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Japan and South Korea Summit after 3 5 years to restart Japan hot flashes relations

Japan and South Korea Summit after 3.5 years to restart, Japan

Summit talks in China, Japan and South Korea are an important content, is to promote regional economic cooperation.

After 3.5 years to restart the trilateral summit, scheduled for November 1 in Korea held in Seoul. Chinese Premier Li keqiang and Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe flew to Seoul, Korea held talks President Park Geun-Hye. Dialogue Australia China undercover hallucinogens

Fudan University, Japan Research Center Director Hu Lingyuan, Japan and South Korea summit talks restart, ending a 3-year day and politically frosty relations between Japan and South Korea. He was surging to the news (www.thepaper.CN), said that although over history, there are still difficulties, but we can sit down and talk about things politically symbolic.

By Sino-Japanese disputes over territorial disputes and Japanese and Korean history interrupted

Summit talks in China, Japan and South Korea was originally started in 1997 the ASEAN plus summits in China, Japan and South Korea on the basis of ideas. Heads as regularly once a year on the current energy, economic and security cooperation, exchange views on sports, environmental protection and other aspects of architecture, up to 2012 in turn in the three countries held a total of 5 times, during each three-nation Summit, there have been bilateral Summit.

In 2012, however, Japan Islands "nationalisation", inspired the Sino-Japanese territorial disputes, followed by Japan and South Korea because of "World War II" comfort women historical debate on the Korean Peninsula during, stimulate Japanese and Korean historical disputes, Summit break so far.

Last September, the Deputy Foreign Minister-level consultations held in Seoul confirmed the necessity of holding summit talks. Last November, the Sino-Japanese Summit to shake hands after the meeting, heads between the Governments of Japan and South Korea secured the resumption of talks and consultation approach.

Last November, Park attended the 17th in Burma between ASEAN and China, Japan and South Korea Summit, said "I hope Korean and Japanese leaders meeting to be held as soon as possible" and actively create an atmosphere for meeting restart. At the trilateral summit talks, Park is expected to stress the importance of the trilateral cooperation, and recommended that the leaders held meetings on a regular basis to further strengthen trilateral cooperation. However, this proposal could be the consent of China, remains to be seen.

"Japan and South Korea summit talks restart after 3.5 years, should be given a positive evaluation. "Hu Lingyuan surging on news that.

Whether the breakthrough in FTA negotiations?

"The summit talks in China, Japan and South Korea are an important content, is to promote regional economic cooperation. The FTA negotiations between the three countries will send out a positive signal, help to improve the cold diplomatic relations. "Hu Lingyuan said.

China's Ministry of Commerce figures show China is Japan and Korea's largest trading partner, Japan and Korea were China's second and third largest trade partners. In 2014, China and Japan and Korea's bilateral trade compared with us $ 307.5 billion and $ 235.4 billion.

Three free trade zone once it is established, will greatly expand the trilateral and bilateral trade and investment, the establishment of a comprehensive organization, formed to ensure a series of multilateral cooperation.

On October 30, the Trade Ministers meeting held in Seoul in China, Japan and South Korea. Japan economy industry Hayashi Motoo revealed to the media after the meeting, the three parties on the China-Japan-South Korea free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations came to an agreement. For historical issues, Japan deterioration in relations with China and South Korea, but this time, it's in the economic field to improve relations a step forward.

Japan Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio October 30 told the media: "hope to all in all the three leaders meeting in the economic, cultural and environmental cooperation in the broad area of case, and cooperation now and in the future direction of open and frank exchange of views", and expressed wishes to take leadership to strengthen trilateral cooperation point of view.

Researcher at the Tokyo Foundation, Kohara Division told Bloomberg news in an interview, said that "because of historical issues, (between) other parts have stagnated." He said that, in the economic and environmental fields, where Japan and South Korea can cooperate a lot, "historical issues and the need to discuss practical problems, can distinguish between the two." He said the Summit was "the first step in improved relations."

China regularly talks of doubts remain

According to the Japan Economic News reported on October 30, China, Japan and Korea in plans at the Summit to finalise the joint document, the "history" this expression, while explicitly write future-oriented approach to improve relations. Also is expected to confirm, to promote the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, strengthening calls for the parties to restart after the December 2008 has been held six-party talks on the North Korean nuclear issue.

In addition, in view of the stalled Japan-Korea free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations, common content of the files will be written to speed up the negotiations, others mentioned that strengthening disaster prevention and environmental protection cooperation, networking, three countries in the field of mutual trust, and expand tourism exchanges and so on.

Reports said talks on 2016 summit talks in Japan held a consensus. Japan's Foreign Ministry officials said late on October 29, "wished to make sure that talks of heads to return to normal." Mr Li and Park Geun-Hye since taking office, no access Japan.

On October 29, the Vice Foreign Minister-level officials in China, Japan and South Korea issued a joint document of the talks of heads for final consultations. But according to the BBC report, Japan and South Korea want to common file content of the Chronicle held a Summit on a regular basis in the future, China's negative stance, the three officials 29th for this final compromise talks.

"If China took a passive stance, as well as with Japan's performance. "Hu Lingyuan surging on news that:" this year is a special time of 70 anniversary of the victory of the war, should be a good opportunity for reconciliation, but Abe's 70-year anniversary of conversations were not sincere, Chinese celebrations and parade, Japan's attitude is all the worst in the country. "

In addition, UNESCO to include the archives of the Nanjing massacre in China ' memory of the World Register ', a Japan threat to stop UNESCO funds. Addressed to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the Chinese military parade, a Japan times vexatious grievances. Hu Lingyuan added, "Abe's performance instead of promoting reconciliation, but in the opposite direction, China (regular meeting) negative attitude is taken for granted."

United States talks brokered by Japan and South Korea

Park Geun-Hye and Abe for the first time between Japan and South Korea Summit, although positive, but Hu Lingyuan think it is in the United States driven by results, not naturally occurring. United States needed Japan stable relationship to strengthen the US-Japan Alliance, to the attainment of "regional balance" strategy. Korea also tried to found on the geopolitical balance, reflect the aspirations of its diplomatic strategy.

United Kingdom, the Financial Times reported that after Park Geun-Hye are reluctant to meet Abe, saying only in Abe's showing "a correct understanding of" Japan in the early 20th century during the Empire after the war crimes committed, to hold talks. Abe, a series of acts (most recently a move was to the shrine of sacrifice) by Seoul and Beijing as a provocation, angered the Korea and China.

Reports (between Japan and South Korea) concerns about economic cooperation in February this year, when Korea and Japan let a 14-year currency swap agreements to be inactive. United States cracks between the key allies in East Asia, to ring alarm bells in Washington. Us worry this will affect United States strategic interests in the region, and hope that the rapprochement between Japan and South Korea.

Park Geun-Hye visited the United States in the near future, to continue to press her and Abe to improve relations of the United States was publicly displayed for the first time in response to gestures, she said in a public speech in Washington, and South Korea-Japan Summit, held in early November, the "I want to have the opportunity for talks with Prime Minister Abe." Japan, the Yomiuri said, "this is the United States's urging, Park Geun-Hye showed positive gesture to improve relations with Japan."

Korea Central Daily News found that the expected meeting held on November 2, the leaders of South Korea and Japan is the core issue of the comfort women issue. Head of Cheong Wa Dae said on October 29, Park Geun-Hye is likely to require the meeting Japan on the comfort women issue "sincere apology" and take "responsible measures".

According to the report, one staff officer said "this meeting with President Park on a grandiose speak." But there were expectations that Abe may adhere to ambiguous attitude, and her battle.

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Zhou Benshun former Secretary of Hebei provincial Committee on suspicion of

It is @ the Supreme People's Procuratorate news, recently reviewed, the Supreme People's Procuratorate decided according to law of the Hebei provincial Committee of original, Secretary of the former head of the NPC Standing Committee Zhou Benshun on suspicion of bribery investigation and coercive measures. Investigation is in progress.

On July 24, the Central Commission for discipline inspection supervision Web site message, Zhou Benshun alleged serious violation, currently under investigation.

By check, Zhou Benshun serious violation political discipline and political rules, in major problem Shang published against Central spirit of speech, not seriously implementation style clean government subject responsibility, interference, and hamper Organization review; serious violation discipline, for promoted positions for non-organization activities, violations selection appointments cadres, hide not reported personal about matters; serious violation Central eight items provides spirit, Super standard corporate reception, and public funds eating, frequently access private club, life luxury, and squandered waste, violation Central streamlined Conference file, and Improved coverage of relevant provisions; severe violations of integrity of discipline, using his position in the business aspects of receiving property for the benefit of others, accepting gifts, gift, to benefit its business activities, family corruption, spouse children indulgence; serious violation of work discipline, keep secret of private information, the disclosing party and State secrets. Among them, using his position to seek benefits for others, accepting property problems suspected crimes.

On October 16, the Central Commission for discipline inspection announced once again, according to the disciplinary regulations and other relevant provisions of the Chinese Communist Party, the Politburo, the Standing Committee of the Central Commission for discipline inspection and report on the meeting for consideration, decided to grant Zhou Benshun expelled from the party, dismissed from disposition; collection of proceeds of its discipline; to be suspected of crime, clues and the money transferred to the judicial organs according to law. Their punishment by expulsion, to be ratified in the plenary meetings of the meeting of the Central Committee.

Zhou Benshun resumes

Zhou Benshun, male, of Han nationality, born in February 1953, xupu, Hunan people party in September 1971, to work in December 1975, constitutional and administrative law at Wuhan University law school graduate, postgraduate degree, law degree, doctoral degree in management, Economist. Hebei provincial party Secretary, Director of the provincial people's Congress.

