film, 365 days a year, day 1-2, reception serves nearly 2 million viewers.

If you look back at the last century 80 's mountain, it is not inferior.

Data show that in 1988, visitors to 857,000 visitors in Lushan, Huangshan tourist just 504,000 passengers.

But by 1997, Huangshan tour [600054] successfully landed on the domestic a-share market, tourists more than 1.07 million passengers. Just elected world heritage site Lushan has not ushered in the explosive growth of tourists, also in 1997, its visitor numbers for 896,200, only 4.6% over the 1988.

Lushan is unattractive, yet? For years, many people for its "pulse interrogation", the most frequently mentioned is the "mountain rule."

For a long time, Lushan is just like a big cake, by multiple local or partition management.

Especially in the 80 's, the Lushan had six managers. Xingzi County, Shannan Prefecture, mount Lushan district in the North of the southwest corner of Jiujiang County, portion control at the foot of Lushan, respectively. Lushan nature reserve and part of the reclamation field also holds the Lushan mountain in Lushan jurisdiction. Finally left to the jurisdiction of the Lushan mountain scenic area administration, only accounts for 14% of Lushan mountain top part.

Jiangxi province has tried several times to break the pattern. 80 's last century in Lushan scenic area authority was first established, the provincial government will send experts to the Lushan mountain research, located in Lushan city ideas forward. Since 1996, 2000, and 2010, which envisaged several times on the agenda, but the end result of delimitation, the distribution of benefits and problems such as streamlining use.

Complex psychological

Lushan turn: again leap into the political arena, the Halo fades into a town

Jiangxi Lushan is shrouded in clouds. China Visual information

People have views of Lushan mountain, everybody wants to play "Lushan".

They don't like the called suburbs in Jiujiang city Lushan district, received a letter packages often confused the address.

They also don't like the train station located in Jiujiang County, Shahe town called Lushan station. It is obviously far from Lushan, outsiders do not know, that got off the train and went to Lushan.

A few years ago, Zhelin Reservoir scenic area, Jiujiang city Lushan xihai called, make them laugh. The place more than 80 kilometres away from the Lushan, relationship, eight bands are not.

Xingzi County, has been put on the agenda and the packed city, Lushan mountain people also have a psychological complexity.

They want to rationalize the system, again uneasy about the uncertainties that might arise after the city.

It is said that city of Lushan, xingzi County, but not merged. Different dialects, traffic between the two places are not convenient, contact rarely in modern times, distance and lack of intimacy.

Others, exploitation and protection of tourism resources in xingzi County on consciousness is still relatively backward. Such as the white deer hollow Academy, Lushan scenic area administration management, is the junction of the two places. In earlier years, mountain time many people cut down trees around the College, xingzi Authority communicated many times, but to no avail.

Also concerns after the city of Lushan was "dragging". After all, less mountain people, small size, management more manageable. If the economy is relatively backward in xingzi County on to say will not affect the existing Lushan people welfare.

But in the outside world, these ideas are all people of Lushan condescension at work. After all, due to historical reasons, the Lushan have seen much higher level, better economic conditions than under the mountain. Xingzi County, alone, is as a prefecture-level city of Jiujiang, they will not buy it.

In this connection, Lushan themselves admit. They feel that this is not a day for two days to develop, like many elderly people have few and leader of photo, photos framed on the wall, often will feel proud.

Older people, young mountain people may not be able to understand.

"$Literal" Lu ran (not his real name) also has a photo album at home, is the father in Lushan at the reception and some of the leaders of the group photo. He often turned out the aftertaste, and by the time, Lu ran nothing.

"All over, even now, see a national leader is not a big deal. "As one of the few still in the mountains of" Lushan indigenous ", Lu ran just under a small shop, the monthly rent is 13,000 yuan.

Reading went to Nanchang Lu ran before and after graduation returned to Kuling. He says back is cozy and small endemic human touch. Before the Spring Festival this year, Lu ran and his family stayed down for more than 10 days, came home only to find the key in the door, home and all is well.

But from the point of view of development, ease of Lushan is facing a real test.

According to Lushan scenic area administration staff said, with ticket number for statistics, around Lushan number about 1.3 million visitors per year. Comparison of Huangshan tourism annual report, in 2015, the visitors into the mountains of Huangshan reception is 3.1828 million people.

Jiujiang city, according to the statistics data website, in 2015, the Lushan mountain scenic area administration total of 431 million Yuan, down 43.5%. In January-March this year, fiscal revenue for Lushan scenic area administration 66.52 million Yuan, down 47.6%.

With the concomitant, is on the mountain of "Lushan indigenous" less and less.

Old people have died, young people to a greater platform to the distance. In 2012, the Lushan mountain scenic area administration in order to reduce the environmental pressure on the Hill leading departments moved in Williams town mountain town, while supporting, as well as thousands of newly constructed residential buildings.

Considering that old man winter, in 2015, just retired from the mount Lushan scenic area administration Zhang (not his real name) has also bought a house in the mountains. He said in recent years the mountain level of health care and education are on the decline, resulting in many people for the children and the elderly in Lushan moved under.

Zhang was willing to live in the mountains.

Half a century ago, and his family in guling Gorge road in an old Villa in Hankou. When summer comes, insects and birds, Breeze, is his deep thought on Lushan.

Today, the old villas into a star, Zhang did not go off. The mountain was seen by many as the homeland may no longer be used. Battle for top selling children s book of Charles

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An interview with popular science writer Yi Heng on sex is not a heresy rebels

An interview with popular science writer Yi Heng: on

Yi Heng

Know the Internet, there is a theme "how Queen C-cup this man? "Users, as a sexual and emotional bloggers, she never agreed with the nature of sacrifice for the other half to wronged girl. She is no mercy attempts to use the weak attitude to cater to male access to resources for girls.

Sounds like the 860,000 twitter followers of the popular science writer is a steely woman warrior.

One day in April, Yi Hengyue and I met in the Beijing West railway station Metro station. When I hold the phone in the crowds when the dazed look, clear and loud sound came from behind "paper". Pate, a hair girl smiling stood beside two explosion-proof Swat. Denim jacket, gray ankle-length skirt, white lace shoes, slung the little blue bags, face last round glasses, glasses frame is bright orange-red.

This is the "Queen C-cup"?

"A lot of people look at my screen name, feel I'm just a middle-aged woman more than 40 years old. "27 years old and she giggled.

"Queen C-cup" real name Yi Heng, her artist Liu Yan was the "bridesmaid" after the incident, wrote in an article: "the body is also an important battle for power, role in women's empowerment are diverse and confusing. "

Live in day time, we "open talk about sex" talked about "feminism", she said, crisp, sharp, and reveals a stream of smartness like a little girl.

She claims to be a student of feminist theory, but something into a feminist community a very powerful voice, so "feel an obligation to say something with something."


Shell network Science website editor-in-Chief Xu, China is extremely depressed, and abuse of, or in the words of scholar Jiang Xiaoyuan said, is to present a strange "sexual tension", in this context, sex in China often surrounded by superstition and rumor.

