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New York Times Google s virtual reality system with students visiting the great

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Chicago maliyanuo·asuaila school (Mariano Azuela Elementary School) English teacher zhanni·Cui (Jennie Choi) last year on Romeo and Juliet (Romeo and Juliet) when the lesson, with a grade six students in the class went to Verona, that Shakespeare wrote the play in Italy city.

Cui teacher during that hike requires students in her class to see a building has centuries of history of the mottled appearance. House in the tourist map is called "Juliet House" (Juliet's House), is a fictional heroine in the play where the family had lived, they may be the source of inspiration for Shakespeare. Cui has declined at the teacher encourages students to look at the tomb of Juliet's death.

But those students don't have to go out of their classrooms in Chicago to understand the play Italy background. Instead, because of Google's new virtual field trips in this school system is a pilot project, Cui teachers students experience a virtual reality view of the device. It is constituted by panels and a cell phone, and their teacher uses an App to guide them through the Italy stereo street town.

Cui said the teacher: "standing in front of a class of 12-year old student said it. "She explained that many students have exposure to smartphones, laptops and gaming systems, used by Visual instant access to information. Therefore, Google and Cui teacher cooperation, provides her students with a virtual tour of Verona, she gladly accepted.

Cui said the teacher: "I think they are more understanding of the story. "

On September 28, Google plans to offer schools free of the field simulation system called Expeditions, purpose is to further develop the technology.

Google the virtual reality equipment into classrooms, highlights education technology giants increasingly prominent importance and increasingly fierce competition in this area. For example, Google has introduced Apps for Education as early as 2006. This is a cloud-based e-mail, calendar and file sharing, free for use in schools.

Google says it now has 45 million students and teachers around the world in the use of these applications. Microsoft is also in the middle of the school culture has a huge user base, using its email, calendar, search service, Skype, and other software. In September, Microsoft for users in the field of education launched several new products, including a note-taking application OneNote Class Notebook.

But Google Expeditions also means the birth of the strategic transformation of the industry as a whole. Some of the leading technology companies have recently decided, focused products designed specifically for classroom use, and not just a simple adjustment of the consumer or enterprise class products and marketing to schools.

Last year, Google launched a free Classroom, teachers can use it to lay out, collecting, grading the homework. In September, Facebook announced that the company is working with the California Charter school network collaboration Summit Public Schools, to develop a set of software, providing customized learning experiences for their students.

Similarly, Google's engineers are working with teachers, according to the curriculum to develop virtual reality field trips.

"Little precedent for schools using the technology," Google education applications (Google Apps for Education) product manager Ben·shiluomu (Ben Schrom) last week said, "we really feel that we are breaking the same old circles of technology systems. "

Virtual field trip is not a new concept. Some teachers have been using Skype video call service from Microsoft, took the students to the important places to visit, or invite outside experts into their classrooms.

However, Google's more immersive virtual field trip system. Moreover, it swelled the Google tool, to faraway places become more accessible, although they are Google's filter lens.

Expeditions by 360 ° viewing angle picture of Google Street view shows roads (Google Street View) photo mosaic. The company also uses motion video slots for equipment company GoPro 16 camera system, created for the virtual tour 3D images.

Google now offers Expeditions to the school system, but the company may ultimately be charged.

"Of course, I saw our prospects to sell these devices to schools," Schrom said, "it depends on the extent to which we are able to bring the cost down to acceptable range. "

Schools can now use the Google devices include ornamental instrument in the Board of the company, coupled with the students as a virtual field trip display Asus smartphones.

Mountain view, California, a private Catholic school shengfulangxisigaozhong (St.Francis High School) 12-grade economics teacher heketuo·kamaqiao (Hector Camacho) also participated in this project, creates a Manhattan's "tour of the great recession." It took the students to the 2007-2008 financial crisis spread to Lehman (Lehman Bros) previous headquarters, the offices of Goldman Sachs, and federal regulators are located. Homemade picture when it will be spring

Camacho said he could not easily use PPT to display the topic to the students, but he hopes to use virtualization technology, put the students at institutions played an important role in that crisis, potential impact on the fiscal and monetary policies for a more realistic experience.

He added that he was sending Expeditions as a supplementary teaching tool, every now and then in our students. "It's just another way to pass them, (corporate and Government) will have consequences in the real world. "

As of now, Google has developed jointly with teachers about 100 field trips, including virtual tours of the great wall of China, the Philadelphia independence Memorial Hall (Independence Hall in Philadelphia), and Yosemite National Park (Yosemite National Park) about the rock peaks, math, science, social studies, language and other courses have been using this technology.

The company also has a greater ambition, as Expeditions, led the students to tour universities, or to show their virtual veterinary surgeons and other professionals in their daily work, help them to explore, to choose their own careers.

In September, the company filmed Michelle Obama (Michelle Obama) visit the Maryland Colombia Howard Community College (Howard Community College) in the process. Google executives said they want to visit the virtual lab, canteen, scholarships, campus landmarks, such as the Office to help students who can't travel to see the true colors of the school.

"It's not always only the most beautiful photographs," Google Product Manager for education zhennifu·aolangde (Jennifer Holland) said, "it can also be seen didn't see other different things. "

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Source: New York Times