1972.04--1975.12 Changchun Geological Institute Geophysical study

Geological school teachers in 1975.12--1982.10, Hunan province, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Secretary of the Communist Youth League,

1982.10--1984.12, Hunan province, China geology and mineral resources Bureau Deputy cadres

Researcher at the Hunan provincial party Committee policy research office under section 1984.12--1992.07, the Deputy-level researcher, Deputy Director, Director

(Of which: 1991.09--1992.01 in young and middle-aged cadres of Hunan Provincial Committee party school training courses)

1992.07--1994.04 researcher at the Hunan provincial party Committee policy research Office Deputy departmental level

1994.04--1994.10 Director of the Hunan Provincial Committee policy research Office

1994.10--1995.08 in Shaoyang, Hunan province, Deputy Secretary of the municipal party Committee

1995.08--2000.11 in Shaoyang, Hunan province Party Secretary

(1993.09--1996.01 school of management engineering, Hunan University, received a master of Science degree from)

2000.11--2001.11 Director of the Hunan provincial Department of public security

2001.11--2003.11, Hunan provincial party Committee, legal Committee and Director of the provincial public security Department

(1999.09--2003.06 school of business administration major in management science and engineering, Hunan University, PhD in management)

2003.11--2008.03 Deputy Secretary General of the Central Commission of politics and law, Member of the Central Committee for comprehensive management of public security (2004.01), the central coordination team members in Xinjiang (2004.03)

(Of which: 2005.11--2006.11 in constitutional and administrative law, law school of Wuhan University professional study and received a doctor of laws degree from; 2006.03--2006.07 at the party School of the central provincial and ministerial cadres who want to learn)

2008.03--2010.05, Member of the central political science and Law Committee Secretary-General, Deputy Director of the Central Commission for comprehensive management of public security, the central coordination team members in Xinjiang (2008.07), Member of the Central leading group for maintaining stability (2008.06)

2010.05--2011.08, Member of the central political science and Law Committee Secretary-General, Deputy Director of the Central Commission for comprehensive management of public security, the central work group member and Director of the Office for the coordination, members of the Central leading group for maintaining stability

2011.08--2013.03, Member of the central political science and Law Committee Secretary-General, Member of the Central Committee for comprehensive management of social management, central panel member and Director of the Office for the coordination of work in Xinjiang, members of the Central leading group for maintaining stability

2013.03--2014.01 Secretary of the Hebei provincial Committee, the provincial Secretary of the leading party group of the Standing Committee Rural research notes of the Chinese Academy of

2014.01--2014.03 Secretary of the Hebei provincial Committee, the provincial people's Congress Standing Committee, the party

2014.03--Secretary of the Hebei provincial Committee, the provincial people's Congress Standing Committee (resume from the "Hebei people's Congress" website)

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Companies in Australia to buy a Zhejiang concern to the Australian military

Companies in Australia to buy a

Photo: network Chinese annual over 2000 hours of work experts

Chinese enterprises to invest in overseas frequently, sometimes instead of making foreign Governments doubly wary. This is not, recently dubbed "Chinese buyers in Australia bought a Zhejiang Province" traded by the Australia Government agencies more and more attention.

According to the United Kingdom, the Financial Times reported that Chinese buyers are being planned in Australia bid for an area of about 100,000 square kilometers of land, together with nearly 200,000 head of cattle, which include the world's largest cattle farm AnnaCreek. Expect will sell for 325 million Australian dollars (1.51 billion yuan).

According to the Australia broadcasting company (ABC) news, the land's owner, is Australia's largest private "landlords" Kidd Corporation (S. Kidman and Co) said it expected next month, is expected to announce top dogs.

It is understood, there are two groups of Chinese buyers selection, one of the consortium led by Shanghai cred. Another consortium including acquisitions at the ranch had several experiences of Shanghai pengxin group. Is of concern, these companies are private enterprises, and each have experience in participating in overseas acquisitions.

Although it was a good idea, but would still face pressure from all sides to achieve, especially in the area of national security, and Australia were particularly cautious.

Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) said in a report earlier this month, Australia's Defense Ministry said, due to companies in top secret de man Wu Meila (Woomera) missile test base property, any new holder underwent a security assessment.

In addition, despite the distance of hundreds of kilometers with the Kidman family ranch, operated by the US-Australian joint Pine Valley (Pine Gap) defense satellite monitoring base may also complicate the process sold to Chinese buyers.

Although Australia pressure for Chinese buyers, think big, but evidence which is involved in the bid group Chairman Tan Jialong, Director of brand strategy Director said several months ago regarding the plan of the Consortium, also conducted a number of communication between firms, and Ranch prospects after a successful bid.

In his view, the future, in fast-moving consumer goods and food products, Chinese companies need to purchase around the world to meet the needs of its own people, and with several free trade agreements promote as well as national advocacy strategy of going out, increasing overseas investment by Chinese enterprises is the general trend.

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report show on September 24, 2014 completed 154 Chinese enterprises overseas merger and acquisition deals, the transaction amount up to us $ 26.1 billion, however, Chinese buyers of overseas mergers and acquisitions transactions completed rate of 67%, far less than Europe, Japan and other developed countries an enterprise level.

Reports also pointed out that with the deepening of China's internationalization process, hoping overseas acquisitions to gain market share and enhancing the core competence of China's enterprises account for a growing proportion.

Luo Ying, one of the authors of the report, the Boston Consulting Group partner, said through overseas merger and acquisition of Chinese enterprises to seek new profit growth point, new markets, and as a leader in global competition. They hope also gets overseas mergers and acquisitions of foreign advanced technologies and valuable experience in brand management and overseas markets, and to hedge against fluctuations in the domestic economy.

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Night running of female teachers arrested murder suspect in Shaanxi Province

Night running of female teachers arrested murder suspect in Shaanxi Province, is a movement in Henan province to Baoji rag man

Female teacher killed.

The morning of October 26, Baoji College women Lv Mou murder case cracked. Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from the Baoji municipal party Committee confirmed that the suspect was captured, following a preliminary investigation of the provinces fleeing the scavengers of real chicken man.

The night of October 14, Baoji College teacher Lu near the Wei River Park lost while one night, 6 days later was found dead in the Weihe River Park in a quiet place. Qingdao sky high priced shrimp shopkeepers and

Baoji police reported that suspected men, there was a lot of blood in crime, hands back, face and other exposed parts are stabbed, scratched. Police issued a reward notice for actively expose, provides clues to provide important clues to the detection, I will give 50,000 yuan reward.

Baoji municipal party Committee workers surging news that 26th around 1 o'clock in the morning, the suspect was caught, a movement in Henan province to Baoji rag for men; case disclosure or subsequent notification, is temporarily inconvenient to inform.

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the Snow Leopard survival crisis food 30 from the herders of cattle and sheep

Worldwide, wild cat populations survive without exception suffered a serious threat.

African lion of number in past not to a century within reduced has 90%; adapted sex very strong and and distribution widely of Leopard in Asia and African about half of Habitat ground Yao no traces; field of tiger about has 3,200 only, but was captive up of Tiger is than this digital more have more; another a mystery of "big cat"--Snow Leopard also are faced survival crisis.

October 23 is the world day for Snow Leopard. Snow Leopard, recognized by the International Union for the conservation of nature "endangered" species, living in 12 countries, including China. They perch on high bare rock and desert, was known as elusive and uncertain "mountain ghosts".

Has snow leopard Habitat, China is the world's most populous country, add up to more than the other countries in the world. Now, in the ice-covered plateau, from civil society, Government forces are trying to arouse the people's concern for Snow Leopard, struggled on the line to save them from extinction back.

① the Snow Leopard survival crisis: food 30% from the herders of cattle and sheep, revenge killing never stopped

Secret "big cat"

In others secret and rare Snow Leopard, in the eyes of the 47-year old herdsman's white horse was not. Go back 20 years ago when hunting legally, to protect the family's cattle and sheep, two snow leopards in his capture.

His family left zadoi County in yushu, Qinghai province is still a 3-hour drive along on the origin of zhaquhe, left from the tarmac and tread water, and goes through the Valley of stones piled, is his summer Ranch--an altitude of 4500 meters of Alpine grassland, huge rocks in the distance from the protrusions on the Prairie, surrounded by a white tent. Secret police in Hefei female thief stealing Office

"Mr (Tibetan Snow Leopard) in Rock Hill. "He refers to in the West. "There are several. "

Bypass group of yak, white horse take me to climb the Hill, from his home out for half an hour, slopes on a cliff, he placed infrared cameras. To get there, road narrowing, passing by a rock with a dip, he said traces of a brown bear to sleep there.

Camera by organizations involved in biodiversity conservation in Shanshui Conservation Center (hereinafter referred to as landscape). In early 2014, landscape and Zaduo County Government signed a three-year memorandum of Heteropoly Snow Leopard research and conservation. White horses were selected for monitoring Snow Leopard project volunteers. According to the scientific requirements, he erected around 2 infrared camera at the ranch, about once every 10 days up to the mountain, to ensure that the camera is still working.

① the Snow Leopard survival crisis: food 30% from the herders of cattle and sheep, revenge killing never stopped

Apart from those who have been bred in captivity at the Zoo snow leopards, infrared camera to provide the most intuitive observations of Snow Leopard. Those pictures show, they're often in the night or early hours of the morning, dragging an almost life-size long tail alone.

Even so, scientists admit that they know little about it. According to the International Union for the conservation of nature records, snow leopards live in the 12 countries of Central Asia in the world, their habitats, while more than 2 million square kilometres – about equal to Mexico the land area, 60% in China, but the population is only 4080-6590.

The results of the study had not been updated since the 2008, international Snow Leopard Foundation Scientific Director Charudutt Mishra is somewhat helpless. The Foundation was established in 1981, is currently in the 5 Snow Leopard range States, including the China protection.

