Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Zhengzhou teachers college falling dead responded he claimed to be mind control

Early big five, a teacher at the school of Zhengzhou railway vocational and technical college in the fall dead.

Determined by the police after the crime scene investigation in line with falling dead. School said it appeared the illusion was the "mind control".

"Reflection", "I want a place of reasoning" Guangxi primary school principals send 2 88 million

Recently, the Henan business daily journalist received a public, "I want a fair argument. "

Reflect Gu woman who lives in xingfu road, erqi district of Zhengzhou, her husband Li, 46, of Zhengzhou railway vocational and technical college English teacher, taught at the College for 22 years.

Ms Gu reflected, the first month of this year 9:14 A.M. evening, her husband and the school Secretary after the phone call, arranged to meet at 10 o'clock in the morning the school reflected problems at work. 11 points to go home for lunch, said 12 o be schools Secretary. She later received notice that said her husband falls to death at 2 o'clock in the afternoon in school.

According to police survey the scene, ruled out the possibility of criminal cases, she and her relatives also agreed with this conclusion.

But in her view, the husband before leaving home and 9 year old daughter tutor English, "predecessors of the incident, why the sudden jump? "

Her even more unacceptable is that after the accident, "school leaders are indifferent, her husband's remains were soaked in cold water for more than 10 hours after the fighting, was moved to the nearby small aisles next to his Office. "

"A school" he claims is controlled by brain

Li falls to death, a Zhengzhou railway vocational and technical college of the note.

That morning, and did State Pedagogical Academy, Li telephoned Deputy Secretary and Secretary of the General party branch, said they had been "mind control".

At 10 o'clock in the morning, and in the Office of the Secretary of, Li still said they had been "mind control". Secretary gives comfort and advice.

After the incident, the school established a working group, has been in communication with the family, hoping to work in accordance with the relevant policies and guidelines as soon as possible and properly handle the aftermath.

For families called the title problems, after verification, the school was informed that Li had never reported to the school had high titles, and school leaders did not talk about it on the day.

Schools are clearly informed, not liable for the death of Li, the difficult rescue of the family best efforts, if there are differences of opinion can be resolved through legal channels.

In its statement of case, reflection of the school authorities invoked the school teacher said: 10:30 A.M. day or so, the teachers met Li at the xingfu road iron English corner, two short walk and talk about children, health conditions, Li also invited the teachers sitting in the home.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Guangxi lingshan informed the male nude in school violated a middle school girl

Guangxi lingshan informed the male nude in school violated a middle school girl: suspected emergency Psychiatry

Pacific Middle school lab administrators in lingshan County of Guangxi, suspected of psychiatric emergencies, harassment of students.

On March 28, the information Office for the County in lingshan County of Guangxi Taiping high school "a male teacher in school nude attacked a female student attempted rape" incident reported: Department of peace middle school lab administrators concerned suspected Psychiatric emergencies, harassment of students naked, then a teacher involved in the Suppression and alarm; harassed students said in the event that it has not any actual damage. At present, the police are making further investigations on the matter.

NET photo, a man naked holding a female student in the school, the surrounding crowd has more students. NET said in the post: "qinzhou, Guangxi Taiping Taiping in lingshan County middle school, a male teacher at the noon time, nude attacked a female student, intended to rape. Last blocked by other teachers. "

Lingshan County of Guangxi information Office released the 28 day and night on the County psychiatric emergency staff suspected harassment in middle school students informed of the statement of case: at noon on March 28, 2016, Pacific Middle school staff hope a suspect in our County Psychiatric emergencies, naked harassed student, then teacher to intervene to halt and police.

Reported that it is understood that the persons concerned a Fok, male, 30 years old, I appear in 2011, the County had a psychiatric problem, to the hospital doctors considered to be intermittent when the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness, but as long as two years without recurrence, then no problem. For security reasons, the school has not arranged a Fok class, only in the lab administrator. 5 years, Johns Hopkins has not appear unusual, this happened all of a sudden. After the incident, school alarm immediately and notify the Huo family, send their families promptly picked up a Johns Hopkins Hospital for treatment. Was the harassment of students said they have not been any actual damage. At present, the police are making further investigations on the matter. 9 year old boy living in Changchun kindergarten

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Don t envy A4 waist Avoid these 9 lumbar acid back pain away from you

Recently, the "A4" waist blew up! Everyone in print. Have a small waist really enviable, but wood lumbar disease is everyone pursuit!

Having said that, there must be many people touched his old waist, subtly nodded. Doctors now say a few words, how to protect your back!

Don't envy A4 waist! Avoid these 9, lumbar acid back pain away from you

Attention! The nine action a break

In recent years, increases in the incidence of lumbar disc, and younger age trend. In fact, many lumbar disc is not innate, but because of bad habits. Some dangerous moves, you don't do it.

1, kicks his legs

Index: a star

Dangerous reason: kicks his legs can lead to pelvic tilt and lumbar pressure balance, resulting in muscle, can also lead to prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc by force does not, in this position for a long time are risk factors for prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc.

Especially among young people in a period of growth, often pointing his legs tend to form kyphosis and scoliosis.

Tip: usually try not to run away from his legs, sit down good pelvis, lumbar spine even by force.

2, prolonged standing

Index: a star

Dangerous reason: erect for a long time can lead to muscle tension, long-term stress increases lumbar spine, lumbar disc herniation at increased risk.

Tip: work foot stepped on tiptoe, and dual casters and, increased lumbar lordosis, while alleviating lower back muscle strain. If standing for a long time to do some lumbar stretching movements.

Don't envy A4 waist! Avoid these 9, lumbar acid back pain away from you

3, the "old lady" sitting

Risk index: two stars

Danger: "old woman" refers to being seated on a couch or bench. This can reduce the lumbar lordosis and disc pressure increases, and maintained this position for a long time can lead to increased lumbar disc degeneration.

Tip: when sitting keep your upper body straight, abdomen, lower extremities together. Sitting in the back of a Chair, it shall, as far as possible on the basis of the above position will be back close to the back, lumbar-sacral muscles not too tired.

4, poor sleeping position

Risk index: two stars

Dangerous reason: when lying flat, neck and waist without support, can result in lower back muscle tension, which is why a lot of people sleep on the sofa or soft ones will think hard because at the waist.

Tip: try to choose a slightly hard mattress while sleeping, lying below the knee pad when a soft pillow, which can make the hips and knees slightly bent, lower back muscles will relax, and disc pressure, reduces the risk of disc herniation.

5, with one hand weights

Risk index: three stars

Dangerous causes: hand weights will make the overall tilt of the body, disc loading orientation is not uniform, muscle tone is not the same, single hand, uneven weight distribution will make uneven force on both sides of the spine, the disc herniation causing great harm.

