Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Su probed corruption finally turn the Department of Daqing

Picture source: CFP

After all these months, the ccdi reappearance of 12 points.

On the final day of the national day holiday, the ccdi has work ahead, 23:30 throws big news: Governor of Fujian, Su was found.

Hearing the news, Chang an Street in the heart of long-term precipitation two questions have been answered. A 24-26 day last month, Mr Wang Fujian investigation, Su Shulin, why didn't appear in the accompanying list. Another oil curtain against corruption for a long time, Daqing officials why, alone.

"Fujian held a large"

Wang in Fujian during the investigation, he was party Secretary of Fujian province was accompanied by You Quan. According to the Fujian daily reported, Su Shulin, the morning of 25th to the provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters, understanding the 21st Typhoon of this year, "cuckoo" dynamic, check the deployment of defense work.

In fact, even if there is important business in 3 days time to Put in an appearance is not a difficult thing. Familiar with bureaucratic rules su not to know, Secretary of the Central Commission for discipline inspection to investigate, but he himself does not appear in the news footage, to show how Lenovo will give the outside world. Junior partner in the Government compound in Fujian said Fujian to early rumors "holding a large" Central Commission for discipline inspection of the Fujian investigation points, make people feel are very specific.

However, after Wang Min, Su did not immediately answer the landing, he participated in the provincial Standing Committee and flood-control work as scheduled checks, and participated with other provincial provincial and municipal level the national martyrs memorial ceremony before.

Secretary of the host computer's youngest Deputy Bureau Chief

The rumor posted now the last day of September. Fujian Provincial Party Committee Organization Department the day before publishing any publicity: Fujian Jian Sun to be promoted to Director of Office of Deputy to the Director of the Secretariat of the Office of the provincial government.

Jian Sun is so special? Chang an Street found that the young man was born in 1982, only 33 years old this year. In the usual speed of progress, he should be around 28 years old on the Department level cadres, cadres who now elected ruler to measure, he was the youngest deputy provincial Council-rocket trying to promote all over the country. More importantly, he is Su Shulin, Secretary

18 after the Central Secretariat using the new norms, in leading the Secretariat generally cannot stay for more than 5 years. Full length was transferred, but only flat may not be directly promoted. While in the stall, Jian Sun still "strong" superior, Governor components, and also made many people more of suspected Soviet accident the authenticity of the message.

During the national day holiday, Su Shulin, back home in Beijing, but failed to take a return flight. This morning, Su Fujian province with the participation of youth, which was originally scheduled for games TV mobilization be suspended.

Finally turn the Department of Daqing

18 since the oil system has been on the forefront of the anti-corruption. But friends all know familiar with the area, and officials of Lok Ma Zhou, Jiang jiemin, leader of the shengli oil field is a bit involved, while another major Daqing Oilfield has been uneventful.

Su is petroleum system of stars, started out as a pilot area of Daqing oil field interns, a 20-year period climbed up the location of the Daqing Oilfield Administration Bureau, was less than 40 years old at that time.

Su Shulin, and in March this year the Lok Ma Liao, General Manager of PetroChina Tigers forever, so was old oil Ministry of love called "two tigers", "Amur tiger" is Su Shulin, Tigers are just always in the Northwest.

Compared with the Liao root oil forever, Su Shulin, career aspirations are more strongly, rising also has a much better opportunity. Chang an Street, under the Governor checked his resume: Vice President Su Xian from the oil transferred to the Deputy Ministry of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, from stocking any, go to Sinopec as the boss. 18 in the previous year, he served as Governor of Fujian. Fujian officials, who widely optimistic about Sue's career, he was also perceived as a representative figure of the State-owned enterprise executives in politics.

With the change in status, the Soviet style of political change. When the Daqing oil field, Daqing oil cuts he is the surgeon who work style has a very tough stance and is a typical technical officials. When to turn back to Beijing from Liaoning petrochemical, he lay low, steady up, after his predecessor Mr Chen Lok Ma, Chen's team from top to bottom, a person has not changed.

More than a month ago, Su served in the people's daily published a signed article of the tradition is the cadre course, said Zhou Yongkang, who fall are presented with "family-rot" or even the characteristics of family corruption. Presumably, this article is not against one of his works, as "Da Qing" representative, informed person would be and Zhou, Jiang jiemin, affiliated with, because as the oil system of the two major oil fields, Daqing and shengli leadership always have competition.

As early as PetroChina, Sinopec, Liao Yongyuan, General Manager, Wang tianpu in succession after the rumours about Mr Su had been heard. With the passage of time, wind strength, and inevitably makes people feel that the previous round of anti-corruption is still associated with the petroleum faction. The Central Commission for discipline Inspection Act, give the illusion of a powerful response, for learning to let everyone always said during his visit to the United States to fight corruption is no "House of cards" have a better understanding.

Due to rapid promotion official, had been the son-in-law

Sue in the oil system to its reputation, Daqing oil-field evaluation of pragmatic competence, he "has a good brain." In 1997, Su 35 to serve as Deputy Secretary of the Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau, Daqing Oilfield's production reached 56.0092 million tons that year highs, Su proposed regulatory cuts, requirements to cut the annual output of 1.2 million tons. "It was opposed by many people, there are workers so appealing. "The source told reporters that international crude oil prices at a low point at that time, only US $ 9-$ 12 per barrel, Su believed that only a strategic adjustment in order to extend the life of oil fields. The Ministry of environmental protection said

Su considers the reduction which is a contribution to the State. But it is regrettable that until 1999, achieved the production adjustment of Daqing oil field. Controlled adjustment of Daqing oil field production to 40 million tons of reality, Su decision is forward-looking.

Su during the CNPC, was once considered the CNPC General Manager Ma Fucai of succession. However, after Ma Fucai resigned, CNPC Jiang jiemin, Vice Governor of Qinghai province reunification, Su succession prospects have been gradually fades, former oil executive revealed that Su was actively seeking to development in the provinces. From the results, he left PetroChina is not a bad choice.

Since then, Su promotions fast, background as envisaged by the outside world. Mr Su too low-key, media reporters rarely have the opportunity to contact. About 10 years ago, Su Shulin, made a rare public speech at the Renmin University. Small scale when meeting with reporters, someone asked him on the spot, whether he is a son-in-law of Communist party leaders. Oil workers in avoidance, Su Shulin, calm reply. His answer was no. During his talk, also recalled and life is hard when he was young to pick up donkey dung egg experience.

Friends told Chang an Street, Su arrived in Fujian province for four years, continues a steady work style, neither the oil officials to, nor to build his own team. He has little to do with the Fujian Association, is still petroleum, Sinopec's corruption case wherever the fermentation

Sue is a member of, and 18 major waters after the first Governor. But the shock of the accident effects must not be confined to the two titles. As a core member of the Daqing oil field, his fall was clearly ripped a new anti-corruption fam.