Even with tens of thousands of images, but Snow Leopard's hidden, wide range of activities and in hard to reach mountain, scientists have so far have not been updated and more accurate population number of snow leopards; habits, there are more mysteries solved.

① the Snow Leopard survival crisis: food 30% from the herders of cattle and sheep, revenge killing never stopped

With a global positioning system collar on Snow Leopard

In Mongolia, multinational research team of scientists in 2008 to 19 Snow Leopard wear satellite collars, studies to date have collected more than 30,000 GPS information. It was found that their home range from dozens of thousands of square kilometers, is the real animal world nomads. The study now continues, scientists hope, this unprecedented long-term observation can help people learn more about them.

"In fact, Leopard is timid by nature, almost no record of the attack. Our studies have even found that if other mammals such as wolves, snow leopards will be reduced. "Wildlife at Beijing forestry University, Director of the Institute, said Shi Kun, it had in China such as Xinjiang Snow Leopard.

In three rivers, the horse is helping researchers to gather the most basic information. Why is the three rivers? According to the study, landscape Director LU Zhi, a professor at Peking University, China can hold 50 or more contiguous Habitat of the Snow Leopard, is the largest of three rivers. In addition, the rapid assessment of biological diversity from the local area, where very high frequency of Snow Leopard.

Landscape study showed that in Zaduo County Qing Xiang a 950 square kilometers of area, bar, live at least 20 adult snow leopards. In addition, there are also home to white-lipped deer, blue sheep and Tibetan brown bear, Wolf, 蔵 protected animals such as foxes.

Human-animal conflict

United States zoologist qiaozhi·xiale 1984 study of three rivers saw many herders with a gun, when he worries about the protection of snow leopards. Today, though, no one with a gun, but the hunt did not stop.

The Snow Leopard food source analysis in different countries will be protected – at the focus point to a human-animal conflict. In addition to Pakistan, studies have found that about 1/3 of the Snow Leopard food from herders raising cattle and sheep, the rest are blue sheep and other wildlife. Which makes the researchers worry that the retaliatory killing of nomads will persist and continue to ferment.

In Pakistan, a 2010 study found that, due to the shortage of food in the wild, of Snow Leopard nearly 70% from animal foods. Reported that the herders had threatened to kill all the Snow Leopard to compensate them for their losses, and later, in the vicinity of a national park in the North of the country, angry people killed by at least two snow leopards.

Back to Thankyou, white horse dog howling in the night with alert and put the flashlight next to your bed, immediately got up. "Dog barking may be the Snow Leopard, bear, Wolf. "He said. The intruder got away with his family last year 5 yaks, "Snow Leopard does not catch cattle over 3 years old, he bites his neck. "

① the Snow Leopard survival crisis: food 30% from the herders of cattle and sheep, revenge killing never stopped

Which herders do not have narrowly avoided such loss. There, the most extreme example I heard from guoluo suo. Herders Suo Ri nearly 200 sheep in 4 years into the belly of the Snow Leopard lunch, it was most of his fortune.

"His little grazing in the Valley of blue sheep, snow leopards can eat his sheep. "Suo Khenpo of the Jade Temple (Tibetan doctor) told me. Khenpo Suo Ri tell people he recruited some assistance to help tide Suo Ri, but that did not stop the growing conflict between snow leopards and Suo Ri.

In 2013, the claim date the idea of revenge, he and his friends found the snow leopards shelter, but there, Suo Ri saw little snow Leopard to play wrestling, and compassion. "My friend said to kill it, I feel sorry, didn't have the heart to kill, there will be no killing. I lived here for 10 years, my hometown, is essential for Snow Leopard, so I want to protect it. "Suo Ri recalled.

And Suo Ri, white horse Snow Leopard's feelings about contradiction. When driving, and his constant fear wheels rolled black caterpillars-the Sun came out, they jump onto the road from the Prairie. Many drivers parked on the roadside, picked up the bug back in the grasslands.

At the white horse, is a matter of the right to respect for animal life, human-animal conflicts, and continue to challenge the conventional wisdom here.

I asked him if he liked the Snow Leopard. "This is State protected animals, some legends say that the Snow Leopard is a lucky animal. "He replied, but then he added a sentence," countries do not grant them, Snow Leopard can be harmless, but the bears will hurt, why not play? "

There, someone showed me a video, not long ago, people caught two of Xiong Zi, dragged in the Veld. No one is concerned about the fate of Xiong Zi and later, they are on the Prairie "enemies".

If the herdsman's loss, it will lower their tolerance for all predators, no matter they are bears, wolves, or snow leopard, Lu Zhi think so.

Her doctor Li Juan had been in the snow leopard in sanjiangyuan region of Qinghai-Tibet plateau ecology research and protection of statistics, Chinese 1990-2011 there was at least 432 snow leopards killed in retaliatory killing and poaching. Interview with Li in three rivers showed that losses caused by snow leopards prey on livestock, though not as wolves and bears, but retaliatory hunting has always been around, sometimes because of poisoning wolves kills other animals, such as the Snow Leopard.

National protection institutions are trying to reduce pastoralists loss and improving livelihood efforts. Seemingly remote Habitat for snow leopards, and high overlap in human living quarters, to protect the Snow Leopard must focus on human-animal conflict, landscapes of Snow Leopard project researchers said Liu Yanlin.

In China, the Government tried to compensate herders to ease human-animal conflict. Qinghai starting in 2012 to implement a compensation package provided provincial and State (or municipal) and county-level fiscal burden in accordance with Pam are HWC after losses. But some people complain that the compensation is not enough to make up for their losses, others because of cumbersome procedures or unable to get compensation for the evidentiary difficulties.

White horse of zaqen Township, at the beginning of the village organizes more than 100 herders declared the HWC for compensation, but the past six months, who also did not get the money. Township Party Secretary niga said every loss the previous year, more than 100 families is just one loss. In 2013, the Government statistics showed that 2030 families zaqen more than 6,000 people, but with the herdsmen's incomes improve, many people choose to move away from the ranch and live in the County.

① the Snow Leopard survival crisis: food 30% from the herders of cattle and sheep, revenge killing never stopped

Nepal, Pakistan and other countries are testing the water is another way to ease human-animal conflict.

Jinnah of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Nawaz said, a Professor of animal science at the University, and conservation organizations to develop micro-credit fund, nomads through a bottom up approach to business loans to compensate for loss of HWC, which means they can elect their own loan Management Committee, define your own loan management rules, even the interest also agree in accordance with the rules of procedure. "And top management in different ways, microfinance cannot fully compensate for the damage, but because the rules are pastoralists who, their satisfaction is improved a lot. "

Now, they're trying to community outreach from 3 to 30.

National action

Activists are realizing that for Snow Leopard to hundreds or even thousands of square kilometres for home range and activity of animals, protection of traditional ways increasingly powerless.

Lu Zhi Snow Leopard Habitat compared with the existing protected areas. She found that, due to lack of knowledge of the Snow Leopard habitats, protected areas in Western China, covering only about 1/4 of Snow Leopard Habitat (different conclusions, such as Shi Kun's studies suggest that 60% Snow Leopard Habitat within existing protected areas).

"Large protected areas that are difficult to build, so a lot of the responsibility to protect will fall upon the communities and local government. "Lu Zhi said.

The same situation also exists in other Snow Leopard range States, a larger-scale conservation planning--"Snow Leopard landscape" has been raised.

① the Snow Leopard survival crisis: food 30% from the herders of cattle and sheep, revenge killing never stopped

Islt Brad Routhford, the Executive Director explained that the "Snow Leopard landscape" means at least 100 snow leopards, child-bearing age have enough prey populations and safe and functional connections with other Snow Leopard landscape area. Scientists believe that 100 snow leopards are its small population of childbearing age continued the basic requirements, regardless of whether it is within existing protected areas.

The initiative in October 2013, Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Global Forum on Snow Leopard conservation have been recognized by 12 Snow Leopard range States. Including China, 12 countries had ratified the Declaration of Snow Leopard conservation and the snow leopard the world ecosystem restoration plan.

According to preliminary estimates, the global Snow Leopard ecosystem recovery plans started 7 years ago (2013-2020) may need to be 1.5 to us $ 200 million, including the promotion of sustainable livelihoods of communities, solving animal conflicts and cross-border cooperation and law enforcement action to combat poaching and illegal trade network.

This is the first time States agreed commitments on Snow Leopard conservation efforts. Similar to 2010, 13 wild tiger range States in Russia Saint Petersburg, published the global wild tiger Declaration of Heads of State and Government undertook to double the global wild tiger population by 2022, China is also one of the 13. After the Saint Petersburg meeting, wild tigers, China in 2011, the Chinese Government began the implementation of the recovery plan. However, Snow Leopard conservation project in China is yet to come.

Shi Kun was one of the drafters of the draft plan for Snow Leopard conservation in China, he said, the plan initially focused on national conservation action by 2017, but are still in the approval process.

① the Snow Leopard survival crisis: food 30% from the herders of cattle and sheep, revenge killing never stopped

Environmental group World Wildlife Fund's species program director Mr Fan opinion, India played a role in the protection of wild tigers in the world worthy of China – India protects the 60% of wild tigers in the world. January 2015, announced the results of the latest survey shows that India a further increase in the number of wild tigers. Similar is that China has the world's 60% of Snow Leopard Habitat.

Brad Routhford thought on giant panda conservation in China has won an international reputation, "looks forward to China to become hero in Snow Leopard conservation. "

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Lu nu reproduction Guangdong street motorcycle rubbed men beating woman no one

A male driver Street, Chaozhou, Guangdong beat the driver of a short video on the Internet sensation, surging News (www.thepaper.CN) on October 22 from Chaozhou, Guangdong Police have confirmed that a man has been found after fleeing police had its 10th in administrative detention and a fine of 500 Yuan.