Tip: in daily life, hand items carry the same weight as far as possible, ensure trunk balance and lumbar pressure, and can suddenly not force too much on lifting, posture conversion is not too hard.

Don't envy A4 waist! Avoid these 9, lumbar acid back pain away from you

6, running posture not right

Risk index: three stars

Dangerous reason: running is the way many people like sports, but not proper running form, especially back and forward gestures will lead to marked increase in disc loading, plus pulse pressure of running bumps, greater risk of disc.

Tip: in patients with prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc and do strenuous exercise is not recommended, such as hiking, running, cycling. If jogging is try to keep your upper body upright, and frequency of running slow wear cushioned shoes, reduced pulse pressure on the disc.

7, wriggled movement

Risk index: four stars

Dangerous causes: some need to twist actions, such as golf swings, table tennis pull loop twist action or exercise requires the waist with arms, which regularly caused torsion and twist of long-term exercise on intervertebral disc extrusion are at high risk for disc herniation.

Tip: in patients with lumbar disc herniation shake that ass try to avoid doing something that requires movement, normal movement and keep your lower back protection and prevention.

Don't envy A4 waist! Avoid these 9, lumbar acid back pain away from you

8, wearing high heels

Risk index: four stars

Dangerous causes: sole with Foundation features, direct effects of gravity center of human body. Excessive wearing high heels will make the body's Center of gravity moves forward, causing the pelvis forward, increased spinal curvature, lumbar spine stress becomes concentrated, so long is likely to cause disc damage.

Tip: always try to wear flat shoes, commuters who could spare pair of flat shoes at the Office. Special occasions if you must wear high heels, walking as far as possible to focus on rather than the foot with the heel. January music report after listening to these

9, bent down and moving heavy loads

Risk index: five stars

Dangerous causes: bent down and moving things directly, and can lead to sudden force increase in lumbar disc herniation, it is easy to make lumbar disc herniation by weak regional highlights, many patients with low back pain are symptoms worse after the stooped to move heavy objects.

Tip: when moving heavy objects, it is best to go down on one knee, weight close to your body as possible, using arm lifting heavy weights to the thigh, and then to keep the back straight stand up, slowly got up and at the same time, the weight to be close to the body.

Don't envy A4 waist! Avoid these 9, lumbar acid back pain away from you

Recommended back pain relief methods:

1, doing body stretching exercises

Straight up her hands to make it stretch, intervertebral disc pressure can be reduced, if possible, with both hands holding the horizontal bar hung dicks, pulled, feet off the ground is also useful.

Anyway try to make body weight goes down, play the role of elongate trunk, spinal column, reducing disc pressure, and it has a reset function.

2, go down

Make sure to abdomen, thigh muscles to squeeze behind, so that the pelvis back to its normal position.

At the beginning, can be carried out indoors, give it a try go down a few steps, after slowly, outside selected parks and sports grounds, find a few open spaces, be sure to pay attention to safety and avoid tripping over stones or obstructions.

3, learn to use cushion

First cushion must be placed on the waist, on the chest and back are not correct. Correct sitting posture is chest, such as the couch to try to sit, let the hips sit on the bottom of the sofa, back close to the sofa.

Second is not too thick cushions. To 10 cm thickness cushion as well. Human back pressure, compression of 5 to 8 cm best lordosis of the lumbar spine, is too thick will cause excessive flexion of the lumbar spine, instead of injured lumbar spine.

4, selected on a hard bed

Lie on your back on the mattress, hand to neck, waist and between buttocks and thigh three apparent bending horizontally and see if gaps;

Side rolled over again, using the same method to try curve SAG of the body is there a gap between the mattress and, if not, when you sleep on this mattress and neck, back, waist, hip and leg matching the natural curve fitting, which is moderately hard and soft mattress for you.

More professionally run Fitness Watch weak signal of this column: sijiabenpao or search the public: private run.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Liaoning Shenyang building exterior wall covered with hundreds of mirrors which

Liaoning Shenyang building exterior wall covered with hundreds of mirrors, which residents track for the

Beijing, March 24, March 23, Liaoning Shenyang are a "mirror architecture", plastered with hundreds of mirrors on the wall, and people stopped to watch. Mirrors reflect different aspects of the building of the city street, rather odd. Henan Black households teachers just 34 total

Residents around to face the mirror building have slots, so design of the building was expressed not so much in appearance, rather to ward off evil spirits.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

One young woman was arrested for stealing in the bus continuous Zhengzhou informed

One young woman was arrested for stealing in the bus continuous Zhengzhou, informed the police search the city

On March 22, the Zhengzhou police circular issued, and search the city female thief stealing some money.

Henan daily news, Zhengzhou police released on March 22, circular, and search the city female thief stealing some money.

March 13 at 11 o'clock, Zhengzhou city bus company bus 86 thefts occurred, victims out of zijingshan Longhai road Song Zhainan Street, take the 86 bus to Nanyang road, then found his wallet in the 17000 Yuan in cash was stolen. Suspect in Zi Jing Shan bus station fled after the crime.

The investigation, the suspect is 1, female, age around more than 20 years, standing at about 1.6-meter, is of medium build. Crime wear hats on feather vest, carrying a satchel. Shangri La s second anniversary of the fire rebuilding

According to the Henan official Micro-Blog of the public channels people watch television news on March 21, didn't think the girl had not caught again on the 29 bus continues to lay their hands on. Same bag cover, likewise in the calm under the control "crime."

To break the case as soon as possible, suspects, Zhengzhou police hope brothers and the people after receiving this notice, combined with routine work, look to arrest. Any case, get in touch with police substation, Changxing road, Zhengzhou city. Providing important clues to capture this person, will be awarded.

Contact person: 15713672713 police officers, armed police officer 15713672752

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Career match fixing old guns intentionally buy fake intentionally buy expired

Xinhua Beijing on March 20, "the global exemption" and "longevity" "cure-all" ... ... When elderly people are direct sellers of "brainwashing", with saving savings when purchasing dizzying array of health products, to help them stay away from "brainwashing" scam marketing?

Expired food, 10 times times! Career match-fixing "old gun" elusive, buy fake known, awarded an hour 9400 ... ... Occupational fraud how to make plans for the ordinary consumer crackdown?

"The asses of fire" and "spicy" "Braised Chicken Rice" ... ... Popularity captures "perfect" derivative, APP reservation "cyber control" how to avoid a dirty restaurant trap without a license?


Xinhua reporter recently split multiplex, undercover "cheat the General Assembly", experienced match-fixing, hit check illegal dens, from fighting on the front lines for the consumer report.

Career match-fixing

"Medicine show": crazy "brainwashing" marketing

"Secret" "zero-risk inhibiting cancer cell growth," "Chinese longevity research base" and "conquer the 200 million patients with bone diseases with Earth" ... ... Eve of the CPPCC, a vocal health products exhibition held at the Beijing International Convention Centre being inundated by advertisements stunning, if not striking "2016 brands of China section" banners in sight, the reporter thought it was "medicine show".

