Monday, November 2, 2015

Guilin a printed poster name reported in the supermarket food drug called 3

Guilin, a printed poster name reported in the supermarket food drug, called 3 case

Guilin of huarong supermarket flyer real name appears on reports. For men loved one recover vindicated notice a

On November 2, the net exposure of huarong supermarket in Guilin City poster advertised a real-name reporting letter, 7 employees of the supermarket sign, reported food and drug supervision Bureau of Guilin, 3 investigators, in handling a case of its request property, caught the attention of many members of the public and users. Guilin city food and Drug Administration responded by saying that investigation team has been set up to investigate the matter.

NET: supermarket posters issued reports

From November 1, the number of huarong supermarket in Guilin on the flyer, appeared a letter of report to the employee's real name. Posters printed 20,000 copies distributed to huarong supermarket over more than 120 stores for people to receive. Users also report into pictures on the poster on the Internet. The afternoon of November 2, Nan Guo Morning Post reporter went to Guilin huarong supermarket company interviews.

Mo said, head of the company's original business, on May 12 this year at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, a Chief food and drug supervision Bureau in Guilin Huang, law enforcement officers and all came to the company with business surveys, said some corporate zhengyang shops reported selling a foreign brand condoms are the three products. Company responsible for merchandise sales, Wang, with Huang and others investigation on the matter.

Staff: two law enforcement officials took more than 1300 Yuan property

Wang said a staff member, in the period from May to July, Huang x, 3 law enforcement personnel have to ten or twenty times the company, called to assist in the investigation and to provide the relevant documents, the company is also to cooperate with the investigation and provided a relevant certificate materials. Law enforcement officials said all of a sudden have to fill one of the material, then I say investigation and treatment education, mainly to appease complaints from guests, said guest wrote a 6 page report material. On June 12, 3 people such as Huang went to the company's business, see sample 2 packs on the shelf date, saying that is a good thing, ask there is no extra packs of 1, said they had 3 people. Wang said no, this is the company buying back the sample, nothing more. Later, after law enforcement officers carry the box carrying a group of items to leave. Lee of the company responsible for the processing operations, in order to facilitate collection, 500 law enforcement officers were also sent a voucher, the voucher redeemed merchandise. Then this one time, 3 when law enforcement officers also took away a number of items. Incomplete statistics by the company, 3 law enforcement officers take away property worth a total of more than 1300 two Yuan.

Huarong supermarket company, Guilin city, a police official said the company believes sales of condoms there is no question, but when reporting to the Bureau of food and drug inspection detachment of Guilin city, consider that there are problems, also recommended in the case of confiscated money reached 1.55 million Yuan, also called him the leadership of the food and drug supervision departments to discuss will be reduced and confiscated money to more than 200,000 yuan, and asked him to agree with.

On October 22, the food and drug supervision Bureau of Guilin city written decision of administrative penalty, decided to foreclosure totals more than 226,000 yuan. On October 23, the company confiscated money, but refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty, ready to apply for administrative reconsideration or sue in court.

As early as August 18, 7 employees who witnessed the law enforcement personnel to take property, that in the course of their investigations, law enforcement request property is illegal, reported jointly wrote the letter and handed a copy to the food and drug supervision Bureau of Guilin city. But the report does not result, the company will report letter on supermarket flyers in the November 1, said if the report is inconclusive, and will continue to go down.

Official: is investigating this matter

On November 2, Guilin, Director of the food and drug administration monitoring unit introduced a, also received a report and investigate, but 7 people and ginger and a legal representative do not come forward to assist in the investigation, nor does it provide any substantive evidence. 3 law enforcement personnel, including Huang investigation, 3 denied asking for per capita property and sign off on the investigation. Because of huarong supermarket company in Guilin city they do not match, so the first investigation cannot proceed. On November 2, the Internet post, and huarong supermarket posters appear to report the letter, Bureau investigators monitored room on November 2 to huarong supermarket company in Guilin city for further investigation. In addition, the legal adviser of this Council are collaborating with huarong supermarket company, Guilin city, contact the legal counsel, the matter will be disposed of according to law.