This time the 42-second video shows at 13:28 on October 20, a man driving a motorcycle from the right rear will be knocked down by a woman driving a motorcycle car people, after two people get up, man will own the motorcycles stall, then woman motorcycle engine running. Video clips jump shows, women beat men with right hand and fend off the woman who made off with hits back, and the woman chased down and then kick foot slammed the women's abdomen.

In the video, although beaten woman burst into tears, also surrounded by a large number of passers-by watched, but no shots in a 42-second video to stop. Netizens said the hit men then burst through crowds and fled the scene by car.

Chaozhou City Public Security Bureau posted October 22 reported that on October 20, chaoan public security organs promptly investigate and deal with disputes arising from traffic accidents and cases of beatings, battering men being held in administrative detention for 10 days and fined 500 Yuan.

Information shows that on October 20 at 13 o'clock, Sohn (female) driving a female motorcycle in an BU Zhen Xin an Avenue Road near the junction with Henry, Men s Clothing and driving Suzuki motorcycle collided, after disputes between the two sides. Sun battery with injury by Xu, Xu later fled the scene. The day at 19 o'clock, long Hu Xu Zhen Xia GE revealed that fled the scene, police summoned to the Anbu police station for investigation. Breaking News

After investigation, law was long Hu Zhen, and 38 years old. After the accident, tried to leave the scene when Sun block and discontent, was beaten, kicked with his fists, Sun, Sohn was caused by multiple injuries. Forensic identification for minor injuries. At present, Chao a battering in public security organs to law-breaking 10th in administrative detention and a fine of 500 Yuan. Number of traffic accidents will be dealt with by the Police Department.

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Wang zijian not cynical because I grew up

Wang zijian: not cynical because I grew up

Wang zijian. Surging pregnancy induced hypertension information

Comedian Wang zijian sat cross-legged in a backstage dressing room, light a cigarette, and logically the handset to talk about his career, dancing smoke entrepreneurial excitement – 1 month ago, he announced on microblog has been iffy technology, a company in Shanghai into the phone.

Counting down, it is Wang zijian third in career transition. In 2009, he quit "white-collar" jobs, full-time laughed, and soon little theater in the city of Beijing to save a reputation, Xu Zheng does become his guest; three years later, he was producer Ye Feng phase, joined tonight, generation of talk show television show is "night". Now, his dream is to make mobile phones in the "Tesla".

However, he did not entirely accept "Merchant" this identity, is one of the reasons don't particularly like, and don't know how to talk to strangers; is the most direct expression of juxtaposition of comic dialogue also said few friends for many years, not to mention entertainment. Description Assistant Yu Hongtao Wang zijian "House" didn't just stay home and play do RC airplane, making down the most friends or playing games.

He said he was a "not intellectuals, but to intellectuals themselves of people", according to Yu Hongtao slightly joking, Wang zijian private often call themselves intellectuals, small talk is known for stretching. In this regard, Ye Feng, a producer told a humorous: "he read many books, but not that much. "

Talk-show stage for Wang zijian gathered a large number of fans, and he began to become more and more worried about saying the wrong thing. "Not afraid of being scolded, is afraid of giving wrong guidance. "Early on, he used to be my own attitude can affect the fans of complacency. "Just starting to feel good, but I don't feel quite right. Because every time I say is that I feel at this stage in the program. "

He attributes this sentiment to your growth, feel the results are gradually becoming more rigorous self-regulation, even TV itself, there is a limit that will spread. "Its not our own, but I found a lot of truth not by simple attitudes will make it clear. "

"Environmental change your, or your alter ego? "

"For someone who has so many ideas, I felt there was no environment can influence me to change. "


Wang zijian: not cynical because I grew up

Born in 1989 Lee egg Wang zijian often shake the burden in a talk-show-"egg" prototype.

Wang zijian mouth "we" refers to the team of writers behind the show (hereinafter "Satin hands"), now has more than 10 full-time satin hands.

1989-born Lee eggs and 1988 Wang Jianguo was Wang zijian explore full-time satin hands, often shake the burden in his talk-show-"egg" and "fat Wang Jianguo" prototype. Eggs are in Inner Mongolia, in a foreign company before writing advertising copy for professional jokes, out of interest often writes jokes on the Internet.

"I like Li Dan was not because he writes scripts, he wrote poems, philosophical essays. He wrote ', ' I feel great. When I knew he was in 1989, and scared to death, I think how could this be, I was scared. "Wang zijian said. Egg does not like being called Lee "Satin hands", although he was carrying a lot of money wages. He felt that the utility is too heavy, after all, when he began to write scripts, there is no concept of living with this, writers are purely out of interest. "I say it people may laugh, I'm a poet. "He looked grim.

Li Dan Wang zijian laugh a bit, the animation stalk game Terriers, note stems can always make him laugh, which stem in young Lee-egg look, a bit cold. However, this does not affect Wang zijian and atmosphere, the audience laughs vary, each stem has its audience. "As early as laughed when he used some of the burden to win over votes of fans of the game. "Yu Hongtao said.

Wang zijian from the description, is not difficult to find a team of "Satin hands" personality, almost all of his personality found in traces.

People before Wang Jianguo was excavated in Northeast China are sitting at home writing very funny, but nobody read the novel. "Just because it's too funny, no one watching. "Wang zijian poking fun at him," those of us who live in the second element, those keen to barrage people, including my friends Ma Boyong (famous writer) have read all of them and found it very good. His is a world of strange powers, each strange abilities are a joke. Like a kid with strange abilities in which even the 36 die down, he went tumbling, the family stopped him not make him turn over. "Said Wang zijian have dances.

"I've written love stories, is the kind of knew were written by people who haven't been in love. "Wang Jianguo, an open, waving a strong Northeast, bringing their own comic," female fan recently sent me a cake. "He lowered his voice, a little shy.

Wang zijian believes that is actually sung in the talk show jokes, jokes inside the attitude will be remembered.

He brought one of his recent greatly appreciate the joke: "like 95, micro-circle of friends on the home page of the letter he wrote, ' some people alive does not mean to die '. My mom, I love this man so much! He wrote the jokes, too, said what looks, in fact, said nothing. "

This effect seems to be what he is looking for: pulsing, undisturbed.

He claimed not to appreciate a cynic, but somehow turned into a deep cynicism at some stage.

"Why don't you do a cynic? "

"Because I grew up. "

Grow up

"Growing up is a process, and in this process actually Kinda Kinky. "Wang zijian said.

With age, and Wang zijian found to be still confused about a lot of things, because don't understand so I won't comment. "So some of our programming gradually seem to be no sharp edges. A lot of things, probably when I was 20 years old when standing directly in the Justice Party, after the 20-somethings I don't. "

He cited a recent news, says that is a fat aunt while protecting a young woman in Shanghai, next to the side and hand bandaged woman (hereinafter "bandage girl") argue, rebuked the unruly Rob's behavior.

"You say who is right and who is wrong? Fat aunt ever confirmed a ' bandaged woman ' is not disabled? If the bandaged woman really is disabled, this thing is and how to deal with? "Wang zijian said," such a situation more and more. I can certainly jump out, as some programs do, it is totally arbitrary to say something. I also know that transmission rates higher, but I don't want to do such a thing. In particular, I hope that we can enter an era not to shout slogans. "

But off stage, Wang zijian is clearly not stretched so tight. "That was his one battlefield. "Li Dan said.

Battlefield refers to the micro-blog, every now and then he would debate with people on certain issues, and often write psychic arsenic. "I think that chicken soup really tore it up. "

Wang zijian attack response behaviour, interpreted as "Aries" feature--care about other's opinions. "Is my personal, unfounded personal attack I was difficult to accept. Another thing, obviously you are wrong if you don't know, I don't really care but I find that you intentionally so, I just feel wrong. "

He said that whenever the time of national disaster, Twitter is always someone to pull several celebrities, said they did not donate money. "After the Tianjin event, I call two people ran to Ma Microblogs under a donated, they had no idea he was the Prime virtue of the 2015 hurun philanthropy list. The two men was unknown, but because of continued interest and coverage of news, fan has expanded dramatically. "

"Is it not a kind of attitude? "

"Unless there are strong reasons in support of my heart to say this. "


"If you want to label a person to elaborate this point, that this person's body surface area was the label out. "Wang zijian said. That said, in the interview he could not help himself two-tagged: intellectuals, ostrich.

Even though he was using "to intellectual standards of the average" means, but the phrase "intellectuals no crosstalk" suddenly missing heart.

Evaluation of Wang zijian up those around them is confidence, in this, he rudely subject: "I am a person with charisma. "His charisma is now taken with cell phones, the slightly iffy idea is as a technology enthusiast Wang zijian, areas of concern for many years. As neurasthenia, sleep, he had enough time this idea brewing to a practical level. As for how he would not say too much, saying only that they now known as CEO, but as a product manager, and said future commercial things will be handed over to professional people do.

"I don't know how to talk to strangers. "Wang zijian admits he really doesn't like, and also hide the hate of people who do not like. "When I started stand-up, programs can be modeled on European and American talk show set, dominated by interviews, but at that time my life experience and experience as well as EQ, I interview someone else is not supported. I meet people who don't like it will directly benefit the people I don't like, I don't pretend to. So he shows up interview, saying jokes. "

Egg Lee confirmed that assertion, he confided to reporters that Wang zijian cannot drink, alcohol poisoning, nor eat seafood. Usually done after the show "night life" is to find a line string. "He says recently found a secluded place to blow pork sticks. "

In July, Wang zijian on his micro-blog, has written an article on Beijing cuisine, with "drool all over the floor, I would like to" end. Today, the South of beijingers say they prefer Shanghai, Shanghai also has its own language, he admires, and he was the last generation to heard the people of old Beijing.

