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Wang zijian not cynical because I grew up

Wang zijian: not cynical because I grew up

Wang zijian. Surging pregnancy induced hypertension information

Comedian Wang zijian sat cross-legged in a backstage dressing room, light a cigarette, and logically the handset to talk about his career, dancing smoke entrepreneurial excitement – 1 month ago, he announced on microblog has been iffy technology, a company in Shanghai into the phone.

Counting down, it is Wang zijian third in career transition. In 2009, he quit "white-collar" jobs, full-time laughed, and soon little theater in the city of Beijing to save a reputation, Xu Zheng does become his guest; three years later, he was producer Ye Feng phase, joined tonight, generation of talk show television show is "night". Now, his dream is to make mobile phones in the "Tesla".

However, he did not entirely accept "Merchant" this identity, is one of the reasons don't particularly like, and don't know how to talk to strangers; is the most direct expression of juxtaposition of comic dialogue also said few friends for many years, not to mention entertainment. Description Assistant Yu Hongtao Wang zijian "House" didn't just stay home and play do RC airplane, making down the most friends or playing games.

He said he was a "not intellectuals, but to intellectuals themselves of people", according to Yu Hongtao slightly joking, Wang zijian private often call themselves intellectuals, small talk is known for stretching. In this regard, Ye Feng, a producer told a humorous: "he read many books, but not that much. "

Talk-show stage for Wang zijian gathered a large number of fans, and he began to become more and more worried about saying the wrong thing. "Not afraid of being scolded, is afraid of giving wrong guidance. "Early on, he used to be my own attitude can affect the fans of complacency. "Just starting to feel good, but I don't feel quite right. Because every time I say is that I feel at this stage in the program. "

He attributes this sentiment to your growth, feel the results are gradually becoming more rigorous self-regulation, even TV itself, there is a limit that will spread. "Its not our own, but I found a lot of truth not by simple attitudes will make it clear. "

"Environmental change your, or your alter ego? "

"For someone who has so many ideas, I felt there was no environment can influence me to change. "


Wang zijian: not cynical because I grew up

Born in 1989 Lee egg Wang zijian often shake the burden in a talk-show-"egg" prototype.

Wang zijian mouth "we" refers to the team of writers behind the show (hereinafter "Satin hands"), now has more than 10 full-time satin hands.

1989-born Lee eggs and 1988 Wang Jianguo was Wang zijian explore full-time satin hands, often shake the burden in his talk-show-"egg" and "fat Wang Jianguo" prototype. Eggs are in Inner Mongolia, in a foreign company before writing advertising copy for professional jokes, out of interest often writes jokes on the Internet.

"I like Li Dan was not because he writes scripts, he wrote poems, philosophical essays. He wrote ', ' I feel great. When I knew he was in 1989, and scared to death, I think how could this be, I was scared. "Wang zijian said. Egg does not like being called Lee "Satin hands", although he was carrying a lot of money wages. He felt that the utility is too heavy, after all, when he began to write scripts, there is no concept of living with this, writers are purely out of interest. "I say it people may laugh, I'm a poet. "He looked grim.

Li Dan Wang zijian laugh a bit, the animation stalk game Terriers, note stems can always make him laugh, which stem in young Lee-egg look, a bit cold. However, this does not affect Wang zijian and atmosphere, the audience laughs vary, each stem has its audience. "As early as laughed when he used some of the burden to win over votes of fans of the game. "Yu Hongtao said.

Wang zijian from the description, is not difficult to find a team of "Satin hands" personality, almost all of his personality found in traces.

People before Wang Jianguo was excavated in Northeast China are sitting at home writing very funny, but nobody read the novel. "Just because it's too funny, no one watching. "Wang zijian poking fun at him," those of us who live in the second element, those keen to barrage people, including my friends Ma Boyong (famous writer) have read all of them and found it very good. His is a world of strange powers, each strange abilities are a joke. Like a kid with strange abilities in which even the 36 die down, he went tumbling, the family stopped him not make him turn over. "Said Wang zijian have dances.

"I've written love stories, is the kind of knew were written by people who haven't been in love. "Wang Jianguo, an open, waving a strong Northeast, bringing their own comic," female fan recently sent me a cake. "He lowered his voice, a little shy.

Wang zijian believes that is actually sung in the talk show jokes, jokes inside the attitude will be remembered.

He brought one of his recent greatly appreciate the joke: "like 95, micro-circle of friends on the home page of the letter he wrote, ' some people alive does not mean to die '. My mom, I love this man so much! He wrote the jokes, too, said what looks, in fact, said nothing. "

This effect seems to be what he is looking for: pulsing, undisturbed.

He claimed not to appreciate a cynic, but somehow turned into a deep cynicism at some stage.

"Why don't you do a cynic? "

"Because I grew up. "

Grow up

"Growing up is a process, and in this process actually Kinda Kinky. "Wang zijian said.

With age, and Wang zijian found to be still confused about a lot of things, because don't understand so I won't comment. "So some of our programming gradually seem to be no sharp edges. A lot of things, probably when I was 20 years old when standing directly in the Justice Party, after the 20-somethings I don't. "

He cited a recent news, says that is a fat aunt while protecting a young woman in Shanghai, next to the side and hand bandaged woman (hereinafter "bandage girl") argue, rebuked the unruly Rob's behavior.

