Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dialogue in Lanzhou violent handsome traffic policeman police cannot be broken

Dialogue in Lanzhou

Wang Zhiyu of civilian police in the law enforcement field. This picture from the network

"Illegal owners of abusive police, young police refer to owners of four law enforcement education 35 seconds" video, Lanzhou city, Gansu province, the Public Security Bureau traffic police peace Brigade Operations Squadron 27 police Wang Zhiyu become hot, he was heralded by the users "and violently handsome traffic policeman", "xueba police" ... ...

Wang Zhiyu 2011 graduated from Yunnan police officer Academy, this is his third year in the peace Police Brigade.

The morning of November 18, Wang Zhiyu surging in his rare spare time to accept News (www.thepaper.CN) interviews with network video enforcement process review, also answered to the questions of user concern.

Dialogue in Lanzhou

Gansu Lanzhou municipal Public Security Bureau traffic police peace Brigade Operations Squadron 27 police Wang Zhiyu.

Talk: after owners illegally, was sued by traffic police beat

Surging News: in addition to this video outside of the network, and also what happened?

Wang Zhiyu: November 15, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, owners face a parking, we take pictures of his evidence, placed was informed and left the scene. To the main road and found a blue Jac van suddenly in our police car lights on behind the Horn. I realised it was just stickers that car. Because the road to the car lot, we ignored, but he's been chasing us, driving police cars driving side-by-side next to us a couple of times. Later opening to peace road, there is a market, more people are vehicle traffic and access, Yan continued to chase and we will be more dangerous, when I decided to stop.

Surging News: after parking it?

Wang Zhiyu: we parked the car, face a direct jump in his car, opened our car doors put me down, when the police rush in the back, got off him, I turned on the recorder for law enforcement. At this time, pigments and some began shouting, pushing the police, and we were abused. I got up and asked him, "you go on scolding to try", he began to push me, and knock my Cap.

During this period, his vehicle through the gate at a roadside hotel, I asked him to give up the road, but he said "no". When I told him that if he never left the punishment more severe,

When he started around inciting people to pick, I said I want to allow people to pick. When people are persuaded yan to leave. Before leaving, swearing he was still with his wife in the car.

Surging News: when he left?

Wang Zhiyu: we had no idea that he's not leaving, but ran in our team, "Wicked", find our leaders say we beat them. Leaders immediately called back to our team. In front of everyone, I will take content out of the recorder, he didn't say. Later, he said he would apologize. I said yes, apologize where you call in there and then we went back to peace West Road, is a scene in the video.

Talk about penalties: only condoned abusive police obstructing

Surging News: network video who was shooting?

Wang Zhiyu: I don't know, because my right hand held recorder communicate with owners, two police officers standing beside me, watching the video angle is taken from behind us, who is shot is not clear.

Surging News: video you found references in regulations, usually law enforcement are doing it?

Wang Zhiyu: laws and regulations on the road, a driver asked me, I would make it clear that if drivers are reluctant to ask or don't want to listen to, that's fine. Sometimes drivers to look for me, I would like tell know do allow owners to complain.

Surging News: skilled reference how do laws and regulations?

Wang Zhiyu: now more online reports of conflicts between the police, police can often see that kind of behavior is inappropriate, so I often watch us work-related laws and regulations, and continuously learn, citing flaws in the process, will be corrected.

Surging News: you said in the video, no accountability for his mistake, was not held on that day that all illegal behavior?

Wang Zhiyu: for him not to pursue, his insults are law enforcement police and obstruction of official duties in this regard. Vehicle violation, when we think he has realized his mistake and somehow that fits on the people around us to a Franco-Prussian class, in front of everyone for the police apologized. In this case, we made to his illegal punishment was a verbal warning and admonition when he was issued a warning notice of unlawful processing, only a warning, scoring and penalty will not be imposed, which is in line with the relevant penalties.

Talk about the police: "police are human, police have dignity"

Surging News: why would like to stress on behalf of police in the video "out"?

Wang Zhiyu: we may not know, when owners of our two police scolded Strip, police are human, police have dignity, if everyone does not respect the police, who would like to help us police work? I see netizens pointed out, I said "abuse is abuse of police traffic police" this sentence is not appropriate, but we have to think about it, the owners swearing is not only called the police themselves, but calling all those who do the work.

Not the police, not to do our work, our jurisdiction covers nearly more than 30 square km, without the help of two members of the police, such a large area of light alone is simply not.

There is also a detailed, when after the owners face an end in the team sites, offered to look at my documents. But he said after reading the sentence "you are officially not police", this shows he is not respect for our police staff working, so I decided to let him apologize to the police.

Surging News: works in a similar encounter in the owner do?

Wang Zhiyu: generally they ignore, leave has been processed, called let them call it. Yan's particularity lies in his car and we pulled, and personal attacks against us, plus more crowds of onlookers, China's police chief could not be this kind of person to play bad.

Surging News: usually between colleagues will ridicule such situations? Drivers mistakenly sent 56 tons of barley in Shandong

Wang Zhiyu: we discussed this issue, both for a reason. First of all from our own police work pressure, the police lack, sometimes will bring personal emotions in your life to work, and the impatience of the people, too lazy to explain, resulting in finger-pointing. Also, while some police work years longer, patience on how many would be affected.

From a people perspective, is the people's legal awareness and quality needs to be improved. For example, many drivers where parking is not allowed is very clear, but they're still holding luck parking. Relatively large risks of free parking, suddenly an unexpected condition occurs, but the road was blocked, delayed, particularly fire and life channel.

Talk about law enforcement: people have in mind a steelyard

Surging News: Netizen says Yen too honest will obey your "education".

Wang Zhiyu: do we have a law, I believe that people are a steelyard. As police prepared to do, the other is not a problem, we are not afraid of being shot, welcoming people photo shoot.

Surging News: school is really xueba it?

Wang Zhiyu: back when it's OK, it's not that bad, but well, now mainly working with many, so skilled.

Surging News: for the majority of users asking you for your personal, married?

Wang Zhiyu: haha, not married, but I have a girlfriend, we're feeling pretty good.

Surging News: now the "fire" when life what's changed?

Wang Zhiyu: now the phones were ringing off, I rested for two days, are afraid to go out, ready to spend time with family. Home, fear that the exposure is too high, not too good.

Dialogue in Lanzhou

Peace police brigade police in Wang Zhiyu.