"Reseller" status meeting reporters to a booth consulting brand seabuckthorn seed oil soft capsule, salesman: "the global exemption, eight major effects. Brain tumor resistance, lowering blood sugar, treating fatty liver, no side effects, and old favorites. "However, the State food and Drug Administration database shows that these supplements have no record of these functions.

Zhengzhou Compaq years trading company employees who have taken the trouble to sell an oat red Koji wine to reporters: "this is an important Conference with wine, won 56 certificates. "When a reporter asked" why no lot number "when the employees say.

"The eye, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic fundus of the elderly eyes dramatically. "The salesman for a pharmaceutical company in Henan province's eyes, this eye stick cure-all," to pay the $ 7000 to join agent exports, aimed at the elderly, we lecturers do sales presentations, 268 products can sell 2980, relaxed and happy fishing money...... " 9 year old boy living in Changchun kindergarten

Career match-fixing

Professional fighting man Wang

"Secret" sales, marketing meetings, gathered by way of meetings, networking and offline consumers "brainwashing" them to buy the product. "Consumers was mixed, some earn more than 10 million a year. "Professional match-fixing who introduced Wang," pin from the planning, training to make gifts, fake fake offers, there is a complete industrial chain. "

"Products for the elderly. Content of batch fraud, fraud. Batch numbers, but will consumers use cheat false propaganda. "Wang in eye treatment, for example said," is nothing more than non-woven fabric and its constituents of plant extracts, is actually a damp paper towel. "

"Capture" crazy "brainwashing" scam market, Beijing Haidian police series of arrests in recent years. Recently, police in Haidian, a mega-selling health care fraud ring was destroyed, police will be 56 persons involved in criminal detention or police custody. Beitaipingzhuang RAID scene, a lot of elderly people in the "doctor" after diagnosis, was bamboozled into spending tens of thousands of Yuan to buy a name for "cell liquid" health products. Suspect confessed, these "doctors" have no qualifications, social free personnel employed by it.

A commercial building in Beijing, a lecturer was boasted to the elderly said, its product "linoleic acid ultrasound" designed for detection vascular aging astronauts before liftoff. Police revealed the instrument actually suspect props, are free to control values, trust to defraud the elderly.

Police advise: the fraud ring good "family card", with "daughter" and "son" appears in the name, and the "famous brand", "diagnosis" consumer "cancer"; "brand", "free trial" favors cheat the elderly, such as trust.

"10 times claims": "intentionally buy fake" is protected by law

"Investigations" enigmatic career match-fixing "old guns" how fake? Reporters in early March following more than 20 years experience of fighting against "professional fighting man" Yang Liandi experienced match-fixing throughout.

The same day, Yang Liandi received "informer" from "Beijing Sun Palace parkson shopping mall supermarket bakery counter or expired food" by text message, then arrived at the counter. After careful search, he found priced 118 Yuan/box of "Southern leg" square box cake production date of January 5, 2016, for a period of 60 days has expired for several days. Subsequently, Yang Liandi eight boxes in one breath the same brand pastries a brain on shopping cart invoice and to pay cashier, 944, ... ...

Zhihou, Yang Liandi quickly find businesses, began to "thrust" the claim game: "food safety law expressly provides that the foods should be 10 times times. "Supermarket owners, said," legal mean 10 times, but not necessarily 10 times. "Yang replied:" laws are not discounted "... ... Through questioning, wrangling and bargaining, hurdle, Yang Liandi rely on the rich accumulation of fighting against finally got about 10 times damages 9400.

Yang Liandi reminds consumers that claim to preserve evidence, "I had to lose, holding claim for invoice, businessmen said here to check, put his mouth swallowing invoices, evidence is gone, I'm silly. "In addition, the formal complaints procedure must pass the Mall customer service, issuing records for mediation and conciliation, not private agreements with the manufacturer.

"Method article" Beijing method big lawyer firm senior partner Levi lawyer said, March 15, 2014 up purposes of Supreme People's Court on trial food drug disputes case applies legal several problem of provides 3rd article provides: "for food, and drug quality problem occurred disputes, purchase who to producers, and sellers advocates right, producers, and sellers to purchase who knows food, and drug exists quality problem and still purchase for by for defence of, court not support. "Clear" intentionally buy fake "is protected by law.

Livy describes, 56th new consumer protection law provides that administrative departments according to the seriousness of illegal income for illegal operators fined a maximum of 1 time times 10 times. On October 1, 2015, the new revised food safety law explicitly "ten."

"Reviews" the drafters of the consumer protection law, consumer protection law of China Law Society President said rivers, consumer protection law and the system of punitive damages designed to enable more professional match into match-fixing claims, they are "under the laws of the egg" make up only by the executive authorities lack of match-fixing, a large and obvious effect.

"This year's Government work report, improve the quality of consumer goods, speed up the quality and safety standards into line with international standards, establish punitive compensation system of product quality. "Qiu Baochang, head of the China consumers ' Association legal team believes that" there will be more people to join the fighting ranks. "

Hit the check: the "perfect" derivative behind the dirt trap

"Chaos" now network ordering more popular sentiment captures "perfect" derivative, become Otaku Otaku, Office workers, students, family favorites. However, "perfect" was hidden behind a lot of chaos: website on a big restaurant was actually black vendors without a license without a license; picture mouth-watering, real is very different ... ... This "food" can you eat it?

"Investigations" reporter in mid-March to follow Beijing's food and drug supervision Department on license-free Internet takeout restaurant blitz enforcement action: APP locks the Internet address after law enforcers locate a donkey meat restaurant in the South Gate of Beijing Normal University, the store non-food business licenses immediately seized the store management tools.

In another spicy little restaurant, reporters walked into the kitchen to see the law enforcement, no raw meat cold, dripping with foul-smelling water, piled with food without any Chinese logo in the corner ... ... Immediately notify the law enforcement online ordering platform for the stores to be shielded.

Beijing network supervisor, enforcement of food and drug inspection Corps Group Captain Li 旼 introduction, Beijing a total of tens of thousands of unlicensed food units without a license, many to small restaurants, snack bars, mainly manufacturing and selling vendor, is currently comprehensive improvement or Standardization Management, or the Elimination of obsolete.

The "law" of the Beijing Municipal food supervision management approach (provisional) which came into force March 16, prohibit unlicensed operators selling homemade food online, prohibit network operators of food sold cooked foods in bulk over the Internet.

The new food safety law, online food trading platform for third-party network operators of food are not real-name registration, review licenses, confiscate the illegal gains and fines of between 50,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan.

