Saturday, November 7, 2015

Release news Singapore to China Thirteen Five transformation and development

On November 6, the visit to Singapore amid President XI Jinping of the Chinese in Singapore the Straits Times published a signed article, noted that China is actively leading the new normal of economic development, to formulate the "Thirteen-Five" plan, to deepen reform, expand opening up, implement innovation-driven development strategy, adjust and optimize the economic structure. Singapore is developing "research, innovation and enterprise," five-year plan to implement a new round of economic development.

That afternoon, Chamberlain Minister capacity at the airport to meet his Singapore Heng Swee Keat, Minister of finance, had recently said that Singapore economy will create value in the future, rather than always adds value to drive, he led the Economic Committee in the future how will Singapore transformed itself into an economy that creates value and discuss.

China has just issued by the CPC Central Committee for formulating the national economy and social development referred to in the recommendations of the 13th five-year plan to achieve "Thirteen-Five" development goals, thorny problems hindering development, thick development advantages, must foster innovation, coordination, development of green, open, shared ideas.

Shenzhen University Singapore surging Lv Yuanli, Director, Research Center News (www.thepaper.CN), in the "green, open innovation, coordination, and sharing" on this 5 Singapore has some practice lessons.


"Singapore's future economic Committee headed by Heng Swee Keat, Minister of finance, his concept is Singapore value added from the past, future value creation. "Surging Lv Yuanli told news.

Heng Swee Keat said in a speech earlier this month, Singapore companies in the global competition, to face the challenges posed by tougher competition. To stay ahead, Singapore must ponder how to create value, as well as the economy shifted from value-added economy creates value.

"We have made the rest of the world did not create, or at least not many things. To do so, we must be within the company, the industry and the economy, the ability to establish a deep and contact, and creating new products and cost-effective and innovative ways to bring a better proposal.

"They talked more value-added, such as Lee Hsien Loong said Singapore can add value to the world's countries. Now Heng Swee Keat value creation, value added and value what's the difference? Be expanded on the basis of the value added is in the original stuff, creating value is equal to something is not, must figure out new things to it. This new means he has no, or it may be outside or something. "Lv Yuanli surging on news that.

Lv Yuanli says Singapore Prime Minister's successor has more than one candidate, Heng Swee Keat may be top of the list. "He is a Bachelor of science in economics from the University of Cambridge, and master of public administration at Harvard University, turned out to be Lee's principal private Secretary. Capacity is very strong. "

In early October this year, Heng Swee Keat was appointed to lead Singapore Economic Committee in the future, completed by December next year on Singapore's medium-term economic growth strategy planning. Ling brother-in-law dismissal of Vice Mayor Wang


"Singapore development of exquisite balance, balance is one of the basic concepts is also in line with China's philosophy, namely, balance of yin and Yang. Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong talked about examples of yin and Yang and Taiji, their competitiveness is positive, cohesion is cloudy. They pay attention to do all that we can share the positive balance is the balance of good cake and cake. "Lv Yuanli surging on news.

At the end of last month's Singapore meeting of the South Asia Institute at the National University, Heng Swee Keat talked about redistribution and growth mutual coordination and balance.

"When you have a equal distribution, growth policies will be awarded the greater support, but the redistribution to be ideal, they need adequate resources, it requires economic growth. Therefore, the growth will have an equal distribution, and equitable distribution of growth, the two complement each other rather than mutually exclusive. "Heng Swee Keat said.

"People are the most precious of resources, far more than the land. Investment in people must be put in the first place ... ... And purpose of economic development is the people. Economic development is about the millions of people out of poverty, health and life improvement, and through education and employment opportunities, develop their potential and live fulfilling lives. "Heng Swee Keat said.

Lv Yuanli said Singapore about coordination and balance reflected not only in the economic sphere. "All aspects, such as inclusive and decisive Government and political balance, balance of global competitiveness and local connectivity, fast forward and hold on to the idea of balancing, and realize the value of social balance and achieve personal aspirations. "Said Lv Yuanli, coupled with early, they raised a total of 5 balance.

"After the election in 2011, because people's opinions is larger, they move a little bit to signs of populist, but they also found not too populist, stressed the need to hold the balance. "Lv Yuanli said.


"Lee has been to create clean and Green Singapore regarded him with Singapore dreaming of such a high goal, Singapore's success, it must be clean and green. And all policy, Lee Kuan Yew that the policy has the lowest cost, most efficient, and there are no side effects. "Lv Yuanli said.

