Saturday, October 10, 2015

Shanghai jahwa was sentenced before the restoration and Zhuo Wang General Manager

The Court of final appeal judgement on the Shanghai second intermediate people's Court, Shanghai jahwa reply Wang Zhuo's labor relations. Oriental IC data

Shanghai jahwa United Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai jahwa) and former General Manager Wang Zhuo's labor contract dispute case finally ended. On October 10, the reporter was informed that the surging, the Shanghai second intermediate people's Court recently make a final judgment in the case, asked Shanghai jahwa reply Wang Zhuo's labor relations and pay one month's salary.

GE wenyao because of disputes among major shareholders in Shanghai jahwa ping an trust announced his retirement in May 2014, after Wang Zhuo is released in Shanghai jahwa United General Manager and Director, on the grounds that Wang Zhuo's sense of responsibility led PricewaterhouseCoopers issued negative opinions on the company's internal control audit reports were negative reports in the news media, bad impact on the company, as a serious dereliction of duty.

Wang Zhuo on June 4, 2014, Hongkou district, Shanghai labor dispute arbitration Committee for arbitration, calls for labour relations and wages paid May 14, 2014, until June 24. Wang Zhuo, the August 4 decision support requirements.

Subsequently, the plea to the Court in Shanghai jahwa. Trial court found Shanghai jahwa has no evidence to prove that the internal control audit report pointed out major shortcomings in Wang Zhuo, is due to gross negligence, serious cause. Shanghai jahwa claims are not supported by the trial court.

After the original judgment, Shanghai jahwa and appeal to the Shanghai second intermediate. After trying to identify, Shanghai second intermediate court said trial facts are true, the hospital confirmed. Given that Zhuo Wang still insisted that the resumption of labor relations, and willing to work in Shanghai, home of engage in any. Shanghai II Shanghai jahwa should arrange suitable posts for Wang Zhuo and Zhuo Wang to pay wage 10520.77 June 1, 2014 to June 24. The wind has changed drop fastest CEO Wei Cheng

In fact, since GE wenyao left, Kibaki has left Shanghai jahwa, including former Deputy General Manager Fang Hua Tung and Feng 珺 secrets are in the middle of this year, announced his departure.