Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fans shouted out Perrin class This time he really want to back pan

The end of the game after the whistle sounded, and Qatar players fell to the ground to celebrate. CFP

A no return game and a heartbreaking defeat. Aersade Stadium in Doha, Qatar fans waving the national flag, the Chinese team again fell off a cliff.

The night of October 8, Beijing time, China men's national road usher and Qatar battle of life and death, in the end, by virtue of a free kick of the game to score in the first half, Qatar 1:0 beat China at home, with four wins, and ranked top 40 Asia World Cup qualifier topped the Group c match, while the losing team is embarrassed fell to third, qualification is at stake.

Before the game, China does not is not sufficient to prepare, 6 days before the game started, the team went to Dubai, site and time difference adjustment. For fear that players not used to the local food, national team staff also contacted a local best restaurant every five dishes and one soup meal for the team, and before the match Qatar announced that it will enable air conditioning system in the game, is to solve the headache for a team high temperature problem.

But even so, it did not stop China swallow the bitter defeat.

Perrin at a press conference after the game. CFP

After the game, team coach Perrin became the target of countless fans, "Perrin class" roars. Before the game when the team squad came out, Perrin has stood in the forefront of public opinion, after losing, his troops were subjected to a flood of criticism and questioning.

Wing war people "don't understand"

Before the game, team organization watch the Qatar race on video before, players said opponents strength in General, as long as the Chinese team play, can hold an opponent. Players at Tai Po also said that even if you play well, but also to ensure a draw. However, the game turned brutally "face".

If I only look at the first half, will make people think Qatar team strength higher than the Chinese team a bit. Statistical data also illustrates the problem: first, Qatar and China shot 5 times and 2 times, respectively, in terms of possession, Qatar's 61% ahead, 15 minutes before the game, even possession reached 73%, the Chinese team could be said to have been an opponent to the nose.

Such bad situation and tactics of the coach to blame. After the game, a portal in the voting, 75% fans consider "coach tactical blunders" is the reason for losing this game. Ends 5 year winless Iran history of Chinese men

When the starting lineup was released, Perrin took out the configuration has let many people began to think that "hangs". Famous football commentator Huang jianxiang wrote in his micro-blog, "stacked defensive corps carried the beating to death of arrays, a pair of lost will die faces. The lineup a little bit about soccer rivals understand that rest assured attack, Chinese are afraid but not war! Now adjustments are difficult, looking at today's array, Perrin wanted 11 on Wang Dalei. "

Goalkeeper Wang Dalei saves several times last night. CFP

"Beaten to death and carried" consequences, is the Chinese team lost control of the situation on the field. In other positive closing, Zheng was "blocked" cases, the Chinese team could not even ball control, let alone organize effective attack.

Halftime, CCTV announcer Duan Xuan, said head coach the tactical adjustment and turnover in midfield, will directly determine the performance of the Chinese team in the second half. However back in 15 minutes, Perrin still did not make any adjustments until half an hour left in the game, Yu Hanchao, Wu Lei and Sun were replaced in succession by three players, then China's offense was almost immediately picked up. Yet there is an old saying, "for the Chinese team running out of time."

Early substitutions adjustment will have different results? In this regard, Perrin explained, "If you let him play in the first half, he is sure to face more pressing. Yu Hanchao, Sun can be a player's strength and I was well aware of their better playing than playing the full 90 minutes of the second half. "

Modification introduction and netizens ridicule

In an interview after the game, football goalkeeper Wang Dalei's tone quite dissatisfied "each other after all, geographical and human advantages, these back to our home, too, to win back the game should be no problem. On the outlet situation I was more optimistic. "

In China, I'm afraid, only Wang Dalei has also emboldened after the defeat saying such "pronouncements".

The match, Wang Dalei has repeatedly sent out "God Save", 58th minute was decisive attack to block Qatar striker Sebastian solo goal. Without his heroics, the final score may be more embarrassing than 0:1. After the game, some netizens p from a team of "11" lineup, including "soy sauce" Ji Xiang, "" La Liga game, "Zhang Chengdong and" defensive Center "in Tai Po, wangdaleize won the" Perrin his elder brother "in the title.