"You say who is right and who is wrong? Fat aunt ever confirmed a ' bandaged woman ' is not disabled? If the bandaged woman really is disabled, this thing is and how to deal with? "Wang zijian said," such a situation more and more. I can certainly jump out, as some programs do, it is totally arbitrary to say something. I also know that transmission rates higher, but I don't want to do such a thing. In particular, I hope that we can enter an era not to shout slogans. "

But off stage, Wang zijian is clearly not stretched so tight. "That was his one battlefield. "Li Dan said.

Battlefield refers to the micro-blog, every now and then he would debate with people on certain issues, and often write psychic arsenic. "I think that chicken soup really tore it up. "

Wang zijian attack response behaviour, interpreted as "Aries" feature--care about other's opinions. "Is my personal, unfounded personal attack I was difficult to accept. Another thing, obviously you are wrong if you don't know, I don't really care but I find that you intentionally so, I just feel wrong. "

He said that whenever the time of national disaster, Twitter is always someone to pull several celebrities, said they did not donate money. "After the Tianjin event, I call two people ran to Ma Microblogs under a donated, they had no idea he was the Prime virtue of the 2015 hurun philanthropy list. The two men was unknown, but because of continued interest and coverage of news, fan has expanded dramatically. "

"Is it not a kind of attitude? "

"Unless there are strong reasons in support of my heart to say this. "


"If you want to label a person to elaborate this point, that this person's body surface area was the label out. "Wang zijian said. That said, in the interview he could not help himself two-tagged: intellectuals, ostrich.

Even though he was using "to intellectual standards of the average" means, but the phrase "intellectuals no crosstalk" suddenly missing heart.

Evaluation of Wang zijian up those around them is confidence, in this, he rudely subject: "I am a person with charisma. "His charisma is now taken with cell phones, the slightly iffy idea is as a technology enthusiast Wang zijian, areas of concern for many years. As neurasthenia, sleep, he had enough time this idea brewing to a practical level. As for how he would not say too much, saying only that they now known as CEO, but as a product manager, and said future commercial things will be handed over to professional people do.

"I don't know how to talk to strangers. "Wang zijian admits he really doesn't like, and also hide the hate of people who do not like. "When I started stand-up, programs can be modeled on European and American talk show set, dominated by interviews, but at that time my life experience and experience as well as EQ, I interview someone else is not supported. I meet people who don't like it will directly benefit the people I don't like, I don't pretend to. So he shows up interview, saying jokes. "

Egg Lee confirmed that assertion, he confided to reporters that Wang zijian cannot drink, alcohol poisoning, nor eat seafood. Usually done after the show "night life" is to find a line string. "He says recently found a secluded place to blow pork sticks. "

In July, Wang zijian on his micro-blog, has written an article on Beijing cuisine, with "drool all over the floor, I would like to" end. Today, the South of beijingers say they prefer Shanghai, Shanghai also has its own language, he admires, and he was the last generation to heard the people of old Beijing.

"My grandmother spoke it called artistic. She had not been to school, was an illiterate, but art specifically speaking, beating around the Bush, very soft. But she is no Beijing, even small children, have not even heard. "Wang zijian said," when I was a kid growing up in Beijing, and I see that Beijing is now two places, time and space are not the same. Any childhood memories in Beijing was out of sight. I used to live is now a bar, can you accept that? So I might as well act like an ostrich escape to a place where no change so serious. "

Wang zijian of dialogue:

Surging News: you say you grew up, not cynicism, what do you believe in now?

Wang zijian: optimism, I think that I am an optimistic person, not met adversity.

Surging News: you don't understand will not express his views, but few are absolutely things you as an actor needs to blurt out talk show, is afraid of losing its style?

Wang zijian: I think the style is gradually established, we say that the United States talk show hosts, they established their own style largely after the age of 40. 20-somethings build style will not be convincing. As a dare not say that they are intellectuals, it is an intellectual standards of their own people, I wish to express some things must not be biased. When I say this, unless there are strong reasons in support of my heart to say this. With the increasing influence, I really afraid of saying the wrong thing, not afraid of being scolded, but afraid of giving the wrong Guide.

So I don't get to shut up.

Surging News: what do you consider your role on the talk show?

Wang zijian: our beginner's mind is to make people happy, we can now pass is good at is comedy way of looking at the things around you. One thing touches your interests, but if you think this touches your interests do is mentally handicapped, you may laugh. I think people need most is sanguine that we need to make life interesting. Make you optimistic, encounter one, I laughed, then thinking about what values, national action.

Surging News: System impact on your understanding?

Wang zijian: has no effect on my personal values. But you will know that the world has more to think about. Many requirements may be right, I will think about why there is such a requirement, says I don't meet, but I'm going to solve these problems.

Surging News: this is not a compromise doctrine say it?

Wang zijian: how mean is it? Maybe a little, shallow margins and deep, there's no need.

Surging News: did you have any thing you and stick to your approach?

Wang zijian: jialing spoof near that thing, I think an apology is quite false. Why should you apologize to a fictional character? Can you fiction, I can't do fiction? This is my point of view. Then my friend Ma Weidou said, should not taunt Hua Mulan, which is created by the symbolic meaning of a national image. I can hear, but I think what I said is right, he also has a point. Not the same attitude. Was admitted to child prodigies where are cattle