Singapore is not the polluting businesses? Lv Yuanli said such enterprises is relatively small. "In the early 60 's, when in order to attract foreign investment, they have more hastily done, in order to solve the employment problem at that time, some dogs will eat dirty puddings, but not much, nor any serious problems, still retained some bottom line stuff. So no pollution around the city a lot of their enterprises. "

Talking about Singapore's green development experience, often linked to their island devoted to junk. "The island is very good, where garbage, now ecological civilization demonstration plot. "Lv Yuanli said.

Located in Singapore about 8 kilometers south of the island of "rubbish embedded field", connected by semakau and Tin Beijing, two small islands surrounding the sea. From the Singapore main island by boat, about 20 minutes.

Once visited the island, Xinhua News Agency reporter wrote, "thought the foul smoke day here, cluster flies fly, but surprisingly is that air is fresh on the island. Since just after the rain, air mixed with the scent of flowers and trees. In addition to terminal handling workshop in a litter and elsewhere see trash, didn't smell any odor. "

A report in the new scientist says biodiversity is a tourist attraction on the island twice, with many rare plants growing on the island also attracted a large number of rare animals, also attract large numbers of tourists to sightseeing.

According to the paper, can be recycled garbage disposal company will make full use of everything, can't take advantage of the ashes, Singapore 90% more rubbish was burnt to ashes. The recycling of waste incineration plant to take measures so that waste incineration emissions of carbon and other pollutants into the air is considerably less, thus ensuring the freshness of the air on the island.


"Singapore is a very open economy. Moment by separation from Malaysia, we were cut out, cut off links with hinterlands city, doomed by and established extensive contacts around the world to their survival and development. Are connected with the world, will we be able to take a global growth in prosperity after the second world war. "In his book, Lee Kuan Yew Lee Kuan Yew wrote in the book the whole world.

"Open development, they have been outstanding. Because they are a small country, no hinterland. Meant to Malaysia as its hinterland, Malaysia after they were thrown out, but for the whole world as its hinterland, as the hinterland of Europe. People see multinationals as a neo-colonial exploitation, they welcome the multinational corporations ' exploitation '. This they have done relatively well. "Lv Yuanli surging on news.

Ninth senior researcher at the finance Research Institute of Renmin University in March this year, the Luo Siyi network wrote in the observer mentioned that Singapore is "open economy"--a classic case for the success of Singapore's total trade far exceed its gross domestic product. This is in line with China's "opening up" policy.

Lv Yuanli, said Deng Xiaoping's 1978 visit to Singapore Shi, the Singapore open was impressed. Deng Xiao-ping in Singapore saw a small island did not have the resources, relying on the introduction of foreign capital, management and technology, and create a better life for the people.

Lee Kuan yew was also Deng Xiaoping said that China can do better than Singapore better.


Lv Yuanli surging news that, in terms of shared development, Singapore is more prominent in recent years. "Lee Kuan Yew, the main changes from the democratic socialism of the past into a more economically liberal, it is capitalism. Emphasizes the value for each, and telling the hard truth, economic development faster, but the people at the bottom may be wronged, people complain more. "

"After Lee came to power, especially in the last 5 years, especially after the 2011 election, their whole economy is left. Previous Lung Ying-tai in the Singapore report also talked about this issue and stressed taking more from the past, and now more emphasis on poverty relief. "Lv Yuanli surging on news.

"For example, bonuses – in addition to salaries of government leaders, and bonuses. Past GDP bonus is only one completely according to the GDP. GDP growth, and they have a bonus. But now called national bonus bonus points 4. First is the Singapore people, real multi-digit revenue growth, to a certain standard, they will get the bonus one-fourth; the second is the Singapore that 20% people with the lowest income, their real income grows to a certain level, will get £ one-fourth; third, unemployment within a certain proportion, they can get the bonus one-fourth; IV is the GDP. "Lv Yuanli cited an example.

"In addition, they revert to democratic socialism. Two days ago, the people's Action Party also reiterated that the purpose of their party is a Democratic Socialist. That emphasize equality and sharing in these areas. But they also emphasize that we should not move from one extreme to the other extreme, not ideology. So, for a Democratic Socialist, they just point. Overall approach is to balance on. "Lv Yuanli added.