Monday, November 9, 2015

Deep restructuring through free trade area strategy implementation grasp the

The morning of November 9, Central hosted by XI Jinping, deepening reform of the 18th meeting of the leading group, and delivered an important speech. Consideration on speeding up the implementation of the free trade area strategy was adopted several opinions and the opinions on promoting innovation and development of processing trade documents and programmes.

On speeding up the implementation of the free trade area strategy, the Central deep restructuring of the Conference:

--To insisted makes market in resources configuration in the up decisive role and better play Government role, insisted and Manpower consider and integrated using domestic international two market, and two species resources, insisted and advance build "area way" and national foreign strategy close convergence, insisted grasp open Active and maintenance national security, gradually build up based around, and radiation "area way", and oriented global of high standards FTA network.

--To grasp good expanded open and deepening reform, and full participation and focus breakthrough, and science assessment and control risk, major relationship, focus in improve goods trade open level, and expanded services opening, and relaxed investment access, and advance rules negotiations, and improve trade convenience of level, and advance regulation cooperation, and strengthening economic technology cooperation, aspects deepening reform, perfect system mechanism, sound policy system, construction high FTA.

Researcher at the development research center of the State Council Xu Hongqiang told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), "along the way" is a major initiative, specific implementation needs a lot of work, such as the joint construction of overseas economic and trade cooperation between China and along the zone or free trade zone, "through which trade and investment cooperation, along the infrastructure, you can reduce the cost of trade, an important role for the implementation of initiatives in the area. "

"Hold open Active and to maintain national security"

President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Asia-Pacific and global strategy Li Xiangyang, surging on news analysis, hold open initiative and safeguarding national security are "along the way" strategy needs unity the most prominent and the most important content.

Li said, "area way" strategy is by China led of a unilateral, and full open, this unprecedented of opening, while also to national security brings has challenge and risk, to West open, may faced "three unit forces" (religious extreme forces, and national split forces, and violence terrorist forces) of risk; national security involved Government level, and diplomatic level, and social stable, many of security problem. Handling well the relationship between the pair is the opening premise, attention to one aspect, ignoring on the other hand, is going to cause a lot of problems. When quantitative investment meets crash program

Accelerating the construction of free trade zone administration is pushing a strategy.

In September 2013, China's first free trade zone-independent open-Shanghai free trade area was established. In the foreign trade zone construction, due out November 2013, the CPC Central Committee on several major issues of comprehensive reform has clearly decided to put forward, accelerate the construction of free trade zone, "adhere to the rules of the world trade system, adhere to bilateral, multilateral, regional, subregional cooperation, expand point with the interests of all countries and regions, based on around to speed up free trade zone strategy. "

China pushing for more negotiations on free trade agreements, including regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP), upgrade the China-ASEAN free trade agreement FTA and China, where the first two negotiations for a free trade agreement is expected to be completed by the end of this year, which will significantly enhance the level of trade in the Asia-Pacific region, and openness.

Li believes that China's FTA network construction, need step by step, slowly advancing, according to the situation of countries, select suitable for diversified regional cooperation mechanisms. For example, temporarily unable to build a free trade area in South Asia, you can build in the China-Burma-India Economic Corridor; Russia can't build free trade zone, first select the Sino-Mongolian economic corridors, such as the subregional cooperation.

"Landlocked border regions to undertake industrial gradient shift"

On promote processing trade innovation development, November 9 held of deep restructuring Conference pointed out that, to active adapted economic development new normal, to innovation drive and expanded open for power, insisted consolidation traditional advantage, speed up foster competition new advantage, keep processing trade policy continuity and stability, play Enterprise subject role, strengthening industry chain Division, upgrade processing trade in global value chain in the of status, promote coastal areas optimization transformation, support inland along side area undertake industry gradient transfer, ordered carried out international capacity cooperation, Deepening the reform of institutional mechanisms for the processing trade, establish and improve the management system in conformity with an open economy, gradually variable inflow or outflow for eugenic, promoted trade to trade power shift.

Processing trade include the processing with imported materials and materials processing. Can tax a number of processing trade, which was welcomed by the foreign trade enterprises by its large. But in recent years, with China's rising labor costs and the continued appreciation of the Yuan, China's processing trade, particularly in computer and electronic products, textiles and garments, such as processing trade "traditional strengths", showing signs of shifting to the Southeast region, which also dragged down the foreign trade data directly.

China international trade learned Sino-US Europe Research Center Director he weiwen in previously accept in the new social interview Shi said, according to customs data calculation, January-July, computer, and electronic communications, products export "General Ledger" reduced about 3.8 billion dollars, textiles and clothing export compared reduced 7.176 billion dollars, "altogether compared reduced probably 10.9 billion dollars, and earlier export total reduced 10.288 billion dollars, visible export reduced of main is this two big class. It is distinctively the transfer of processing trade, and not one-month short-term phenomenon, we have to have new growth. "

"This also proves ' 2025' made in China, and the urgency of the industrial upgrading. "He weiwen said.

Deep restructuring of the November 9 meeting noted that optimization of coastal zone in transition, landlocked border regions undertaking industrial transfer, in order to carry out international cooperation capacity.

Chinese Academy of international trade and economic cooperation, Deputy Director of the Department of foreign trade strategy of Jin Baisong surging on news analysis, processing trade compared to the coastal areas, easy operation, can turn to a higher level of trade, processing trade industry and coastal areas of Central and Western regions to undertake original, of course, in some areas also needs to improve the investment and provide a good policy environment.