Monday, November 23, 2015

A black car escaping driver drunk driving traffic police in Shanghai one arm

The morning of November 14, men's King met Shanghai xuhui district traffic police set up checked posts of a driving test, when police found drunk on duty and asked to get off the check, Wang not only closed doors refused to get off suddenly driving force to escape. Standing beside the car after police were dragging it 1 km was able to break free. In recent days, police tracked tracking, rushed to Shandong linyi Wang arrest. After the case, Wang said 2013 years Shanghai, black has been engaged in operating business. Suspect Wang on suspicion of obstructing, was detained.

On November 14, at 1 o'clock, Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment in three squadrons in the xuhui district, xuhui Longchuan link inner ring road on-ramp, set up checked posts check drunk driving. Police stopped by the Miao Yumin a provincial licence after the small white bus and found the driver has a strong taste, Alcohol Tester analysis shows the driver drunk, and asked the driver to get off for further inspection.

At this point, the driver Wang not only closed doors refused to get off suddenly driving force to escape. Miao Yumin off guard was towed outside the small white bus. However, Wang did not take account of hanging outside the car police, continue driving along the road, crazy escape from East to West. After two blocks, about a kilometre, Miao Yumin was able to break free, but only minor injuries, suspect vehicle speeding away from the scene. Eryuan County honor roll 3 reading 1 book Department

"He was nervous, I just stopped his car, tests show that the drinking and driving, I asked him to get off with further checks, he refused. And then I asked him to show his driver's license, while colleagues reinforce, as I reached out the window when you get a driver's license, he slammed on the accelerator, accelerated to escape. "Miao Yumin said in tow, he almost put an arm over the whole body, along the way he kept King with a warning, and asked him to stop greater safety in case of accidents. However, Wang won't listen at all, continues to accelerate, "he let me let go, jump down." After two blocks later, there was some traffic in front, Wang was slowed when Miao Yumin was able to break free.

After the incident, xuhui police access to surveillance video, visit the know, fled the scene of the night Wang does not return after its stay in Pudong, but fled back to overnight driving back home in Shandong province. In recent days, police tracked track, more than 500 km to Wang caught in linyi, Shandong. After the case, 39 years old, Wang said the 2013 to Shanghai, has been operating in Shanghai black taxis. Suspect Wang on suspicion of obstructing, were detained.