APP reservation "cyber control", want to avoid dirty dining trap without a license? Please note: one is to choose a formal legal feeding unit; second, retain consumer credentials. If food safety problems are found, speed reported to the food and drug Department. (Interview Reporter: Zhou Ning, Chen Zhichun, Zhang Miao-miao, and Mao Weihao, and Lu Guoqiang,, and Sun Lei, and Jiang Ziwei)

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Investigations a drugstore in Shanghai was selling suspected wild by sky high

In Shanghai's downtown area, a suspected "old" Pharmacy, refers to door only for tour groups, particularly foreign tour groups, but a "drug care" sell to tourists suspected of "wild" Chinese medicine.

One Canada tourists surging to the news a few days ago (www.thepaper.CN) complaints, said his Qin Jiang Road, Shanghai is a drugstore to buy a super price "37", 0.7 kg sold 5500 Yuan, more than 20 times higher than the market price.

Investigations | a drugstore in Shanghai was selling suspected wild by sky-high, only do tour business

Investigations on the first day, around 11 o'clock, "Bao Zhi Tang" has not yet been opened, open until coming to the doorman said. Surging journalist Chen Yixin intern Pan Wentu

Surging press investigations found two days in a row, this so-called drug store tours, stores have a few "mystery shoppers" pretending to buy medicine, actually suspected this to lure tourists and drive up drug prices.

On March 17, the surging Shanghai xuhui district, tourism, news, and other related departments to investigate the situation. That afternoon, the xuhui district, market administration, tourism, culture, the enforcement agency and other relevant departments rushed to the pharmacy concerned law enforcement found the pharmacy to the food distribution license has expired for two months, and the store without a drug license. Field identifies the total seizure seizure as "37" and "Dendrobium" six pounds, specific suspected violations violations will be further investigated.

Buy 5500 super price "wild" 37

Investigations | a drugstore in Shanghai was selling suspected wild by sky-high, only do tour business

Unannounced visits to first day of a Southeast Asian tour tourists enter the "Bao Zhi Tang." Surging journalist Chen Yixin intern Pan Wentu

In early March, Canada nationality Chinese tourists, Wu has participated in multinational travel agencies jointly organized a "South 7th tour" project. On March 8, when he came to Shanghai, he and tour guides to a company called "Bao Zhi Tang" pharmacies. Mr Wu in the Pharmacy at 88th, Qin Jiang Road, buy claims to have spent more than 5500 Yuan against cancer, lipid-reducing function of "wild 37", later found the medicine price value for non-.

Mr Wu told the press the surging, after they walked into the pharmacy, store one "mystery shoppers".

Drugstore clerk to Mr Wu said, the store has a medicine called 37 originating in Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan province, vascular scavenger is lowering blood pressure, lowering blood pressure, reducing blood glucose in the treatment of coronary heart disease and cancer is well suited for older people to use. Mr Wu listened to was for parents to use, you are ready to buy.

Clerk said 37 sell 4 Yuan a gram, a strange man came next, he picked up the 37 sniffed, then asked, "you are not beautiful, do you have a wild". Mr NG see the clerk immediately took a large glass bottle from the counter underground, saying "this is wild, and you smell."

Investigations | a drugstore in Shanghai was selling suspected wild by sky-high, only do tour business

Follow the Tourism Board and the trade and Industry Bureau survey found that the shop's license had expired, while internal restaurant, but without a restaurant license. Surging journalist interns Peng Zhikai Gao Jianping

"People say this is authentic! And asked how much is the price? Clerk answered 18 dollars a gram, the man said how about 8 grams? The salesman, pretend said, look you just bought me mocart's sake, I'll be 8 bucks selling you. "Mr Wu said," the man said, mocart I just bought powder by you after 850 g 810 grams, you might as well give me a powder first, and then weigh much. "

Clerk immediately promised that strange man who bought a pound. Mr Wu also learned from a two-person dialogue, the man is the pharmacy "repeat customers", previously "maca" have also been "favoured".

Mr Wu, thinking that this guy is just plain "tourists", he bought "wild 37", said to be half a catty. Clerk picked up Mr NG hand poured into plastic bags at 37, heft said weighed about, and then directly to crushing, crushing said a kilo of 42.

"Don't want to buy so much, but I was a salesperson told, medicine has been crushed, you must buy it. "Mr Wu said, although the ultra weight too much, but think of" paid 5500 Yuan for 0.7 kg of ' wild 37 ', was quite happy, filial first, priceless health. "

But after Mr Wu's return to the tour bus, passengers to know laugh. "Some people say this price can I buy deer antler, people say I'm fool you don't need such an expensive, some say that the man is likely to be a drug, and" he felt a little doubt, but think it was bought in Shanghai, that prices the quality is guaranteed, no heart.

Yunnan wild 37 have for years found a

Investigations | a drugstore in Shanghai was selling suspected wild by sky-high, only do tour business

March 17 around 3:30 P.M., xuhui district, market administration, tourism, cultural and law enforcement team and other related departments in Pharmacy law enforcement involved. Surging journalist interns Peng Zhikai Gao Jianping

The next day, Mr Wu in-mission to Guangzhou, he recalled, in Guangzhou also went into a drugstore. This is the legitimate pharmacies, Shanghai as well as the store recommended "Bao Zhi Tang" identical "37", and said the vast majority of "37" are planted, there is little "wild 37" argument.

At that time, Wu realized that buying a day earlier to "wild 37" is probably being "hoodwinked".

"Guangzhou pharmacies ' 37 ' is the price of 168 Yuan a kilo, I buy in Shanghai is the same thing, but more than 20 times as much money. "Mr Wu said that this trip made him very depressed.

In fact, 37 wild rare market it is hard to get to, let alone mass selling. 37 major Chinese producers of Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong, especially in Yunnan. Journalists had visited the surging 37 main origin of Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan province, China, was informed that 37 is already no trace to be found in the wild, at least in the past 30 years no one has ever found in Wenshan.

Wenshan surging 37 Industries Association President Diao Biao told journalists, local 37 of the researcher, Yunnan agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other experts, even from the United States, and Japan researchers had in Wenshan in Yunnan and the rest of the field, trying to find wild 37, but to no avail. "Some experts find the 20ji year, farmers sometimes seeing wild 37, but again went to see is not, some people still don't give up! "

Shanghai "Bao Zhi Tang" on tour to open the door

Shanghai "Bao Zhi Tang" really wild sold 37, is suspected of scams?

March 15, at 10 o'clock in the morning, the surging journalists arrived at the 88th Qin Jiang Road, Shanghai of the pharmacy, the appearance of Ming and Qing architectural style of the gate, a plaque reads, "Bao Zhi Tang" three words, giving a "old" feeling.