Scholars Li in for Yi Heng of book first mouth Apple of taste for sequence in the for example said, reform of early, has one General China scholars to United States access, trip arrangements in United States East, for from domestic of people vibe is located in United States West of bet City Las Vegas has best of porn performances, the scholars was in himself meager of income in the took out disproportionate of a large money, all to run to see has one performances. "Pent-up neutral to what extent in our society, so that people would think of doing such a ridiculous thing is worth it. "Li was moved.

Xu published posts through the shell team recognized that easy money. He remembers that the Yi Heng was in "groups" are very active and wrote a lot of things, are very keen to interact with users, "her methods, such as practice, discuss issues through data and scientific literature in superstition's way of thinking, and so on, are all rational performance. As far as I know, she has been in active learning related subject, from which she can touch the scope of the article clearly shows. Dissemination of these topics is very strong, because many people really care about the topic. "

(Editor's Note: the underlined text to Yi Heng Readme) I shell have a series of articles, more than 10-20 articles. After I finished the first burst of red, there is no micro-blog. Post flow is high, breaking their highest number over the years. Before long, they came to me, eager to increase the team leader for me to do. Go to the shell, to see this group, natural attractions attract have passed. After reading it I felt like a had not changed, and "in the beginning" like that, everybody was a little white, and know what it is like. I went to the various headings one by one slot. And my spouse said, you write one, you know not to write one? I say you are serious? He said write, anyway you have nothing you wrote. I said yes, I'll go write. A lot of people still ask me: "you do this your husband know? "I was like, joke, my husband pushed me up the road well.

I am registered in 2008 campus network, on campus "in the beginning" section, are sex-related topic, very red at that time, more than 80,000 visitors. The plate was very much the boys, and then I played a girl over there, everyone will think you must open (laughs), there will be school students recognize, saying "you are the people at the beginning of the" (laughs). Will somebody by harassing you, so I very early on the harassment of desensitization. You don't think they really want to "about gun", really want to at least sincere about it, they seem to simply want to you about it. It doesn't matter, they are about people. Some people will think you're "easygirl" above me in the school at that time were mostly male, college students or college students or something like that. Males of this hostility is "deviant" a hostile to women, insult you, treat you like an object, a feeling such as prostitutes.

I found myself in this piece was "shameless", and no such shame. Pen, I will forget these things, I sometimes think they are some kind of worm, no need to go with them regardless, they couldn't understand my world. Maybe I was born to be a deviant person, the heresy of his way to say that I'm going to be a rebellious person, probably until I found out that I found.


Master of science in graduate school attended during Yi Heng Tong Li articles and their professional researchers "obscure" academic articles, he was impressed, juggling with the article closer to the reader, a sense of images and imagination.

Invite Yi Heng to be before Web site columnist, "talk about love" Chinese Editor Chen Jieyu some mixed emotions. When Yi Heng on SINA weibo has more than 100,000 fans, and their website has not been formally launched. Chen Jieyu recalls that when contacting Yi Heng, pay tribute to her idol, don't know what message she would see or know each other is not the same as her screen name, has an aura of cool.

"Until that moment dial telephone, hearing her voice, I felt relieved. Phone girl is a sweet voice sounded warm, but there is some fear. She will make you feel like she was a man, and we, as a sensitive, insecure and helpless girls. "Chen Jieyu described, Yi Heng" hard and soft ".

Supposedly I should not be a gentle person, I think this might be my mom I. Told my mom are ... ... Small-town young people clubbing this will bring a lot of bias, my mother won't, she feels young people drink alcohol, release of pressure, nothing, girlfriends talking good or boys with him doing? Drank almost home, take a cab, be careful, it's nothing She will not put a label on, wearing tinted glasses, nor to "you're a bad girl" to think in this direction.

My father is fond of reading. Sexual science home comics as a child, should be foreign translations, pictures of people watching is foreigners, not Chinese. There is a similar physiological reading things in the country, very different, very dogmatic.

My College economics major and minor in any media. After graduation, psychology, is now the second class State counselor. Shell that I can speak very simple and very interesting, so everyone can understand, because I feel confident with them, because it is part of my common sense, is something I knew from an early age, I take them out. I used to think that students in the city, only more than I do, how can less than me. To the high school after the discovery environment is quite conservative: when in high school, I am 165 cm, weigh less than 90 pounds, was one of those tall skinny girls with boobs, clothes wear next to the skin, so the more garish. I high jump, long jump, the boys will be the next to whisper, they called you on your back, "enlargements", their eyes and whispered like a sticky mucus, very uncomfortable.

Girls you have "slut shaming" this word, said one of the girls wearing flair. I had no idea, "slut shaming" that phrase, but I realized that they were classified, they separated themselves and attacked the girl, by category in some way, such as "I am the good girl" that feeling, or hit others, reputation damage to others.

I feel hostility, but I won't hate my body. I seem to resist this, and later still took the "C-cup", a screen name.

As I was a very good student, but I'll fight, full of faith to violence as a child, believes violence can stop all sorts of things.

I remember once was a boy, my first grade, his third year, our (power) is very wide, when he bullied my sister, someone came to tell me, and I rushed over, recess jumping rope, I tied the rope away, people in the past (laughs). But the picture is ridiculous, because the contrast is too wide, he can't fight back. My sister was sitting in the classroom, I was playing that guy over there. She is not going to go against a man who is honest and honest. The "campus Overlord flower" reputation is out, guys don't mess with me, but the girls ran over to complain or how is possible, I would be outraged. Until grade five I was class President, as a result of the fight, the teacher is very angry, it removed the monitor.

My dad was a very strange man, he is "fighting, but not losing a fight, losing to live up to expectations, is not to cry". I think my dad is "b", "gangster" feeling. I fought all the way to high school, then no. Is probably because they know can't win (laughs), use other ways and becomes a razor.

An interview with popular science writer Yi Heng: on

Yi Heng


"Yi Hotel Beijing and assaults on female guests" broke that night, Yi Heng bursts of three micro-blog, called "rage, fear". Later in the interview, she said, "by taking possession of social capital (strong) to confrontational vulnerable, is a strong logical system of discourse. "" Accept this line of argument, does not mean that you can reach the other side that no injustice. "And that" women as a whole, is to help women help themselves. "

East China Normal University, Department of social work professional supervisor Shi Xiuxiong, though only in words and in writing, but is bullied and oppressed groups to voice their opposition and advocate, is also very brave thing.

In the Court of public opinion, Yi Heng is the kind of aggressive and not afraid and people angry people.

Fans unfollow her and found her "things are too one-sided, women only as victims of the party laid out more and more extreme."

There are also netizens who she "can't do a feminist leader, if you become a leader, but will affect the development of women's rights. "

Yi Heng exception seriously sitting in front of me, she is no "small Sisterhood" kind of woman. "I need to be leaders," she suddenly come up with this, added, "but not the feminist leaders, I want to be a powerful woman, let others have the courage and strength. Want them to say to myself, you see her go ahead, I'm not alone. "

Want to influence the world with the idea, I do not know, from an early age, growing up more and more clear.

I have brothers and sisters, I second. But the personality a lot worse. My mother was poisoned by gender discrimination, her hometown in Jiangxi where seems to be a more serious, it is believed that no son is "absolutely" that my grandparents or even my mom and dad, I also feel I have an obligation to give birth to a boy.

