Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hengqin Zhuhai Macao hengqin convenient car access policy will fight for this

Hengqin, Zhuhai Macao hengqin convenient car access policy will fight for this year's landing

Hengqin bridge

On August 28, Zhuhai's hengqin new district Party Committee Assistant Deputy Secretary, Ye Zhen, Director of the Trade Office in "economic vitality • open development in Guangdong--Pan Pearl network media to visit the free trade zone" campaign Forum said, Macao, hengqin convenient car access policy will seek landed this year.

On the Guangdong-Macao Joint Conference, held in June of this year, Guangdong Province and Macao jointly signed 12 agreements, including the agreement on the hengqin Macau motor vehicles into and out of.

Agreement marks the Guangdong and Macao Governments on Macao's vehicles to facilitate access to the hengqin has reached a consensus. Hengqin agreement on motor vehicles in and out of Macao management principles, conditions, Guangdong and Macao have both management and responsibility and vehicle control principle, clear in and out of Macao in hengqin motor vehicles with reference to the existing cross-border bus, that is, Guangdong and Macao passenger car management management.

Ye Zhen at the Symposium introduced late last year, the Ministry of public security formally approved a single car in Macau to facilitate access to Heng Qin policy, according to Guangdong province to guide the development of hengqin single-brand cars in and out of interim measures for the administration of Macao, hengqin has developed the implementation details, and with Macao in preparation for the implementation of the specific unit operation and docking.

"In order to achieve the vehicle into the hengqin orderly and standardized management, we're traffic police, insurance, customs, and other units, carried out a series of favours butt Macau insurance service, traffic management rules of preparation. "

Also, Ye Zhen introduced, has in cross piano bridge bridgehead planning design good conducive to prevent Macau motor vehicle car left cross piano into Zhuhai other regional of intelligent of measures, on because not understand, and not know and may from cross piano bridge left cross piano of Macau mobile vehicles, will through video monitoring and intelligent of card mouth on it for reminded and warning, achieved on Macau motor vehicle car effective regulatory. Taiwan University City 1693 students this year

"Preparations have now entered the final stage, we look forward to this year, and hope this policy in the fall. "Ye Zhen said.

Also, cross Piano district CMC Director Niu Jing in this year February of once Conference Shang revealed, through cross piano pilot, next will exploration Macau single brand car entry policy cover Zhuhai city range feasibility, focus relies on Hong Kong beads o bridge on between Guangdong and Hong Kong o traffic system integration of radiation led role, common construction a "a drive more station" tourism project, efforts build "Hong Kong beads o international will district world tourism destination".