It is strange, drugstores though sales came in and out, but the door has not been opened for business. Near many businesses, "said Bao Zhi Tang" drug stores not open to the public and the fit, dedicated hosting tours, "team coach came, drugstore business. "

Pharmacies guard confirmed that this Bao Zhi Tang drugstores only in tour groups arrive, will only open the door pick up, up you can connect more than 10 missions a day, mainly to foreign tour groups.

Sure enough, the wait at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, when four tour buses haven't reached the pharmacy door, the store clerk to open the gate. This is one from Malaysia tour packages, for approximately 200 people. Shanghai more than 6 000 old clothes for multiple

Under the leadership of Manager, tourists get off into the "Bao Zhi Tang" pharmacies, journalists followed the surging into the drugstore.

A manager told the visitors, this is a "hundred years old". In-store Chinese-style decoration style, apart from the hall outside, and several small rooms, each room has a different name. Visitors Guide in batches into the "que" and "Hua Tuo". In the room, and knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine Pharmacy staff separately to tourists "popular science" guide or leader in the side is responsible for the translation.

"Has beaten to powder, you must buy it"

Investigations | a drugstore in Shanghai was selling suspected wild by sky-high, only do tour business

Mocart price for 4 Yuan per gram.  A Southeast Asian visitors spent more than 6000 buys more than 1 kg powder maca. Surging journalist Chen Yixin intern Pan Wentu

Before long, visitors were taken back to the hall filled with herbs, lay on the counter, "37", "maca" and other Chinese herbal medicines, medicinal herbs on which stood a profile, show these ingredients from the "herb". Many foreign tourists see these herbs is very rare, someone asked price.

Counter display of maca priced at 4 Yuan per gram, one Malaysia visitor counter and hesitated to do not buy "maca" when a Chinese-speaking "boy friend", he stepped forward to pick up the "maca" sniffed and shook his head to leave. At this time, the clerk from the counter to take out a large glass without any price, take out another kind of "maca" to "boy friend", and the "tourist" thumb being placed directly after the smell, called the salesperson to give him half a catty of glass bottles "maca", and stressed the need to make a powder containing clothing.

At this point, the hesitant Malaysia tourists determined to, and half a catty "maca". Officers at the counter to pick up "maca" weight to the colleagues packed. However, the salesperson responsible for packaging come back, told more than a pound, and stressed: "into powder, you must buy it. "In desperation, the Malaysia national tourists spent more than 6000 Yuan, bought a pound of powdered" maca ".

In just 10 minutes, the journalists noted the surging, "herb" purchase of Chinese herbal medicine in Malaysia tourist at least 5 people.

"The mysterious visitors" who the hell is

Investigations | a drugstore in Shanghai was selling suspected wild by sky-high, only do tour business

Relevant departments in the pharmacy concerned law enforcement. Surging journalist Chen Yixin intern Pan Wentu

The afternoon of March 16, surging again with the tour for journalists to "Bao Zhi Tang" drugstores, most of the members are Chinese tourists. And unannounced visits to see from the previous day, tour guide carries visitors to the "que" and "Hua Tuo", feet, feet, a doctor and a series of activities.

Then, on a guided tour led by tour visitors enter the Hall selling medicine. There was an elderly couple sitting in "Dendrobium" counter stopped and watched and talked about.

At this time, a man with a Briefcase "mystery shoppers" appearance. "Mystery customer" walk and talk to the old couple, saying they know about medicinal herbs, "Dendrobium" still wild well, grinding into powder containing clothes. At this time, the salesperson to come up with a clear glass jar, says this is the "wild Dendrobium" price from 38 dollars a gram. "Mysterious visitor" said 38 blocks the price is a little high, 20 dollars or so is reasonable.

"Mystery shoppers" began to explain ourselves to the elderly couple, said they were Taiwan, met is fate. See elderly couples does not plan to pay for medicine, "mystery shoppers" would not continue to talk with them until the notes next to a middle-aged female tourists in "37", they leaned over and tourist discussion "37".

Journalists surging within two days of investigations, are met, "mystery shoppers", they claim to understand medicine, continued to show approval of a medicine, but did not pay for, and paying for drugs is in wait-and-see attitude of the visitors.

Those speaking Chinese "tourists" before the visitors to buy medicine, earlier in the hall filled with herbs, they neither visited nor picking herbs, but sit in a Chair to rest. Until the tour visitors packed halls of medicine, they began to get active.

Inspection missions came before visitors were quickly evacuated from

Investigations | a drugstore in Shanghai was selling suspected wild by sky-high, only do tour business

"Bao Zhi Tang," the food distribution license has been expired for two months, the permit, no bid before the market surveillance authority shall order the enterprise reform. Surging journalist interns Peng Zhikai Gao Jianping

Journalists will handle the surging to the xuhui district Tourism Bureau and other management departments. The afternoon of March 17, xuhui district, market administration, tourism, cultural departments the enforcement agency and decided to go to Qin Jiang Road, 88th "Bao Zhi Tang" Pharmacy to check.

2:30 P.M. day or so, and three tour buses arriving "Bao Zhi Tang" pharmacies, about 100 tourists were guided tours into the drugstore. This group of tourists from Zhejiang and travel groups, with at least one of the tourists on the bus were guests from Southeast Asia. Tourists are still placed in a room within the "explain", a traditional Chinese medicine foot bath experience.

Soon, the xuhui district, market administration, tourism, culture related sectors such as the enforcement agency of law enforcement officers arrived at the scene. However, the Pharmacy staff reaction was rapid, with guide tourist groups immediately take out the door, less than 10 minutes, in-store visitors have been evacuated, leaving only three or four business people, who's in the shop, "mystery shoppers" also disappeared.

Market comprehensive law enforcement Brigade XX by xuhui district, fourth Squadron check and found that "Bao Zhi Tang," the food distribution license has been expired for two months, the permit, no bid before the market surveillance authority shall order the enterprise reform.

The squadron Captain Poon said, found the shop had not obtained a pharmaceutical license, suspected of unlicensed medicines. Field identifies the total seizure seizure as "37" and "Dendrobium" six pounds, is required to send. If upon examination are identified as "37" and "Dendrobium" belongs to the drug, market supervision and administration in accordance with the People's Republic of China heavy punishment of the drug administration law.

Investigations | a drugstore in Shanghai was selling suspected wild by sky-high, only do tour business

Field identifies the total seizure seizure as "37" and "Dendrobium" six pounds, is required to send.  If upon examination are identified as "37" and "Dendrobium" belongs to the drug, market supervision and administration in accordance with the People's Republic of China heavy punishment of the drug administration law. Surging journalist interns Peng Zhikai Gao Jianping

Captain Poon said the high sale price of the goods will be further investigated, the shop of irregularities will be punished accordingly.