High school, I liked to read Wang Xiaobo, we usually put themselves in position to the hero, but not into women. I like everyone's position. Actress often does not an interesting role, because it is often reactive, being loved, well boring. You're not a passive woman, but such a positive role, to imagine what that feeling is like, you want to be a passive object.

Gender is also may bring limits, men and women are actually grow up in different cultures. Feminist theory, sadly like a window appears in front of me, some theory is very difficult, but when you will feel, that was too much fun, it wakes up your whole grow cultures used to unquestioning accept things.

Feminist theory is all about women's things you, as a woman, very likely to be involved in a common destiny of women in there. Due to the feminist theory is often critical, sometimes produces a fatalistic tragedy is so weak.

I have no theory of feminist view of learning as a professional, I was always a student of the State, has not put forward his own theory, no ability to judge, nor an expert on views. But I have so many fans, there are so many people can hear me, I might even change people. You will feel my voice is important.

Open microblogging her desire just saying make jokes, teasing fans and do not want to shoulder some of the responsibility is considered to be v of that sort of thing. Until early 2015, she received a Twitter direct message from the first two days of the girls, the girls mentioned she is sexual abuse by relatives. Forward in Twitter, the "Queen C-cup" received more than 100 letters to discuss private letters, after more than a day, another thousand.

I like standing in a room, looking around, all the girls, hundreds of thousands, in each corner, mobile phone screens against their faces, and then the tears will fall, very painful to recall this matter.

And there is a sense of motivation for women to speak out. This is a common fate. Them to realize that what happens in their own body and that girls are not the only thing, there must be other injuries, in other places there. Or you may also want to seek justice--"I should not be the victim of an unknown, I shouldn't be forgotten victims of mine victims should be aware of. " Zhejiang construction judgment the High Court

But in reality, she may not be able to open, or she may be denied in public, parents did not believe, or believe that no measures. Victims may choose to hide away their injured message may succumb to short-term pressures, however, this inequality will always be there.

I think I'm going to do this thing, I want to know, how many people still recall this incident in a dark night, suffering.

Yi Heng subsequently designed a questionnaire on the sexual abuse of children, from February 2015 to June, completed a questionnaire sample size for 17,522. She asked me to emphasize, this is not a scientific survey, only be able to obtain first-hand information. However, very little information in this regard, this is probably the largest sample size.

Questionnaire survey preliminary analysis displayed: in on children implementation sex abuse of people, has male also has women; two-thirds of sex abuse Shi harm is acquaintances, ranking Qian ten of is neighbors and the elders relatives; in lack education of situation Xia, many children cannot clear know sex abuse is what, more not understand how protection himself; children sex abuse has was condoned acquiescence of situation; has 25.32% of insider what also didn't do; over 70% of victims no to other people disclosure himself experience sex abuse of facts.

An interview with popular science writer Yi Heng: on

Yi Heng


At this point, we have her rings outside the home. Quiet neighborhood high-rise penthouse, sunshine is good toward the South, floating window felt pads covered with a white, her knees and sat near the window, take a thin pink coral fleece blanket wrapped around her legs, her husband was napping rooms.

Yi Heng referred to her husband as "my spouse" instead of "my husband", would prefer the latter dramas like eight-point document called, too greasy.

My current husband is on Twitter know, it may be more efficient. Will find two people at least agree with the language, more talk, three views, will feel different from previous relationships, you will not want to have that kind of relationship, the failure rate is too high.

I think the relationship is a very serious matter, he should be better than "friends" concept more formally. Some people think I eat out for dinner several times with you, even watched several movies, we are both male and female friends. I'll affirm that this matter, we have not formal friendship between men and women, is still trying to contact stage.

Although I have good skin, but not as good as my spirit, a lot of people think you are a sweet and silly white girls, oblivious of what your inner soul is. I hate it when men say "you pretty good, I love the wayward you, I adore you", I feel an idiot, I'm more spiritual than my appearance looks.

I (and my husband) aspires to set up different against traditional marriage, "the men outside the home, women" or "man what to do, what women want to do" this abhorrence of "boys to spoil the girls" scoffed at this. We strive for rational communication, want to weaken a gender perspective. Have children in the future and do not want her own girl sorry, at least at home. Well, I want her to be proud of themselves as women.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

14 year old child death in Foshan 150 000 awarded to the families the South

Foshan, Beijing, on April 24, a 14-year old child in the event of sudden death, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong, recently caused widespread concern. Human resources and Social Security Bureau official responsible for the 24th, Nanhai district, Foshan told reporters, families of the enterprises concerned with child labour through consultations in this matter, the two sides signed a compensation agreement, the enterprise has been paid to the family compensation of 150,000 yuan (RMB, same below).

Sudden death of Wang, male child was born on June 17, 2001, Qidong, Hunan people in early March this year by his mother Marina provide access to Janets fill spaces work clothing company, Foshan, Guangdong, on April 11 at about 6 o'clock in the morning, was found unconscious in a rented, with the approval of the "120" doctors to the scene died.

According to earlier local media reports, the families of the dead child labour said, the deceased are mainly doing underwear every day processing work about 22 hours a day, plant hard work may be causing his death.

After the incident, Foshan Nanhai society investigating, verifying the above company employs child labor facts, punishment and fined 10,000 yuan. The Council also said that after an investigation, there is no evidence the company overtime problems.

Internet users questioned the relatively light penalties for enterprises, Nanhai who heads of relevant economic and Social Council responded by saying that the punishment is according to the decision taken by the Board in accordance with law.

According to reports, pursuant to article sixth of the provisions prohibiting the use of child labour: employers using child labour, the labor Security Administration Department ordered corrective action and follow each use a monthly fine of 5000 Yuan standard on child labour be punished. South Seas Society Council on April 22 of the written decision of administrative penalty according to law, to the company on March 5, 2016 to April 10, 2016 and 1 child (that is, Wang boys) penalize violations, fined 10,000 yuan.

South China Sea Society Board said to the company will be illegal use of child labor and working hours, further verification, if there are violations, and dealt with according to law; the company employs underage workers failing to register problems dealt with according to law. Hebei County Government cheated farmers land transportation

Foshan Nanhai is a manufacturing town in Guangdong Province, with a large number of enterprises and factories, many garments, processing and manufacturing, hotels, restaurants and other labor-intensive industries. It is reported that, since April 25, officials in the South China Sea region-wide special inspection action on illegal use of child labor.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Old man collecting 28 twice losing to the town government today in the retrial

Old man collecting 28, twice losing to the town government, today in the retrial of Chenzhou review of hearing

Chen Boyu currently has no source of income, his family was poor.

74 years old Chen Boyu collecting 28 of Hunan was CHENZHOU, two levels of courts are based on more than a maximum limitation of the judgement. 2:30 P.M. on April 21, and staff arrived at the Chenzhou city intermediate people's Court of Hunan province high people's Court, Chen Boyu xingning district and town government construction contract dispute case organization to mediate.

Earlier, Chen Boyu and lawyer for the Hunan High Court received notification, April 22, at 9 o'clock in the morning, the case review of hearing the retrial will be held in Chenzhou city intermediate people's Court.

Chen Boyu's attorney said Cao Yuanze, 21st the mediation lasted for nearly 4 hours, Midway, old Chen Boyu with emotion and tears.

