Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Vanke issued a public response the treasure of lost confidence the Chaoshan

On December 23, vanke group official silence has been a sudden voice, said vanke and Po to contact has been lost in the process of persuading Po "change China vanke's culture and management style" that confidence. Bull market back Trump analysts say echocardiography

Vanke issued a public response: the treasure of lost confidence, the Chaoshan business of goodwill

The following response full text:

We welcome all investors to buy shares of vanke. But why not welcome the treasure? Not welcome it vanke shares to buy, but it buys companies, controlled companies are not welcome. Not welcome, not because you don't like it, or just can't get over it, but it's culture, management style incompatible with vanke. We are not saying that vanke's culture, management style is superior to it, but because, vanke is vanke brand culture, management style, credit based, vanke's culture was changing, vanke will no longer be vanke, vanke losing its most precious thing.

But if treasure can control China vanke, vanke, we had no confidence to persuade it not to change the culture and management style. In the course of our engagement have gradually lost their confidence. Bao after the first sign, we have repeatedly expressed to it, want to treasure its licence intention clearly expressed our view to vanke's cultural continuity, which is the basis of confidence-building on both sides. Before the consensus, we want them to stay overweight vanke stock, save more time for both sides to increase mutual understanding and trust. Views but we did not receive any real attention or effective response. We do not see dialogue in good faith, only to see the step by step approach the terms for surrender.

We are still willing to dialogue. We still hope that the Po can seriously consider the rush to change diplomatic culture and management style risk, even if only from their own interests. We are both the heart of a business, if you lose because of infighting, not that we want to see results. Vanke, we defend is cultural, according to Bao, Chaoshan business insurance capital, we do not have any hostility does not want the outside world to misunderstand.