Is also involved in the tourism sector, xuhui district, tour guide were verified and found that it is considered to be the formal travel agencies qualified tour guides, this shop also does tours of the established schedule. Visitors reported being lied to buy medicine, "mystery shoppers" for allegedly misleading visitors and so on, the Agency will work with the relevant departments to conduct further investigations.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Chinese chess man machine war ended AI singularity is coming

As an innovative enterprise, Google have a preference for artificial intelligence has always been. Not only acquired over more than 10 related businesses at an early age, even a Google search itself, especially image search to make good progress in recent years, can also be seen as part of the artificial intelligence. But go for Google is still a challenge. Since 1997, deep blue beat the world chess champion human chess seems to go the only remaining stronghold. Although in the beginning of the last century, mathematicians proved that chess is cracked, but at present and in the future for a long time unable to rely on brute force brute force, but must look for other ways.

This exhibition is to promote Google and a great opportunity to go, but it is only part of the scientific experiment, any formal competitions will not be lost and move on to the next, there is no precedent for playing chess with each other don't know each other. Because scientific tests need black box, Li Shishi cannot be tried before the next few games or watch the moves of the game, so the contest was not fair and equitable. Li Shishi after losing in three sets, the fourth in his pants was found under a program Bug, there was applause and cheers! But the cheer was given too many other meanings, especially in the sense of man against the machine. A team against a team, no matter how the results are essentially is the people's victory, and human wisdom is still an unknown mystery.

Charm game these days is a two-way process: players on the first day of the machine very defiance of blind confidence, and subversive just need three or four days, quickly turn to pay homage to the machine, the fourth game ended when magic disappears, people have found that people can overcome "God". Whether it is morbid or later to start the shock, is essentially due to the machines (science and technology) not very understanding. After the man-machine war could deepen public understanding of chess and artificial intelligence, then this game even without white. In the current discussion, there is a saying that is sensational, it's AlphaGo's victory means that the coming singularity. However, all of singularity many fuzzy areas in question exists, and therefore below the singularity of the births, contents and sort out the mistakes one by one.

Chinese chess man-machine war ended, AI singularity is coming?

What is the singularity (Singularity)

Singularity the etymology of the word comes from the Latin, meaning a single lonely existence (a being alone), medieval English, means unusual behavior or a single target in 1893 and became mathematical terms, usually translated as singularities (the singularity), in 1965, while building the model of the universe using Einstein's general theory of relativity into physics, cosmology become a physical term. In the field of artificial intelligence, in fact, 1958 Ulam (Stanislaw Ulam, this decade hit Monte Carlo algorithm was founded by von Neumann and Ulam) referred to the singularity at the commemoration of the von Neumann, 1965 I.J. Goodall (I.J. Good) use the term "intelligence explosion" (Intelligence Explosion) to describe this concept.

Today, however, we may hear more science fiction writer Vernor Vinge coined (Vernor Vinge) or entrepreneur Ray Kurzweil (Ray Kurzweil, the representatives of the singularity is near) predictions, they believe the coming decades so that a singularity will come, when the machines will replace humans. And in the case of physicist Stephen Hawking, entrepreneur Bill Gates, Mr MASKEY (Elon Musk) and others against the artificial intelligence also implies a singularity exists and can destroy the human meaning.

On odd points itself of pros and cons defended online are has many, force is of like Tim Urban AI revolution (online spread of thanks Panda June of articles is translation of this paper), against of like Toby Walsh odd points may forever not coming, although in I seems which finished burst former, at least is serious of researchers published in pre copies of articles, and former completely is a hype of stunt. But still would like to emphasize is that this is not really a science question, but a scientific prediction, a history of the human sciences issues. Different from the natural sciences, in the field of Humanities, if not each other entirely logically refute even one counterexample a lot of lack of positive examples, this interpretation is still a possible explanation for this model.

Chinese chess man-machine war ended, AI singularity is coming?

Singularity discuss nature and rationality

Singularity is not a new problem in the 1970 of the 20th century, the prevalence of catastrophe theory, is an example of Cambrian explosion of biological evolution to explain the explosive development of science and technology, have now declined, but the analogy with biology and physics, for example, what is the difference between? Judging from the vocabulary, the technological revolution and technological singularity and no essential difference between the two, the latter at best just objects reduced to the field of artificial intelligence. So, why did the meaning of an expression has been used to earn eye of one another?

The industrial revolution and the social revolution has "revolutionary" concept with rotten, revolution is everywhere. Only once the early scientific revolution in the history of science and technology, capital of the scientific revolution (The Scientific Revolution) was the birth of modern science. This concept is extended to many fields, namely lowercase scientific revolutions (the scientific revolution), such as the scientific revolution Newtonian physics science and Einstein's scientific revolutions, and can segment down. However, the emphasis on the technological revolution is very important for Internet companies, for innovative companies like Google, not just the primary productive forces of science and technology, technological innovation is the lifeline. Schumpeter's innovation economy, the trend is more and more obvious, everyone can see examples of our App on your phone to remind you every few days to upgrade, brush your sense of place. The conceptual level, too, they have to constantly use new concepts for packaging and promoting yourself, 4.0 and Web2.0, industry and so on. Although did not any new content, but its commercial value and social significance, even smaller influence on the development of science and technology, not here. This itself is neither good nor bad, but for discussion but not limited to this.

In addition, since economists, economic history of Metrology introduced, measures in the field of the humanities to shine. But, not to mention the public does not know the measurement for the historical study of functions and limitations, many professional researchers know is that fitting out a beautiful model, and not to think about the essence behind it, its root cause lies in the excessive worship of numbers and mathematical models and have only a smattering knowledge that mire of philosophy of science and technology say technical reason.

In Singularity theory the most widespread view is, after the coming Singularity artificial intelligence is growing exponentially, human civilization is the linear growth or stagnation. However, this argument is not clear, it there is no indicator to indicate in which artificial intelligence with people, any one who has a clear understanding of the measurement law knows that, choose what kind of metrics as criteria for evaluation results will differ, because indexes are value load with researchers. Heerqi·kelafu (Helge Kragh) cautions in the introduction to the historiography of science Cliometrics only as an aid to historical research, it is necessary to measure very carefully. Still some people believe everything that we as a community can be calculated, which is the restoration of the old mechanistic, we can only say that some of the indicators for a reasonable fit to explain some phenomenon, but we may never know the nature of the phenomenon.

