Thursday, October 15, 2015

Chongqing City was interrupted by mean old men and 3 ribs streets law enforcement

Users the daping hospital, third military medical University report, 62 bears 8, 9, 10 on the right side of rib fractures. Pictures from the Internet

On October 14, the Netizen complained, the Chongqing daping nine holes to open a restaurant because their father was forced away by city shops in front of the table and stool, was hit by several city 3 caused by fractures of Ribs; so far medical costs spent 20,000 yuan, city management no longer advance after advance 3000 Yuan, and find Chengguan police station with its direct consultation and conciliation.

15th, da Ping Street, yuzhong district in response to the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) said the complaints reflect problems "loss of objective and fair": when pulled between the two sides, business owners (complaint users) father overexert, scratch head tables and chairs, chest furniture impact households belonging to disrupt the normal law enforcement, the police are currently investigating.

The complaints posted on the Chongqing network ask political platform. Complaints content said: September 30 noon 12:30 Xu, in no prior notification and appealed to of situation Xia, dozens of name Chengguan directly received go has big ping nine pit child a restaurant shop door of table stool; business owners (complaints people) of father refused to table stool was forced received go, was several Chengguan surrounding beat in to, and was lift Shang Chengguan vehicles, in car Shang continues to implementation beat, led its father forehead bleeding, 3 root help bone fracture.

Wrote the report of daping hospital, third military medical University showed, 62 bears 8, 9, 10 on the right side of rib fractures.

, Yuzhong district big ping subdistrict offices in above reply in the said, event of background for business households (that "must taste dry pot" business owners) long-term accounted for road business, and is whole paragraph line road occupied, to past public brings great inconvenience, Street law enforcement Brigade times on its for criticism education and disposal, but the business households attitude always more tough, very not tie rectification, even barely rectification stay law enforcement players left Hou and quickly recovery, around masses views also larger; September 30 noon 12:30 Xu, Big ping integrated administrative law enforcement Brigade on area within of city environment order for routine inspections of process in the, found the business households and will business chairs, object placed in sidewalk Shang business, led to pedestrian cannot passage; law enforcement personnel immediately requirements operators will violations placed of items for received picked up, the business households not listening to persuasion, refused to received picked up, attitude is bad, law enforcement personnel see sidewalk Shang placed of a Zhang chairs no guest, will help on its for received picked up.

Reply also said, the business households of father then from shop within rushed out, not let law enforcement players received picked up, and do full and law enforcement personnel on chairs for pulled, its son and daughter-in-law also in shop within took has iron, items intent hit law enforcement players, was site law enforcement personnel timely be stop; in pulled table of process in the, the business households of father due to forced had slammed, led head was chairs designated injury, chest also by chairs impact, at only found its head has designated injury bleeding, and no other symptoms.

"Continued beating by city car" accusations, explained in the reply to: business owner's father then forced up law-enforcement vehicles, not law enforcement officers and vehicles to leave, urged them to get off the case nothing law enforcement team had to bring it back to the Office and report to a da ping station, the request processing.

Referred to in the complaint, "police said none of their business" reply, "said after the police arrived, see the head scratching, he called the hospital to check on the treatment, investigated by the police. "

On medical costs problem, reply also to out has explained: night 19 o'clock Xu, business households phone told of Chengguan law enforcement personnel Liu xxx, said its father injured hospital, Liu XXX for humane care, Yu October 1 morning itself purchase has milk, and fruit, items to hospital on its for visit; October 5 morning, big ping police station police phone notification Liu xxx, said injured of son found police station said its father no medical with has, also take not to, asked Liu xxx can take points money to he, Liu xxx private to lend him 3000 Yuan, things are done after the return, and write IOU on October 9, October 12, October 13 in the morning and afternoon, the wounded son of four enforcement agency Office were presented to the streets of more than 70,000 Yuan or apart from the early medical expenses compensation of 40,000 yuan. Qingdao sky high priced shrimp shopkeepers and

Liu hit-related, not mentioned in the reply, but stressed that the households belonging to disrupt the normal law enforcement, investigation and handling of Da Ping station is now, according to the public security agencies in the investigation results.

As the surging News went to press, the public security organ's findings have not been made public.