Sunday, October 11, 2015

17 dead the explosion in Anhui Province the owner control some escape was retrograde

On October 10, the scene of the explosion, firefighters in the gas tank with water. CFP

Hefei Xinhua News on October 11, Wuhu city, Anhui Province Jinghu district "10·10" on-site disposal of bottled liquefied petroleum gas leak explosion accident entered its second day, the reporter learned from the departments of the city, now related accident investigations and remedial work is under way. According to the survey, involved in the restaurant operating without a license. 14 students in the 17 victims.

6-minute disaster moments occur, victims of carbon monoxide poisoning in a number

Wuhu City Fire Department official told reporters the restore process of the accident from gas tank deflagration to detonation of only a short 6 minute.

11:44 on October 10, in Yang Jia lane named "King of pot" snack bar placed at the door of bottled liquefied petroleum gas deflagration occurred. 11:47, Wuhu City police fire brigade command Center received a report promptly deployed two squadrons 4 fire engines more than more than 30 officers and soldiers rushed to the scene. 11:50, liquefied gas bottle exploded, fire soon engulfed the shop and spread to the storefront next door on the third floor.

According to the live video display, when many thousands of people involved in the fire, including the owner, however, because of the heavy fire, small fire extinguishers and water pipes failed to play a significant role.

11:51, rescue forces arrived at the scene immediately started fire. According to Jinghu, Wuhu City Fire Brigade Captain Yang Tao introduction, arrived at the scene, store burning fiercely, firefighters evacuated the upper floors in the first, then to the North of the rescue, set up the escalator fire, quickly got the fire under control. 12:20, no open flame was extinguished.

Fire put out, rescue workers in the north side of the 17 bodies were found in two places.

It was lunch time when the accident occurred, this meal around a number of school students after school, including 14 of the victims were students, between the ages of 15 to 20 years.

Yang Xiang plastic roof of the shop-lined, used materials are combustible, which risks leading to its rapid spread. CFP

Why a gas canister caused mass death, mass wound?

According to the Wuhu City Government news release late yesterday, according to an inquest or inquiry, the cause of the accident initially determined for bottled liquefied petroleum gas leakage fire explosion. Official told reporters, the scene of the accident although row identified more than one gas tank, but at the time of the accident, there is only one gas tank exploded. So, in 32 square metres of space, why a gas tank can cause such devastating tragedies?

--Improperly, escaping the "retrograde". Witnesses say explosion, around a lot of people hurry away, some people ran out, but some people choose to "reverse" hid in the shop, a detail confirmed by the fire and rescue personnel.

Yang Tao revealed that fire stove and gas put in front of the entrance of the explosion, the fire was first sealed doors. In-store patrons see the fire, many hiding in the future, but inside the store and even the Windows have a window in the attic, unable to escape.

Meanwhile, the store owner in the accident procedure also exists in improper places. According to reports, after the accident, the owner is not the first time an alarm, it has yet to carry out the evacuation, choosing instead to fire through a small fire extinguishers and water pipes.

--Private take the construction of more fuel-rich. Old city of Wuhu city, Yang Xiang, is the more famous and old snack Street, this block of dozens of meters from the ground floor of residential street of small shops and small stalls formed, cramped roads, put construction of more private.

Reporters on the scene saw, serious shortage of the fire separation in this neighborhood, plastic roof of the shop-lined on both sides, using materials are combustible, which risks leading to its rapid spread.

--Restaurant were arrested for operating without a license. According to the authoritative source, the restaurant owner named Zhang Baoping, this snack bar operation from August 18, but not registered in the industrial and commercial sector.

Snack bar owner in the scene of the explosion. CFP

The shop has been controlled, the investigation continues

According to reports, the snack bar owner is currently controlled by the police, experts from several provinces to Wuhu detailed investigations into the cause of the accident.

Experts point out that liquefied petroleum gas explosion is dangerous, people should choose special valves in the home interface, cookers and other quality checks on a regular basis. For bottled LPG, more to buy regular bottled gas, need to check before buying the cylinder using the term and the certificate of quality. Liquid gas cylinders should be placed away from heat sources, erect, avoiding the Sun, don't shake in the use and dumping of, throwing up. Connection hose between the cylinder and stove-length should not exceed 2 meters or shorter than 0.5 metres, standard clamps for hose ends must be clamped, aging or damaged hose must be promptly replaced, replace gas hose for at least 18 months. Breaking News

In addition, Yang Tao suggested that fire general knowledge should be incorporated into primary and secondary teaching, in densely populated areas for evacuation and fire fighting drills are regularly organized.