Take a step back and say, even if there are so-called singularity, exponential growth is not required. Exponential growth is discussed in order to strengthen their own views and have the choice to choose, not just exponential functions, and many other functions such as polynomial functions, logarithmic functions, mathematical Singularity exists said, but the pace of development is completely different. But different indexes such as e^10000t and e^0.000001t in the vicinity of 0 are within close proximity, but the singularity when the estimation error is several orders of magnitude. Scholars shouted in Qufu Confucian the hometown

Secondly, history and how to predict the future is a very confusing problem. Measurement method for history, most people used natural extension of fitting curve, assume that the future is bound to be like this, and ignores the reality of the development of conditions have been met. A clear example is that family planning nothing like absolute population growth curve before and after, and then by model fitting is a very bad explanation. No one can predict the future, history didn't have a law, what law is. What is the phenomenon? Measures suggest that the past one of the standard under development is based on the phenomenon of exponential growth is; what are the rules? no matter how the future will still index development this is the law. Today law or law (law) has and revolution as was abuse has, but real of science law has never not this forecast, science law of forecast sex actually is a general suitable sex, lift a not rigorous of example, today I in Besal oblique Tower threw two a size varies of two a iron ball while landing, I forecast tomorrow you in tour Tower threw three a different iron ball also must while landing this is law.

Confuse the natural law and the social sciences is most terrible, which is why no one can accurately predict the future, as in 1965, Simon (Herbert Simon) said that within 20 years the machine will replace humans, there is no doubt that any similar comments by his impact. Borrow Clark (Arthur Charles Clarke): when a distinguished but elderly scientist States that, what it must be like in the future, that he must be wrong. Even once in a while someone says the pre-sleep is just a myth, actually we backtrack and development must always find similar words, can find an appropriate set of indicators to fit only after we know, this is the nature of historical research. From this point of view, if there is a singular point at the moment, and only after that we really have to know.

Historians are also the forecasts of metrology to be merged is because in modern society, prophecy and foreknowledge is very important for the future, all social and economic activities are based on the forecast. Youwaer·helali (Yuval Noah Harari) elaborated the modern in the brief history of the human sciences and similar to the forecast for the future of the financial system and homology, as said above, if you choose a good measure, in real conditions under the premise of not changing, not fitting for a long time considered to be a good explanation.

Finally, the singularity and artificial intelligence discussions is actually two separate propositions. We think you will find that attitude towards Singularity Singularity proponents are not exactly the same, strange is this contradictory state of mind usually appear in the same person. For those Internet businesses, they need public support of the artificial intelligence on the one hand, presented a singularity, but also faced with another problem, how to eliminate everyone to the singularity replaced human fear of artificial intelligence. As Kevin Kelly (Kevin Kelly) said that technical elements and technological development without human control, said the singularity draws near, on the grounds of human singularity can do to absolve their own research, which is almost passing the buck.

Where are the starting point of singularity? People with artificial limbs not count? Mechanical heart for people not count? A man with an electronic brain is not, does a country with an electronic brain count as? Upload only, or to not only upload or download to the body? Is the world into a semi-mechanical or electronic only, first person even if it is the lab? Technology on the alienation of people actually started early, but people have no awareness. Do people still think glasses or cell phones very strange, and still others leave you? Why only now discovered because 400 years ago, Columbus "discovered" America, this is a typical phenomenon of folks. I think the singularity is a actually a fuss about vocabulary, the good news is that this alienation or human development more apparent its bad side to sharpen the antithesis between technology and people, like tomorrow I am not I, robot to seize power. In fact, you are not you, so-called embedded or in the future, virtual reality are nothing more than another form.

Therefore, we cannot to a singular point of uncertainty and ignore the changes taking place around us, in fact, those changes are affecting the development of artificial intelligence. No singularity, we still have the potential to develop Super Intelligent AI, singularity, does not mean that AI will replace humans. In fact, human reason needs to be a turning point in large part out of a sense of ceremony needs, but what happens to you is a stretch of consecutive, something a clear transition from quantitative change to qualitative change, some are not. Singular point may not be a good model, but it is still a useful model.

Chinese chess man-machine war ended, AI singularity is coming?


I have always felt that the most terrifying prophecies are not science-fiction fantasies of all kinds of human extinction, for example Skynet and the like. The contrary, it is because the fantasy scene, formed the imagined community, human scenes in accordance with their development, and finally died in his prophecy. This is a very old philosophical jokes, it makes me shudder, and the world of tomorrow movie reminds us that should not fall into obsession with predictions about the future. Strange of is, now many science fiction fans into this false of Carnival among, they on Science terms of familiar instead hinder has they on related problem of further thinking, a Skynet of joke open once two times is humor, old took with said thing I not see its Ming also, they while shouted with human Center doctrine undesirable, machine on people care, on the himself and into human building of joke among. Really good science fiction, whether painted superhero, AI, or aliens, are explored through his own, as Lei·buladeboli (Ray Bradbury), say, science fiction was never to predict the future, but to prevent future.

Now more and more carefully, is feeling more and more civilized. Like with all the assets of bet, a guy that only 100 blocks compared with a billionaire, which is clearly much more carefully than the former. From the human point of view, people should take responsibility for their own future, should consider the consequences of technology, indeed the social ethics, legal systems have not kept pace with the technology, such as automatic driving, the law provided that the drive must be a natural person, if not a change in the law, does the drive automatically after you want the driver sitting in the passenger seat to help monitor?

Today all on artificial intelligence of research and discussion, are no from von Neumann computer and brain of paradigm, mass and entrepreneurs of description also far said not Shang rigorous, entrepreneurs and scientists of role should is each other added of, former let everyone concern artificial intelligence, which let everyone know artificial intelligence what is what, currently seems this independent thinking and each other promote of scenes also far not enough to let people satisfaction. After deep blue beat chess champion, impact of artificial intelligence research, impact on human society, after all these years is still far from enough. Similarly, for AlphaGo technology, thorough discussion is far more important than the results, independent of the media and the public to think a long way to go.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Xuchang Henan Temple will be first good Festival aimed at passing on good culture

Xuchang, Henan Temple will be first good Festival, aimed at passing on good culture plus for good

From July 17 to July 19, xuchang, Henan rabbit Temple will meet for three days of "the first kind (fan cool)." Designed to let people pass good culture traditions, plus for good.

Beijing, xuchang, March 13, on 13th, the reporter learned from a xuchang, Henan Temple of white rabbit, rich in Buddhist culture, folk culture, July 17 (since June 14) until July 19 (June 17), white rabbit Temple will meet for three days of "the first kind (fan cool)." Designed to let people pass good culture traditions, plus for good.

Xuchang rabbit Temple held "good (fan cool)"? Abbot Shi yanci Mage introduction, which derives from a popular folklore. In ancient times, xuchang appearance drought climate, plague, local worshippers have been going to the temple for rain prayers. Old woman praying, said: "I have no money, I did not, if you can relieve the drought and pestilence, I came to comment fans cool. "Later, the Medicine Buddha is touched by the devotion of the people, power dry rain solutions to eliminate the plague. People in order to appreciate the kindness of the Medicine Buddha, every summer when the Volt, will go to the temple, the Medicine Buddha fan cooling.

"In fact, this ' fan-cool ' that is ' good ', designed to let people pass good culture traditions, plus for good. "-Release yan said, this activities are also organized to further inheritance of Chinese traditional folk culture, mining of Buddhist Compassion in every facet of spiritual connotation, spreading of Buddhism culture of positive energy.