Hunan High Court judges to the surging Sun News (www.thepaper.CN) confirmed that the organization does the Court mediation, and is still in the process of doing, do not disclose other details.

In one or two sentences, Chen Boyu advocates beg for and interest in arrears amounted to more than 300,000 yuan (184224 rest project of 121230 Yuan and interest). Chen Boyu's lawyer says, after the mediation work in the afternoon, Chen Boyu reduced compensation amount to 200,000 yuan.

Cao Yuanze surging on news that mediation effort in the 21st, XING Ning town, they did not meet government representatives. Xingning town Vice Mayor Wu Qianghui said Ning town Party Secretary Lai Jiangang came forward to participate in the mediation, which is not clear.

Old man collecting 28, twice losing to the town government, today in the retrial of Chenzhou review of hearing

Chen Boyu when signing the agreement to and acceptance of such documents. Fu expired raw material sentencing the company

"The case review"

28 years, Chen Boyu to beg for zixing 1988 owed by the former Government of Pingshi Township project, running around.

On November 2, 1992, the complaint receipt issued by the Hunan provincial higher people's Court, Chen Boyu agent Li Jinqiu to Chenzhou city intermediate people's Court: "If true, please review the specified ' zixing or you. "

In mid-November 1992, Chenzhou homes go in zixing city people's Court told Shen TING: "Chen Boyu to reflect in our hospital and lodged a bill of complaint. Complaint will now go to your court, please pursuant to provisions of the civil procedure law law review. If they meet the conditions for prosecution and the case inadmissible if it does not meet the conditions for prosecution, it should be ruled inadmissible in accordance with law. "

Court case, Chen Boyu continues to government departments at all levels to reflect the situation, he went to Hunan provincial higher people's Court, Hunan provincial labor and Social Security Bureau, Chenzhou city intermediate people's Court of zixing, zixing Chenzhou City Bureau of letters and calls, letters and visits Bureau, the people's Court, the Government of Pingshi Township, but always to no avail.

In 2013, the town of xingning district merging after Government consultations with Chen Boyu, the focus of controversy in the specific amount of arrears.

On February 3, 2015, Chen Boyu long recovery project, in the zixing city people's court filing, the Court mediation, the town government offered 30,000 yuan, Chen Boyu didn't agree.

October 2015, the second instance in Chenzhou Chen Boyu appeal was rejected for the same reasons. First, the Court of second instance are of the view that Chen Boyu over the 20-year maximum limitation.

On December 2, 2015, Chen Boyu to the Hunan provincial higher people's Court for a retrial of the case.

On March 8, 2016, the notice issued by the Hunan provincial higher people's Court accepted the case.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

People s daily comments on media PAPI sauce freedom is not barbaric

"Editor's note" Zhang dejiang cancel the crime of whoring such

On April 18, the original video blogger "PAPI sauce" due to its series of videos containing foul language vulgar content, SARFT asked off the rectification.

In the present media platform to compete, "tube" and "block" while leading.

On April 20, a people's daily commentary published reviews, roll-call of the recent reorganization betta, six rooms, network platforms such as PAPI sauce. Comments pointed out that freedom, not "barbaric."

Article is as follows:

Recently, a group calling itself "beautiful and talent all in one" "net red", because using foul language in the video, whose works are under the management reorganization. Use Web platform to gather views from Uncle PAPI meters covered sauce, fellow, many of these since the influence of the media leads than traditional media. Looking at new media, development is on the rise, thriving is the fact that captures users sought after love, sentiment is true, content varies greatly, the fact that pays top academics, in the face of such "three doors", management and guidance on how best to become a problem on the table.

On April 19, network security and information technology forum held in Beijing, XI Jinping General Secretary stressed that "cyberspace is a common spiritual home of millions of people. Cyberspace clean air, good ecological environment, in line with the interests of the people. "Indeed, in McLuhan's" the medium is the message "assertion has become common sense today, from hot threads of information to social media circle of friends, from the ubiquitous pop to full screen the barrage, even online gaming, input method, electronic red envelope is able to disseminate information and trigger interaction. The virtual world of "Pan-media", gathering mass users, expanding the influence of the media, but also blur media boundaries. Neither the page nor the application, regardless of "PC-side" or "mobile" used around people, numerous and diverse information chain linger in cyberspace, rendering a splendid picture of media, but also to the pressures and challenges of new media management.

Despite the strengths, weaknesses, and many media properties is the objective of the network platform. Recently, the Ministry will fish, six rooms and other network broadcast platform on the investigation list, many people found that some large live platform rush up to millions of online users. Let alone has more than 650 million monthly active users on the app, and nearly 20 million pushing more than 700,000 daily mass, public information. Free development, "savage". For new media, focused on standard, regulation is necessary. Also for this reason, only last year, the national network system by law to cancel the illegal site license or record, serious illegal websites were closed by law, 4,977 website shut down all kinds of illegal account according to law over more than 2.26 million, which is "socially responsible and accountable to the people."

Communication focus, objects of the growing trend of highlighting, warned the administration of new media, financial media, do not "meimaohuziyibazhua". Arrival "State governance bodies, and treatment order" State need is based on the clear media properties "one step forward" ... From the text, pictures, audio, video, forums, Web sites to Twitter micro-client, "form + publishing platform" has a huge portfolio. Various forms, each platform has a kind of character formation, what users, what kind of ecological, need to put in some effort carefully defined. New media platforms, into media forms, State media, there are ways to bypass the ban, alternative rules of the back door, the old way to cope with new problems will inevitably step on drums, playing the wrong beat. How to control and inclusion, innovation in parallel with order? How to do "to the vast and subtle" both tube and used well? To clarify property and organized, I am afraid that is the basis for targeted management and service engineering.

In fact, the gift of new media technology to humans, used well, it can be a great positive energy to promote social progress. From this perspective, the "tube" and "Guide" is equally important, "blocking" and "sparse" in hand. As called for by XI Jinping, Secretary, for the majority of Internet users, more tolerant and patient, constructive comments to absorb in a timely manner. In the new media, microblogging app client that mainstream media has become the main force has both a strong influence, and a strong guiding force, only the people's daily's new media has been covering 350 million users. Similarly, if you can be more inclusive, more understanding, more leverage, the different properties of "press boat" spread into the fleet, to borrow their lively, flexible and diverse forms of expression, "said they wanted to say" and "we want to talk about" can we truly achieve "invisible publicity." Only clearly defined various types of Internet media properties, root of the problem, and jizhuoyangqing, to maximize all the media are run without prejudice to others, help within the framework of the public service.

"One of the strengths of new media, will lead to the birth of a new civilization." Information carrier itself impact on civilization, culture and assimilate to be reckoned with. Build system, enhance the level of supervision, reaffirming media property, "good governance" and "use" both traditional media and emerging media integration and development tide, before bringing out the more gorgeous spray, and the media as "extension of men", and better feedback of humanity itself. (Original titled controls, but also with good--build system consisting of integrated development)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Taiwan Telecom fraud suspect Liu Taiting never tell a family of Telecom fraud

Taiwan Telecom fraud suspect Liu Taiting: never tell a family of Telecom fraud

On April 17, police questioned Taiwan Telecom fraud suspect Liu Taiting. Shanxi Anhui and Hubei to compete for three Xinghua

"MOM, I went to Kenya not to travel, but to do Telecom fraud, doing some illegal things. "The afternoon of April 17, 27 Taiwan Telecom fraud group the suspect Liu Taiting said, he realized the error and return to Taiwan Hou, he certainly won't do what Telecom fraud.

