Friday, October 30, 2015

Japan and South Korea Summit after 3 5 years to restart Japan hot flashes relations

Japan and South Korea Summit after 3.5 years to restart, Japan

Summit talks in China, Japan and South Korea are an important content, is to promote regional economic cooperation.

After 3.5 years to restart the trilateral summit, scheduled for November 1 in Korea held in Seoul. Chinese Premier Li keqiang and Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe flew to Seoul, Korea held talks President Park Geun-Hye. Dialogue Australia China undercover hallucinogens

Fudan University, Japan Research Center Director Hu Lingyuan, Japan and South Korea summit talks restart, ending a 3-year day and politically frosty relations between Japan and South Korea. He was surging to the news (www.thepaper.CN), said that although over history, there are still difficulties, but we can sit down and talk about things politically symbolic.

By Sino-Japanese disputes over territorial disputes and Japanese and Korean history interrupted

Summit talks in China, Japan and South Korea was originally started in 1997 the ASEAN plus summits in China, Japan and South Korea on the basis of ideas. Heads as regularly once a year on the current energy, economic and security cooperation, exchange views on sports, environmental protection and other aspects of architecture, up to 2012 in turn in the three countries held a total of 5 times, during each three-nation Summit, there have been bilateral Summit.

In 2012, however, Japan Islands "nationalisation", inspired the Sino-Japanese territorial disputes, followed by Japan and South Korea because of "World War II" comfort women historical debate on the Korean Peninsula during, stimulate Japanese and Korean historical disputes, Summit break so far.

Last September, the Deputy Foreign Minister-level consultations held in Seoul confirmed the necessity of holding summit talks. Last November, the Sino-Japanese Summit to shake hands after the meeting, heads between the Governments of Japan and South Korea secured the resumption of talks and consultation approach.

Last November, Park attended the 17th in Burma between ASEAN and China, Japan and South Korea Summit, said "I hope Korean and Japanese leaders meeting to be held as soon as possible" and actively create an atmosphere for meeting restart. At the trilateral summit talks, Park is expected to stress the importance of the trilateral cooperation, and recommended that the leaders held meetings on a regular basis to further strengthen trilateral cooperation. However, this proposal could be the consent of China, remains to be seen.

"Japan and South Korea summit talks restart after 3.5 years, should be given a positive evaluation. "Hu Lingyuan surging on news that.

Whether the breakthrough in FTA negotiations?

"The summit talks in China, Japan and South Korea are an important content, is to promote regional economic cooperation. The FTA negotiations between the three countries will send out a positive signal, help to improve the cold diplomatic relations. "Hu Lingyuan said.

China's Ministry of Commerce figures show China is Japan and Korea's largest trading partner, Japan and Korea were China's second and third largest trade partners. In 2014, China and Japan and Korea's bilateral trade compared with us $ 307.5 billion and $ 235.4 billion.

Three free trade zone once it is established, will greatly expand the trilateral and bilateral trade and investment, the establishment of a comprehensive organization, formed to ensure a series of multilateral cooperation.

On October 30, the Trade Ministers meeting held in Seoul in China, Japan and South Korea. Japan economy industry Hayashi Motoo revealed to the media after the meeting, the three parties on the China-Japan-South Korea free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations came to an agreement. For historical issues, Japan deterioration in relations with China and South Korea, but this time, it's in the economic field to improve relations a step forward.

Japan Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio October 30 told the media: "hope to all in all the three leaders meeting in the economic, cultural and environmental cooperation in the broad area of case, and cooperation now and in the future direction of open and frank exchange of views", and expressed wishes to take leadership to strengthen trilateral cooperation point of view.

Researcher at the Tokyo Foundation, Kohara Division told Bloomberg news in an interview, said that "because of historical issues, (between) other parts have stagnated." He said that, in the economic and environmental fields, where Japan and South Korea can cooperate a lot, "historical issues and the need to discuss practical problems, can distinguish between the two." He said the Summit was "the first step in improved relations."

China regularly talks of doubts remain

According to the Japan Economic News reported on October 30, China, Japan and Korea in plans at the Summit to finalise the joint document, the "history" this expression, while explicitly write future-oriented approach to improve relations. Also is expected to confirm, to promote the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, strengthening calls for the parties to restart after the December 2008 has been held six-party talks on the North Korean nuclear issue.

In addition, in view of the stalled Japan-Korea free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations, common content of the files will be written to speed up the negotiations, others mentioned that strengthening disaster prevention and environmental protection cooperation, networking, three countries in the field of mutual trust, and expand tourism exchanges and so on.

Reports said talks on 2016 summit talks in Japan held a consensus. Japan's Foreign Ministry officials said late on October 29, "wished to make sure that talks of heads to return to normal." Mr Li and Park Geun-Hye since taking office, no access Japan.

On October 29, the Vice Foreign Minister-level officials in China, Japan and South Korea issued a joint document of the talks of heads for final consultations. But according to the BBC report, Japan and South Korea want to common file content of the Chronicle held a Summit on a regular basis in the future, China's negative stance, the three officials 29th for this final compromise talks.

"If China took a passive stance, as well as with Japan's performance. "Hu Lingyuan surging on news that:" this year is a special time of 70 anniversary of the victory of the war, should be a good opportunity for reconciliation, but Abe's 70-year anniversary of conversations were not sincere, Chinese celebrations and parade, Japan's attitude is all the worst in the country. "

In addition, UNESCO to include the archives of the Nanjing massacre in China ' memory of the World Register ', a Japan threat to stop UNESCO funds. Addressed to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the Chinese military parade, a Japan times vexatious grievances. Hu Lingyuan added, "Abe's performance instead of promoting reconciliation, but in the opposite direction, China (regular meeting) negative attitude is taken for granted."

United States talks brokered by Japan and South Korea

Park Geun-Hye and Abe for the first time between Japan and South Korea Summit, although positive, but Hu Lingyuan think it is in the United States driven by results, not naturally occurring. United States needed Japan stable relationship to strengthen the US-Japan Alliance, to the attainment of "regional balance" strategy. Korea also tried to found on the geopolitical balance, reflect the aspirations of its diplomatic strategy.

United Kingdom, the Financial Times reported that after Park Geun-Hye are reluctant to meet Abe, saying only in Abe's showing "a correct understanding of" Japan in the early 20th century during the Empire after the war crimes committed, to hold talks. Abe, a series of acts (most recently a move was to the shrine of sacrifice) by Seoul and Beijing as a provocation, angered the Korea and China.

Reports (between Japan and South Korea) concerns about economic cooperation in February this year, when Korea and Japan let a 14-year currency swap agreements to be inactive. United States cracks between the key allies in East Asia, to ring alarm bells in Washington. Us worry this will affect United States strategic interests in the region, and hope that the rapprochement between Japan and South Korea.

Park Geun-Hye visited the United States in the near future, to continue to press her and Abe to improve relations of the United States was publicly displayed for the first time in response to gestures, she said in a public speech in Washington, and South Korea-Japan Summit, held in early November, the "I want to have the opportunity for talks with Prime Minister Abe." Japan, the Yomiuri said, "this is the United States's urging, Park Geun-Hye showed positive gesture to improve relations with Japan."

Korea Central Daily News found that the expected meeting held on November 2, the leaders of South Korea and Japan is the core issue of the comfort women issue. Head of Cheong Wa Dae said on October 29, Park Geun-Hye is likely to require the meeting Japan on the comfort women issue "sincere apology" and take "responsible measures".

According to the report, one staff officer said "this meeting with President Park on a grandiose speak." But there were expectations that Abe may adhere to ambiguous attitude, and her battle.