During the event, many monks around the country will gather in xuchang rabbit Temple, worshippers lecture, passed the Buddhist idea of compassion, kindness, harmony, peace, blessing for worshippers and transmit positive energy, good points.

In addition, people can enjoy the Buddhist exhibition of calligraphy, painting, photography, involved in praying for light, vegetarian culture experiencing activities such as law, also has a wonderful showcase of the Shaolin Kung Fu, Dharma talks, praying for world peace in life with Dafa, and medical personnel free clinic, healing activities. Official landslide loss in Shenzhen rose to 59

It is understood that in order to promote vegetarianism and health concept, asks people to nursing students, freeing captive animals, to create harmony and beauty for humanity. According to Buddhist tradition of Laba Festival, soup kitchens, during the event, xuchang rabbit temple monks will be free of charge to people above the age of 60 every day giving 3,000 food and transmit positive energy.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Microsoft s live Cortana would HoloLens and meet


Cortana only shortly before Microsoft (Microsoft Cortana) sent to iOS and Android platforms, today the company or want to Cortana HoloLens landing virtual reality equipment.

According to foreign media reports Venturebeat, Share Your Idea site user requirements, Microsoft is considering in its augmented reality device implanted into intelligent speech HoloLens Assistant Cortana physically.

Microsoft earlier this month, Microsoft launched Share Your idea Web site to allow the public to early development of HoloLens put forward their own ideas. Under the current voting, "see HoloLens Cortana body" became the most popular ideas. Many users say, "with the real Cortana, could be like like Halo games that can communicate with people, who wouldn't want to? "

It is understood that Microsoft assured users that votes will be the top three ideas into reality, HoloLens appear small na body most likely thing. And taking into account the HoloLens Linux Windows 10 system, so Microsoft will Cortana implant HoloLens difficulty is unlikely to follow.

via VB

Microsoft Hololens smart glasses

54 votes Starbucks iPhone 6 Case Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

Microsoft Hololens smart glasses

HoloLens is equipped with can see the virtual image transmission lens, stereo analog audio source location system, various sensors, even outside of the CPU and GPU, and a special holographic processor (Holographic Processing Unit,HPU).

View details of the voting >>

Sunday, March 6, 2016

World beard Championships Germany States the opening beauty hair competition

Local time on March 5, 2016, Germany Xun Enbao, world beard Championships were held, the contestants show their beard styling. IC images

World beard Championships Germany States the opening beauty hair competition

Local time on March 5, 2016, Germany Xun Enbao, world beard Championships were held, the contestants show their beard styling. IC images I wonder how many corrupt officials nicknamed

World beard Championships Germany States the opening beauty hair competition

Local time on March 5, 2016, Germany Xun Enbao, world beard Championships were held, the contestants show their beard styling. IC images

World beard Championships Germany States the opening beauty hair competition

Local time on March 5, 2016, Germany Xun Enbao, world beard Championships were held, the contestants show their beard styling. IC images

World beard Championships Germany States the opening beauty hair competition

Local time on March 5, 2016, Germany Xun Enbao, world beard Championships were held, the contestants show their beard styling. IC images

World beard Championships Germany States the opening beauty hair competition

Local time on March 5, 2016, Germany Xun Enbao, world beard Championships were held, the contestants show their beard styling. IC images

World beard Championships Germany States the opening beauty hair competition

Local time on March 5, 2016, Germany Xun Enbao, world beard Championships were held, the contestants show their beard styling. IC images

World beard Championships Germany States the opening beauty hair competition

Local time on March 5, 2016, Germany Xun Enbao, world beard Championships were held, the contestants show their beard styling. IC images

World beard Championships Germany States the opening beauty hair competition

Local time on March 5, 2016, Germany Xun Enbao, world beard Championships were held, the contestants show their beard styling. IC images

Thursday, March 3, 2016

CPPCC Member Pan Qinglin proposed a study issued by the overseas Chinese overseas

CPPCC Member Pan Qinglin proposed: a study issued by the overseas Chinese

Pan Qinglin believes that implementation of the "overseas Chinese identity," Foundation of reality, but also in overseas Chinese public opinion. Oriental IC data

China "along the way" strategy has made a good start, along with expanding the number of Chinese citizens emigrating, levels continue to improve, how to pay attention to arousing the enthusiasm of countries along the Chinese and overseas Chinese, for them to participate in "along the way" build and play a more important role in building a new type of relations, is also key.

In 2016, the country held two sessions when representatives from the Federation of the national CPPCC Member Pan Qinglin, a proposal was: home of overseas Chinese continued to increase demand, without involving the "dual nationality" problem, the study issued by the overseas Chinese "overseas Chinese ID card". That is, the nature of nationality issued to overseas Chinese do not have identification, facilitate the exchange of their home.

"I believe it is the expectation of many overseas Chinese. "Pan Qinglin, surging on news (www.thepaper.CN) said.

Since reform and opening up, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attaches great importance to Foreign Affairs and overseas Chinese Affairs, more than 50 million overseas Chinese can benefit from this. However, for overseas Chinese holding foreign passports, home visiting family and friends, and their business dealings, there is also a lot of inconvenience.

For example, in accordance with the relevant rules, the overseas Chinese must have issued China invitation can only handle the return visas; after you arrived in China, must pay to the local police station within 24 hours of reporting in China on the residence time of, limit also.

Pan Qinglin believes that if China issued to overseas Chinese, "overseas Chinese ID card" will be conducive to attracting overseas talents to further facilitate overseas talents to return communication, entrepreneurship, investment, but also to overseas Chinese and the next generation of China's emotional identification.

In his view, the implementation of the "overseas Chinese identity," Foundation of reality, but also in overseas Chinese public opinion. Overseas Chinese hope that the Chinese Government fully into account makes it more convenient for them to come back to the motherland exchange requirements.

In fact, the system in foreign countries have successfully. For example, India abroad India regarded as "not in India live in India" (Non-resident Indians). Director of the overseas Chinese University reported

India to the four generations of emigrants, overseas origins 50% or above the original Indians, issued abroad India citizen identification card (OCI card), they hold back India visa for life, enjoy the benefits of citizens. India abroad India citizen ID card system, overseas India people in various forms to return home, the effect is significant.

For, Pan Qinglin to out has several specific implementation recommends: first by national CPPCC Foreign Affairs Committee on this problem widely sought both at home and abroad views, for topic research and consultations; then by Ministry of public security, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and country office and China Federation according to situation, joint developed out more specific and has targeted of programme and initiatives; last State issued about foreign Chinese identity of Ordinance, again by national NPC drafting and through related legal.

"I believe that the introduction of this system, is the most urgent need for overseas Chinese. "Pan Qinglin said.