Taiwan Liu Taiting, new Taipei City mainland China recently from Africa Kenya back to the 45 Taiwan Telecom fraud one of the suspects. On April 15, his mother Zhang Xiuxiang the Taiwan "Legislative Yuan" for help, saying her son was crying on the phone, "we have not committed any crime, we do not want to go to mainland China, fear of being wrong." Taiwan media at the same time, "said Liu mother, anxious and sad tears fall on the spot" and "MOM, heart, tears of Government save our children" ... ...

"In fact, I went to Kenya to do Telecom fraud thing, my MOM does not know. "Liu Taiting introduced him to travel to Kenya and engaged in the process of telecommunications fraud.

His statement said earlier he met through his friend Fat Choi (Taiwan Telecom fraud group, one of the boss), end of February 2014 Fat Choi organized dinner for everybody, is to set up a company, Egypt Telecom fraud, he recruits.

"In early March 2014, I went to Egypt, but only for a week. "Liu Taiting explained, because" the wind "is so tight that fraud was not carried out.

Taiwan Telecom fraud suspect Liu Taiting: never tell a family of Telecom fraud

Liu Taiting choked up several times at the trial.

Police introduced in May 2014, Liu Taiting and received a call from fat Choi said in Kenya set up safe havens, and invited him to go with him. In July of the same year, he lied to his mother to travel, call of the submissive Fat Choi came to Kenya, mainland Chinese Telecom fraud.

Liu Taiting is a computer operator Telecom fraud group, is responsible for two main aspects of the work. He for said said, while, he is responsible for sent phone voice, that through Baidu search entered phone number, retrieved to city mobile phone number paragraph, then through VOS software, sent fraud phone voice, daily sent ten thousand or twenty thousand article; on the, he also acts as a telecommunications fraud group and Taiwan "water room" (money-laundering institutions) communication of bridge, through SKYPE software and "water room" contact, to "wire" personnel provides related account, is responsible for and water room communication money whether to account.

Police investigators described, Liu Taiting salary is NT $ 30,000 per month base salary plus Commission. In terms of commissions, if the performance of the month to 2 million Yuan, can deduct 2%; 3 million royalty 2.5%; percentage of more than 4 million Yuan to 3%. As of November 2014 Liu Taiting arrested for arson by Kenya police custody, in April, he got a total NT $ 240,000 salary, and through the transfer of all the money to his ex-wife.

Liu Taiting was Kenya during 16 months in police custody, his mother also turned his supply of NT $ 10,000 per month in their lives, but he has not told his mother he was kenbiya in the Telecom fraud.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hawking for humans to aircraft flew 60 000 miles per second how can we

On April 13, hawking and Russia Rich Milner announced the launch of "breakthrough camera" plan, developed hundreds of aircraft the size of a stamp, laser arrays from the ground, very thin Nano-sail drive, up to one-fifth in a few minutes the speed of light, a 20-year period flown to Proxima Centauri, photographed images transmitted back to Earth. He participated in the launch event, it is clear that he will be one of the financial backers. United States election place of birth could block

One-fifth: how fast is the speed of light? 2013 "travellers first" flew out of the solar system, has spent 36 years, one-fifth the speed of light, only 3.6 days.

Hawking for humans to aircraft flew 60,000 miles per second, how can we participate?

This plan can succeed? Is feasible in principle. We first need to know the boundaries determined by the laws of physics, know what is possible and what is impossible. Within this context, technology has endless possibilities, can't use eye to judge now, otherwise it will only be bound themselves. Under the common goal of a whimsical, bringing together scientists and engineers will be intellectual resonance from an entirely new perspective thinking of science and technology. I firmly believe that brought only its byproduct--research and development of new technologies and new ideas, would be sufficient to return the investment. Therefore, whether successful or not is worth trying.

"Breakthrough camera" projects may take years, more practical perhaps decades. Milner will invest US $ 100 million, the entire project may cost from 50 to 10 billion US dollars, the project is still looking for investors.

2012 Milner set up basic physics breakthrough award, a $ 3 million, is known as "Super Nobel Prize". Later expanded to life science and math, renamed as "scientific breakthrough". His investment of several company executives, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Google co-founder, Jack Ma of Alibaba joined the ranks of donors, Board Chairman Levinson, President of the Foundation. James Milner has invested in East Beijing, Twitter, millet, took a taxi to the last drop, Airbnb and Snapchat. "Breaking the camera" and "breakthrough Award" name on the line.

New technology will benefit from this project, but the company may not benefit directly. Milner and the Science Guy is extremely wealthy, $ 10 billion of riskier still is unable to bear the weight. On the degree of popularity and trust of the public, Milner is far better than hawking. Therefore, hawking April 12 opened Twitter power on April 13, announced the plan, but not to cover. This is a private project, Governments may not be directly involved in the investment. Money may be raised, perhaps to the bosses to raise money.

Hawking for humans to aircraft flew 60,000 miles per second, how can we participate?

China recently proposed to initiating and leading international scientific planning and a large science and engineering. "Leader" means one is actually conducting research and development work, is the second proposed core idea and method of mastering core technologies. Even if it is not the lead, not the proposal should also be actively involved in, as long as the return on investment and match.

Returns, there are two. Scientific achievements, such as paper, or one of the greatest things, such as the Moon, which is the "face". Another is the development of the new technology, training of personnel, the creation of employment opportunities, this is the "lining". "Face" was not totally useless, it affects the country's image to promote the brand, is a soft power, but "stardom" in return more specific, less risk.

In high energy physics in big science projects, in accordance with international practices, investment in international cooperation in physical form (in-kind) contribution. For example, our participation in the large Hadron Collider in Europe, Chinese charge detector partly designed by China, made in China, integration to the European Assembly; last year the "breakthrough Award" Daya Bay neutrino experiment, United States has major input to their probe in the United States manufacturing, integration to China.

In this way, States formed in the development of new technologies and trained people to stay at home, contribute to development, but also to create jobs at home. Investment and return balance, actually "net investment" and the risk is relatively small. But there are also some projects, in-kind contributions, but did not participate in the design, organizations are sporadic, did not leave much, and some projects even pure financial contribution, harvested at the end of "face."

Involved in the "breakthrough camera", we should not resist, beyond their seal at the technological forefront, but avoid pure financial contribution--not organized, a lot of personal investing small amounts of cash to finance United States research and development, to create United States employment opportunities, technology to remain in the United States. No matter how much, must adhere to the in-kind contributions to domestic research and development of new technologies, or technology transfer abroad, in domestic production. Also try to participate in project design and technical design, develop it.

