Saturday, October 3, 2015

Police in Guangxi liucheng explosive packages without the express carried by

On September 30, 2015, liucheng bombings occurred in liuzhou city of Guangxi. Road was blown up bicycle. Dongfang IC

Guangxi liuzhou City Public Security Bureau official Micro-Blog messages, since Liu Cheng Yu "9·30" since the bombings, some friends say Express can't take, seaside seafood is cooked by retting of the friends have sent; community and guard can't help leading express parcel companies, they did not dare to use the Internet to buy things. It's all misunderstandings and panic caused by the bombing.

In fact, we made a mistake, and suspects in the case are not sent by courier to explosive devices. Police have identified, Liu Cheng Yu "9·30" bombings, parcel is the suspect of the explosion to drop or hire transport.

Xinhua learned from insiders, after an investigation, about a month before the incident took place on September 30, the suspect had no formal parcel logistics company, express company. Exclusive two police in connection with the kidnapping