"My grandmother spoke it called artistic. She had not been to school, was an illiterate, but art specifically speaking, beating around the Bush, very soft. But she is no Beijing, even small children, have not even heard. "Wang zijian said," when I was a kid growing up in Beijing, and I see that Beijing is now two places, time and space are not the same. Any childhood memories in Beijing was out of sight. I used to live is now a bar, can you accept that? So I might as well act like an ostrich escape to a place where no change so serious. "

Wang zijian of dialogue:

Surging News: you say you grew up, not cynicism, what do you believe in now?

Wang zijian: optimism, I think that I am an optimistic person, not met adversity.

Surging News: you don't understand will not express his views, but few are absolutely things you as an actor needs to blurt out talk show, is afraid of losing its style?

Wang zijian: I think the style is gradually established, we say that the United States talk show hosts, they established their own style largely after the age of 40. 20-somethings build style will not be convincing. As a dare not say that they are intellectuals, it is an intellectual standards of their own people, I wish to express some things must not be biased. When I say this, unless there are strong reasons in support of my heart to say this. With the increasing influence, I really afraid of saying the wrong thing, not afraid of being scolded, but afraid of giving the wrong Guide.

So I don't get to shut up.

Surging News: what do you consider your role on the talk show?

Wang zijian: our beginner's mind is to make people happy, we can now pass is good at is comedy way of looking at the things around you. One thing touches your interests, but if you think this touches your interests do is mentally handicapped, you may laugh. I think people need most is sanguine that we need to make life interesting. Make you optimistic, encounter one, I laughed, then thinking about what values, national action.

Surging News: System impact on your understanding?

Wang zijian: has no effect on my personal values. But you will know that the world has more to think about. Many requirements may be right, I will think about why there is such a requirement, says I don't meet, but I'm going to solve these problems.

Surging News: this is not a compromise doctrine say it?

Wang zijian: how mean is it? Maybe a little, shallow margins and deep, there's no need.

Surging News: did you have any thing you and stick to your approach?

Wang zijian: jialing spoof near that thing, I think an apology is quite false. Why should you apologize to a fictional character? Can you fiction, I can't do fiction? This is my point of view. Then my friend Ma Weidou said, should not taunt Hua Mulan, which is created by the symbolic meaning of a national image. I can hear, but I think what I said is right, he also has a point. Not the same attitude. Was admitted to child prodigies where are cattle

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Men rushed into the Mercedes was the dog Chase rattled pond

On October 17, 2015, Xiamen, Fujian, near a hotel in Tong Mei Road, a man soaking wet standing in the pond. Insider describes, he drives a Mercedes-Benz series cars, dogs seem to be chasing instead deflect the steering wheel, just across the gap between tree plunged into the pond. According to the Taiwan network

Men rushed into the Mercedes was the dog Chase rattled pond

On October 17, 2015, Xiamen, Fujian, near a hotel in Tong Mei Road, a man soaking wet standing in the pond. Insider describes, he drives a Mercedes-Benz series cars, dogs seem to be chasing instead deflect the steering wheel, just across the gap between tree plunged into the pond. News Photos

Men rushed into the Mercedes was the dog Chase rattled pond

Picture the scene.

Men rushed into the Mercedes was the dog Chase rattled pond

Picture the scene.

Men rushed into the Mercedes was the dog Chase rattled pond

Picture the scene.

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Dr pillars is double ideal and belief lose non political activities

Dr pillars is double: ideal and belief lose non-political activities

Photo: network

Recently approved by the CPC Central Committee, Member of the CPC Central Commission for discipline inspection on the 18th, State administration of work safety supervision administration of former Party Secretary, Secretary for Dr checking the pillars of serious disciplinary problems.

By check, Dr pillars serious violation political discipline and political rules, for non-organization political activities, interference, and hamper Organization review; serious violation discipline, violations selection Secretary and received property, violations for its child work arrangements, and positions promotion greeted, violations selection appointments cadres, abroad during unauthorized change visits plans and route; serious violation Central eight items provides spirit, squandered waste public funds, long-term accept private main arrangements of upscale entertainment activities, violations distribution with bus; serious violation clean discipline, Using his position of illegal possession of public property, using his position in the business aspects of receiving property for the benefit of others, accepting gifts, gift, illegal occupation of housing; a serious breach of work discipline, intervention in disciplinary review of the discipline inspection organs and judicial organs in handling of cases, illegal use of State funds. Among them, using the convenience of duty, illicit appropriation of public property by using his position to seek benefits for others, issues such as receiving property suspected of a crime.

Dr pillars being a member of ideal and belief lose, serious violations of party discipline and party's 18 still no convergence, don't hand, nature, and the circumstances are especially serious. According to the disciplinary regulations and other relevant provisions of the Chinese Communist Party, the Politburo, the Standing Committee of the Central Commission for discipline inspection and report on the meeting for consideration, decided to give young leaders expelled sanctions; approved by the Ministry to the State Council, the Administration expelled; collection of proceeds of its discipline; to be suspected of crime, clues and the money transferred to the judicial organs according to law. Their punishment by expulsion, to be ratified in the plenary meetings of the meeting of the Central Committee.

Dr pillars Biography:

Pillars of Yang, male, of Han nationality, born in January 1954, Hebei Qing County who joined the CPC in December 1973, to work in October 1972. CNPC managers Training Institute of Management Department of management engineering of oil college graduate, postgraduate degree, doctor of laws, a Senior Economist.

Since 1972, he has been the battle of petroleum drilling a 32169 command team roughnecks, Assistant Instructor, instructor, drill a brigade Deputy instructor, Deputy Director of the political Department, drilling one Deputy Secretary, exploration and three party Committee Assistant Deputy Secretary, head of the political Department.

From June 1983 to September 1987, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of North China Petroleum administrative Bureau (of which: from September 1985 to September 1987 at CNPC managers Training Institute of Management Department of management engineering studies).

From September 1987 to July 1991 as Party Secretary, Manager of Zhongyuan petroleum exploration Bureau, the drilling company.

July 1991 to July 1994, Zhongyuan petrochemical engineering construction command Deputy Commander.

From July 1994 to September 1996, Vice General Manager of Tianjin United chemical.

In September 1996 to August 1997, he served as Deputy Director of the Tianjin Municipal Economic Commission.

Electric Industrial Corporation, Tianjin, from August 1997 to June 1998 Party Secretary (of which: from September 1995 to January 1998 at the Central Party school on-job postgraduate Economics majors).

From June 1998 to March 2001 Deputy Secretary of Working Committee of Tianjin Municipal Party Committee industry, Director of the municipal Economic Commission.

From March 2001 to June 2004, Vice Mayor of Tianjin.

In June 2004 to December 2005, Tianjin Vice Mayor and Director of the Municipal Commission.

December 2005 to December 2007, Tianjin Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor, Director of the Municipal Commission (of which: on-the-job learning from September 2004 to January 2007, in international law, University of science, doctorate in law).

December 2007 to May 2009, Tianjin Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor and Director of the Municipal Commission, in charge of the Executive work of the Government.

From May 2009 to May 2012 in Tianjin Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor, in charge of the Executive work of the Government.

In May 2012, the Director of the State administration of work safety, the party group. Tu received the Nobel Prize medicine has once

18th CPC Central Committee.

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Chongqing City was interrupted by mean old men and 3 ribs streets law enforcement

Users the daping hospital, third military medical University report, 62 bears 8, 9, 10 on the right side of rib fractures. Pictures from the Internet

On October 14, the Netizen complained, the Chongqing daping nine holes to open a restaurant because their father was forced away by city shops in front of the table and stool, was hit by several city 3 caused by fractures of Ribs; so far medical costs spent 20,000 yuan, city management no longer advance after advance 3000 Yuan, and find Chengguan police station with its direct consultation and conciliation.

15th, da Ping Street, yuzhong district in response to the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) said the complaints reflect problems "loss of objective and fair": when pulled between the two sides, business owners (complaint users) father overexert, scratch head tables and chairs, chest furniture impact households belonging to disrupt the normal law enforcement, the police are currently investigating.

The complaints posted on the Chongqing network ask political platform. Complaints content said: September 30 noon 12:30 Xu, in no prior notification and appealed to of situation Xia, dozens of name Chengguan directly received go has big ping nine pit child a restaurant shop door of table stool; business owners (complaints people) of father refused to table stool was forced received go, was several Chengguan surrounding beat in to, and was lift Shang Chengguan vehicles, in car Shang continues to implementation beat, led its father forehead bleeding, 3 root help bone fracture.

Wrote the report of daping hospital, third military medical University showed, 62 bears 8, 9, 10 on the right side of rib fractures.

, Yuzhong district big ping subdistrict offices in above reply in the said, event of background for business households (that "must taste dry pot" business owners) long-term accounted for road business, and is whole paragraph line road occupied, to past public brings great inconvenience, Street law enforcement Brigade times on its for criticism education and disposal, but the business households attitude always more tough, very not tie rectification, even barely rectification stay law enforcement players left Hou and quickly recovery, around masses views also larger; September 30 noon 12:30 Xu, Big ping integrated administrative law enforcement Brigade on area within of city environment order for routine inspections of process in the, found the business households and will business chairs, object placed in sidewalk Shang business, led to pedestrian cannot passage; law enforcement personnel immediately requirements operators will violations placed of items for received picked up, the business households not listening to persuasion, refused to received picked up, attitude is bad, law enforcement personnel see sidewalk Shang placed of a Zhang chairs no guest, will help on its for received picked up.

Reply also said, the business households of father then from shop within rushed out, not let law enforcement players received picked up, and do full and law enforcement personnel on chairs for pulled, its son and daughter-in-law also in shop within took has iron, items intent hit law enforcement players, was site law enforcement personnel timely be stop; in pulled table of process in the, the business households of father due to forced had slammed, led head was chairs designated injury, chest also by chairs impact, at only found its head has designated injury bleeding, and no other symptoms.

