Monday, October 12, 2015

Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel rail reserved channel is relatively small experts

Shanghai Yangtze River tunnel and bridge that opened in 2009, is currently the only land between the land and the Chongming island of Shanghai traffic channel. But the Changjiang River tunnel and bridge during holidays will be blocked, and rail channel originally reserved (planning, Line 19 line) due to lack of space, the existing subway vehicles to pass. On October 12, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) noted that the expert proposed using the tunnel and bridge river channel reserved line rapid bus idea with guide wheel, this subject is under study.

Drawn in a group rapid transit proposals to diagram

Reserved space existing subway trains through

Shanghai Yangtze River tunnel according to the two-way six-lane expressway standard design and construction with shield method. Top special smoke exhaust ducts at the top of the tunnel, is a three-lane highway in the Middle, lower layer is divided into three parts, the central space reserved for rail transit, on both sides for safety evacuation channels and cable ducts. And reserved rail transit channel height was 3.93 meters, a width of 3.4 m.

"Space of this size, cannot meet the domestic railway traffic require, some special models domestic and abroad without precedent. "Shanghai Municipal design research total hospital Professor level engineers Cai Yifeng think, currently, Chongming three Island Zhijian, and island and Pudong of traffic main to private traffic mainly, public traffic development relative behind, led to three Island area of tunnel bridge and the Cheung Yin Road more River tunnel hold blocking serious, weekend and the holiday from Chongming island and Shanghai of traffic surge, can from usually daily 30,000 to 40,000 car times increased to 70,000 to 80,000 car times, hold blocking Shi ride bus of passengers also also was blocking in tunnel within retreat shall not. The national day Golden week just ended, some people take the bus back to Chongming, the 1-hour drive took 4 hours because of congestion.

"If can in reserved channel early open line dedicated fast bus, using public traffic way will Chongming, and Changxing and Pudong fast contact up, and in Pudong set gold sea station and Line 12 line and the planning of Line 9 line three period transfer, not only can shortened transit time, improve residents travel of service level; also can through transfer track traffic, fast arrived square, and five angle field, and Xujiahui, commercial circle. More importantly, can attract more passengers to choose public transportation, improve the efficiency of public transport in Chongming, optimizing the structure of traffic. "

Through the tunnel bus with guide wheel

At present, the standard of urban road lane width 3.75 m, but reserved channel width of 3.4 metres, how to ensure the safety of buses in the tunnel for up to 8 km drive? In this regard, the researchers suggest, to buses on both sides of the steering wheel, steering wheel control bus driving directions in a tunnel, out of the tunnels, while guiding wheels.

"Guided bus is in General a lateral guide wheels front axle mounted on each side of the bus, to form a vehicle Guide, the Guide and vehicle steering system coordinated, making it both on normal roads, this device can be used on a dedicated road to achieve manually operated and automatic guidance of urban public transport systems. "Cai Yifeng introduced such vehicles in motion, lateral guide pulley with the kerb contact, and ensure that vehicles operating in the middle of the road, drivers can drive a vehicle without the wheel. This vehicle has been used abroad.

Due to the River Walk reservation channel, guided bus faster than ordinary buses, and both ordinary roads and rely on private roads "tracks of" improving the quality of operations and service levels, so you can open flexibly according to passenger bus lines and rail transportation costs lower in comparison.

"Recent uses of Chongming line rapid transit tunnel and bridge river channel not only improves Cross-River congestion status also make full use of channel tunnel and bridge reserved free space, reduce the waste of resources, and to foster passenger public transport priority. "

Line links up with Metro station

For bus rapid transit route, experts suggest that starts from jinhai jinsui road intersection, along the Sea-King East Road, after Cao Luzhen, entered the Shanghai Yangtze River tunnel, along the highway below reservation entered the Changxing Island to the East, along the reserved channels on either side of the bridge, entering the island, go Hai Hai interchange road to Chen Jia Zhen. Due to the live section of the independent right of way, to avoid congestion, from Cao Luzhen station in Pudong to Chongming Island, Changxing Island control within 40 minutes travel time.

Full station 5, dock 3 in Pudong region, Changxing and Chongming Island 1, all for ground stations. Changxing Island to Chongming island and two islands within the backbone of the public transport system to change. Pudong is located CA yan jinhai Road station, station (line 9 and Line 12) and Golden Spike Road Station (Line 14), achieved with the transfer. Surging journalists found that the trend line Line 19 is consistent with the planning. Tu again received the Nobel Prize academician

Traditional ferry and tunnel and bridge traffic has been hard to meet the travel needs of residents, demand a new means of transportation, give full play to existing Yangtze River tunnel and bridge channel function, you can reduce the waste of resources, and rapid transit passenger-carrying capacity can meet the current demands across the river. Cai Yifeng proposal-oriented public transport system can be carried out relevant work upfront research.

Foreign-oriented public transport case

Australia Adelaide-oriented bus: operation more successful South Australia Adelaide road-oriented public transport system, rail full length 12km, total run is about 13min, the travel speed of 60 km/h.

System in 1987, the full opening, bus lines passing through this line up to 18, there are two roads, average station distance 5 km. The system during peak departure intervals for 50 seconds, 5-15 mins flat peak, the average daily patronage of 25000 people, one-way peak passenger flow reached 4500 people per hour.

United Kingdom Cambridgeshire guided bus: United Kingdom Cambridgeshire designed to solve road congestion problems during peak and opened a guided bus lines, became connected to Cambridgeshire and surrounding suburbs on the outskirts of fast-track. 40-kilometre line, which guide part 23 km, non-articulating some 17 km. Double deck bus-oriented public transport vehicles, effective in easing traffic congestion.