Saturday, December 26, 2015

Shandong pingyi collapse involved Chairman of mining company jumped well drowned

Linyi public network news, 27th, at 9 o'clock, accident rescue headquarters convened a second briefing, Deputy Director of the rescue headquarters, the Mayor of linyi city, Zhang Shuping emergency command center and the State administration of work safety supervision, Deputy Director, command and rescue technology group leader Gao Guangwei informed rescue situations.

Shandong pingyi collapse involved, Chairman of mining company jumped well drowned, was combined with aid

On December 25, the accident scene photographs. Xinhua News Agency

Zhang Shuping reported that rescue has entered its third day, 17 people are still lost. Is currently the most important task is to save lives. Utmost care without delay. To today 7:30, life channel one of of lifesaving hole has playing to scheduled regional, are prepared to well Xia was trapped personnel conveying lighting, and communications, and food, material; roadway rescue power in strengthening, rescue progress in speed up, yesterday night armed police and fire soldiers also input has well Xia rescue, today morning and increased has gold group of rescue team, rescue number has reached more than 700 more people; accident survey of early prepared work has expand. In addition, also reported drowned yurong Ma Congbo, Chairman of trading company 2:30 the situation. By the public security organs ' initial investigation concluded that Ma Congbo when rescue in the underground, take the underground, people not prepared to jump into the first person drowned. Jiangsu jintan police deny 6 migrant workers over

National Ann prison general emergency command center Deputy Director, and rescue command technology group leader Gao Guangwei introduced, four article "life channel" of building in the, two article underground channel of dig into encountered roadway serious collapsed, soil stone take fell constantly, repair roadway looking for personnel very difficult; to which 14 name was trapped personnel of 4th, well shaft filling real and concrete large dropped, almost completely blocked bottom channel, through cage into of possibilities is low. Command have mobilized 4 rigs, one hole diameter up to 720 mm, once you get in touch with people trapped, you can punch trapped promoted directly to the ground.