"Continued beating by city car" accusations, explained in the reply to: business owner's father then forced up law-enforcement vehicles, not law enforcement officers and vehicles to leave, urged them to get off the case nothing law enforcement team had to bring it back to the Office and report to a da ping station, the request processing.

Referred to in the complaint, "police said none of their business" reply, "said after the police arrived, see the head scratching, he called the hospital to check on the treatment, investigated by the police. "

On medical costs problem, reply also to out has explained: night 19 o'clock Xu, business households phone told of Chengguan law enforcement personnel Liu xxx, said its father injured hospital, Liu XXX for humane care, Yu October 1 morning itself purchase has milk, and fruit, items to hospital on its for visit; October 5 morning, big ping police station police phone notification Liu xxx, said injured of son found police station said its father no medical with has, also take not to, asked Liu xxx can take points money to he, Liu xxx private to lend him 3000 Yuan, things are done after the return, and write IOU on October 9, October 12, October 13 in the morning and afternoon, the wounded son of four enforcement agency Office were presented to the streets of more than 70,000 Yuan or apart from the early medical expenses compensation of 40,000 yuan. Qingdao sky high priced shrimp shopkeepers and

Liu hit-related, not mentioned in the reply, but stressed that the households belonging to disrupt the normal law enforcement, investigation and handling of Da Ping station is now, according to the public security agencies in the investigation results.

As the surging News went to press, the public security organ's findings have not been made public.

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Police in Yunnan province hundreds of people impeding the police investigation

Qujing city, Yunnan Province Public Security Bureau information Office to inform him that the night of October 12, luliang police disposed of when gambling-related policing, illegal incited hundreds of onlookers personnel to violence obstruct law enforcement of public security organs, causing 12 civilian, police and 3 people injured and two police vehicles were battered over. Breaking News

According to preliminary investigations: October 12, 20:40, report people to the Public Security Bureau in luliang County, Central streets big splash community a tearoom was gambling, then command patrol Special Police Brigade rapidly out of the police investigation. 22-member patrol SWAT police and police arrived at the scene, clear identity requirements for CANDU officer cooperating with investigators. In this procedure, illegal incited hundreds of onlookers personnel to violence obstruct law enforcement of public security organs, causing 12 civilian, police and 3 people injured and two police vehicles were battered over, civilian police and of police-police under siege. As follow-up to arrive at the scene, County Government officials and staff of patient persuasion, people evacuate them in the October 13 4:30 A.M., trapped civilian police and police evacuated.

According to the bulletin, current developments tend to be smooth, sustaining serious injury is stable, investigations and other related work is underway. Police said the public security organs will be based on the facts and take law as the criterion, objective, impartial and perform their statutory duties, resolutely investigate and punish criminal acts, maintain the dignity of law, maintenance of normal social order.

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Central deep restructuring of the Conference the national tax collection and

Photo: network

General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, State President, and Chairman, and XI Jinping, head of the Central leading group on deepening reform on October 13 hosted Central leading group on deepening reform of the 17th meeting and delivered an important speech. He stressed that Central through the reforms take root, must encourage and allow differentiation in different places to explore. More comprehensive reform, the more emphasis on grass-roots exploration and practice. To put encourages grass-roots reform innovation, and bold exploration as caught reform landing of important method, insisted problem oriented, to solution good reform programme with actual phase combined of problem, and interests adjustment in the of resistance problem, and promoted reform implementation of responsibility play problem, put reform fell associate fell fine implementation, makes reform more precision to docking development by needed, and grass-roots by hope, and people by to, better benefit masses.

Member of the Standing Committee, Li keqiang, Deputy Head of the Central leading group on comprehensive reform, Liu Yunshan attended the meeting.

Meeting on strengthening and improving the work of administrative litigation and the deepening the reform of the internal revenue service, the tax collection scheme, and views on further promoting the reform and development of State farms, the State-owned enterprises function definition and classification guidance and the opinion on improving diversified disputes solution mechanism.

It was noted that administrative litigation is to resolve the disputes, protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations, to supervise the executive authorities shall exercise functions and an important legal system. Administrative litigation is the statutory responsibility of the Executive, should not only solve the constraint administration trials, problems affecting the system of administrative litigation functions, should also consider the administrative practice, strict administrative organ assumed responsibility. Administrative authorities to support people's courts accepted and heard Executive cases, protect the rights of citizens, legal persons and other organizations sued, do a reply of proof, perform his duties appear in court, with the court hearing. To strengthen organizational leadership and support promoting the departments to do a good job responding to, increase the administrative litigation supervision and evaluation efforts, strictly implement the responsibility of responding.

Meeting stressed that deepening the reform of the internal revenue service, the tax collection, to persist in administering tax and convenience to tax, scientific principles of efficiency, coordination, and in an orderly way, play to the internal revenue service, tax advantages, and depth of service integration, proper integration of law enforcement, news aggregators, focus on resolving some prominent problems in the current collection system. To introduce more tax reform measures for the convenience for the masses, with more quality and efficient services, reducing the tax burdens of the masses, and to safeguard the people's legitimate rights and interests. According to the reform process, combined with the establishing and perfecting the system of local tax revenue, to clarify the national tax and land tax, land tax and other tax collection duties, solve the internal revenue service, the tax collection responsibilities unclear and some of the tax collection and management, and so on. Combines decentralization and management of innovation, combining optimizing service and strengthening management, application management services, strengthen management, ensure that the tube tube tube well. For tax evasion offences, punishable by law. Based on modern information technology, change the mode of tax collection and management, optimizing the allocation of collection resources, accelerate the process of tax collection and management information and improve the quality and efficiency of tax collection and management.

It was noted that China's farms are under specific historical conditions established for State missions. Advance farm reform development, to insisted socialist market reform direction, insisted Enterprise separate, and social enterprises separate, to guarantees national food security and important agricultural effective supply for core, to advance reclamation area group, and farm enterprise reform for mainline, relies on innovation drive, speed up change economic development way, advance resources assets integration, and industry optimization upgrade, construction modern agricultural of big base, and big enterprise, and big industry, full enhanced within health power, and development vitality, and overall strength, The backbone of modern agriculture construction in lead role. To strengthen the party organization and leadership of the reclamation work, strengthen asset management for farms to prevent the loss of State assets. In accordance with overall consideration, symptoms and treatment, the principle of linkage, entire areas of steady progress.

Emphasized, should be based on the strategic orientation of State-owned capital and development goals, combination of different State-owned enterprises in economic and social development, current situation and development needs, according to the main business and core business areas, State-owned enterprises are defined as commercial and public classes. Business of State-owned enterprises to enhance State economic vitality, zoom function and the value of State-owned capital as its main objective, according to the market demand for commercial operations, independent production and operation activities carried out according to law, realization of survival of the fittest and orderly retreat. Public State-owned enterprises so as to safeguard people's livelihood, to serve the community, the provision of public goods and services is the main goal. On State-owned commercial enterprises and public-owned enterprises, classification classification reform, promoting development, supervision of classification, classification accountability assessment.

It was noted that the perfect mechanism for disputes and diversified solutions for protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, promote social equity and justice is important. To insisted party led, and Government led, and fully rule coordination, full play the sector functions role, guide social the aspects power active participation contradictions disputes resolve; insisted source governance, and prevention, will prevention contradictions disputes throughout major decision, and administrative law enforcement, and judicial litigation, full process; insisted people mediation, and administrative mediation, and judicial mediation linkage, encourages through first mediation, way solution problem; insisted law governance, using rule of law thinking and rule of law way resolve various contradictions disputes. We must focus on improving the system, sound system, platform, the strengthened safeguards, promoting the cohesive coordination of conflicting ways of resolving disputes, establish the link between, coordinated mechanism, disputes is highly diversified solutions.

Meeting stressed that top design to play on the practice of grass-roots leading, planning and guidance, encourage practical research, according to local conditions, focusing on specific issues, particular measures and breakdown responsibility fine timing, good grasp of policy limits, scales, rhythm. Grass-roots reform and innovation to listen to the voice of the grass-roots and as much as possible, get first-hand information as much as possible. Time to sum up experiences, found in grass-roots innovation problem, solution, containing rules and timely formation of rational knowledge, promoting the system innovation on the surface.

It was noted that grass-roots innovation connecting the grassroots cadres, connecting the people, to strengthen the policy, formed together to encourage grass-roots innovation and maximum mobilization of local, grass-roots and the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity. Characteristic and difficulty of the grass roots, sinking, sinking personnel force promoting functions, establishment and grass-roots reform responsibility system that matches the actual needs. To improve the evaluation and incentive mechanisms, encourage innovation, and praised advanced also allows trial and error, failure tolerated, and create a heady atmosphere of reform, reform of the reform, good.

Attended by members of the Central leading group on comprehensive reform, the central authorities and responsible comrades of relevant State departments to attend the meeting. Solved: he is going to visit China and network

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Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel rail reserved channel is relatively small experts

Shanghai Yangtze River tunnel and bridge that opened in 2009, is currently the only land between the land and the Chongming island of Shanghai traffic channel. But the Changjiang River tunnel and bridge during holidays will be blocked, and rail channel originally reserved (planning, Line 19 line) due to lack of space, the existing subway vehicles to pass. On October 12, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) noted that the expert proposed using the tunnel and bridge river channel reserved line rapid bus idea with guide wheel, this subject is under study.

Drawn in a group rapid transit proposals to diagram

Reserved space existing subway trains through

Shanghai Yangtze River tunnel according to the two-way six-lane expressway standard design and construction with shield method. Top special smoke exhaust ducts at the top of the tunnel, is a three-lane highway in the Middle, lower layer is divided into three parts, the central space reserved for rail transit, on both sides for safety evacuation channels and cable ducts. And reserved rail transit channel height was 3.93 meters, a width of 3.4 m.

