Sunday, November 22, 2015

Proof of open open proved to be once our effort now does not do

For reforms to streamline work processes, civil affairs, public security and community sector unit stopped a lot of complicated proof, saved a lot of trouble for the people. But many residents complain that some insurance companies, banks, institutions such as a notary public in the Act still require people to provide proof. To prove that it continues to be, but that does not bring opened, in some places there were "once our errands, and now can't do" phenomenon.

Open show, many open

Not long ago, Wuchang district, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, community residents in Chai Dong Chen ran a red light, electric cars were held. Police asked to write checks to bring back the electric car, Chen wrote checks after being told to take Community-check the seal on the evidence.

Community Grid administrator in Chai Dong Xie Chongdong is full of injustice: "the residents ran a red light, and not a community make a mistake, what community seal? "And now call for streamlined workflow, communities had been closed a lot of unnecessary proof, so it is not open. In order to simplify the procedures of a party closed proved, do you still need to prove the other party, Chen was stuck in the Middle didn't temper, had interceded with two errands, on both sides, "once our errands, and now simply not do. "

Community park opened a lot proved that police stations and departments of civil affairs departments of these used to be required to issue proof also streamlined the proof kind. Yang Yuan Lu Jiali, Director of the police station in Wuhan City: "we have classified used to issue 34 shows, only 16 of them within our areas of responsibility. "

The end of August this year, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued a further specification (none) certificate of marriage registration related works notice requirements in addition to Taiwan and is listed in the list set out in this notice is attached outside the State notarial matters will continue to be certified and issued by civil affairs departments are no longer around to any Department or individual (non-) certificate of registration of marriage.

Wuchang district, Wuhan City Civil Affairs Bureau, the Registrar sunny Xiong said, since the norms of civil affairs notice of certificate of marriage registration issued, they slashed open marriage (single) that work. "But many people still are used by some offices requested to open the show that we had to notify them of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the patience to do the relevant interpretation. "But eventually forced a day, avoid issuing at least ten or twenty, thirty or forty copies of marriage (single) certified.

To prove that, many also want to

"Let people into the community now open certified units, insurance companies, banks, notary, brokerage companies and other departments issued the most, to prove that large. "Xie Chongdong said proof, some of which are already in these sectors should bear the responsibility, but they don't perform, investigation, verification of pressure relevant matters to the community or any other sector.

"We have streamlined a lot to prove, but many agencies to evade their own responsibility within the scope of responsibility, make people go the long way. "Lu Jiali say most often is that the certificate issued by the insurance company at the time of claim requested her to stealing and robbing, scratch proof, only in accordance with the regulations of the police station issued a report shows that at that time did not report their cases will not be issued. Insurance company underwriting, it should assume the responsibility of investigating and verifying evidence, liability should not be blindly excuse to police station. Lu Jiali introduced as kinship certificate, living proof, should not be issued by the public security organs. Kinship and other information clearly on account of this, but some departments to mass again proves that this is a typical "certification does not recognize people".

Dr Park police station in Wuhan City's 15 community, the resident population of 80,000. "On average, every to prove about 30 admissions season recruitment season is open to prove the peak day to have fifty or sixty. "Park Police Zhou Chengming Yang told reporters that number roughly flat, no significant decline. "In order to maximize the convenience of working people, resolve conflicts, and some ' exotic proof ' we still had to drive. "

Solution "certificate problem", required multiple departments

Lu Jiali told reporters, while streamlining business processes has become a consensus of the community, but only one or a few departments streamline the proof doesn't work, other departments to follow suit or to prove it.

Xie Chongdong recommendations dealing with people at the grassroots level for a long time, if all departments as soon as possible to a network share information, a unit of what needs to be proved, through internal information out of the network in another unit will know, can make people less costly mistakes.

In addition, issuing some of the proof, Public Security Department also faces some real embarrassment. "No criminal proof, some minors have a criminal record. These people are looking for work, employers require this certificate, we provided the employer likely did not recruit him; not found in formal employment, crime he probably went back to the old ways, and it is a vicious circle. "Zhou Chengming said.

Qin Qianhong, a professor at Wuhan University law school believes that some proved to be objectively reasonable, but most would not be necessary, further reform is needed to phase out. Admittedly, some prove to be followed so far in the past, some departments in the rigid "rules". The other hand, some departments and units without service consciousness and human harassment is an example of the trouble. Ice adjudication Beijing first try from the briefing

In addition, Qin Qianhong believes that occurs at this stage all kinds of proof, concerned with the social transformation. Current stream flow, information flow, speed, in the face of these new changes, management system and social governance have lagged in the past, and do not match social needs.

"The administration by the past Administration transformed to management and services, many not necessary prove reflects its ' his mark ' inertia. "Said Qin Qianhong, at the level of thinking, from accessible point and help the functioning of the executive authorities, through information sharing between departments check the information you need, instead of unnecessary proof.