Netizens made "11" lineup.

This game, Wang Dalei became the most spectacular players of the Chinese team, only when the goalkeeper when Flash tends to explain the team's overall satisfactory. For much of the game, China's overall operation seems rather creaky, well-known football media yan Qiang direct Twitter writes, "and compared to the Asian Cup, China Team in back. "

After the game, Perrin told a news conference, "the opponent on the better organization, defense does well. And our lack of communication between players. "But in the eyes of many, Perrin random transformation is the team of the player positions the main reason that it is difficult to get a good feel. In this regard, the network also has a lot of fans after the game slots:

@ Yao Lei: "Ji Xiang, from right back to right midfield; Zhang Chengdong, from right midfield to right-back; Zhang linpeng, defenders from the right back was converted; Mei Fang, from which the defender was replaced at left-back; Ren Hang, defenders from the left-back was converted; in Tai Po, was modified from the left wing into the Center. 35 year old Zheng Zhi played defensive midfield while attacking midfielder position organization. Position the only constant was Wang da Lei! "

@ Jiekechen: "Perrin arranged line-up details: Tai Po used sidewalks? You try to center work? Ji Xiang fullback? Try your breakthrough level and a winger! Zheng Zhi back organization? Don't be a playmaker? Cai Huikang, you organize the ball, all right, now rough and thin after four years! Zhang linpeng, are characterized by wing assists you, so that you to centre-back and full development! "

Curse from a large list of foreshadowed

Qatar's defeat, Perrin was a collective "mobbing", however dispute had existed as early as when the team roster released.

Abandoned with repeatedly in Asia Crown field played world wave of Bowen, refused to enrollment into Hao junmin, and Zhang Xizhe, feet technology outstanding, and recently State also Shang better of players, instead reuse Ji Xiang, and Zhang Chengdong, recently performance does not high light of role, if in game Qian, also can said is Perrin has himself of intends to, so in game Hou, "random employing", and "headstrong" of hat is is sat real.

In the first 60 minutes, see Perrin "aggressiveness and speed" of the attack. CFP

Before when it comes to questions about the team roster, Perrin says don't use technical players, in order to improve the team's aggressiveness and speed, and again after the game when it comes to this issue, Perrin insists on the idea, saying "game environment is different, players play differently. Today, you can see some of the players did well in the domestic League, but play on the international scene is not particularly good, and that's why some players not to bring. "

However, soccer is a game of winning, if you win, the reason for this will be accepted, but after the defeat, Perrin's excuse is undoubtedly difficult to excuse yourself. In the game, Zheng Zhi was the other two back focus on "care" case, the Chinese team in attacking organizational chaos for all to see, in front of the other fierce closing, rough team tried to control the ball is the limit, at least within the first 60 minutes of the game, see Perrin "aggressiveness and speed" of the attack.

Say soccer legend Hao Haidong outspoken, saying "the players basically have enough international level, certainly ties into the national team. "But in the 88th minute, Yu Hanchao tries to stop the air ball in the penalty area, buried the last equaliser chance, probably has more than a fan might think, if Bowen on the pitch, will direct the volley shot goal for the Chinese team.

Well known football journalists and Zhao Zhen, China's strength than its rivals is the fact that is simply lost in one's own "dazzled" in various over-the-counter disadvantages have been overcome by circumstances, lose responsibility only borne by Perrin. He said on Twitter that "families of four at home, your home 5. Worried about Qatar hot, somebody else equipped with air conditioning. So fit and now he has no hope for the group, even line the second. Games like this, if Perrin does not class, the Chinese football association leadership you will wait for class without me! "

At present, the Chinese team had fallen behind Qatar 5 minutes, group leaders have made fantasy, even the team second-place finish there is a certain degree of difficulty. Perrin was aware of their situation, however serious the post-match press conference, saying, "the next game you must win every game", however as Duan Xuan said, "national team still have a chance, Perrin has a chance? We do not know. "

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