"Space of this size, cannot meet the domestic railway traffic require, some special models domestic and abroad without precedent. "Shanghai Municipal design research total hospital Professor level engineers Cai Yifeng think, currently, Chongming three Island Zhijian, and island and Pudong of traffic main to private traffic mainly, public traffic development relative behind, led to three Island area of tunnel bridge and the Cheung Yin Road more River tunnel hold blocking serious, weekend and the holiday from Chongming island and Shanghai of traffic surge, can from usually daily 30,000 to 40,000 car times increased to 70,000 to 80,000 car times, hold blocking Shi ride bus of passengers also also was blocking in tunnel within retreat shall not. The national day Golden week just ended, some people take the bus back to Chongming, the 1-hour drive took 4 hours because of congestion.

"If can in reserved channel early open line dedicated fast bus, using public traffic way will Chongming, and Changxing and Pudong fast contact up, and in Pudong set gold sea station and Line 12 line and the planning of Line 9 line three period transfer, not only can shortened transit time, improve residents travel of service level; also can through transfer track traffic, fast arrived square, and five angle field, and Xujiahui, commercial circle. More importantly, can attract more passengers to choose public transportation, improve the efficiency of public transport in Chongming, optimizing the structure of traffic. "

Through the tunnel bus with guide wheel

At present, the standard of urban road lane width 3.75 m, but reserved channel width of 3.4 metres, how to ensure the safety of buses in the tunnel for up to 8 km drive? In this regard, the researchers suggest, to buses on both sides of the steering wheel, steering wheel control bus driving directions in a tunnel, out of the tunnels, while guiding wheels.

"Guided bus is in General a lateral guide wheels front axle mounted on each side of the bus, to form a vehicle Guide, the Guide and vehicle steering system coordinated, making it both on normal roads, this device can be used on a dedicated road to achieve manually operated and automatic guidance of urban public transport systems. "Cai Yifeng introduced such vehicles in motion, lateral guide pulley with the kerb contact, and ensure that vehicles operating in the middle of the road, drivers can drive a vehicle without the wheel. This vehicle has been used abroad.

Due to the River Walk reservation channel, guided bus faster than ordinary buses, and both ordinary roads and rely on private roads "tracks of" improving the quality of operations and service levels, so you can open flexibly according to passenger bus lines and rail transportation costs lower in comparison.

"Recent uses of Chongming line rapid transit tunnel and bridge river channel not only improves Cross-River congestion status also make full use of channel tunnel and bridge reserved free space, reduce the waste of resources, and to foster passenger public transport priority. "

Line links up with Metro station

For bus rapid transit route, experts suggest that starts from jinhai jinsui road intersection, along the Sea-King East Road, after Cao Luzhen, entered the Shanghai Yangtze River tunnel, along the highway below reservation entered the Changxing Island to the East, along the reserved channels on either side of the bridge, entering the island, go Hai Hai interchange road to Chen Jia Zhen. Due to the live section of the independent right of way, to avoid congestion, from Cao Luzhen station in Pudong to Chongming Island, Changxing Island control within 40 minutes travel time.

Full station 5, dock 3 in Pudong region, Changxing and Chongming Island 1, all for ground stations. Changxing Island to Chongming island and two islands within the backbone of the public transport system to change. Pudong is located CA yan jinhai Road station, station (line 9 and Line 12) and Golden Spike Road Station (Line 14), achieved with the transfer. Surging journalists found that the trend line Line 19 is consistent with the planning. Tu again received the Nobel Prize academician

Traditional ferry and tunnel and bridge traffic has been hard to meet the travel needs of residents, demand a new means of transportation, give full play to existing Yangtze River tunnel and bridge channel function, you can reduce the waste of resources, and rapid transit passenger-carrying capacity can meet the current demands across the river. Cai Yifeng proposal-oriented public transport system can be carried out relevant work upfront research.

Foreign-oriented public transport case

Australia Adelaide-oriented bus: operation more successful South Australia Adelaide road-oriented public transport system, rail full length 12km, total run is about 13min, the travel speed of 60 km/h.

System in 1987, the full opening, bus lines passing through this line up to 18, there are two roads, average station distance 5 km. The system during peak departure intervals for 50 seconds, 5-15 mins flat peak, the average daily patronage of 25000 people, one-way peak passenger flow reached 4500 people per hour.

United Kingdom Cambridgeshire guided bus: United Kingdom Cambridgeshire designed to solve road congestion problems during peak and opened a guided bus lines, became connected to Cambridgeshire and surrounding suburbs on the outskirts of fast-track. 40-kilometre line, which guide part 23 km, non-articulating some 17 km. Double deck bus-oriented public transport vehicles, effective in easing traffic congestion.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

17 dead the explosion in Anhui Province the owner control some escape was retrograde

On October 10, the scene of the explosion, firefighters in the gas tank with water. CFP

Hefei Xinhua News on October 11, Wuhu city, Anhui Province Jinghu district "10·10" on-site disposal of bottled liquefied petroleum gas leak explosion accident entered its second day, the reporter learned from the departments of the city, now related accident investigations and remedial work is under way. According to the survey, involved in the restaurant operating without a license. 14 students in the 17 victims.

6-minute disaster moments occur, victims of carbon monoxide poisoning in a number

Wuhu City Fire Department official told reporters the restore process of the accident from gas tank deflagration to detonation of only a short 6 minute.

11:44 on October 10, in Yang Jia lane named "King of pot" snack bar placed at the door of bottled liquefied petroleum gas deflagration occurred. 11:47, Wuhu City police fire brigade command Center received a report promptly deployed two squadrons 4 fire engines more than more than 30 officers and soldiers rushed to the scene. 11:50, liquefied gas bottle exploded, fire soon engulfed the shop and spread to the storefront next door on the third floor.

According to the live video display, when many thousands of people involved in the fire, including the owner, however, because of the heavy fire, small fire extinguishers and water pipes failed to play a significant role.

11:51, rescue forces arrived at the scene immediately started fire. According to Jinghu, Wuhu City Fire Brigade Captain Yang Tao introduction, arrived at the scene, store burning fiercely, firefighters evacuated the upper floors in the first, then to the North of the rescue, set up the escalator fire, quickly got the fire under control. 12:20, no open flame was extinguished.

Fire put out, rescue workers in the north side of the 17 bodies were found in two places.

It was lunch time when the accident occurred, this meal around a number of school students after school, including 14 of the victims were students, between the ages of 15 to 20 years.

Yang Xiang plastic roof of the shop-lined, used materials are combustible, which risks leading to its rapid spread. CFP

Why a gas canister caused mass death, mass wound?

According to the Wuhu City Government news release late yesterday, according to an inquest or inquiry, the cause of the accident initially determined for bottled liquefied petroleum gas leakage fire explosion. Official told reporters, the scene of the accident although row identified more than one gas tank, but at the time of the accident, there is only one gas tank exploded. So, in 32 square metres of space, why a gas tank can cause such devastating tragedies?

--Improperly, escaping the "retrograde". Witnesses say explosion, around a lot of people hurry away, some people ran out, but some people choose to "reverse" hid in the shop, a detail confirmed by the fire and rescue personnel.

Yang Tao revealed that fire stove and gas put in front of the entrance of the explosion, the fire was first sealed doors. In-store patrons see the fire, many hiding in the future, but inside the store and even the Windows have a window in the attic, unable to escape.

Meanwhile, the store owner in the accident procedure also exists in improper places. According to reports, after the accident, the owner is not the first time an alarm, it has yet to carry out the evacuation, choosing instead to fire through a small fire extinguishers and water pipes.

--Private take the construction of more fuel-rich. Old city of Wuhu city, Yang Xiang, is the more famous and old snack Street, this block of dozens of meters from the ground floor of residential street of small shops and small stalls formed, cramped roads, put construction of more private.

Reporters on the scene saw, serious shortage of the fire separation in this neighborhood, plastic roof of the shop-lined on both sides, using materials are combustible, which risks leading to its rapid spread.

--Restaurant were arrested for operating without a license. According to the authoritative source, the restaurant owner named Zhang Baoping, this snack bar operation from August 18, but not registered in the industrial and commercial sector.

Snack bar owner in the scene of the explosion. CFP

The shop has been controlled, the investigation continues

According to reports, the snack bar owner is currently controlled by the police, experts from several provinces to Wuhu detailed investigations into the cause of the accident.

Experts point out that liquefied petroleum gas explosion is dangerous, people should choose special valves in the home interface, cookers and other quality checks on a regular basis. For bottled LPG, more to buy regular bottled gas, need to check before buying the cylinder using the term and the certificate of quality. Liquid gas cylinders should be placed away from heat sources, erect, avoiding the Sun, don't shake in the use and dumping of, throwing up. Connection hose between the cylinder and stove-length should not exceed 2 meters or shorter than 0.5 metres, standard clamps for hose ends must be clamped, aging or damaged hose must be promptly replaced, replace gas hose for at least 18 months. Breaking News

In addition, Yang Tao suggested that fire general knowledge should be incorporated into primary and secondary teaching, in densely populated areas for evacuation and fire fighting drills are regularly organized.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Shanghai jahwa was sentenced before the restoration and Zhuo Wang General Manager

The Court of final appeal judgement on the Shanghai second intermediate people's Court, Shanghai jahwa reply Wang Zhuo's labor relations. Oriental IC data

Shanghai jahwa United Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai jahwa) and former General Manager Wang Zhuo's labor contract dispute case finally ended. On October 10, the reporter was informed that the surging, the Shanghai second intermediate people's Court recently make a final judgment in the case, asked Shanghai jahwa reply Wang Zhuo's labor relations and pay one month's salary.

