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People s daily up implementation of the comprehensive two child policy schedule

People's daily: up implementation of the

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18 plenary session of the just-concluded party "comprehensive two-child" policy, and instantly ignite public opinion, "you do not" meet has become a greeting.

With the national economic and social development by leaps and bounds, especially the material and cultural living standards greatly improved, since entering the new century, China's population situation is undergoing great change. The most prominent was the: people's fertility desires a general decline in sex ratio imbalances, modern concepts of family planning, as well as the long-term stabilization of low fertility. Based on this, the 18 session start "single two-child" policy, took a positive step in our population policy. The "comprehensive two-child" policy put forward, is a response to changes in the demographic situation of further strategic initiatives.

We are in Sichuan, Henan, Liaoning and other field research found that urban fertility concept "profound changes" are consistent, fertility in rural areas are also being quietly changed. On one hand, such as the "boy or girl as well", "daughters are descendants of" "may not be the best of luck", such as concept increasingly popular in the countryside on the other, many rural families, even if growth two-child policy, will voluntarily give up growth, individual places there is even "born two sons cry" phenomenon. In General, most people had already started in reproductive behavior "self project", and generally is going through "my plan" to "I'm going to plan," fertility and cultural transformation.

Therefore, in order to ensure "comprehensive two-child" the effective implementation of policies, supporting policies associated with it might become the next steps the focus of Governments at all levels. Priority is to accelerate the development of implementation of the "comprehensive two-child" policy timetable. At present, the "comprehensive two-child" policy roadmap has been fixed, which previously not eligible for birth families is the biggest boon. Next, around should tightly around "full two child" policy of implementation landing fell fine developed good schedule, active concern senior women of demands, do has wishes birth women of policy publicity, and psychological counselling and technical advice, work, let those has birth wishes of senior women smooth to put two child health down, as to for more meet conditions of family taste to "full two child" policy of sweetness created conditions.

Secondly, we should actively improve the family helping family planning policies. On one hand, increase the intensity of work, based on the loss of material and psychological needs of single family, lost families more care alone, effectively solve the loss of single family to worry about. The other hand, continue to uphold and improve the family planning benefit-oriented mechanism, have responded positively to the family planning policy of one-child parents, cash-related treatment in employment, health care, pension and relief aid to give preferential treatment to one-child families.

Finally, it should be trying to improve the birth of second child public service supply. Start changes to relevant laws and regulations and policy in a timely manner, information and interpretation of the work, effectively "comprehensive two-child" policy's legal difficulties and challenges. A comprehensive summary of "two children alone" policy in the implementation of good practices and good experience and strive to resolve eligible families want to have not hesitated to health issues. Play an active leading role of the Government, vigorously introduce social forces, focus on strengthening maternal and child health, reproductive health, women's employment, maternity insurance, nursery managed aspects of the supply of public services to bring eligible families to think health, hygiene, health, ensure "comprehensive two-child" born under, well, could afford.

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