Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hundreds of red link suspects Zhao Ruheng arrested 7 times to escape arrest

Central Commission for discipline inspection Ministry website announced that, on November 1, the central anti-corruption coordination group international pursuit recover booty working under the co-ordination of the Office, China, Ghana, justice, law enforcement and foreign affairs departments of the two countries to cooperate, the flight to Ghana, "hundreds of red through personnel" Zhao Ruheng successfully arrest and escorted home.

Zhao Ruheng were "SkyNet" since the initiative began, 17th hundreds of successful case "red notice" on the suspects.

Born on October 4, 1964, Zhao Ruheng originally Huimin County, Shandong province, Lu Jie, Chairman of textile, allegedly directs others to purchase of falsely making out special invoices for value added tax, tax deduction, tax evasion and colluding with others to illegally take deposits from the public, the illegal misappropriation of company assets, a huge amount of money involved in September 2012, fled the Republic of Ghana, the Interpol red notice number A-5608/7-2014.

The Central Commission for discipline inspection according to the Ministry's website, in order to escape legal sanction, fled Ghana Zhao Ruheng frequently change addresses and contact information, has 7 escape the arrest of Canadian implementation. China released XI Jinping visited the United States

On May 1, 2004, Zhao Ruheng as the main contributor, set up a clean textile Co Ltd of Shandong, Huimin, its Chairman, legal representative. Zhao Ruheng were quite well known in the local entrepreneur, is also seen by many outsiders "winners in life."

A reported to qilu evening news in late April this year, said a very familiar with Zhao Ruheng introduces local creditors, Zhao Ruheng is a very intelligent person, factory did well in previous years. Meanwhile, Lu Jie textiles absorb loan-oriented society, told borrowers monthly interest is 1 minute, but to save at least a year, when financial said out on the line.

In April 2012, the drop in cotton prices, a large number of cotton backlog at the port, many cotton enterprises and traders for cotton was looking for places to save here and there, but Zhao was still accepting public interview with a television channel.

But in 2012, before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival, many lenders will not contact Zhao Ruheng. Zhao Ruheng, lend the money at that time almost all village folks, at least tens of thousands of Yuan, as many as hundreds of thousands of Yuan, more than 300 companies losses.

On October 25, 2013, in declaring the people's Court, Shandong, Huimin County, Shandong province, Lu Jie Hui County textile company bankruptcy. Were identified as owed to the massive debt the company has yet to be repaid. Creditors to bring proceedings before a court, request the people's Court according to law decree the company to pay the debt.

July 2014 22 Interpol on suspicion of falsely making out special invoices for value-added tax charges, Zhao Ruheng issued red notices.