Friday, November 20, 2015

Global total number of international students in the United States up to 975

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China is still the leading exporter of beauty students.

United States International Education Association has released the 2015 education data shows across the United States, 2014-2015-total number of international students in the United States up to 975,000 people worldwide, including Chinese students of 304,000 people, percentage ranked first.

US Department of State Bureau of educational and Cultural Affairs with the United States Institute of international education (IIE) 16th joint survey of 2015 open doors report on international educational exchange, according to the 2014-2015 school year, in the United States reached a record number of international students enrolled in colleges and universities of 975,000 people. Among them, the total number of 31.2% students in mainland China, ranked second in India number 171,000 more people.

The 2015 open doors report on international educational exchange, United States universities, and the number of international students grew by 35-year high, in the 2014/15 school year, an increase of 10%, reached 974926, a record. This strong growth confirms that United States is still the top destination for higher education.

Among them, the United States 31.2% for international students from China, India to 132888 people, followed. China and India in the United States nearly 45% per cent of the total number of international students in higher education. Student enrollment list ranking third is Korea, 63710 per cent, compared to last year, the number fell slightly.

2015 open doors report on international educational exchange also showed that number of County students over the previous year to 10.8%, was a year of growth in the past 8 years minimum. China us growth in student numbers over the past 8 years 5 years above 20%, which sharply increases United States educators are amazed.

Number of Chinese students pursuing an undergraduate degree in the United States, surpassing the number of students studying for a graduate degree. The 2015 open doors report on international educational exchange, 2014/15, Chinese undergraduates in the United States a total of 124,552, up 12.7% from a year earlier. Chinese students than the sum of all the six countries, studying abroad was evident. In the United States number of Chinese graduate students at 120331, up 4% over the previous year.

According to China daily November 17 reported, for in recent years low age study of trend, United States China Embassy News culture at Minister title Counsellor lisha·Haile said, past, China to beauty study of main groups is graduate, main is because graduate project of scholarship more rich; and now with living of improve, increasingly more of China family can burden high of study costs, select more early to will children sent to United States reading.

2015 national education data shows that 44% students choose science majors in the United States, including engineering and business and management professional hottest, 20%.

United States student and exchange visitor information system (SEVP) published in April this year according to the latest international student data, County students pursuing STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) majors and 38%, which means that more than more than 125,000 students pursuing STEM majors.