GE wenyao because of disputes among major shareholders in Shanghai jahwa ping an trust announced his retirement in May 2014, after Wang Zhuo is released in Shanghai jahwa United General Manager and Director, on the grounds that Wang Zhuo's sense of responsibility led PricewaterhouseCoopers issued negative opinions on the company's internal control audit reports were negative reports in the news media, bad impact on the company, as a serious dereliction of duty.

Wang Zhuo on June 4, 2014, Hongkou district, Shanghai labor dispute arbitration Committee for arbitration, calls for labour relations and wages paid May 14, 2014, until June 24. Wang Zhuo, the August 4 decision support requirements.

Subsequently, the plea to the Court in Shanghai jahwa. Trial court found Shanghai jahwa has no evidence to prove that the internal control audit report pointed out major shortcomings in Wang Zhuo, is due to gross negligence, serious cause. Shanghai jahwa claims are not supported by the trial court.

After the original judgment, Shanghai jahwa and appeal to the Shanghai second intermediate. After trying to identify, Shanghai second intermediate court said trial facts are true, the hospital confirmed. Given that Zhuo Wang still insisted that the resumption of labor relations, and willing to work in Shanghai, home of engage in any. Shanghai II Shanghai jahwa should arrange suitable posts for Wang Zhuo and Zhuo Wang to pay wage 10520.77 June 1, 2014 to June 24. The wind has changed drop fastest CEO Wei Cheng

In fact, since GE wenyao left, Kibaki has left Shanghai jahwa, including former Deputy General Manager Fang Hua Tung and Feng 珺 secrets are in the middle of this year, announced his departure.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fans shouted out Perrin class This time he really want to back pan

The end of the game after the whistle sounded, and Qatar players fell to the ground to celebrate. CFP

A no return game and a heartbreaking defeat. Aersade Stadium in Doha, Qatar fans waving the national flag, the Chinese team again fell off a cliff.

The night of October 8, Beijing time, China men's national road usher and Qatar battle of life and death, in the end, by virtue of a free kick of the game to score in the first half, Qatar 1:0 beat China at home, with four wins, and ranked top 40 Asia World Cup qualifier topped the Group c match, while the losing team is embarrassed fell to third, qualification is at stake.

Before the game, China does not is not sufficient to prepare, 6 days before the game started, the team went to Dubai, site and time difference adjustment. For fear that players not used to the local food, national team staff also contacted a local best restaurant every five dishes and one soup meal for the team, and before the match Qatar announced that it will enable air conditioning system in the game, is to solve the headache for a team high temperature problem.

But even so, it did not stop China swallow the bitter defeat.

Perrin at a press conference after the game. CFP

After the game, team coach Perrin became the target of countless fans, "Perrin class" roars. Before the game when the team squad came out, Perrin has stood in the forefront of public opinion, after losing, his troops were subjected to a flood of criticism and questioning.

Wing war people "don't understand"

Before the game, team organization watch the Qatar race on video before, players said opponents strength in General, as long as the Chinese team play, can hold an opponent. Players at Tai Po also said that even if you play well, but also to ensure a draw. However, the game turned brutally "face".

If I only look at the first half, will make people think Qatar team strength higher than the Chinese team a bit. Statistical data also illustrates the problem: first, Qatar and China shot 5 times and 2 times, respectively, in terms of possession, Qatar's 61% ahead, 15 minutes before the game, even possession reached 73%, the Chinese team could be said to have been an opponent to the nose.

Such bad situation and tactics of the coach to blame. After the game, a portal in the voting, 75% fans consider "coach tactical blunders" is the reason for losing this game. Ends 5 year winless Iran history of Chinese men

When the starting lineup was released, Perrin took out the configuration has let many people began to think that "hangs". Famous football commentator Huang jianxiang wrote in his micro-blog, "stacked defensive corps carried the beating to death of arrays, a pair of lost will die faces. The lineup a little bit about soccer rivals understand that rest assured attack, Chinese are afraid but not war! Now adjustments are difficult, looking at today's array, Perrin wanted 11 on Wang Dalei. "

Goalkeeper Wang Dalei saves several times last night. CFP

"Beaten to death and carried" consequences, is the Chinese team lost control of the situation on the field. In other positive closing, Zheng was "blocked" cases, the Chinese team could not even ball control, let alone organize effective attack.

Halftime, CCTV announcer Duan Xuan, said head coach the tactical adjustment and turnover in midfield, will directly determine the performance of the Chinese team in the second half. However back in 15 minutes, Perrin still did not make any adjustments until half an hour left in the game, Yu Hanchao, Wu Lei and Sun were replaced in succession by three players, then China's offense was almost immediately picked up. Yet there is an old saying, "for the Chinese team running out of time."

Early substitutions adjustment will have different results? In this regard, Perrin explained, "If you let him play in the first half, he is sure to face more pressing. Yu Hanchao, Sun can be a player's strength and I was well aware of their better playing than playing the full 90 minutes of the second half. "

Modification introduction and netizens ridicule

In an interview after the game, football goalkeeper Wang Dalei's tone quite dissatisfied "each other after all, geographical and human advantages, these back to our home, too, to win back the game should be no problem. On the outlet situation I was more optimistic. "

In China, I'm afraid, only Wang Dalei has also emboldened after the defeat saying such "pronouncements".

The match, Wang Dalei has repeatedly sent out "God Save", 58th minute was decisive attack to block Qatar striker Sebastian solo goal. Without his heroics, the final score may be more embarrassing than 0:1. After the game, some netizens p from a team of "11" lineup, including "soy sauce" Ji Xiang, "" La Liga game, "Zhang Chengdong and" defensive Center "in Tai Po, wangdaleize won the" Perrin his elder brother "in the title.

Netizens made "11" lineup.

This game, Wang Dalei became the most spectacular players of the Chinese team, only when the goalkeeper when Flash tends to explain the team's overall satisfactory. For much of the game, China's overall operation seems rather creaky, well-known football media yan Qiang direct Twitter writes, "and compared to the Asian Cup, China Team in back. "

After the game, Perrin told a news conference, "the opponent on the better organization, defense does well. And our lack of communication between players. "But in the eyes of many, Perrin random transformation is the team of the player positions the main reason that it is difficult to get a good feel. In this regard, the network also has a lot of fans after the game slots:

@ Yao Lei: "Ji Xiang, from right back to right midfield; Zhang Chengdong, from right midfield to right-back; Zhang linpeng, defenders from the right back was converted; Mei Fang, from which the defender was replaced at left-back; Ren Hang, defenders from the left-back was converted; in Tai Po, was modified from the left wing into the Center. 35 year old Zheng Zhi played defensive midfield while attacking midfielder position organization. Position the only constant was Wang da Lei! "

@ Jiekechen: "Perrin arranged line-up details: Tai Po used sidewalks? You try to center work? Ji Xiang fullback? Try your breakthrough level and a winger! Zheng Zhi back organization? Don't be a playmaker? Cai Huikang, you organize the ball, all right, now rough and thin after four years! Zhang linpeng, are characterized by wing assists you, so that you to centre-back and full development! "

Curse from a large list of foreshadowed

Qatar's defeat, Perrin was a collective "mobbing", however dispute had existed as early as when the team roster released.

Abandoned with repeatedly in Asia Crown field played world wave of Bowen, refused to enrollment into Hao junmin, and Zhang Xizhe, feet technology outstanding, and recently State also Shang better of players, instead reuse Ji Xiang, and Zhang Chengdong, recently performance does not high light of role, if in game Qian, also can said is Perrin has himself of intends to, so in game Hou, "random employing", and "headstrong" of hat is is sat real.

In the first 60 minutes, see Perrin "aggressiveness and speed" of the attack. CFP

Before when it comes to questions about the team roster, Perrin says don't use technical players, in order to improve the team's aggressiveness and speed, and again after the game when it comes to this issue, Perrin insists on the idea, saying "game environment is different, players play differently. Today, you can see some of the players did well in the domestic League, but play on the international scene is not particularly good, and that's why some players not to bring. "

However, soccer is a game of winning, if you win, the reason for this will be accepted, but after the defeat, Perrin's excuse is undoubtedly difficult to excuse yourself. In the game, Zheng Zhi was the other two back focus on "care" case, the Chinese team in attacking organizational chaos for all to see, in front of the other fierce closing, rough team tried to control the ball is the limit, at least within the first 60 minutes of the game, see Perrin "aggressiveness and speed" of the attack.

Say soccer legend Hao Haidong outspoken, saying "the players basically have enough international level, certainly ties into the national team. "But in the 88th minute, Yu Hanchao tries to stop the air ball in the penalty area, buried the last equaliser chance, probably has more than a fan might think, if Bowen on the pitch, will direct the volley shot goal for the Chinese team.

Well known football journalists and Zhao Zhen, China's strength than its rivals is the fact that is simply lost in one's own "dazzled" in various over-the-counter disadvantages have been overcome by circumstances, lose responsibility only borne by Perrin. He said on Twitter that "families of four at home, your home 5. Worried about Qatar hot, somebody else equipped with air conditioning. So fit and now he has no hope for the group, even line the second. Games like this, if Perrin does not class, the Chinese football association leadership you will wait for class without me! "

At present, the Chinese team had fallen behind Qatar 5 minutes, group leaders have made fantasy, even the team second-place finish there is a certain degree of difficulty. Perrin was aware of their situation, however serious the post-match press conference, saying, "the next game you must win every game", however as Duan Xuan said, "national team still have a chance, Perrin has a chance? We do not know. "

China World Cup qualifier tournament trailer:

19:35 on November 12, China VS Bhutan

November 17, 20:00 VS Hong Kong, China, China

March 24, 19:35 China VS Maldives

19:35 on March 29, China VS Qatar