(Author Jun Cao, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher at the Institute of high energy physics, starting from Web of science blogs, press reprinted the surging use authorized by the author. )

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Inpatients in Gansu have found to be duplicate billing provincial hospital of

"Last year, a reporter asked me, reform of public hospital when medical treatment is difficult and expensive to solve? I say if you do not reduce the patients alone to change hospital is difficult to solve the difficulty. More and more patients, how many doctors are there enough of them? "

On April 12, Wei JI Wei Liu, Director of Gansu province, at the regular press conference on national health planning Commission introduced in Gansu province, the road to health care reform--serious illness investigation and intervention, disease order, promoting "three things at the village level", health education, into a family of five measures to reduce patient.

Diseases the Sort row to detect melamine incident

Liu said that Gansu province Planning Commission to pursue research and intervention policies, starting from 2013, select the number of people sick each year and high cost of five kinds of disease burden, the Organization of expert research on disease and intervention methods for a year and the following year launched five positive interventions of the people in the whole society.

"First-year intervention had diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney disease, leukemia, five disease has sickened more than 13 million people in Gansu province, which sickened more than 13 million people crowd solves the ' difficulty ' relief. We survey each year five, has been investigating for three years now, and this is a way to reduce patient. "Liu believes that only patients can fundamentally solve" the difficulty and high cost "problem.

In order to reduce patient also has a special feature is the sort of disease spectrum in Gansu province every month discharge compared to diseases in the province, if a disease suddenly high, targeted epidemiological investigations. Liu believes that sort of disease spectrum to find food safety accidents, reduce child death played a significant role.

He "claimed" for example, "through a sort of disease spectrum, we found that the incidence of children not so much in the past, why so many? Through the investigation, later found sanlu melamine problem. ' Melamine ' was first found in Gansu province. "

Gansu has identified provincial hospital repeat billing 700 Yuan on average, County of 1100 Yuan.

Is a multi-ethnic area of Gansu province, harsh natural conditions, the economic and social underdevelopment, serious shortage of medical resources, but reform in Gansu province, and Li keqiang, Chinese medicine has been the Prime Minister's instructions deep change and Central Office, State Council Office for health care reform and national health planning Commission approval.

"The (health care) approach, poor province, a poor province, rich provinces have rich province approach, but there is a way can be rolled out nationally, it is monitoring. "In the health care reform measures highlighted on supervision was believe Liu can nationwide health care experience.

He said to reduce medical costs, for example, a patient came to him "Sue" for benign Meningioma surgery, patients spend 65,000 a day. "I called the Dean, I said did you slot machines? 65,000 a day without. " Tianjin Port 8 12 explosion investigation report

Who respond to medical personnel to get through, "ren and du Mai" becomes famous online Liu, blunt at a news conference, he said through surveys, found that repeated high fees because the hospital billing, "25,000 operation the doctor wrote it again, remember the doctor forgot again, 50,000 had lost. "

Through this incident, Gansu Provincial survey again, repeat billing 700 Yuan on average in each provincial hospital inpatients, the County is 1100 Yuan.

"This is a very bad problem, doctors wages lower or duplicate billing, repeat billing is equal to the money away, this is a cancer that if not resolved, expenses down. "Liu said, when several doctors handled more than 300 once in Gansu, Gansu repeat billing problems at once," now nobody dared to repeat billing. "

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hotel explosion safety issues cleaner door open for others guests all seasons

Security questions in a hotel chain is broke again.

In recent days, surging News (www.thepaper.CN) user Qi Quan (a pseudonym) complained, on February 13, he was staying at a downtown hotel during all seasons, lost 2800 Yuan in cash, monitor cleaning staff had given a man opens the door of the room. The man entered the room after a few minutes, and another man at the front desk for the staying in the room of the procedures.

All seasons hotels China Hotel Group is a well-known hotel chain brands, located in Shanghai, Yunnan road, this all seasons hotel is one of the stores.

Hotel explosion safety issues: cleaner door open for others guests, all seasons admits violations

Hotel is located in the concerned road in Yunnan near Huaihai Road, people's square in Central Shanghai shopping district.

On April 9, China Hotel Group Public Relations Manager Wei Xiaojie surging news that, in the event, the staff did not operate according to the process, the hotel does have "unshirkable responsibility".

Qi Quan said, although the hotel had his 3000 Yuan in cash, he gave a sincere apology on request. But in two months, his attitude toward the hotel very dissatisfied. He believes that someone leaked him hotel travel information, others can be smoothly into his rooms.

Give guests information "cheat the door", the same room had two rooms at the

Qi Quan said on February 13 this year, he is all seasons hotel in Yunnan road, Shanghai No. 297, registration, and a female friend staying at room No. 8615. The night of February 16, in myself and my friends go out after returning to the room, found the room door lock was damaged.

Qi Quan was made to the police, and the hotel's surveillance video of the day.

He provides the surveillance video showed surging news, February 16, 20:18 P.M. 11 seconds, cleaning staff, No. 8615 as a young man opens the door.

Garden police station report receipt card, Qi Quan displayed, his 17th in the morning alarm, found when placed in room No. 8615 luggage less cash 2800 Yuan.

Qi Quan also complained after the men entered their rooms after a few minutes, others in the name of living person, for a No. 8615 check and got the room card.

Show him a picture of a computer at the hotel from the show does have one from Hebei man surnamed Chen at 20:20 on February 16, successfully handled 8615 room check in.

Qi Quan said he found in the room of lost 2800 Yuan in cash, suspected to be by such a man enters the room stolen.

On April 9, the hotel group public relations manager in China surging Wei Xiaojie told news, internal information, the night of February 16, does the above staff open doors for others to enter Qi Quan hotel occupancy, room No. 8615. Cleaning lady said the parties, guest rooms at the floor saying "forgot my room card" to check the guest name and room number, opening the door for him.

In case No. 8615 tenant fails to check out, all seasons hotels also smoothly handle the room checking for others, hotels responded that during the incident, staff on duty by telephone in the room and guest is confirmed, for man surnamed Chen for these procedures, and delivered the key card.

Hotel: not strictly verified information, cannot shirk its responsibility

Hotel explosion safety issues: cleaner door open for others guests, all seasons admits violations

Hotel information provided by the complainant showed that he did not check out, hotel for another man to do the check in the same room.

Hotel doesn't let Qi Quan satisfaction, in his view, this all seasons hotel there are serious problems in the security management, if the above cleaning staff and front desk staff for real, may be the leaked guest rooms at the hotel information, allow others to successfully tricking the cleaning staff and front desk staff on duty.

Qi Quan said on February 16, 20:20, when someone in the room at the all seasons hotel check-in their own, own and none of staying with friends in the hotel, on West Nanjing Road station for another theft to police. Hotel front desk staff really make room call confirmation, when answering the phone in the rooms, only the names from cleaner helps open the door into the room of the "stranger". No share press you to death privileged second

In the face of claims that forgot my card hotel staff helped to open the door, was asked to handle is when some rooms, the hotel industry generally is into what?

-News of the surging Shanghai hotel Noah CEO Lu Ronghua, guests left the room card cases, hotels sector common approach is to make sure the inmate himself. Confirm that there are a variety of ways, such as proof of identity, and the front desk to check information, in short, "is necessary to ensure safety, convenience. "

In fact, guests left the room card, all seasons hotels also have strict rules. "Must be checked 4 pieces of information: name, room number, room time, registered the full card number, and when guests enter the room, the need to produce their identity cards to the staff and the room card. "Miss Wei said.

