Friday, October 2, 2015

Pure Crystal to create a luxurious version of the iPhone5s price 3837

IPhone5s listing, its new color scheme local Gold version is very sought after, once in a sold out State. But also Goldgenie says luxury companies. After we make a real solid gold iPhone5s, they brought us a from inlaid Swarovski luxury edition iPhone5s, really amazing. Hermes iPhone 6 Plus Case

Hermes iPhone 6 Plus leather case

Pure Crystal to create iPhone5s debut (pictures from Goldgenie)

It is reported that Goldgenie launched the iPhone5s the same is based on 24K, the main difference is that back and side mounted more than luxury danidl Swarovski Crystal, front and that iPhone5s makes no difference. It is reported that this 16GB luxury iPhone5s for sale at £ 3837, equivalent to RMB 37953, 32GB, 64GB, sold to plus 100 and 200 pounds. In addition, this luxury cell phone will be placed in special rubber to create packages. Local tyrants were ready for it?

Source: cnbeta Hermes iPhone 6 Plus leather case