Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Central deep restructuring of the Conference the national tax collection and

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General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, State President, and Chairman, and XI Jinping, head of the Central leading group on deepening reform on October 13 hosted Central leading group on deepening reform of the 17th meeting and delivered an important speech. He stressed that Central through the reforms take root, must encourage and allow differentiation in different places to explore. More comprehensive reform, the more emphasis on grass-roots exploration and practice. To put encourages grass-roots reform innovation, and bold exploration as caught reform landing of important method, insisted problem oriented, to solution good reform programme with actual phase combined of problem, and interests adjustment in the of resistance problem, and promoted reform implementation of responsibility play problem, put reform fell associate fell fine implementation, makes reform more precision to docking development by needed, and grass-roots by hope, and people by to, better benefit masses.

Member of the Standing Committee, Li keqiang, Deputy Head of the Central leading group on comprehensive reform, Liu Yunshan attended the meeting.

Meeting on strengthening and improving the work of administrative litigation and the deepening the reform of the internal revenue service, the tax collection scheme, and views on further promoting the reform and development of State farms, the State-owned enterprises function definition and classification guidance and the opinion on improving diversified disputes solution mechanism.

It was noted that administrative litigation is to resolve the disputes, protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations, to supervise the executive authorities shall exercise functions and an important legal system. Administrative litigation is the statutory responsibility of the Executive, should not only solve the constraint administration trials, problems affecting the system of administrative litigation functions, should also consider the administrative practice, strict administrative organ assumed responsibility. Administrative authorities to support people's courts accepted and heard Executive cases, protect the rights of citizens, legal persons and other organizations sued, do a reply of proof, perform his duties appear in court, with the court hearing. To strengthen organizational leadership and support promoting the departments to do a good job responding to, increase the administrative litigation supervision and evaluation efforts, strictly implement the responsibility of responding.

Meeting stressed that deepening the reform of the internal revenue service, the tax collection, to persist in administering tax and convenience to tax, scientific principles of efficiency, coordination, and in an orderly way, play to the internal revenue service, tax advantages, and depth of service integration, proper integration of law enforcement, news aggregators, focus on resolving some prominent problems in the current collection system. To introduce more tax reform measures for the convenience for the masses, with more quality and efficient services, reducing the tax burdens of the masses, and to safeguard the people's legitimate rights and interests. According to the reform process, combined with the establishing and perfecting the system of local tax revenue, to clarify the national tax and land tax, land tax and other tax collection duties, solve the internal revenue service, the tax collection responsibilities unclear and some of the tax collection and management, and so on. Combines decentralization and management of innovation, combining optimizing service and strengthening management, application management services, strengthen management, ensure that the tube tube tube well. For tax evasion offences, punishable by law. Based on modern information technology, change the mode of tax collection and management, optimizing the allocation of collection resources, accelerate the process of tax collection and management information and improve the quality and efficiency of tax collection and management.

It was noted that China's farms are under specific historical conditions established for State missions. Advance farm reform development, to insisted socialist market reform direction, insisted Enterprise separate, and social enterprises separate, to guarantees national food security and important agricultural effective supply for core, to advance reclamation area group, and farm enterprise reform for mainline, relies on innovation drive, speed up change economic development way, advance resources assets integration, and industry optimization upgrade, construction modern agricultural of big base, and big enterprise, and big industry, full enhanced within health power, and development vitality, and overall strength, The backbone of modern agriculture construction in lead role. To strengthen the party organization and leadership of the reclamation work, strengthen asset management for farms to prevent the loss of State assets. In accordance with overall consideration, symptoms and treatment, the principle of linkage, entire areas of steady progress.

Emphasized, should be based on the strategic orientation of State-owned capital and development goals, combination of different State-owned enterprises in economic and social development, current situation and development needs, according to the main business and core business areas, State-owned enterprises are defined as commercial and public classes. Business of State-owned enterprises to enhance State economic vitality, zoom function and the value of State-owned capital as its main objective, according to the market demand for commercial operations, independent production and operation activities carried out according to law, realization of survival of the fittest and orderly retreat. Public State-owned enterprises so as to safeguard people's livelihood, to serve the community, the provision of public goods and services is the main goal. On State-owned commercial enterprises and public-owned enterprises, classification classification reform, promoting development, supervision of classification, classification accountability assessment.

It was noted that the perfect mechanism for disputes and diversified solutions for protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, promote social equity and justice is important. To insisted party led, and Government led, and fully rule coordination, full play the sector functions role, guide social the aspects power active participation contradictions disputes resolve; insisted source governance, and prevention, will prevention contradictions disputes throughout major decision, and administrative law enforcement, and judicial litigation, full process; insisted people mediation, and administrative mediation, and judicial mediation linkage, encourages through first mediation, way solution problem; insisted law governance, using rule of law thinking and rule of law way resolve various contradictions disputes. We must focus on improving the system, sound system, platform, the strengthened safeguards, promoting the cohesive coordination of conflicting ways of resolving disputes, establish the link between, coordinated mechanism, disputes is highly diversified solutions.

Meeting stressed that top design to play on the practice of grass-roots leading, planning and guidance, encourage practical research, according to local conditions, focusing on specific issues, particular measures and breakdown responsibility fine timing, good grasp of policy limits, scales, rhythm. Grass-roots reform and innovation to listen to the voice of the grass-roots and as much as possible, get first-hand information as much as possible. Time to sum up experiences, found in grass-roots innovation problem, solution, containing rules and timely formation of rational knowledge, promoting the system innovation on the surface.

It was noted that grass-roots innovation connecting the grassroots cadres, connecting the people, to strengthen the policy, formed together to encourage grass-roots innovation and maximum mobilization of local, grass-roots and the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity. Characteristic and difficulty of the grass roots, sinking, sinking personnel force promoting functions, establishment and grass-roots reform responsibility system that matches the actual needs. To improve the evaluation and incentive mechanisms, encourage innovation, and praised advanced also allows trial and error, failure tolerated, and create a heady atmosphere of reform, reform of the reform, good.

Attended by members of the Central leading group on comprehensive reform, the central authorities and responsible comrades of relevant State departments to attend the meeting. Solved: he is going to visit China and network