The afternoon of April 8, the all seasons hotel, surging a cleaning lady also told the news, if the guest claimed that forgot to bring my card, only confirm their identity and other travel information at the front desk and asked her to convey instructions, she can open doors for guests.

"Employees did not operate according to the process of the parties, the hotel has an unshirkable responsibility. "Talk about Qi Quan theft, Wei Xiaojie said hotels have continued to enhance daily training, improve the overall safety awareness.

Visits: foreigners at the hotel have free access to the upper and lower

Hotel explosion safety issues: cleaner door open for others guests, all seasons admits violations

Hotel surveillance video provided by the complainants shows that cleaning lady for a man opened the door of room by the complainant.

Qi Quan said all seasons because of this loophole in the hotel management, put his personal and property safety are under great threat. He insisted on rights for two months, the hotel's attitude is very dissatisfied with, "my request is simple I want a sincere apology, but always said work by the process. "

Qi Quan said if a cleaner and check travel information at the front desk, "stranger" opened the door he was staying in room No. 8615, that just means someone in the hotel staff disclosure of his personal information, will allow others to successfully deceive or cleaning staff at the front desk.

The afternoon of April 8, the all seasons hotel, claims to be Store Manager refused to recognize the invasion of Qi Quan Chen room is a stranger, stressed he quoted Qi Quan's personal information. The store manager said, did not rule out living with Qi Quan friends reveal their information may.

Worth noting is that surging journalists on April 8, visited the hotel in the afternoon and found, from the lobby on the first floor into the rooms of the second floor and above, only by lift, and validation in the elevator room card can be used. But by trailing the other tenants, journalists surging into rooms, and freely to and from multiple floors through stairs. Reporters did not see security personnel are present in the hotel.

Warning: can you say travel information, hotels for which you will be able to open

Surging news also found that, in this case, there is a fact that needs attention.

Qi Quan said, proved that the door into him by cleaning the room in the video of "strangers" Hai (not his real name), have sought their own women friends stay together, but never revealed to him over myself and friends travel information. However, Qi Quan declined to disclose the contact information of friends stay together.

Hotel was called the incident on February 16, the hotel has apologized to the Qi Quan, and room for them. At that time, Qi Quan told police, not lost belongings. But on February 17, the hotel accompany Qi Quan to Yu Yuan garden at the police station, he also claimed that the missing cash 2800 Yuan. As Qi Quan 16th stolen by another suspected Hai cases reported, this time he claimed that loses 2800 Yuan in cash has not yet been filed.

Qi Quan provide report receipt shows that on February 16, he assured the West Nanjing Road, police said, on February 13 in Shanghai Shi Lu Lu stay somewhere, until February 15 to 12 o'clock back home, found a suitcase being rolled over, inside a cell phone is lost, no other losses in the door without breaking traces stolen. Qi Quan for suspected Hai, Hai has repeatedly harassed them.

"The hotel out of a sense of, direct compensation for the relatives of 3000 Yuan. "Said Miss Wei, Qi Quan admitted on request about the disclosure of their information, the police also believe that there is no evidence. In addition, because the dissatisfaction on the matter, Qi Quan has not paid for the last 3 days the price is gone, total 1195.

In addition to police, Qi Quan also complained to the consumer protection Committee in Shanghai. Consumer Protection Committee of Shanghai as a whole and for both parties to mediate eventually "both sides could not reach an agreement", conciliation terminated.

This matter if Chen Hai to hotel staff quoted Qi Quan travel information was leaked by hotel staff, is also possible by Qi Quan and his friend leaked, there was no conclusion. But industry insiders believe, which also issued a warning for the hotel industry, even if someone can tell me the arrival information, staff in the cleaning staff could easily room for it?

The people that encounter this situation need to be carefully checked ID cards, photos and other information, in case others familiar with the guest enters the room, resulting in a loss.

Hotel explosion safety issues: cleaner door open for others guests, all seasons admits violations Hotel explosion safety issues: cleaner door open for others guests, all seasons admits violations

Complainants report receipt of two of the show.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Woman shopping in Wuhan luxury bags and carrying his work show

Wuhan evening news, April 7, can't afford to buy tens of thousands of luxury bags, buy wrapping paper printed with big trademark bag, pretend to buy lots. Girlfriend practices, Wuhan Mr Huang called "pressure Alexander".

On April 6, Mr Huang of the public away from home, found more than 10 paper bags imprinted with Dior, Chanel, Burberry, Hermes, Cartier and other brand-name Logo. Mr WONG is very curious girlfriend used these luxuries, why are there so many bags. On enquiry, the girlfriend Tang work overalls and box lunches, so special online buys some big paper bags, carrying a nice face. Harbin sky high fish released CCTV recording of

"We worked for only two years, income is not high, can't save any money, let alone luxuries. "Mr Wong told reporters that the girlfriend likes to get some before the cottage's big cosmetics and clothes, I didn't care, this obsession with brand-name bags bring sense of vanity.

Huang so that a big fight with his girlfriend and friends ridicule. Have women friends "in" indicates that girls boyfriend don't have to scrimp and save to buy brand-name, he's very sensible. Also the Netizen "Ultra" message: If one day bask in a famous paper bag enraptured, but close friends and colleagues found that this person never used what brand of kind, it will not have a face, but lose lose at home.

In this regard, the senior State counselor Li Lu says, people buy fake brand-name and designer bags, which is a symbol of the pursuit. People who cannot afford that luxury, just think of lower-priced imitations or a shopping bag to reflect their position. Young people should have their own spending power that corresponds to the life, pretend lived a rich life, putting great pressure on themselves and the people around him.

Monday, April 4, 2016

If they are all like this who bought iPhone

If they are all like this, who bought iPhone ... ... 20160401-o-phone-1

Ask a simple question: "what do you wake up every day and the last thing before going to bed? "Estimated that most people answer:" mobile phone. "Indeed, now Smartphone applications with each passing day, powerful almost into every corner of life. Even say someone has when it is itself an organ too much, did not carry any day just like ill uncomfortable. Technology push people to go against the stream, too busy to look. Do you remember 15 years ago, what is life without a smart phone like? When phone has just replaced the BP machine, you can always call to send text messages, no longer looking for public telephones, bring joy to people, but something that matter, said won't take up too much time. At that time we were wealthy. Disney case Disney mini cases

Now, however, we use too much time for a "box" – the first is a Smartphone. This may mean that we will limit our creativity. No free time for us to think in the long run, did not allow us to establish contact with those things that did not previously exist, there is no time to let the brain rest, do not have the time to watch, listen and accept other things or communicate with people face to face. "Bowing" you can get more light, and slowly lose perception of life. How scary! Can stay away from the fancy stuff, make life simple and beautiful? Of course! There are homes, you can choose to deny the Smartphone, back to their own time.


Oh,NO! not ugly, not old yet. I would also like to make friends with people! Ah, the problem has been called o small Mobile Phone solution. O Phone only normal business card size, my whole body white, 3D printers type fairing feel great. UI design based on symbol, breaking the language barrier and more intuitive. Interface only displays signal strength, battery, clock, time, date, call sign, SMS and unlock characters, font in black and gray colors. Volume in side control. There is only one black on the back of the "o" logo. Only this, and no other. Available on the ears, cool down; no into coat pockets, small and takes up no room.

