Monday, December 21, 2015

Shenzhen lost landslides down to 85 the number of people rescued 7 trapped

Shenzhen lost landslides down to 85 the number of people rescued 7 trapped

December 21 at 7 o'clock in the evening, @ voice of news, from Guangdong Province, Guangming landslide site news of the rescue headquarters, as of today (21st) at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, then number of missing down to 85 people, and rescued trapped 7, hospital to treat the injured 16 people, vital signs are stable, living arrangement 600 people, safe evacuation of 900 people. Checkpoint was attacked in Inner Mongolia Mungan

Xinhua on December 21 at 17 o'clock in the afternoon from Guangming district, Shenzhen landslide site learned that armed police traffic troops involved in the rescue have been repeatedly detected signs of life, are stepping up relief work has now progressed to the final stage of discovery.

Armed police traffic troops Commander Fu Ling said in a recent interview with Xinhua at the rescue site, the rescue team was responsible for the third channel, December 20 48 sets of equipment shall be brought into the rescue scene, has passed the radar detector, snake eyes probe detection, search and rescue dogs detected signs of life in two points, is now buried by mud logging Group workshop addresses SAR operations. The address has been probing shows signs of life, preliminary estimate may be on the House floor that is at the bottom. As houses belonging to the steel structure cannot be too vigorously tap to prevent secondary damage. Rescue work had been digging near the floor.

Armed police traffic troops Chief Engineer Zhang Jinmei says in the scene, which is in the course of the force for the rescue, "the most difficult one", because the affected area of the special majority, earth-moving machinery-special, together with the buried personnel location unknown, current main work is search and rescue, "within 72 hours of search and rescue as the main goal. "