Of course, you will be questioned only by phone and SMS enabled mobile phone? Or is that sentence, win. Believe recent life lips to each other, far much better than each other from the circle of friends. Can't see how them? Pro, it would meet. Nothing is more intuitive than met. From now on, leaving more time to themselves and their friends and relatives.

O Phone concept is: "give me a call, I'd like to hear your voice! "

20160401-o-phone-2 20160401-o-phone-3 20160401-o-phone-5

Designer: Marko Lazic

Disney case


Saturday, April 2, 2016

From two to four wheels three wheeled tianneng battery want countryside surrounding

 As a domestic battery enterprises, outsider is somewhat similar to the Group's development strategy of "countryside surrounding cities": first, two wheels electric battery on their own from the start, gradually developed after three wheel electric tricycle battery, recently turned their focus to the four-wheeled mini electric car batteries and new energy automotive lithium-ion batteries. Local gravitational wave detection project Lyran

Power source of battery electric vehicles, and core components. Battery path is to a large extent, also reflect the route of electric vehicle development. Observe the battery days group's significance lies in the path of development, it is a microcosm of the development of China's electric car industry. Electric car market in China and the United States have a significant difference: the United States electric cars like the Tesla enterprise, is starting from the top, then down to expand the development path. China is taking a route from low-end to high-end development, copy the Tesla's path in China is probably not feasible.

From two to four wheels, three-wheeled jump

30 years ago, the Group was just an ordinary battery factory in Zhejiang Province, mainly for mining area of the stand-by power supply, motorcycle batteries.

In the last century, electric bicycles began to appear in the vast land of China. As an alternative to bikes, electric bikes are active in cities, suburbs and rural areas.

News Group Chairman Zhang Tianren surging the day (www.thepaper.CN), said at the time, days can be found in the popular electric bike market opportunities from around 1998, it can start to power the electric bicycle battery, and as its core business. With the development of electric bicycle market, it can also benefit a great deal from it. In 2010, the electric bicycle battery percentage in the days of business at 94%. Meanwhile, after days after a series of expanded capacity, is currently in the electric bike battery market share reached around 35%.

However, every industry has its cycle, electric bicycle industry for more than 10 consecutive years of growth, the market is increasingly saturated. Zhang Tianren, said that partly because of the continued expansion of production capacity of electric bicycles, partly because with three or four lines of urban residents's living standards improve, the region's consumers tend to choose comfortable and cost-effective micro-electric vehicle.

Follow the market changes, it bring stability after the electric bicycle market, gradually reducing the share of electric bicycle batteries. 2015, the business of electric bicycle batteries has been reduced to 61%, while other businesses is increasing. For example, electric tricycle battery business accounted for a significant growth.

Zhang Tianren, electric tricycle market by the blitz, on the one hand thanks to the online drive the rapid development of industry, on the other hand comes from raising the level of consumption in rural areas. From 2011, day three-wheeled electric car battery business began to grow. In 2015, the business accounted for 22%.

Since then, the days to complete the transformation of electric bicycle battery electric tricycle battery.

Securities analysts about surging News (www.thepaper.CN) that now the electric vehicle market is starting to four-wheeled electric vehicles began to develop demand-side popular micro-electric car and we support the development of new energy vehicles in full swing. Day will also focus on the micro-batteries and new energy on the car's lithium-ion battery.

From two to four wheels, three-wheeled: tianneng battery want

Photo: Tin can group

30,000 or 40,000 yuan a miniature electric cars do not need subsidies, red all over North and South

Mini electric vehicles mainly refers to the low-speed electric vehicles, its speed is generally less than 70 km/h the simple four-wheeled EV, shape, structure, properties are similar to fuel cars.

Zhang Tianren, said low-speed electric vehicles batteries are still dominated by lead-acid batteries, due to its high price, in recent years, in three or four cities ushered in the fast-growing suburbs and towns rural areas. Industry predictions that this will be the electric car market in China in recent years the biggest growth market segments.

Brokerage analysts told the word news, low-speed electric vehicles without government subsidies currently support, but are very popular, these electric vehicles are mainly supported by demand-side growth.

Zhang Tianren said that compared to national policy to guide the development of new energy vehicles, micro-electric vehicle is driven by the market demand for real. China's national conditions are middle and low income people, less people with higher incomes. For smaller cities or suburbs and other regions of the middle and low income residents, miles a day for the big cities are very short and limited spending power, consumers are more likely to select affordable, affordable car. This low-speed electric vehicles to purchase price of around $ 30,000 or 40,000 dollars, when tariffs per kilometre and only a dime more.

Zhang Tianren, said days with miniature electric cars mainstream manufacturers, including Taiwan, Sun, Tang are to establish a stable cooperative relationship, these manufacturers in Shandong, Henan and other three or four cities, the majority of provinces.

These low-speed electric vehicles are robust, to occupy the domestic half of Shandong province as an example of low-speed electric vehicles market, low speed electric car ownership from 2012 to 2015, the province maintained rapid growth for four consecutive years, rose, 54.4%, 196.4%, and 85.6%, respectively.

Low-speed electric vehicles without government subsidies, spontaneous demand alone, as evidenced by its market potential.

An analytical report of the Bohai securities said a conservative estimate, in three or four cities, suburbs and towns in rural areas, low-speed electric vehicles market volume of 10 million vehicles in China, the market size of over 200 billion yuan. It is estimated that in 2015 the country number of low-speed electric vehicles are only about 700,000 vehicles, low-speed electric vehicles market has great potential of space.

The China Securities Journal reported on March 29, according to incomplete statistics, so far, in Hubei Province, Shandong province, Henan province, and 14 provinces, released the administrative measures for the low-speed electric vehicles, or subordinates. Industry insiders said, national standards of low-speed electric vehicles is expected to be launched in June this year, low-speed electric vehicles multi-billion dollar market is expected to be full in the second half.

This is exploding market, Zhang Tianren said that day is already ready. In 2010, the micro-battery operations accounted for 0.4% of the total business. In 2015, nearly 10% per cent of the business. Meanwhile, the mini EV battery market shares reached 58%. In addition, by 2020, will be increased to 20% per cent of the business.

In addition, the countries and places in recent years has issued a series of favorable policies for new energy vehicles, new-energy auto production and sales surge, led to the development of the lithium battery industry as a whole. Zhang Tianren said the group will in the future development strategy the first lithium-ion battery, lithium battery sales by 2020 as a whole accounted for more than 20%. Meanwhile, day group will also, through energy technology spin-off lithium battery plates.

Today, Star enterprise in electric vehicles Tesla Model 3 prices will be introduced in the twenty thousand or thirty thousand dollars, in niche markets to flourish late start with traditional vendors compete on cheap VW models.

When asked about Tesla's development, Zhang Tianren stressed that "Tesla from the high end to the low end of their mode of development, but China's current national conditions also meant the Chinese electric car to lower midrange to high-end route to development is more appropriate." Tesla also entered the cheap car market, means that the demand in the market.

Zhang Tianren said that, no matter what kind of development, "development is the absolute principle to meet market demand."